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Apr 22

Apr 22

Watch Major League Baseball on PS3! MLB.TV App Live Today

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone – I’m excited to show everyone the new MLB.TV application for the PS3 that will be available from PlayStation Network, in both U.S. and Canada, later today. This app allows MLB.TV subscribers to watch every regular season game live in HD (local blackout restrictions do apply), with tons of new interactive features designed exclusively for PSN.

Some of the unique interactive features that we show in the demo include:

  • MLB Scoreboard – See a schedule of today’s games (and set options to control whether or not you see the scores)
  • Home and Away Feeds – Choose to watch either the home or away broadcast feed
  • HD quality video and DVR functionality – watch a live game in HD (with Live Game DVR functionality that lets you pause and rewind live games of fast-forward back to live game action)
  • Season Archive – Want to re-live a great moment? Go back and watch games you’ve missed from earlier in the season.
  • Scrollable Linescore – Go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
  • Favorite Teams/Calendar Schedule – Scroll through the entire 2010 Major League Baseball schedule in calendar format or designate your favorite team(s) to see the schedule for that team.

You can now download the app from the “Media” category on PlayStation Store, and launch it from the Video section of the XMB.

You must be an MLB.TV subscriber to fully utilize this app (some features, such as the calendar schedule, are available to everyone for free). There are two annual packages: MLB.TV is $99.95 and MLB.TV Premium is $119.95. If you aren’t already a MLB.TV subscriber, you can go to to sign up. Once you’ve subscribed, link your MLB.TV subscription to a PS3 (via the app), and enjoy the season!

This is truly the ultimate baseball viewing experience from MLB.TV and PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

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TwoOneEight said:

April 23rd, 4:35 pm

Does anyone using it know what audio format it is in so I can set my kick ass expensive Onkyo 7.1 surround sound system to the correct format??

Jerel said:

April 23rd, 4:53 pm

Cool beans! …Now bring back the Papajohns app and it would be perfect. :p

samuelesm said:

April 23rd, 7:35 pm

I hope Sony gets all of the other sporting things exclusive because then the other won’t get a chance.

dsr234 said:

April 23rd, 8:04 pm

Grace, do you have any influence as to whether this becomes available on the UK store or should we be contacting them directly to request it be added? Or do the terms of Sony’s licensing with only cover the USA & Canada?

Oasis4U2NV said:

April 23rd, 9:36 pm

Why isn’t there any way to demo the video to see what the quality looks like before buying the package? Maybe a free 1 day pass to demo it? That would be a nice feature.

DBack6nuff said:

April 23rd, 9:51 pm

I’m a hardcore baseball fan so this is great Sony!! Great job hope there’s plenty of other things to come. I had bought a roku to watch but ditched it for my beloved PS3.

snakeey11 said:

April 23rd, 11:02 pm

Why oh why is the “show scores” setting not saved after quitting out of the app? How was that overlooked?! Wouldn’t it have crossed somebody’s mind that if you don’t want scores to be shown, the next time you open the app you STILL wouldn’t want scores shown? It boggles my mind.

Other than that, I’m loving it so far.

b777conehead said:

April 23rd, 11:56 pm

to all your europeans we will give you obama instead i know that would make me happy

blues_striker said:

April 24th, 12:07 am

This is Bull$#%t i pay for mlbtv i should be able to view it in Australia. Its just Sony are to lazy to pass on the App, why would they not make it global? Oh thats right the US is the world!!!!! Two hours wasted trying to find this app because it was viewable in playstation network but did not say it was US only. What a joke

cheifhung2low said:

April 24th, 8:12 am

Can u guys do this for NFL… Propose something so i can watch football all year round like this app and I’ll be happy to subscribe. :D lifetime subscription.

zacattack250 said:

April 24th, 11:12 am

this is so cool but i meen cmon the psn like on war games and stuff those map packs i want and they cost money i think they should work someting out with infinaty award so they are free.well i was promised 50$ for doing something for the psn on the playstation store ist been a month and i still didnt get.

