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Apr 21

Apr 21

PS3 3.30 System Software Update

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, in our continued effort to provide the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible, we’ll be adding a few new features to PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the latest system software update, which is a mandatory update and will be available shortly. Most notably, you’ll see some new sorting options within Trophies that make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends on PlayStation Network.

  • Trophy enhancements –- Now you can more easily sort trophies in the [Trophy Collection] and [Comparing Trophy] sections. Sorting can be done with [Trophy Collection] in the [Game Category] and also when comparing trophies with your friends in the [Friend Category]
    • Trophy Folder (Title List) can be sorted by game name/ by title according to the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Add-on list (Group list) can be sorted by original/the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Trophy list can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of obtaining the trophy (ascending/descending)

In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D BRAVIA TVs.

Let us know your thoughts and as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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Sven_Viking said:

April 29th, 8:11 am

Thank you for not caring enough to come and write a long reply b**ching at people for b**ching.

Blaqhartv3 said:

April 29th, 8:37 am

I love how certain features like cross game chat should’ve been included @ launch & we still have to talk about it in 2010. I’m so proud right now.

Sven_Viking said:

April 29th, 9:26 am

On a lighter note, it seems that a Playstation.Blog Share idea has actually been implemented (possibly the first ever?)

Xamindar said:

April 29th, 12:22 pm

Looks like someone has started a lawsuit. Good to hear. Hopefully this will start the ball rolling.

ht tp://w uk/news/2010/4/29/s ony-being-su ed-over-other-o s-removal/

bridgerbot said:

April 29th, 12:33 pm

Time to hop on board this class action suit.

Things I didn’t know:

because SCEA is based out of California, and because this is a Class Action Suit involving various state and federal violations, everyone in the nation is actually going to be protected under CA’s trade laws for this case.

Weird that I would be protected under CA’s trade laws since I live in Montana. I imagine that would normally not be the case, but since they are accused of violating federal laws of well it happens to be that way.

Ruction said:

April 29th, 6:37 pm

Since installing the update Dragon Age is freezing on me. Please fix!

And please
-can we get more visuals for the music player
-make it so we can listen to music outside of the player, like while browsing or in game
-give us more avatars
-cross game chat
-ps2 game playing functionality

merkranger said:

April 29th, 8:20 pm

Figures, crybabies are crying its a game console, not a video player or net browser, or computer, or social media machine, bla bla bla….
It was sold as a all in one power house. I still have the original packaging and pre release marketing stating, it plays games: ps1, ps2, ps3; it plays movies: dvd, bluray, digital… ; it does social media: Psn, home, with THE GAME DEVELOPERS MAINTAINING THE SERVERS FOR THEIR GAMES ONLINE USE (sony servers are for Sony software and admin purposes only, not grand theft auto, or mag, developed by third parties); it does audio: mp3, aac, cd, in mono, stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1; video capability to 1080p; it does pictures; oh yeah and it does OTHER OS: IE LINUX, WITH A GENTLE SUGGESTION OF YELLOWDOG FOR PS3.
Continued in next post…

merkranger said:

April 29th, 8:21 pm

That is what people dished out $500+tax, or like me $600+tax. Not to mention additional perifrials, and games/movies….
(I for one dished out a grand day one).

So to all you late adopter crybabies, piss off, we payer for it, and many use it, me included. And it was a major selling feature that was part of the marketing gimmick. Used to be ps3, only does everything. NOW IT’S: PS3 NOW CAN’T. EVEN GAME! And all the bricking systems from the posts prove it. And the complete lack of replies by Sony proves it!
I was a justified fanboy, now I can’t really recommend the system, or company.

