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Apr 19

Apr 19

ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: David Jaffe “Swears” by ModNation

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Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Happy ModNation Monday!

I’m happy to bring to you our next installment of our Artist Spotlight series. Last week, Insomniac GamesTed Price showed us that it only takes a few minutes and some imagination to create girlfriends for Ratchet and Clank. This week, we are happy to bring you someone else’s take on ModNation Racers.

Making games is tough. Making blockbuster multi-million selling games is even tougher! Not many understand that more than David Jaffe, the talented and “outspoken” mind behind the Twisted Metal franchise and a little game called God of War.

If you didn’t catch it on this week, the founder of Eat Sleep Play and the voice behind took a break from his latest project to chat about the challenges of game development, seeing his characters getting the “Mod” treatment, and his reactions to games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation.

Let the bleeping begin!

Sweet Tooth in ModNation Racers

Fans paid tribute to Twisted Metal during the ModNationRacers Online Beta in December

Kratos gets a Kart in ModNation Racers!

Kratos gets a Kart

Who’s next on the spotlight?

We’ll find out next ModNation Monday, right here on the PlayStation.Blog!

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CheckMark said:

April 19th, 9:01 am

I am so looking forward to this game!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 10:57 am

    We can’t wait to get it in your hands. :)

falcon07elensar said:

April 19th, 9:04 am

The video isnt showing up for me, says its not available.

BeerManMike said:

April 19th, 9:13 am

Cool, but they don’t post the story about Jeff talking crap about PSN’s game sharing setup. lol.

BlooodyCow said:

April 19th, 9:15 am

We need him on the blog at some point this year

meeksparda24 said:

April 19th, 9:16 am

I can’t wait too try this gameout.

Elite_Killer_07 said:

April 19th, 9:17 am

PRO TIP: Video says its not available.

But, I already seen this video on the web a few days ago. Jaffe seems like hes a natural in front of a camera. I looks like he’s not afraid to speak what’s on his mind, and not caring what other people think of it. I like that.


    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 10:59 am

    You gotta love his raw honesty!

Elite_Killer_07 said:

April 19th, 9:17 am

Nvm, video is working now.

meeksparda24 said:

April 19th, 9:19 am

@Jeff are u still doing the live blog chat? I haven’t seen any lately.

Enforcer_X said:

April 19th, 9:28 am

This game is going to rock! I can’t wait!
Love ModNation Mondays!

SquirrelBrigade said:

April 19th, 9:29 am

David Jaffe is the best! makes the great games
If they just stamp his name on the bloody box of a game, its sold to me lol.
Guy is awesome

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 10:59 am

    Agreed. (Working on that Jaffe stamp now.)

Hunter_xx_ said:

April 19th, 9:33 am

Sweethoot??, is it in the game?? I don’t see him as preorder bonus or anything like that :(

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:02 am

    Actually Sweet Tooth was a “fan made” Mod from the Public Beta. It was amazing. (Although I like the idea of an “official” Sweet Tooth. hmmmmm.)

BlaqueEssence said:

April 19th, 9:34 am

Whooo! I can’t wait for this game! Geesh, May 25th can’t get here any faster!

Joseph-X said:

April 19th, 9:41 am

looks like an interesting good to play with friends. i might get it.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:03 am

    It’s a lot of fun! Make a Track and race with your friends on it via split screen or online.

dragonmagician said:

April 19th, 9:41 am

I’m seeing a pattern. Next up, someone from Naughty Dog?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:03 am

    You never know! :)

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:04 am

    But I will say…Naughty Dog “isn’t” next.

poweredbyzen said:

April 19th, 9:44 am

would love to see the icarus wings on kratos whenever he goes airborne while doing stunts! :D

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:04 am

    Oh man, that would have been sweet.

Gekidami said:

April 19th, 9:47 am

Any chance of some “play, create, share” in your upcoming game Mr. Jaffe?

spunnups said:

April 19th, 9:50 am

Game looks great. And Jaffe, I can’t wait to see what you do next.

MGO_Count said:

April 19th, 9:59 am

Can’t wait for this game!!!!

The1stMJC said:

April 19th, 10:20 am

more games need the Jaffe seal of approval work on that Sony and put the approval on boxes.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:05 am

    I’m working on that Jaffe Stamp now. :)

Korbei83 said:

April 19th, 11:36 am

Psyched for ModNation. Psyched for whatever Jaffe’s working on.

Psyched for Evan Wells and/or Christophe Balestra next week talking Drake.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 11:59 am

    You might be Psyched just a while longer. No Naughty Dog next week. But a good guess!

Rhino136 said:

April 19th, 11:51 am

Wow I had seen this before and thought it was cool that they put sweet tooth in the game. But now I find out it was a user creation and it just makes me really want this game. I loved LBP just to see what other people could create.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 12:00 pm

    It really was amazing seeing the characters folks made on the beta. Just do a Google search and you’ll be very surprised! Especially since the beta only had a fraction of the assets you get in the full game.

BalramRules said:

April 19th, 11:58 am

i like the start, he couldn’t make up his mind =P

acerazer1 said:

April 19th, 12:12 pm

Will be getting this in May, can’t decide where to preorder though, so many solid choices. I want the Drake jeep, but I have a credit for amazon, and Kratos looks awesome as well. What a dilemma.