WarHawk_ said:

April 24th, 2:46 pm

Nice app, no offense to all baseball fans.. baseball is not my most favorite sport, so I would like to see this implemented for different types of sports. It is an awesome idea and i look forward to different apps such as this one. A soccer sports app in time for World Cup would be awesome !! i’m just sayin :P

gema11981 said:

April 24th, 4:41 pm

I have a subscription to and I tried to use the remote play feature to watch the and it would not let me . I did download the app on my ps3

BigBangBear said:

April 24th, 9:09 pm

Agree with the other Canadians that it is great to see it offered here at the same time the US gets it. Just need to do that for more offerings. Will have to look at the blackout restrictions before deciding to get this.

Also, like many others I would absolutely love this type of thing for the World Cup.

augusttime said:

April 25th, 6:58 am

When can we get this app in Japan on the Japanese PS3s? We can watch all the games on MLB.TV in Japan exactly the same as the US, so the sooner the better for us here!! Help!!

tonyflo04 said:

April 25th, 10:23 am

This is nothing short of awsomness. I have been an premium subscriber for 5 years, maybe 6, $119.00 is cheap compared to how much I spen on a game ticket, beer, nachos, couple of dogs and a super pretzel.

1st Netflix, then upgraded Blue-Ray firmware, now to watch my favorite teams from afar. Thank you jesus!!!!

Malaka-1 said:

April 25th, 11:01 am

how about pay per view NFL games? Or NFL Sunday Ticket like on direct tv? I’d rather pay for that on PS3 then satellite. I would pay $10 per game on a pay per view bases.

k3yerout said:

April 25th, 1:55 pm

Love the app, but it is not working today. I keep getting “We’re sorry. An error occurred during video playback.” With no suggestions on what to do about it or how to correct the problem. HELP

manduckl27 said:

April 25th, 3:06 pm

Even with scores turned off, there are spoilers. When it says “Final/11” it’s pretty obvious that it was an 11-inning game, and there’s not much point watching the first 10. Also the first thing you see when playback starts is the bar that shows the duration of the games – it would be nice if there was a way to make it completely spoiler-free.

Also I am having trouble getting it to work at all today. Hopefully this is temporary!

ty50ortiz said:

April 25th, 6:54 pm

I am so happy you brought to the ps3 thank so much im a dedicated Red Sox fan and love watching it on my big tv and instead of lil labtop … just wanted to say i love you for it

lordbah said:

April 25th, 10:48 pm

Tried to watch the last 4 innings of the Jays/Rays game. Dozens of times the video froze. Sometimes right arrow would get it going again in a few seconds. Sometimes switching feeds would do it. Sometimes nothing would. And sometimes it came back with “We’re sorry. An error occurred during video playback.” and there was nothing to do but keep trying. The ninth inning, nothing worked. A few times I switched to the Twins game and it also had the “error occurred” dialog.

Between these freezes and the crappy video quality – any kind of motion shows large blocky pixels – I think I’ll give them a week or so to fix the problems and if that doesn’t happen I’ll be demanding a refund.

My network isn’t the problem. I’ve gone to from my computer and taken their bandwidth test and have more than their minimum for HD (what they call “HD” anyway).

The price is half what I used to pay for MLB Extra Innings on satellite. Right now this is way less than half the product though in features and quality.

Xanthene said:

April 26th, 6:03 am

been using this all weekend and it’s truly great. quality is better than expected and the navigation and gui are fantastic.

like other users have said though, please update it so it remembers not to show the scores!! if my team plays a day game and I come home after work to watch it I do not want the score spoiled! It saves the favorite teams so this shouldn’t be hard to update.

Thanks MLB and PSN!

fredericop said:

April 26th, 8:18 am

Sony need to sell their products only in US and Canada if want to bring the news to them only. This is a product sold worldwide as well as MLB.TV, makes no sense a decision like this, I am in Brazil, I have a ps3, I have a signature, I downloaded the program and can not use both at once, nice decision sony.

Funky_Crunch said:

April 26th, 12:51 pm

Awesome app! Only one problem: when I un-check the ‘Show Scores’ option, as to not spoil the game when I want to watch it later, the app does not save this option like it does with the ‘Favorite Team(s)’ option, or the ‘Sound Effects’ option. This is a HUGE deal for people who want to watch the game at a later time; and being as I’m a Cubs fan, and most of their games are during the day (when I’m at work) this is a major issue that needs to be patched.