Miltyman said:

April 29th, 9:46 pm

This lawsuit may end up protecting gamers on any platform going forward. As more consumer products get connected to the internet, companies apparently need boundaries. Respect should be given to the customer as well as the shareholder. Profitability without accountability should not be allowed. If a manufacturer is going to continuously release models with fewer features and downgrade their flagship machine as well, they will lose market share to the competition.

mikefire82 said:

April 29th, 9:52 pm

I agree we need a browser update. The video streaming is too slow on that browser. It would be cool if there was an update to play our music while playing the games. Adding the feature to MLB was a nice start, but it would be great to have the option across the board.

Z1mZumGacy said:

April 29th, 10:52 pm

Ok, i’ve skipped about 10 pages after learning that the updates have been minimal and generally useless unless the owner is considering buying a Sony TV? Is there anything for anyone who doesn’t care about trophies or what brand screen they own? I really need a good reason to get rid of my linux. Sony, need to do better then this to mask the 3.21 update

fYteRClef said:

April 30th, 3:28 am

Good to hear that there is a lawsuit filed already.

Major_Webkill said:

April 30th, 4:15 am

You’re quite welcome, but actually I came across these posts on accident./I’ll admit that yes I did purchase my PS3 for $400 & not $500 Which for me is still alot of $$$. I just happened to not be interested in another OS, but I’ll step up and say that If a main selling point for you or whoever was that feature then go ahead and bit**, but it won’t get you anywhere. I just want to put out there that anyone who knows anything about sales, maketing, etc is that you don’t believe everything that a manufacturer of ANYTHING says before it’s been proven w/time. It’s like when a new model vehicle comes out. YOU DON’T BUY IT THE FIRST YEAR! Wait and see how that product performs in the real world, and not on some test track, or whatever the PS3 = to that would be. Throwing down $1,000 on day one was not a very intelligent desicion on your part btw. I’ll even throw y’all a bone and say that I’d like to see an update that allows you to play your music in game, but I won’t bit** about it posting all the f’n time.

LYNX-79 said:

April 30th, 8:26 am

ahh so the law suits have started.. its a shame cos all the money hungry morons will jump on the band wagon.. and the cash wasted on them could of solved the problem to begin with.. i too am very disappointed u took other OS.. but id much rather u replaced it with something decent than be compensated with cash, im sure many others would too.. guessin its to late now U have already started the ball rolling.. i dunno if any of u big wigs are reading these, i would coment on ur blog site but guess what, it dont work using the only browser i NOW have, UR ONE.. O and another thing 3D TV’s, i think are a bad idea.. wearin 3D glasses at home!?, na! save it 4 the cinema.. alot of people i know have only just got hd, a good few still use crt sets..

merkranger said:

April 30th, 10:09 am

The grand was the 60 gig system, store warranty, bluray remote, second six axis controller, and 2 or 3 games, 2 or 3 bluray movies, that’s all a grand got me(ok $900 something, think it was $976, I’m not looking for the receipts for you), remember the system alone was $600 @ a retailer….
As for the comment about new system…: all marketing, and claims have stated that you keep what you pay for. The system has now been sold for what? 3 years now? In tech terms, its established, shoulda been surpassed. It’s been through 2 hardware revisions (first one being the fat 40/80 gig, second being the slim[which slim playstations always take and ad…]). And only now do they come out of nowhere and change their stated policy.

merkranger said:

April 30th, 10:12 am

You want a extra complaint, how bout this, I used to be able to listen to hard drive audio while in the browser, not anymore. Why the f-ed not?
That work for you?

merkranger said:

April 30th, 10:29 am

I don’t want cash, I want restoration of other os while allowing me to game online, you know, what I paid for in the first place….
I shouldn’t have to look for hack firmware to keep original marketed features for the console version I bought.
As for hackers, there has been little effort or support for breaking into the ps3-till now…, as for what’s his name, based on posts from this blog from people who actually Sound like they have a clue, it was a hack to other os-not the xmb-game os. The game os has always been destined to be hacked,but hasn’t yet…
If I wanted a hacked box I could have bought a modded xbox at any time. Cheap!

merkranger said:

