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Apr 26

Apr 26

ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: Sucker Punch rebuilds Empire City!

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Greetings all and Merry ModNation Monday,

Just like the past two weeks, we’re kicking the week off with a new Artist Spotlight video. Last week we had the mind behind Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, give us his uncensored opinion about making games and his thoughts on ModNation Racers (okay, it was kinda censored). If you visited GameSpot at all last week, then you might have learned that we handed a copy of the game to the talented folks at Sucker Punch Productions to see what they could do with the ModNation creation tools.

So what happens when the crew responsible for the PS2 classic Sly Cooper franchise and the recent PS3 hit inFAMOUS decide to have some fun in ModNation?

Sly Cooper in ModNation Racers

Empire City gets rebuilt… ModNation-style!

This is an example of what happens when you combine some time and imagination with ModNation Racers. We look forward to bringing you more examples of this in future installments of the Artist Spotlights video series.

ModNationTV Spot hits the Airwaves

If you caught Peter Dille’s post last week, you know all about Kevin Butler‘s new ‘stache and uh…orange shorts. The VP ModNation Motivation hits Comedy Central on April 28th during the South Park season finale!

If you liked the orange shorts online, you’ll like them even better in HD!


Pre-order Mystery ModNation Mods and Karts Revealed Tomorrow!

If you pre-ordered ModNation, you scored either Kratos, Ratchet and Clank, or Nathan Drake. But you ALSO scored one of four mystery mods and kart packs!

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

Stay tuned on the PlayStation.Blog this week as we announce not only the Mystery Mods and Karts you will have a chance to score by pre-ordering, but a NEW familiar character who has decided to get a kart and join the RACE!

??? in ModNation Racers

See you then!

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pontarokun22 said:

April 26th, 10:02 pm

Awesome !!

IceCreamBandit said:

April 27th, 12:04 am

Hey Chuck! I think I’ve got something you can answer with another “Stay Tuned!” ;)

I’ve pre-ordered this from all 3 retailers for the bonuses. i’m already a little bummed that even by buying 3 copies of the game i don’t have the chance to get all the mystery carts, but no worries.

Question is….will these mystery ones be exclusive to the pre-orders, or is this like i’m predicting, a chance to get 4 characters that will be released as DLC later on for free? I wanna know this beforehand so that i can give Sony the $$$ for whichever character(s) i don’t get when they hit the ps store instead of buying the codes from someone on ebay.

and contrary to what’s-their-name said, PLEASE DO flood this game with DLC!! charge for it, make it free, i don’t care lol. I’ll get everything for this the same as I have everything for LBP. True, you don’t need it, but man does it add to the fun!


    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 27th, 10:38 am

    Ha! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve typed Stay Tuned on this post I’d have a free lunch.

    I wish I could tell you for sure if we will be releasing the mystery Mod’s post launch but that hasn’t been decided yet.

    Ummm…Stay Tuned?


Gskyace said:

April 27th, 8:39 am

Little Big Planet Sack Boyaaaaaaa?

If I have preorded…how could I get the new pre-order gift?

Okay…why not one character in Killzone 2,but they almost never drive a car I think…they have a trans-boat.

Superstrokey1123 said:

April 27th, 9:30 am

Looks great guys, i better get my preorder out there!

My question is that i saw amazon.com has a preorder price of 39 bucks for this. Is this the actual price this game? Also if so will it be carried over to Canada?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 27th, 10:53 am

    Didn’t see that price on there. It’s the standard PS3 Price from what I know- $59.99.

Superstrokey1123 said:

April 27th, 9:32 am

One more thing, please put in a Helghast dude to race with.

napkin said:

April 27th, 10:33 am

This game looks really cool, but I have some questions.

1. Can you do cartwheel-type tracks like the car going upside down in a loop like a rollercoaster?

2. Another rollercoaster-type question. Can you make roads/tracks that are above the main floor but are still supported by like wood/metal poles, something like that?

