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Apr 28

Apr 28

Coming to PSN This Week: Record of Agarest War for PS3

Ben Bateman's Avatar Posted by Online Content Producer, Square Enix

Greetings, fellow meat-creatures! I am the localization editor for Aksys Games’s release of Record of Agarest War, and I have come here today to talk to you about that very game, which is coming to the PlayStation Store this Thursday, April 29.

You may have had a chance to peruse some of our marketing materials regarding Agarest. You haven’t? Oh my. Well, in polite company, I would say that they play up the relationship aspect of the game. To elaborate somewhat, Agarest gives you, the PS3 player, the reasonably unique experience of playing through five generations of fathers and sons. Your in-game decisions – tactical, moral, and romantic – will determine the abilities and strengths of your offspring, which characters will join your party, and ultimately, the very fate of your world!

But perhaps a dating sim (and genetic simulator) doesn’t tickle your fancy. As a strategy role-playing game, Agarest is, in many ways, defined by its battle system. I could use all sorts of large, important words–words like “nuance”, or “multifaceted”, or “ham”–to explain its intricacies to you, but this is the Age of Information, and that means videos! Everyone likes videos. We have included one, in which an incredibly handsome and shockingly intelligent narrator explains some of Agarest’s basic battle concepts to you. Give it a watch!

Of course, even with a flawless strategy, you may find the game difficult–especially if you are insane enough to play on “Hard.” Fortunately, we have sought to alleviate such woes, and will be giving out a number of free DLC packages in the weeks following release. Free to everyone on the PlayStation Network, these tiny nuggets of digital joy will bring you everything from special weapons and armor, to items that improve your stats and abilities, to that most indispensible category of loot: restorative items. There will be DLC you can buy too, of course, but these ones are free!

So there you have it! Record of Agarest War has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a dating sim, a complex strategy-RPG, or hours upon hours of epic fantasy and political intrigue…or all of those things. Agarest will appear, in a burst of white light, on the PlayStation Network on April 29th. Be there, or be utterly unfulfilled for the rest of your life.

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acerazer1 said:

April 28th, 4:46 pm

So I’m guessing most people haven’t upgraded their PS3 HDD from all the complaints? Or a larger slim, I suppose, would solve the problem of space. But it’s not like 360 where it costs $100+ to upgrade to just a 120GB. I upgraded to a 500GB internal a year and half ago for less than $80 and still have nearly 300GB to spare. Sony has made it easy to swap em out, if you need some space, take advantage of it.

Maurisio said:

April 28th, 4:49 pm

I actually bought the 360 version even though i dont have one. I just wanted the extras. I have no problem it being digital for ps3 but the problem is the extras i buy all my stuff limited edition.

SarshelYam said:

April 28th, 4:59 pm

Pretty disappointed that Microsoft fans get the royal treatment on this one. I’m a bit torn…

EatDeath said:

April 28th, 5:02 pm

This is definitely awesome. I cant wait for it and the weeks of free DLC, lol!!!

Tomorrow will be awesome.

GGDBoy said:

April 28th, 5:03 pm

Hope they dont try this crap with BlazBlue or there will be hell.

denpanosekai said:

April 28th, 5:05 pm

Sony, I am disappoint.

ScyntWhitestripe said:

April 28th, 5:07 pm

I just want to say I am VERY disappointed that this game is download-only; and if one exists I’ll probably be looking to import a European copy so I will have a disc.

That being said, I’ve been greatly anticipating this game since 2006 and will definitely be picking it up ASAP.

acerazer1 said:

April 28th, 5:14 pm

So there’s no disc version because there’s no dubbing? WTF kind of policy is that LOL

Plenty of people in the US don’t even speak English anyways. It’s not like it’s an official language, legally speaking. And if you can’t read the subs, you probably shouldn’t be playing dialogue based games anyways, right?

Cat_Corye said:

April 28th, 5:22 pm

This game is pretty good if you don’t mind everyone speaking in Japanese (Don’t know if the same on PS3) an the old school 2D turn base system.