T-Money15 said:

April 26th, 9:23 pm

does anyone know if you can link two ps3’s to 1 mlbtv account?

lordbah said:

April 27th, 8:38 pm

Tried to watch Red Sox vs Blue Jays. Watched bottom 1st okay. Started watching 4th but it hung. Tried reselecting Live, got the “error occurred” dialog. Spent 15 minutes trying various things, nothing worked, always just spinning circle. Quit the app, relaunched it, now Live worked again. Bottom 6 it paused 4 different times but resumed if left alone within 30 seconds. Top 7 long pause, after 3 minutes I started trying to nudge it. No use, back to “error occurred” and spinning circle. Quit, relaunched, still “error occurred”. Repeat. Other games, same eeror. Repeat x2. Top 8th now, tied at 1. Spinning circle endlessly. Notice time bar showing cursor a bit behind, hit right arrow. Video plays for 3 seconds and freezes. Wait 60 seconds. Hit right arrow. Video plays for 6 seconds and freezes. Right arrow doesn’t help. Try Select Inning, top 8th. Endless spinning circle. Exit, Live, “error occurred”. Quit, relaunch, “error occurred”. Repeat x2. Bases loaded, 2 outs, video plays for 15 seconds and freezes. After 10 seconds it plays 1 second and freezes again. Left it alone for 60 seconds but it never came back. Right arrow, spinning circle. x2. See the Sox have 2 runs now. To be continued …

lordbah said:

April 27th, 8:38 pm

cont’d: Quit, relaunch, “error occurred”. See it’s in bottom 8 now. Repeat x6. Turn off system, restart. End 8th now, endless spinning circle. After 2 minutes hit right arrow, video starts playing, I get to see the second out before it freezes again. After 30 seconds right arrow, video resumes, I’ve missed a base hit. Freezes again. Can’t get it back. Quit, relaunch, commercial break in progress. Looks like we’re in bottom 9 now, down 2-1. Is it truly still in commercial or is it hung? Who can tell? Eventually right arrow and video begins, already into the at bat. See out 1. Next batter flies to deep center – homer or out? – video freezes. Right arrow, video resumes, 2 outs. Freezes. Right arrow, resumes, freezes. Right arrow, “thank you for watching”. Jays lost.

This product is pure crap.

fuzzyclutter said:

April 27th, 9:11 pm


LOL if you actually responded to one of those PSN MESSAGES saying you would be paid 50 dollars to pass the message, and BELIEVED IT . you need to have the word ” gullible ” tattood to your forehead . Anybody who even uses half their brain , wouldnt have even believed it , my 8 year old knew it was BS . I hope you dont handlle the family financials … you are a goldmine for scammers …easily duped ….WOW.

k3yerout said:

April 27th, 10:47 pm

Worked great first couple days. However, been having all the same problems Lordbah above has been having. Bummed cuz I had high hopes for this product after the first couple days I used it.

mrbelz said:

April 28th, 6:09 am

so if you read the restrictions….

“Due to Major League Baseball exclusivities, live games occurring each Saturday with a scheduled start time after 1:10 PM ET or before 7:05 PM ET and each Sunday with a scheduled start time after 5:00 PM ET, will be blacked out in the United States ”

… this is saying that the one day of the week when i want to sit and watch all the games, (sat) the majority of those games will be blacked out?

can someone tell me if i’m understanding this right/wrong?


denisesballs said:

April 28th, 7:05 am

App freezes non-stop for me. Plenty of other people complaining in these comments and there’s even a thread on the forum –

PLEASE fix the app. It is unusable for any length of time right now.

k3yerout said:

April 28th, 7:41 am

MLB has the worst blackout restriction policy. You are correct. Last weekend the Yanks/Angels were blacked out in Seattle area because the W/Sox/M’s game was shown locally. You can watch it later, but not live.

lordbah said:

April 28th, 4:21 pm

@mrbelz – You understand correctly. MLBEI has the same wording (logically absurd of course since ALL games start “after 1:10 OR before 7:05” – what they mean is “after 1:10 AND before 7:05”). Fox has the right to prevent you from watching any games other than those they want you to see on Saturday afternoon. Apparently they think that you will watch two teams you don’t care about. Personally, I’d just go do something else, so that exclusivity doesn’t help Fox at all.