April 30th, 11:03 am

Just so you know, I have played my own music in game, but haven’t tried in a while, did Sony break that too in a firmware update? It was authorised like a year ago for developers to add code, and could usually been overlaid on game audio. The system used to do it, did they take that away from you? Oh well, you don’t care about features so let’s take away YOUR ability to browse, play ps1 (and 2 if you got in early enough), and how bout video capabilities, or (maybee you shouldn’t be able to do anything but ps3 gaming in your own machine, no more online gaming for you! It’s not like you care, its not like you have 3 games bought new launched, including mag, that are online only, I mean. What’s $180 to you?

Sven_Viking said:

April 30th, 12:26 pm

Apparently three separate class-action suits have been (or are being) filed. Take that, people who said it would never happen.

nnnjc said:

April 30th, 2:31 pm

crap it bricked my ps3!!!!!!

m51893 said:

April 30th, 4:22 pm

in the next update i wood love to see more visualizations for the music player as well in game music.

itachi5474 said:

April 30th, 6:01 pm

i wonder why people say wbox is better when i think and many other people think that also but PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ps3 shall rule lol

itachi5474 said:

April 30th, 6:02 pm

in the next update they shoould also include more free demos because im too lazy to pay. also they should include a comic thing like on the psp.

itachi5474 said:

April 30th, 6:05 pm

i downloade the ps2 thing for ps3 but when i tried it, it wouldnt work. plz help. plz add me my psnid is itachi5474

itachi5474 said:

April 30th, 6:07 pm

i have a 40 gig ps3, is it eexpensive 2 sell?

fuzzyclutter said:

April 30th, 6:25 pm

what ps2 thing ?

Sven_Viking said:

April 30th, 6:27 pm

Worth less now that Sony removed one of the only features separating it from the cheaper slims.

Sven_Viking said:

April 30th, 6:29 pm

(P.S. – those inclined to misunderstand should note the space between the words ‘worth’ and ‘less’. Not saying it’s ‘worthless’).

merkranger said:

April 30th, 7:44 pm

The ps2 thing in the store is a packet to improve, not add ps2 functionality in ps3. If you don’t have ps2 compatibility prior to downloading it, it won’t give it to you, you need a different ps3.
Also it is not visible as a file or program in your xmb, just augments the ps2 functions already factory installed…

lagnumber said:

April 30th, 9:04 pm

why not let the ps3 slim plays ps2 games???

swordzmanp236 said:

May 1st, 12:17 am

Here we go again, fanning old flames from embers Sony wants snuffed out. But anyway, I’d love to see the PS2 BC make a strong comeback.

1. It would make sense to add BC and retire the PS2 at the same time. This alone should sway the holdouts toward a new system because such a move preserves their investment in games thus far.

2. Said gamers might only play their PS2 titles and not buy another game, but if they’re aware of what other cool stuff the PS3 can do, they could be buying other content. Such is what drove many PS2 buyers to it rather than the competition of the day.

3. Or maybe, just maybe, the PS2 is such a bad fit for all this new hi-def stuff we have today. I, for example, noticed a dramatic difference in contrast between games played on the PS2 with standard RCA cables and those same games on the PS3 using an HDMI cable–same TV, but the PS3 made my games appear much more vivid with its higher brightness. Helps when you’re spelunking in an RPG, for sure.

maninashed said:

May 1st, 7:56 am

IMPORTANT: If you do not want to accept thyis upgrade, you can shut down your Wii console and cancel the upgrade by holding down the Power Button for four (4) seconds. If you Wii console has an unauthorised technical modification, this upgrade could cause inoperability of your console.

Rather interesting don’t you think.

Notice that they don’t say have to upgrade and if you don’t that you can no longer connect to the Wii Network.

Also notice they acknowledge it’s YOUR console and that you may have modified it, LEGALLY of course since it’s yours to do with as you want.

