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Apr 20

Apr 20

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for just $9.99 on PSP!

Ken Chan's Avatar Posted by Product Manager, SIEA

Alright PixelJunk fans, the release of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for PSP (UMD) is right around the corner, and we have more great news to share.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP)

For those that don’t already know, starting April 27th, the UMD version of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for PSP will be available at your local retail outlets for just $9.99! This is by far the best deal ever offered for any UMD title.

So for those that haven’t picked up PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for their PSP, there’s no better time than now to pre-order your copy at your local retailer. At $9.99, don’t be surprised if your local retailer will be sold out on April 27th.

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Delriach said:

April 20th, 12:33 pm

:) best PSP game!

Tyrsis said:

April 20th, 12:34 pm

Uh, how much is it as a download? Some of us made the horrible decision to buy a PSPGo, you know?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 12:45 pm

    No worries. The download version will also be $9.99 on 4/27

ninjahitmanchair said:

April 20th, 12:36 pm

Awesome!!!!!!!Tine to Go out and gEt another card!!!Yet it is only going to be $9.99.

Gorvi said:

April 20th, 12:36 pm

Damn, that’s a great deal. I’ll be picking it up.

rogXue said:

April 20th, 12:39 pm

yeah, this price better be matched on the PSN…

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 12:45 pm



April 20th, 12:39 pm

hey Ken will we see price drop on pixeljunk monsters ps3 version anytime soon ?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 1:19 pm

    Keep your eye out on the PS Store for weekly sale offers =)

MattyMc13 said:

April 20th, 12:43 pm

I absolutely love this game!!! If I had the money, I would even go out and buy a physical copy of it, just to have it!

CrashSpyro said:

April 20th, 12:46 pm

So will the PSN version by dropping to $9.99 soon?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 1:06 pm

    The price drop of the PSN download version of PJ Monsters Deluxe will occur on 4/27

loucetios said:

April 20th, 12:48 pm

Will the PSN Price be dropped this week or next week?

TwinDad said:

April 20th, 1:16 pm

Will there be the ability to install to Memory stick for the UMD version?

RDespair said:

April 20th, 1:16 pm

I bought the game earlier and don’t regret it, but this is the price that it should have been to begin with seeing as how similar high quality tower defense games like Defense Grid & Plants vs. Zombies can be picked up for $10.

saintaqua said:

April 20th, 1:18 pm

Must do this tonight!

TwinDad said:

April 20th, 1:19 pm

I forgot to ask if the 27th is a street date or a shipping date.

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 1:21 pm

    Street date, but don’t wait. Best to pre-order since its only 9.99

rogerwilco said:

April 20th, 1:24 pm

You know what my only problem with my PSP Go and these sales is? It’s *incredibly* easy to buy games. To the point where I’m hemming and hawwing and always end up with “ah, why not, it’s only $10”.

You’re nickling and diming me to death with great games, Sony. I’m fairly sure that’ll be my epitaph.

urienji said:

April 20th, 1:33 pm

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy this game. Thank you for giving me one.

Can’t wait.

jimmyfoxhound said:

April 20th, 1:33 pm

woah, great deal! i paid full price a while ago and it was worth it then. I’ll pick this UMD up too just cause I like to support good games! :)

ninjatuned said:

April 20th, 1:36 pm

the best news i’ve read all day! thanks!

mywhitenoise said:

April 20th, 1:40 pm

If I played my PSP I would buy this. I can’t remember the last time I turned it on. Hopefully you guys might consider putting the extra material into the PS3 version?

dragonmagician said:

April 20th, 1:43 pm

Are we getting a new PixelJunk game (and not expansions) this year?

TwinDad said:

April 20th, 1:43 pm

I big of a fan of your games as I am, I won’t be pre-ordering. I don’t believe in it. I’ll show up on that date at a few local stores and buy the UMD. Worst case, actually with Pixel Junk it is still win win, I would buy the digital version.

Korlithiel said:

April 20th, 1:48 pm

Thanks, I’ve been waiting for a price drop to pick this up from the PSN.

angelspawn77 said:

April 20th, 1:55 pm

sweet, i will most likely be getting this, for 9.99 i’ll be hard to pass this up.

angelspawn77 said:

April 20th, 1:56 pm


T3mpr1x said:

April 20th, 2:00 pm

I don’t usually play this genre much but I know that this is the best of its type. For $10, sold!

plaztiksyke said:

April 20th, 2:10 pm

When will the new island and other enhancements be integrated into the PS3 version? I’d gladly pay for another add-on pack to get them, so long as the audio quality was improved as well!