I kind of had a funny feeling this was coming to PS3, but got it for 360 because of the stuff that came with it. A mouse pad of a chick from the game an her [DELETED] are the part you rest your wrist on (They got gel in them lol).

So I would say this is a game to get for PS3, 360 is seems alittle blockly but runs pretty good (Well install that is) an the stuff that comes with it. Most likely I will later on get it for the PS3 an that is after I get a 1TB hard drive for it.

Good Day an happy gaming or not if I snipe you.

Enigma777 said:

April 28th, 5:28 pm

$45? 18GB? Wut?

You’re making it very easy to pass on this game…

TheZanpanman said:

April 28th, 5:37 pm

mm… I prefer disc-based really. I’m gonna wait it out and see if you changed your mind about it ^^

meanwhile, I’m gonna go checkout the japanese demo someone mentioned earlier.

TZPM – in favor of NA disc-based PS3 limited ed release with goodies -> “AYE!!!!”

S-E-G said:

April 28th, 5:43 pm

looks like Sony also removed next gen from our firmware

Psikorps said:

April 28th, 5:46 pm

For everyone thats throwing the blame at SCEA.

If anyone has seen alot of my posts, they know I’m not shy about complaining about the piss poor decisions Sony makes.


This game being released as digital only for NA on PS3, has nothing to do with Sony, thats an Aksys marketing decision.

Sony just approved the title for PSN, because some people will buy it, though most wont because its more or less a insult to NA PS3 owners not only to not recieve the limited edition, but to have to settle for a digital version over physical media.

ynp7 said:

April 28th, 5:55 pm

You’re asking $45 and we don’t get a disc or even a ridiculous boobie mousepad! Way past pass.

Cat_Corye said:

April 28th, 6:02 pm


lol NICE ONE!!

C-Murph666 said:

April 28th, 6:17 pm

I’ll wait til its half price because no one bought it.

LegendaryPhoenix said:

April 28th, 8:35 pm

DeadCell34 keep your ignorance out of here, it is what is not needed. Don’t go speaking for everyone, claiming it is not wanted here.

LegendaryPhoenix said:

April 28th, 8:37 pm

@S-E-G That was a rather childish and stupid comment. It has nothing to do with Sony and you should know that.

CmdrSinclair said:

April 28th, 8:44 pm

One thing you should’ve considered Aksys– even if a disc release was for some reason impossible, you could’ve released a box with all the extras and a PSN download card for PS3 owners, instead of gypping them and giving the cool/fun extras to the other system only. Then at least both fans get the goodies, and you still get around your “inability” to release a disc version (which I still have some trouble believing).

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    April 29th, 11:16 am

    We did consider this, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible.

Bigmouthkid said:

April 28th, 8:48 pm

im not buying this game. i think thats bull that 360 version gets the game on disc with all the extra stuff but we get it as PSN download with nothin extra. do us a favor aksys and start giving the PS3 fanbase the same treatment as you do with the 360 fanbase. i hope yall do by the time you guys release the second Blazblue

Hope_Winterburne said:

April 28th, 9:11 pm

Sorry, Aksys, I bought this months ago. I got the Ghostlight version from the UK (which came with a nice art book and some postcards) when you pulled the rug out from under the PS3 fans by announcing a PSN-only release in the US.

Because nobody on Aksys’s end will (or can) talk about WHY this is the way things are, people are going to continue to complain, or try to point fingers. It’s a shame they are unwilling or unable to talk about it. In a podcast, they indicated that the decision was ‘Out of their control’ and ‘that was all we can say about that’. It seems the blame is probably on Sony, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t buy 10 gig games as downloads. I buy them on BD. Or not at all. I don’t have an Xbox anymore, so you’re not getting my money. Ghostlight did. Sorry, Aksys. You lose.