I understand if both of these aren’t possible in the game, just wondering though.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 27th, 10:56 am

    I have seen crazy corkscrews but no loops yet and I know you can make tracks above the main floor in different styles like wooden bridges and regular concrete, but I’m not certain about the supports.

napkin said:

April 27th, 10:34 am

(continued from last post)


3. Can you control weather/make it rain? Or day/night cycles?

4. How will the online “judging” kind of thing be? In Little Big Planet lots of the great levels get shoveled to the side because people want to do H4H to get the trophies and theres lots of crap levels, is there something better to help this in Modnation?

5. I’m still not exactly sure how much is possible within the game. Everything we’ve seen so far looks very similar except for this Infamous level which looked REALLY good and unique, my kind of dark style as opposed to the sunny tree levels we’ve been seeing. Will you guys show some more unique levels or let us know exactly the amount of customization involved? We don’t really know how limited it is. For example LittleBigPlanet feels like it has almost infinite options, there’s so much stuff you can do, is it like that in Modnation as well?

Thanks hopefully you can answer I know it’s a lot.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    April 27th, 10:59 am

    You can definitely move the sun around to change the time of day. Sucker Punch showed us how much you can really push the creation tool, but we expect to see a ton amazing tracks after we launch, just like the amazing levels we’ve seen in LBP. More details to come on the online community features in a future post!

TH3_Hammer_29 said:

April 27th, 11:06 am

We need a demo. I missed the beta and I want to play this NOW :)

Serr said:

April 27th, 11:50 am

Judge Dredd, Sweet Tooth, and yes Sackboy… I saw real! screenshots of ModNation Racers some hours ago with Sackboy in it… So Sackboy is definetaly a playable character…

jr_dnx said:

April 27th, 12:06 pm

Michael McClain’s controller is almoast DEAD! lol

jr_dnx said:

April 27th, 12:09 pm

And of course its sackboy the third unreveiled character look to the right screen in downloads and he’s right there! :P

IceCreamBandit said:

April 27th, 4:05 pm

HAHAH! Thanks Chuck…eventually I’ll come up with something to best your mighty ‘stay tuned’ powers…next time gadget! next tiiiiime! mrrreeeooww!


DangerMouseElite said:

April 27th, 10:00 pm

I pre-ordered my copy after playing the Open Beta for US release at GAMESTOP here in Kauai, HI and was wondering since I had pre-ordered so early am I screwed out of the pre-order special characters/karts/etc.? Also wondering if maps/karts/tracks will still be available to us. I still have the beta installed on my PS3 even though it can’t be logged into for the fear of losing content I created during Beta and spent hours doing so.

deadlysin687 said:

April 28th, 4:16 am

One of them is obviously a mouse in a cheese kart. One is in a golf kart, one in a farm truck..so i guess its a farmer, and i have no idea what the last is.

Murmur said:

May 2nd, 2:52 am

I really enjoyed playing a beta release, but got a bit worried about the loading times. I’ve read that the final game build have had a massive optimization on that part.

Other than that, want to thank Chuck Lacson for taking so much time to comment posts. Wish most editors treat own topics like that, its a bit annoying to see few comments on first page then editors dissapear for the remaining ten pages.

l3lackCalamity said:

May 7th, 3:29 pm

Im not sure If I can preoder this at bestbuy in canada and get drake.

letherclad said:

May 17th, 1:13 pm

I hope that track becomes available like the recently announced Kevin Butler track and mod, I NEED this track!

SeetherFan2 said:

May 21st, 5:16 pm

I’ve been playing the demo a lot and that alone is addiciong! If what I’ve been doing on the demo is less than 1% of the full game, then the rest is gonna be very addicting! :D

I have two questions though;

1. Will we be able to download the inFAMOUS Mod, kart and track and other artists’ stuff?

2. With all these different pre-order characters and one of the four bonus mods that come with them, will they all be available for DLC later on, or will pre-order be the only time you’ll be able to get Kratos, Drake, etc. ?

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