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Apr 28

Apr 28

Coming to PSN This Week: Record of Agarest War for PS3

Ben Bateman's Avatar Posted by Online Content Producer, Square Enix

Greetings, fellow meat-creatures! I am the localization editor for Aksys Games’s release of Record of Agarest War, and I have come here today to talk to you about that very game, which is coming to the PlayStation Store this Thursday, April 29.

You may have had a chance to peruse some of our marketing materials regarding Agarest. You haven’t? Oh my. Well, in polite company, I would say that they play up the relationship aspect of the game. To elaborate somewhat, Agarest gives you, the PS3 player, the reasonably unique experience of playing through five generations of fathers and sons. Your in-game decisions – tactical, moral, and romantic – will determine the abilities and strengths of your offspring, which characters will join your party, and ultimately, the very fate of your world!

But perhaps a dating sim (and genetic simulator) doesn’t tickle your fancy. As a strategy role-playing game, Agarest is, in many ways, defined by its battle system. I could use all sorts of large, important words–words like “nuance”, or “multifaceted”, or “ham”–to explain its intricacies to you, but this is the Age of Information, and that means videos! Everyone likes videos. We have included one, in which an incredibly handsome and shockingly intelligent narrator explains some of Agarest’s basic battle concepts to you. Give it a watch!

Of course, even with a flawless strategy, you may find the game difficult–especially if you are insane enough to play on “Hard.” Fortunately, we have sought to alleviate such woes, and will be giving out a number of free DLC packages in the weeks following release. Free to everyone on the PlayStation Network, these tiny nuggets of digital joy will bring you everything from special weapons and armor, to items that improve your stats and abilities, to that most indispensible category of loot: restorative items. There will be DLC you can buy too, of course, but these ones are free!

So there you have it! Record of Agarest War has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a dating sim, a complex strategy-RPG, or hours upon hours of epic fantasy and political intrigue…or all of those things. Agarest will appear, in a burst of white light, on the PlayStation Network on April 29th. Be there, or be utterly unfulfilled for the rest of your life.

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theanacondavice said:

April 29th, 10:09 am

Has the price been stated anywhere for certain? I’d be willing to get it but as I rarely use a CC for psn purchases ,I would be more likely to buy it if its $40 so i can do 2 $20 cards.

Love Srpgs and would like to support the possibility of more games. I don’t care “what the other guy got” I get the game $15-20 cheaper without pervy swag I wouldn’t use. I have a big enough HDD that space isn’t an issue.

x9248 said:

April 29th, 10:14 am

3 year old game is 3 year old game

colstripcapn said:

April 29th, 10:22 am


Yes, it is confirmed to be $44.99 by Aksys on their forums.

jdizzle84 said:

April 29th, 10:45 am

If Aksys knew how to serve their client base they would give some kind of voucher for people who purchase this downloadable version that they could redeem for the extras that come with the 360 version. Of course, Aksys is no Atlus though, so this won’t happen.

nuglas said:

April 29th, 12:42 pm

$45 for a game you can’t sell to someone else if you don’t like it? no freakin’ way. i will not purchase a download only game unless i am absolutely sure i will like it and never want to get rid of it (need demo).

if you aren’t sure about a game, you buy the disc, play and can get rid of it. if you buy a crap game on PSN, what do you do with it? they keep yo money!

be smarter people.

azri23 said:

April 29th, 1:18 pm

Yay! I’ve been waiting for this game for years. Now if only the PSN servers were a little faster… =P

rhymeboyg said:

April 29th, 4:55 pm

I’m just wondering if you are going to localize the Agarest of War Zero too.

I hope this one is going to be on DVD or Blue-ray disc to buy. I just don’t like download huge file and not able to keep it my collection shelf.

Hope to see Zero gets being localized.

skaarofman said:

April 29th, 7:35 pm

HEY !! Ben Bateman!!!
nevermind all this useless [DELETED]. a real adult needs to ask you a question..
i was looking forward to getting this on 360 but then the pricetag was $59.99… and why? for a bunch of preeteen promo junk.. no thnx im buying a game so i want a game.. and i just got my ps3 and am really dissapointed in the lack of full game downloads on ps3 so when i heard about this i was stocked… “but”
im having a hard time wraping my head around .. why on earth i need to download 18 gigs?.. id its only a 10 gig.. game..?
i plan to get the game of course but still… this is almost enough to make rethink that .. its just not logical.. 18 gigs to install a 10 gig game… the install driver is almost as big as the game??? sigh.. but anyway the real question i have is … someone comented that if they are not online they cant play thier downloaded game…. is this true? we have 3 dif systems, 2 pc’s and a laptop going almost all the time in my house… so conectivity is erratic at best… i dont want to spend all this time downloading a game that will shut off on me or not allow me to play it….. IF YOU COULD ANSWER THIS QUESTION I WOULD VERY MUCH APRECIATE IT.

thank you.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    April 30th, 10:31 am

    You don’t need to download 18 gigs. It just needs 18 gigs of space in order to extract itself and install. Once the install is finished, it will only take up 9-10 gigs.

    As for your second question, Agarest does NOT use the DRM that requires you to be connected to the internet in order to play. The account you used to buy and download it needs to be on the same PS3 you want to play it on, but that’s it.

TheCoder said:

April 29th, 8:06 pm

for those complaining just grab a copy from the UK on Ebay, it’ll run you roughly $35-45 after shipping brand new. Before you go and complain that you can’t run it on your US NTSC ps3 you are wrong as long as you have it hooked up to your TV via HDMI or some other digitial line it’ll play fine, trust me.

