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Apr 21

Apr 21

It Only Does Race, Create, Share

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Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Calling all kart racers,

Last year at E3, we unveiled our next installment of the “Play, Create, Share” movement which has been a runaway success since LittleBigPlanet branded a new standard for user-generated gaming. This time we’ve taken the genre-creating formula to the race tracks. We’re putting the power of creation back into your hands to redefine kart racing as we know it today.

Launching on May 25th for the PS3 and PSP, ModNation Racers will fill millions of living rooms with next gen kart racing with crazy obstacles, weapons, and a whole host of new characters to race along with you. You’ll be able to play single player or challenge your friends to compete on race tracks that come built in with the game. But imagine being able to customize your characters, your karts, and your very own tracks with your personal flare. We know our users are extremely creative as we already have more than 2 million user generated levels for LittleBigPlanet. Imagine what we’ll see when you all start making amazing race tracks.

We know something very special happens when you provide the right tools, a sophisticated technology platform and combine them with incredibly imaginative people like yourselves. And the industry seems to agree. Destructoid is calling ModNation Racers the “last kart racing game you’d ever need to own” while PlayStation The Official Magazine touts it’ll be “your next great PS3 obsession.” Even our own esteemed developers such as David Jaffe and Ted Price are singing its praises. We’re confident ModNation Racers will produce an entirely new community of gaming fans and will showcase just how creative PlayStation fans are.

With a game as special as ModNation Racers, you can be sure we’ll be behind it in a big way. Our “Dear PlayStation” spot will premiere during South Park’s Season Finale on April 28th and you can catch it on Kevin’s YouTube channel starting this afternoon. Kevin Butler realizes he’s going to have to go “old school” to get through to an anxious gamer who wonders if he and his self created track have the right stuff. It’s become one of my all time favorites.

We look forward to your thoughts on Kevin’s new look. But more importantly, we can’t wait to see (and race) what you all will create once you get your hands on this ground breaking new game. There’s no audience of gamers more passionate, creative and plugged in than PlayStation Nation. And “Only on PlayStation” will you find experiences like ModNation Racers.

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nintendonitis87 said:

April 21st, 2:36 pm

I hope they include anime characters with anime design tools.

The_Assassin03 said:

April 21st, 2:40 pm

I agree with SPARDA, Kevin Butler NEEDS to be at E3 this year! The guy is too awesome to be anywhere else on that day…except if it’s something cooler than E3.

LILBUDDY2000 said:

April 21st, 2:50 pm

HAHA, Good TV Spot.

AmpMunkey said:

April 21st, 2:54 pm

Dude KB is my daddy!!! these commercials are so stinkin sweet! This ones the best so far just because its about ModNation Racers! Oh, by the way, “Steve” your goin down! I had two weeks with the beta and have become a master NINJA on the game! Get ready to get destroyed! haha!

cell989 said:

April 21st, 2:55 pm

wow now that was funny, KB+E3= epic win!!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

April 21st, 2:57 pm

HAHAHHAHAHA this was awesome

Nick-30 said:

April 21st, 3:00 pm

i love these!!!!!!!!!
They’re hilarious. Keep em coming. They’re way better than the 360 commercials

Odium_Generis said:

April 21st, 3:00 pm

This game looks pretty cool, actually.

HTK said:

April 21st, 3:08 pm

Kevin Butler is Sony!

HTK said:

April 21st, 3:08 pm

Coming soon…

AmpMunkey said:

April 21st, 3:08 pm

yes KB @ E3 would be AMAZING, do it Sony!

bball230 said:

April 21st, 3:15 pm

Just to let the commercial team know.

The commercials are great, but i keep finding myself having to watch and make myself listen to the dialog to actually understand whats going on. Im also a hardcore gamer and because of that im able to understand what the dialogue means in terms of advertising the game.

However, i dont see how effective this is to some casual kid sitting down vaguely watching tv. I really think more of the game needs to be shown that Kevin Butler, but by all means keep kevin IN the commercials. This KB theme is great.

So my suggestion is that you scale back a llittle bit and open up the commercial for more casual onlookers to be able to interpret more easily.



April 21st, 3:26 pm

LoL love these commercials, Looks like i’m gonna have to cop dis game too so i can snap with my customizations :D

ixnine said:

April 21st, 3:30 pm

NICE! These commercials never get old. Thanks Sony!


April 21st, 3:32 pm

EPIC… I love the music the costume change and the power stance with the epic ‘stashe at the end…

Kchow23 said:

April 21st, 3:41 pm

LOL K Butler never stops being funny

TheMercsOutfit said:

April 21st, 3:41 pm

KB makes the world a better place, one commercial at a time. I want to check out Mod Nation just for this and I’m not even into racing games. :D His twitter is pretty outrageous too. And I can’t believe a VP would actually wear those shorts for an add, for his job… man KB is a real man! Keep it up! woot woot!