Hope_Winterburne said:

April 28th, 9:18 pm

To be clear, it seems the blame is with SCEA, not with ‘Sony’ per se. SCEE (the European version of Sony) has a much more open policy with ‘foreign’ games, and languages. SCEA (the American flavor) is much more restrictive of what they’ll allow to be published on their ‘Flagship’ consoles. The PS2 suffered the same treatment the first half of its life cycle, until they’d built up enough goodwill with the consumers that SCEA felt comfortable relaxing their ‘Quality Control’ guidelines.

Apparently these guidelines aren’t as strict for PSN games. So getting Agarest War published on the PS3 at all was a case of Aksys looking for a ‘loophole’ in SCEA’s policy to exploit. These are all assumptions, borne out only by a lack of contradictory evidence, but as nobody is willing to deny or confirm them, we only have this to go on. The only games which have been allowed to publish on the PS3 with Japanese-only audio have been games set in Japan (Way of the Samurai 3 and Yakuza 3). It’s a shame, because it really shuts out the smaller publishers (like Aksys) from giving the fans what they want, and leaves us with nothing but the same-tasting US-produced games all year round.

Mies2000 said:

April 28th, 9:43 pm

I would like the limited edition version of this game.

Benny_B said:

April 28th, 9:44 pm

I’ll buy this game if/when it’s $30.

Scorpiodrush said:

April 28th, 9:53 pm

Just wnt to know at what time the download will be available. It’s 12:53 am on east coast and I don’t see it!!!

Alois_Trancy said:

April 28th, 10:05 pm

Don’t care about what other say, trophy hunting is what I care about blah blah blah, looks good anyways for me, will download it now

Scorpiodrush said:

April 28th, 10:07 pm

would download it now if it was available on the 29th like ti said it was… It’s the 29th.. and I can’t find it!

LegendaryPhoenix said:

April 28th, 10:13 pm

Because the store never updates at the same time, and NEVER EVER EVER updates this friggin early. You will have to wait like 21 hours probably.

Maulerr said:

April 28th, 10:25 pm

Watching this on my iPhone so I can’t see the video. Will there be Trophy support for this game? If so, I’ll take one thank you.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    April 29th, 11:18 am

    It does indeed have trophy support.

saintaqua said:

April 28th, 10:44 pm

I think you guys shot yourself in the foot by making the disc 360 only…360 fans don’t play JRPGs anyhow. What a dumb move.

$45? For a three year old game that looks like it came from SNES and doesn’t have anything to brag about besides a hugenormous download….sounds like a no buy to me. I’ll wait until it’s affordable at maybe $20. If it never drops in price, I guess I’ll never buy it.

Scorpiodrush said:

April 28th, 10:47 pm

still waiting…..

Chvor said:

April 28th, 10:49 pm

great, another RPG that looks like a PS2 game -_-

LordRaymond said:

April 28th, 10:52 pm

It seems the PS3 users are getting shafted once again. $45 for 10GB DL no ty. Gotta buy a new hard drive for that.

dojikyo said:

April 28th, 11:09 pm


Actually, it might have a lot with Sony or more specifically SCEA. Google Working Designs. I’m guessing Sega is big enough to negotiate more favorable terms while Aksys isn’t. And judging from how I had to buy Deadly Premonition on the other console. SCEA is probably still continuing some of those old and ridiculous policies.

Darklurkr23 said:

April 28th, 11:13 pm

Yea shame on PSN for giving Xbox the Naughty Limited Edition thing. Comon everyone loves Sexual Innuendo XD! Plus that 10GB+ tag is ouch for the lower gig systems. At least is has trophies though. I might pick this up if it comes out on sale with a Disc. (>>)

Scorpiodrush said:

April 29th, 12:03 am

Annoyed…. 3 am no download… you’d think a pre purchase with a notificatoin saying your download was ready….

dallow said:

April 29th, 12:33 am

Wanted this game originally.
But then it was revealed that it was DD only when 360 has a retail disc?

Pass on both.

FR0ZZ3N_PH4NT0M said:

April 29th, 2:04 am

I would buy this game but…………..WHY DOES THE 360 GET A SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION?! I personally think more people would buy it on ps3 than 360. Maybe i’ll it when its really cheap or when you release a disc-based version.