Looks like this and Red Dead Redemption will be my games of the summer.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 1:07 pm

    sounds like a fun summer to me. :)


April 19th, 1:10 pm

Buying this game 1st day! I love Sony!

xiked said:

April 19th, 1:18 pm

This game looks really great, glad that I pre booked. If the loadtimes is faster, the kart handling is better, the camera is better, then this will be a fantastic game.

hey! I have a good PR slogan/text/whatever:

“ModNationRacers the true Mario Kart 2.0!”

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 2:09 pm

    I’d say 10.0, but that’s just me! :)

KILLZONE79 said:

April 19th, 1:26 pm

hate to say this but, this video has been posted b4 so its kind of old news right now.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 2:10 pm

    Yup, I mentioned that on the post. Just want to make sure folks who haven’t seen it yet get a chance. :)

angelspawn77 said:

April 19th, 1:28 pm

funny how you guys chose Jaffe instead of Stig to do this because of the GOW character when he left GOW a long time ago. I totally understand though since he is the one who chose the final design for Kratos so Kratos is pretty much from him. Cant wait for this game though! each time I see it i want it more!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 2:13 pm

    If Kratos had a daddy, I would say Jaffe would be him. Thanks for the excitment, we can’t wait to get it on shelves for you guys.

kKrySh12 said:

April 19th, 1:29 pm

kevin butler for the next spotlight?!?!

this game looks wicked fun

kowhoho said:

April 19th, 1:30 pm

Very fun video; I love this little series! Will these make it onto the PSN Store? Hope so.

David Jaffe is my hero. Seems like a great guy.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 2:07 pm

    Yup! Should be on the PSN in a little bit.

CapinChronic said:

April 19th, 1:47 pm

This game looks *bleeping* amazing I cant wait.

Darkpen said:

April 19th, 2:25 pm

…Where was this filmed? Why is he in a mocap studio with a GoW2 poster behind him? I am so confused!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 2:28 pm

    Jaffe’s secret lair. :) This was filmed at our San Diego Studio.

THE-D1RTY-77 said:

April 19th, 2:50 pm

Ok, at first i took this game off my ‘gonna get/play’ list of 2010, because i wasn’t sure…

But when this vid came up, i put it back on. Having Jaffe talk about this game is pretty convincing…

[DELETED] Cute…lol

Playstation 3 – It only does awesome!

Lolsa1 said:

April 19th, 2:55 pm

I preordered this game a few day ago and the gamestop employee said this game was pushed back to June 1st. Is that true?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 4:05 pm

    Nope. May 25th all the way!

Vex_Doppel said:

April 19th, 3:09 pm

I can’t wait to redo my Warmachine mod to better fit with IronMan 2.

bolivianlegacy said:

April 19th, 3:12 pm

will we see a demo before the game comes out??

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 19th, 4:07 pm

    I can’t say right now, but we will be sure to let you know right here on the blog.

stennex said:

April 19th, 3:13 pm

Jaffe is jus RAW. Awesome! lol. MNR is going to Rok, the beta was sooo goood.


burnedearth said:

April 19th, 4:26 pm

If this is anything like the kart game I used to play it will be a day 1 purchase for me(I won’t mention any names but I’m sure everyone knows). I wish I could have gotten in the beta a few months ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to download a demo and try it out even though I will probably end up buying this anyway.

lostinplainsight said:

April 19th, 4:52 pm

how about instead of having David Jaffe talking about mod nation (awesome looking game by the way) can we just get him announcing a new twisted metal. if you guys can do that i’ll totally be your friend

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 20th, 12:46 am

    Ha. I’ll do my best. :)

MadMeat001 said:

April 19th, 5:31 pm

Jaffe is Sony’s response to Shigeru Miyamoto.
can’t wait to see what is his next work

TheThunder2008CA said:

April 19th, 5:36 pm

You should meet Kaz the man behind Gran Turismo.

KuRo1605 said:

April 19th, 7:17 pm

This looks really cute!

yiyas444 said:

April 19th, 7:24 pm

niiiiice !!! in Canada the release date is fith may bit***** !!!

Airek said:

April 20th, 12:22 am

Games like ModNation Racers are going to make me regret my hobby when I’m on my death bed. All I do is hold my breath until the game is released… so for about another month I’ll be wishing time away. Some day I’ll wish I had this time back.

PS – I don’t live like this. Just thought it would be a coolstorybro. But seriously, I’m excited for ModNation. :)

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 20th, 12:48 am

    No need to hold your breath. It will be here soon enough! :)

xmodnationx said:

April 20th, 6:08 am


Onna76 said:

April 20th, 7:41 am

“Jaffe is Sony’s response to Shigeru Miyamoto.”

Come again?! Comparing to Miyamoto-San Jaffe is just a peanut.

nerdmanwhippy said:

April 20th, 7:47 am

@45 If you really wanted a response to your questions, going a route that didn’t involve pure cap locks probably would of worked better for you. Spell checker also helps man.

xmodnationx said:

April 20th, 8:17 am

47 i did pure caps lock.. so people would c the comment …

and im dutch so that explains the bad english..

TheGodSend said:

April 20th, 9:41 am

i so want that sweet tooth custume

Insomnia999 said:

April 20th, 1:40 pm

Just fix the long load times! Can’t wait!!!

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