KNRasengan said:

April 28th, 7:16 pm

Hmm, you started this with NHL. The only obvious choice is to add NBA!

Haaveilla said:

April 29th, 10:11 am

I’m in Europe and I wanna use this app too. Blaaah. Get real Sony, baseball ain’t only a hobby in the US/Canada.

Lothar36 said:

April 29th, 11:24 pm

As a St Louis Cardinals fan in Austin, TX, this is the greatest news ever.

dakiel said:

April 30th, 7:18 am

I have used this application for the last week now and all I can say is WOW! I have subscribed to MLB.TV in the past, but canceled my subscription because the games never played very smoothly on a PC. I work for a local cable company and get free cable, however Extra Innings isn’t available. So I subscribed to DirecTv so I could watch the games in HD, but that was ridiculously expensive and most of the Padres games were not in HD. The video quality on the PS3 is almost as good as DirecTv extra innings and you can pause, start a game from the beginning, select an inning and even select which network feed you want to watch. So far every game I have watched has played nearly flawless and have been in HD no matter what feed I choose (something DirecTv didn’t have while I subscribed.) Amazing really sense the only thing you need to do is pay the monthly or annual fee and have a broadband connection. If you are an out-of-market baseball fan and own a PS3, you need to get this ASAP!

alpal1 said:

April 30th, 9:51 am

Hi Grace,

What about subscribers overseas in Europe? Can you please let us know when this app will become available for the PS3 from playstation store in the UK?

Thanks very much.

Fnord said:

April 30th, 1:04 pm

Actually, I’m pretty sure it IS HD, it’s just compressed all to hell and back. Still looks pretty good for what it is, though. The resolution is fine, but there are lots of compression artifacts.

thelonotlow said:

April 30th, 5:20 pm

How come I can’t find the “media” category on PlayStation Store? For some reason it’s not up there.

AndWes said:

May 2nd, 7:46 am

Awesome feature! Works perfect here in Sweden. Good job Sony and MLB!

messo1984 said:

May 3rd, 6:46 am

Will this come to Australia, and if so when?

apennismightier said:

May 3rd, 2:14 pm

Grace, I hope you’re engaging in talks with the NFL… because while this is a great idea, baseball sucks, and the NFL would make you so much more money…


valenciaUSC said:

May 3rd, 3:51 pm

Grace – in response to Post #47, you said that the MLB.TV app would be viewable with Remote Play on the PSP Go. Well, it does not work. Will it be upgraded to allow PSP owners to view games on their PSP systems?

andytigre1998 said:

May 4th, 7:48 pm

GO YANKEES !!!!!!!! =P

rollin527246060 said:

May 10th, 1:23 am

I like the idea, in fact bravo, but it needs a little work. Some of the other folks have already expressed the same feeling but I think it needs to be emphasized:

NBA, Hockey, Soccer and Football have got to be next on your list, we would be disappointed if you didn’t provide similar interfaces (“apps”) for those sports. With a captive, world-wide, predominately male audience, it would be foolish not to try.

Also, I propose you might want to take another look at cost. Provide competitive pricing on these sports and you could even package the apps together, why not? But just know that i’m not paying more on MLB alone than my Netflix subscription for the same time period, and that’s a fact.

valenciaUSC said:

May 10th, 12:03 pm

I cannot why people are complaining to Sony regarding the pricing for MLB.TV. That price is set by Major League Baseball and NOT Sony. What should have been said about this app is that if you do not subscribe, or plan to subscribe, to MLB.TV, then don’t bother installing this app… it is useless to you unless you subsribe. I only wish that MLB were to rethink their subscription fees and lower it a bit.

manduckl27 said:

May 10th, 1:33 pm

The update a few days ago appears to have got rid of the inning count spoiler I mentioned earlier, so now I like this app a lot better. Now I want a button to skip commercials :-)

And yeah, we can’t blame Sony for the fact that MLB charges $120 for

go_wings0707 said:

May 10th, 7:38 pm

Love the MLB app. When can we get and NHL Center Ice App?

go_wings0707 said:

May 10th, 7:44 pm

The MLBTV app is amazing. Can we get a NHL Center Ice app?

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