I had to check out the Wii seeing as though it has out sold both the PS3 and XBox. Ok graphics are a joke but I have to say it’s FUN.

Thanks to Sony I now own a Xbox (bought last month), Wii (bought this month) and PS3 (currently only being used to run Linux). Rekon I’ve spent close to £500 on other systems since 1st April.

chingy81 said:

May 1st, 3:57 pm

Very sad day, I loved my playstation 3 had a ps2 for years whilst saving up for my ps3, brought it 2 years ago after saving for along time, it was a major purchase for me and once I got it I enjoyed it everyday until I trustingly accepted the 3.3 update and now all my machine does is freeze. Totaly Gutted. Its really sole distroying to now see Sony take no interest or responsibility for ruining thousands upon thousands of peoples machines. I really hope they can some how restore peoples faith and do the right thing and help those who at no fault of their own have lost use of their machines who are now worse off…..but I really doubt my faith or trust will be restored into what I thought was a world wide family brand. SHAME ON YOU SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jagdpanzer0 said:

May 2nd, 11:35 am

I’m very irritated with the FORCED UPDATES! I go to watch a blue ray movie with my family and the fricking system forces me to do a system updated before we can watch the movie. B.S.! Its going on 5 minutes now.

Sony keep you damn hands off of the console I bought from you. It mine now so leave it the hell alone. That update you applied a while back that boots right to you damn online store is also a bunch of crap. Are you going to pay me to for seeing your advertisements every time I want to watch a movie or play a game?


flankp said:

May 2nd, 7:17 pm

Another update for me to skip… When is other os coming back? And to people who think the browser can’t get better, or that firefox won’t run because of lack of ram, ect. If you had ever used other os you’d know that you can have your cake and eat it too. (firefox comes installed on ubuntu ppc and it works)

Granted, firefox on the ps3 not the fastest, but it’s by far better than whats in game os, and it’s something I paid to have the ability to do.

It is nice that pandora works in game os’s browser though, i’ll give it that.

fuzzyclutter said:

May 2nd, 7:51 pm

@1282 maninashed

Actually you shouldnt post inaccurate info , heres a copy past of a portion of WII NETWORK SERVICES

Article 4: Upgrades and ChangesNintendo may upgrade (patch) any software distributed through WiiConnect24 or change the Internet content of WiiConnect24, in part or in whole, at any time. However, any such upgrade or change will be for the benefit of users of the Wii Network Services.

also note … of course you can mod your own machine , and you dont have to accept updates , however … PSN AND WII SERVERS ARE PRIVATLY OWNED SERVERS and the owners /admins of that server have EVERY RIGHT TO DICTATE CONNECTABILITY PROVISIONS , including Hardware /software profile . you dont have to accept … but if you dont . YOU CANT CONNECT TO THEIR PRIVATE SERVER . and you know what . you think PSN is pushy ?

Take a look at XBOX LIVE terms of use … not only does it give them permission to change your XBOX , but if you access live with your personal computer . they can make mods there as well . INCLUDING INSTALLING AND RUNNING SOFTWARE TO DETERMINE IF YOUR PIRATING GAMES !!!! WITHOUT NOTICE !!!

So you switched … oh well . your still in the same boat .

minnusing said:

May 3rd, 1:28 am


You seemed to have missed the point. Mani isn’t modifying his systems. He is stating how ridiculous it is that someone with a modded Wii can access their content and network fine, while someone refusing to remove their Linux capability that they paid for can’t play games/bluray requiring the new firmware, or access online servers. The PS3 is not modded is any way shape or form, yet can’t go online without being forced to update.

My PS3 is still 3.15. I have personally also purchased an Xbox recently.

maninashed said:

May 3rd, 4:22 am

Actually you shouldnt post inaccurate info
Inaccurate? It actually pops up on the screen when using the Wii.

Take a look at XBOX LIVE terms of use …
I beleive Microsoft have never removed functionality from the XBox and generally release updates that improve it.