SarshelYam said:

April 20th, 2:11 pm

Well Ken, my mind has officially ‘sploded! Priced to own, no doubt…wonderful news!

RGS-14 said:

April 20th, 2:14 pm

I’m definitely buying the retail version. :) In my opinion, this is the best PSP game by far.

FJ1100_rider said:

April 20th, 2:27 pm

I have been debating on whether to get a psp to go along with the ps3 .. with games like this it’s getting hard to pass up

still , I prefer downloadable games so will be waiting until either the psp go drops to a more reasonable price ( maybe $179 ) or there’s a 32 gig model for $249

arnoldmcguire335 said:

April 20th, 2:40 pm

A must pick up. Can’t wait.
the problem now is: when will North America get a UMD ver. of Patapon 2?

jvasq said:

April 20th, 2:41 pm

yea for sure get this game. i bought it a while back and i paid 20$ for it and found every penny to be worth it. now that its 10$ you guys should buy it. i love this game on psp. one of the very best.

hush404 said:

April 20th, 3:13 pm

With no intended hate towards Q-games at all, I just feel $10 is the exact sweet spot for these little PixelJunk games anyways, so this is good news. :)

loucetios said:

April 20th, 3:31 pm

I have a question, since the price update for the PSN version is the same street day 4/27, does that mean next week is the first week the PSN Update is on a Tuesday?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    April 20th, 4:46 pm

    Good question. The 4/27 update would only affect the price adjustment of PJ Monsters Deluxe, not the rest of PSN weekly update

Jazzagers said:

April 20th, 4:32 pm

I purchased this game at $20 a few months ago and have had fun with it, at $10 I say everyone with a PSP should pick this up. Hey Ken, any chance this game could get some support for voice chat?

KidCommando said:

April 20th, 4:40 pm

definitely picking this up, great price!

Frostquake said:

April 20th, 4:50 pm

Went to GameStop..actually tried all 3 in our area. Can’t Pre-Order this product at all. Was told the price was too Cheap for a Pre-Order, by all 3 Stores. Apparently Gamestop has a Minimum Pre-Order Price..It has to be above $19.99 to Pre-Order in Store. I was told just to call and see if the store got it. Would love to Pre-Order but can’t. I won’t Pre-Order this online, because shipping is $5.99…So why pay $6.00 for shipping that is more then HALF the price of the game… Would love to Pre-Order, but Can’t…SAD…and SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Berae said:

April 20th, 5:41 pm

Very nice!

LILBUDDY2000 said:

April 20th, 6:11 pm

Whether it’s on the PS3 or PSP this is an awesome game. I look forward to more creative ideas from the Pixel Junk family

Dalejrfanfreak said:

April 20th, 6:28 pm

Nnonononononooo I just bought this game a month ago for $20!!! Arggghhhhhh. Great game though, $10 is a STEAL! Now if you guys could just release that third island for the PS3 version I’d love you even more. :D

KoriShenlong said:

April 20th, 7:20 pm

Ahh physical media, how I love you. I might have to get this now!

jimmy903 said:

April 20th, 7:50 pm

Pre ordering tomorrow.

bubit13 said:

April 20th, 9:36 pm

Hey ahh might be a stupid question but what is PJ Monsters Deluxe?

Durge22 said:

April 20th, 9:40 pm

Awesome for everyone else… sad for me. I bought it on Sunday, 4/18. I haven’t even downloaded it yet:( Ken, any chance of working miracles?

spartan5585 said:

April 21st, 6:25 am


Tengaport said:

April 21st, 7:45 am

One of the BEST games available for the PSP. I have logged countless hours into this game. I only wish they would add more levels to it via DLC :(

for $10 this is a steal!

jandelacruz said:

April 21st, 9:25 am

how to buy at this price when i am in asia?

jandelacruz said:

April 21st, 9:32 am

also, i’d like to know how much space does the game consume on the memory stick, if only download from PSN store. thanks!

Superstrokey1123 said:

April 21st, 1:08 pm

Ok this is too good to pass up, awesome stuff.

Is the PS3 version much different from the PSP version? Im considering getting both but if they are pretty much the same ill wait for the ps3 version.

barnaclejoe said:

April 22nd, 4:48 am

Not Monsters related, but MY GOODNESS, I need an update to PixelJunk Shooter in the WORST WAY!

I hope it isn’t a long way off. I’m excited to see if it will add some new gameplay mechanics.. a new type of shield or maybe allowing a 3rd/4th player to get in there? Something to spice it up a little. :p

Even just some new levels would be enough to get me excited.. that game was amazing, but short.

saintaqua said:

April 22nd, 10:31 am

Been trying to preorder this at Gamestop, but they can’t take preorders on it?!!!!

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