GAM3R_16 said:

April 21st, 3:42 pm

Day 1 buy for me too!

ynp7 said:

April 21st, 3:51 pm

So when’s Kevin Butler getting his own game? That’d be so rad.

“It only does: KEVIN BUTLER”

xiked said:

April 21st, 3:52 pm

This TV spot is fantastic! Well done! funny and informative! Well done!

LOGic1607 said:

April 21st, 3:53 pm

Love the Moe Kevin

starBlinky01 said:

April 21st, 3:54 pm

lol so good! I was actually nervous I thought they may have lost their touch, I mean what are the chances they can still pump out genuinly funny commercials after like 8 already successfully funny ones.

twinkie_factory said:

April 21st, 3:59 pm

That my friends. Is amazing.

tuko said:

April 21st, 4:22 pm

Kevin should keep the mustache. It’s very becoming on him.

wolfzero1 said:

April 21st, 4:41 pm

that was too funny, love the stache but that image of him in the shorts is going to be in my head now

you guys really need Kevin Butler to be a part of E3 some how

VanilaGorila-x- said:

April 21st, 4:48 pm

Kevin is my hero…


shadysaiyanz said:

April 21st, 4:49 pm

Yet another awesome commercial XD.

Absinthetic said:

April 21st, 4:58 pm


KazeEternal said:

April 21st, 5:19 pm

I declare today Kevin Butler Day.

Budapesti said:

April 21st, 5:24 pm

Pre-ordered my copy yesterday. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. With LittleBigPlanet I’ve found that creating my own levels in more entertaining (if, occasionally, frustrating) than playing most games so this was always going to be a first day purchase for me.
Roll on 25th May!

ycole11 said:

April 21st, 6:29 pm

These commercials never get old.

bow7 said:

April 21st, 6:48 pm

I kind of wish we got these in Australia instead of the “game is just the start” ones. I like the KB ones much, much more.

Fluidshine said:

April 21st, 7:05 pm


acerazer1 said:

April 21st, 7:50 pm

HAHAHA LOL, Peter Dille, you guys have done an amazing job in the past year with these commercials. Finally, video game marketing done right. I hope there’s been a correlation with a rise in sales, it is certainly deserved.

BigBangBear said:

April 21st, 8:01 pm

YES, another Kevin Butler ad. These have been great since the get go. Totally agree with 47. Cannot wait for this game. I have been itching to give it a go since it was shown at E3 last year.

Delta_Canuckian said:

April 21st, 8:31 pm

Thank God for a new KB ad. The Canucks have been so terrible in the playoffs, I needed something to help me feel better.

FireDragonGod said:

April 21st, 8:39 pm


XenoNative said:

April 21st, 9:37 pm

as soon as i saw the orange shorts i was like wow, kevin bulter does it again. then when i coughed up the water, i couldnt contain myself. that was too fetchin funny.

Canuck4Life said:

April 21st, 9:50 pm

I love how Jack Tretton’s photo made another guest appearance in this commercial… keep up the great work Sony! These commercials are hilarious!

Craftiii4 said:

April 21st, 11:25 pm

Pre ordered from game :)

sdmf4ever said:

April 22nd, 9:58 am

Really………outstanding! KB is one hilarious mofo and this ad campaign Sony has come up with is just FANTASTIC! Best EVER!!! I wonder if they have the same people doing their commercials as the Old Spice guys. Totally LMFAO!!! What isn’t KB the VP of ?????

Syndicate3 said:

April 22nd, 10:45 am

Amazing commercial lol.

I know some of you guys want Kevin to be doing The E3 conference, but I truly think its Peter Dille’s turn to do it. He’s very well spoken and actually knows what he’s talking about – far better than past hosts like uhh, yeah.

But Kev definitely should show up once or twice during the conference!

Sparky_117 said:

April 23rd, 7:56 am

This is awesome! I was waiting for a “Dear Playstation” commercial for Modnation Racers for a couple weeks to show up. This game is definitely going to keep me occupied during this summer.

Sparky_117 said:

April 23rd, 7:57 am

I love this commercial! I can’t wait to get the game! I already have it pre-ordered on Amazon so I can get Ratchet and Clank in the game. See you all on the track!

iTofuMan said:

April 23rd, 12:30 pm

Woot just got my email with the early access demo cant wait to get home and play it on my psp!

joostin said:

April 23rd, 12:33 pm

Saw ModNation Racers on Community last night. Great episode by the way. From the 15 seconds I saw, it looked like a fun, pimp-my-ride version of Mario Kart.

Great job guys!

TNTbkNY said:

April 24th, 10:14 pm

lmfao Mod nation!! D1P (day one purchase) *kudos to The Highlander of PSXtreme

Darkxil said:

April 25th, 12:52 pm

I got a PSP demo code but when I enter it I get the error message…

“Already used or incorrect”

Are the codes for American systems only or somthing? Cause im English and a bit gutted if I cant use it.

Standard_Gamer said:

April 25th, 7:08 pm

Im getting sick of this “It only does…” Crap thats clearly BS.

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