Sighto said:

April 29th, 3:48 am

Did everyone forgot that this is a retail $60 game being sold with extras (trophies/free dlc) for $45? Charging under $30 is ridiculous IMO, this isn’t some miniature game like Braid or Fat Princess.

I can understand the people who were disappointed in the lack of a physical copy. Some people mentioned including a d/l voucher so that PS3 owners could get the goodies as well, but I have a hard time believing they would be willing to pay $60 for it like the 360 version.

Looks cool, I can’t wait to pick this up when the store updates!

Grayfox2k8 said:

April 29th, 4:00 am

Good news is, most or all of the DLC/add-on will be free from the PSN. So, cheaper to buy on psn with free dlc. pretty good deal imo lol

colstripcapn said:

April 29th, 4:31 am

Sorry, but I’m with the majority here. I’m not going to pay $45 for a download only game that will require me to upgrade my systems hard drive to download. Not to mention the several hours (over a day) to download in the first place.

I know you can’t say the reason it is download only. Other games have proved it’s not Sony saying no because of Japanese only voices. I’m more likely to incline it is Microsoft saying no since this includes what use to be Xbox 360 exclusive content.

Bad price point Aksys, hope you learn in the future.

colstripcapn said:

April 29th, 4:33 am


No, most of the DLC will not be free. There will be SOME that will be free, but the rest will cost money. In addition, some of that ‘free’ DLC is included on the 360 disc making me wonder why it is DLC in the first place … only reason I can think of is to give the illusion that PS3 owners are getting a bonus for not getting a physical copy.

Mirauder said:

April 29th, 5:15 am

I can see people being mad about the extra the other inferior system gets..but seriously who wouldn’t upgrade their ps3 to 500 gig on purchase of the system.Especially with the amount DLC the Psn store is getting. I might consider this game is the all DLC is free lol

Viper7 said:

April 29th, 5:57 am

Enjoying my physical copy of the game. Its even special edition and is fully English. Too bad Aksys was unable to bring this game on blu-ray. Ghost-light did great job binning this game to Europe

I wonder what caused this? some SCEA restrictions? or perhaps problems with the differences between original PlayStation and X360 version?

Either ways good luck for Aksys, as based on the comments, people are not too happy about download only option

gumi42 said:

April 29th, 8:37 am

if it actually came with extras (trohpies are not extras they are now mandatory) I might get it. I was really looking forward to this game but when they said the price is $45 man it made me rethink it since. I still don’t know if I am going to get it. I don’t want to pay $45 for it, but I also realize that Aksys games won’t be doing much for PS3 if this game doesn’t sell.
What a catch 22. I just wish we could get a real answer to why no disc release.

SGTquig said:

April 29th, 8:55 am

Stop whining people, $45 isn’t that bad. If you want a disc then import the crappy UK version that has really bad translations and missing text, it usually runs for $80+. I’m gonna get this today and I can’t wait. Aksys keep up the good work! I read an article that said that the PS3 version will get all the DLC for free because they did not get the physical copy. That sounds cool to me.

SGTquig said:

April 29th, 8:56 am

#90: Wait till you get to the 3rd generation and beyond. The translations go to hell in the UK version.

ElektroDragon said:

April 29th, 9:21 am

Hahahaha, I’m glad I also have a 360 and pre-ordered the Limited Edition physical copy!

colstripcapn said:

April 29th, 9:27 am

@93 You might want to do some research before making things up.

Record of Agarest War costs 17.91 pounds in the UK, which is about $27.36 in USD. You were only off by $52.64, but nice try. Shipping would be about $10.

Also, only some DLC will be free, not all of it. And some of that so called free DLC is included on the disc for the X360 version and thus shouldn’t really be DLC in the first place. This can be confirmed on the Aksys forums.

Techism said:

April 29th, 9:46 am

I’d buy it. I have cable, a 160 hd, and money, so might as well support Aksys.

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