Sony have already been down that road with music CD’s.

francescozz said:

May 3rd, 1:55 pm

You guys should stop wasting your time on updates like these and focus on serious stuff.
* Ability to do more things while in game: to access almost any of the settings it’s necessary to quit the game. Music, browser, that stuff there. We need more multitasking.
* Voice messaging.
* Voice chat while playing games. See, once again, an awesome function which can’t be used while playing. Sorry but if I’m not playing games I don’t keep my PS3 on. You should do a deal with Skype, that would be pretty cool.
* The browser is old and slow: I mean, it’s still running Flash Player 9 so you can’t use youtube. You should have someone design a browser which works better or update yours and don’t forget to make it available in game you know. Maybe not keep it running while playing the game but at least not having to quit the game to open it you know.
So yeah, I kinda expanded a bit, but what you should focus on ONLY is the ability to do things while in-game. That would be truly awesome and I’m sure everyone would love you and want you to have their babies. Peace.

Mustang46Turbo said:

May 3rd, 2:44 pm

Bring back OtherOS support. I won’t touch an update or give Sony another dime until this happens.

Xamindar said:

May 3rd, 6:35 pm

Same here. I will not spend a dime on anything Sony ever again. Already took my cc info off of psn.

bensonk2 said:

May 4th, 9:54 am

Since installing this update Dragon Age Origins Freezes randomly.

I don’t see anything in the thousands of comments (not remotely related to what this blog topic is about) about a fix or solution.

bdarmofal said:

May 4th, 12:53 pm

When can we expect OtherOS to be restored?????

havoc974 said:

May 4th, 2:40 pm

How long will it be before PS3’s will be able to play PS2 games? Thats a major flaw in the system. As faulty as the Xbox360 was at least it still somewhat played Xbox games.

achan1058 said:

May 4th, 7:00 pm

The hell with your useless updates. Gives us back other OS NOW!

Sven_Viking said:

May 4th, 10:13 pm

Another Other OS class-action was just certified: / 9n3eT4

moe_3000 said:

May 5th, 11:54 am

i’ll just get use to the fact that sony is not the sony i once knew
trophies is that all sony’s good for

Logitechor said:

May 5th, 12:46 pm

Well I am one of the users that installed Linux on the PS3. While I have Windows machines I enjoy using Linux from time to time. It was fun and a nice addition to the PS3. I am not happy that Sony disabled it. I am not that interested in additional gaming features though my Son is. I use it as a very capable Blu-Ray player and computer. So any updates I would want include bringing bck the OtherOS Feature. I realize it is Sony’s right to do what they please, however; to be fair many of us bought the PS3 with the knowledge and sanction of Sony to install Linux. It does seem a bit unethical of Sony to disable a feature they knew and supported being done. Whether it is illegal or more then unethical I don’t know. I do know a few people in received money back on thier purchase through Amazon in Europe. At the very least it is not very nice of them. I also know that there are reported work arounds – not what I want to do. I installed Linux on the up and up and Sony supported it. Now they don’t. Not nice.

CUTTROAT3000 said:

May 6th, 7:02 pm

A couple of weeks ago i bought a copy of dragon age origins and it worked great. I could play it for hours and hours and have no problems at all. Though ever since the latest 3.30 update the game freezes every couple of minutes i play it. Trust me i know it’s the damn update that is the problem because my system which is a ps3 slim i’ve only had for like 4 months and all of my games i bought are brand new. So Sony i hope you will do what is right and fix this problem or your ass is getting sued. I’ve put too much of my hard earned time and money into this system so consider this an ultimatum.

P.S. I suggest everyone else with these kind of problems do the same thing as i am. Then they will be forced to get off their [DELETED] and fix this now!!!

the-legend-nick said:

May 7th, 2:41 am

Why I can’t download PS3 3.30 ???? How can I do to download it?

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