Huge Announcement: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Revealed!

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel vs Capcom 3 unveiled!

For more information, visit —

Welcome to the New Age of Pringles. Coming Spring 2011. ‘Nuff said.

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66 Author Replies

  • Insomnia999


    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Keep posting yall! Who knows. I might be in a giving mood. Maybe. :)

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Come on, you guys really think we got beta codes? This early? LOLz.

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Congrats EvilAbdy, you win a rare MvC2 Mixtape Vinyl. PM me your address. Thanks everyone for playing the John D PSBlog Spam Contest!

  • Adamu_Kuezada

    Hope it’s not unbalenced this time around. SVC3 FTW!!!

  • Sequel to one of my favorite fighters ever… K, I’m officially interested.

  • Joooooohhhn

  • Ok, now I feel dumb, I don’t get the Pringles mention….

  • FrozoneUSMC

    I’m getting it…………..period!!!

  • This is going to be AWESOME! If i am border line ARTHRITIS inhabitant… this came is going to make it full blown!

    In other words.. BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP Yes!

  • Woo! Can’t wait for some gameplay footage. I hope Jean Grey/Phoenix is in the game!

  • OMG my friends and I were just talking about this last night–how awesome it’d be if the rumors were true!

  • omg this pwns

  • Can’t wait! I have been waiting *years* for this game. Still can’t believe this is happening.

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      I can’t believe that I can finally talk about it! Whew!

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG! At long last! Can we hope for rebalanced characters and NO Mag-freakin-neto? XD

  • This makes me want to punch things with hulk hands

  • socksandshoes22

    awesome to the max

  • arnoldmcguire335

    sweet!!! Hope it includes In-Game Music option for this one.

  • I assume its using the Street Fighter IV Engine?

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Nope, an advanced version of the engine powering RE5 and LP2, MT Framework!

  • So is it going to have Disney characters this time around?

  • omg omg omg omg omg omh :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • snoopypup248

    This…just made my day…If not week. @.@

  • Very exciting. I was hesitant at first considering how hilariously unbalanced MVC2 was, but after remembering that Tatsunoko was actually pretty good, I’ve got more faith in it.
    Still wish it was Capcom VS SNK 3, but maybe that’ll happen soon enough.

    …Please? >_>

  • lol well aint that just “kick you in the nutz fantastic” lol :) yay!!

  • @John Diamonon
    What is up with the “Other HD console” getting a Monster Hunter game and the PS3 isn’t? Aren’t PS3 owners the ones that is very vocal about wanting a Monster Hunter game, but instead you guys put it on the “Other HD Consoles.” Do you guys really like to mess with us PS3 Monster Hunter fans or what?

  • Is that Deadpool in the back of that poster?

    Look at the bottom left of the picture posted, that’s definitely Deadpool. Awesome!

  • When can expect in game screen shots or video? E3

  • Prophetic77

    This is gonna be a full game on disc and all right? Not a donwloadable game? Cause this deserves all the work put into it, and without the last gen Wii graphics

  • yes

  • bryantfrancis


  • OK, John, that only served to further confuse me. Basketball now? Man, I must really be showing my lack of pop culture knowledge here. That, or you’re clinically insane. Or both. :)

  • AWESOME! Can I have a Beta Copy for testing reasons of course?

    • John Diamonon
      John Diamonon

      Of course, what’s your address? I’ll send a beta copy to you right away! Anyone else?

  • Vengeful-Chaos

    “Welcome to the New Age of Pringles. Coming Spring 2011. ‘Nuff said.”

    Why, because once we pop we won’t be able to stop?

  • Bouchthegreat

    Wow… looks amazing! Jaw-dropping.

  • Nice

    How about Monster Hunter PS3?

  • At last confirmation :D If it will be like SFIV, I mean 3D characters, detailed 3D backgrounds and fight only in 2D will be the best beat’m’up in 2011. Other way if it will be like the BlazBlue, guess the result will be……. the same ;)
    I cannot wait to see those specials in HD. Will be epic :D

    Worst information is that we have to wait one year ;(

  • Awesome news!!!, when can we expect more info about the roster?

  • Very good times, sir.


  • Jesus!!
    how long was i gone for?

    MvsC3 and Bionic Commando Rearmed =D

    IF Breath of Fire 6 gets announced i might just faint

  • can you really talk about the game? you’ve said nothing about it yet? will it be 2v2 or 3v3? will it be 2D or 3D?

  • @John Diamonon

    Huge Announcement: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Revealed!


    just gave me Monster Hunter game on PS3.

  • I sank so many quarters into the first on in arcades and just about wore out my disc on PS2. I am not the biggest figter fan, but color me impressed. Day 1 purchase here!

  • Oh man…let the fun begin! Even better, the shadows in the background seem to hint at a few more characters we can hope for. (DEADPOOL!) I’m looking forward to this!

    So can you give us any hints (Besides the picture)on other characters we can expect?

  • OOOO YES BEST NEWS EVER…….. i wonder if there is gonna b some gameplay at e3

  • AudioProject

    So please tell me this is going to be an arcade release too?

  • OMG SO HYPE!!!!

    How big is the roster? 3 on 3 plz?


  • AudioProject

    Will this game have more characters than the last? Will it be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4? Will it have unlimited assist usage like mvc2?

  • How long did you have to hold your tongue about it? lol
    Epic game!!!

  • It´ll be 3v3, right?

  • SPLAT! crap i made a mess… hopefully theres alot of characters like in mvsc2 the more characters the better i can play mvsc2 for hours because of that no fight feels the same… this is like a bitter sweet moment though :)

  • i just bought the official sf IV arcade stick, will you support the arcade sticks?

  • This has made my YEAR!!!

  • also dante from devil may cry would be badass

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