TLTD said:

April 30th, 7:58 am

First, looks like a good game. I saw that the game was ok priced (assuming the other versions are more expensive because of the packaging). I also saw the extras were free (thank you). My only complaint is no preview video and not a good description. I assumed it was an RPG but didn’t know what kind. This happens to be the kind I like. I might try it out when it gets a little cheaper. Pretty crazy trying to release such a big game over the network. Not a problem for me, but your bandwidth. PSN is a great Network. I used to have an XBox360 and paid for a mediocre network that costed more money because of course then you have to buy games and keep paying to play online. Keep up the good work releasing these titles. I wish more of the RPGs and games would go online (maybe around “Greatest Hits” time? Burnout Paradise and and Tekken 5 were great to get over the Network at good prices. I have about 24 games now purchased over the network, mostly the budget titles.

NightCloudXIV said:

April 30th, 11:07 am

its kinda like on windows, you get a file .zip – you need to extract it, you need the same ammount of room to extract that file – you delete the .zip file and you get the program.

saying this in case of you not having not enough room. – for PS3 its sometimes always the case

RyuuNoSekai said:

April 30th, 3:44 pm

i’m buying this… when it hits well below 30$. i’m not paying for a skimped version that i have to wait even longer after purchase to obtain. this is possibly the one game that i want so much but am actually put off because of this absurdity. is there a reasoning why this is possibly one of the few games that have been skimped out to this extent besides that pathetic “we have thought of that, but it was not possible” excuse?
the thing that pisses me off most is that i really want this because i love RPGs like this, but i have to make choices based on whether to buy a skimped version, waste 45$ on a 10GB game that can only be downloaded 5 times at ??kb/s, and ignore mediocre marketing this “extra content”, that should have been in the game from the start since apparently it is on the disc version, is supposed to cover.
The price of the disc version is the same as most retail games of today except this has a whole bunch of goodies thrown in, i don’t consider 45$ reasonable if all those goodies didn’t raise it past 59.99$. the cost of making those things should knock the price up higher.

chores said:

April 30th, 4:19 pm

I’m sorry Sony, but you did kind of screwed your own fans. So you will pay the price for it. I will only buy this on DISC. If its not in 2-3 months I will be getting it for the Xbox 360.

skaarofman said:

April 30th, 8:39 pm

thanks for the answer and correct info…. and im not shure what this skimped down version everyone is talking about…. its the exact same game as on 360.. except its 15 bucks cheaper cause you dont get the stupid mouse pad and other uslees promo junk.. and on top of that they are giving 6 or 7 downloads of extra content away for free.. you guys should actually be thanking them for being the first company to not over charge you for dlc or to dl your game.. on xbox live i can buy allmost every game they have available for dl $10 cheaper on disk right now at walmart..a game is a game … and besides we all know how crappy the ps3 laser motor is.. they are actually prolonging the life of your system.. quit the cryin and do some research… i am assuming most of you would never have bought this game anyway untill it was in a bargin bin.. so your threats fall on def ears!

JINXJX said:

April 30th, 11:43 pm

Okay i mean the game looks hot i’ve always been trying to find something similar to Arc The Lad (PS1) series thats the best strategy RPG of all time….but one down fall of Agarest war is they should’ve of came out with the disc version of the game i mean sales is gonna speak for its self…they say the Ps3 isnt region locked so if im gonna get this game i might as well order the EU version with all the goodies $44 dollars for a download with no goodies not even a book to look at. is so not a purchase on m department….i wonder if trophy support is in the EU series hmm???

x9248 said:

May 1st, 2:36 am

I’m gonna have to eat my previous words here… I’m enjoying this game very much lol

AmanoJ said:

May 2nd, 1:30 am

No disc version, that’s really disappointing. Pass.
I actually really did want this game, but I am not at all into digital only downloads.
Ps3 dies, goodbye game. Can’t resell it, can’t loan it, can’t play it elsewhere,
Ps4 comes out in the future with Ps3 disc BC? Too bad you can’t play that game you liked, it’s locked to your single system.

I don’t know who came up with an idea like that for a full game, but I honestly hope it’s not something that’s supported or continued. Sad to say, because the developer came out with a great game, and deserve sales and attention for it, but this is just garbage.

Absolutely would have bought this for full price on disc, now I wouldn’t even consider it for half price.

AmanoJ said:

May 2nd, 2:29 am

Double comment, but can’t edit.
Recently read that the whole reason this is on PSN only instead of in disc form here is because of a policy SCEA holds that will not allow a game to release without an english dub on disc, but will on PSN? If that’s the case, that honestly makes me sick. Deny games entirely because of language, because it’s hard to read subtitles, I guess.

Seriously hope that’s not true, because it’s one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard.

(BTW, the ps3 internet browser locked up my system twice when trying to post this, and for the 6th time tonight… battin’ a thousand here.)

Chaosmage42 said:

May 2nd, 12:16 pm

does anyone know if the Europe version disk will work in an American PS3 FOR SURE-ive looked around the internet for a while and i honestly would like to know for sure if there is true or not -personally id rather import a copy than get a down load only i just don’t like the idea of paying that much with out something physical-its just the way i am

Elvick_ said:

May 2nd, 5:29 pm

I already imported the Collector’s Edition from EU.

And I preordered the 360 version of the CE as well. Hey, I want to support retail releases and the developers of this game. It is a good game and I enjoy it a lot. Plus, it comes with the soundtrack that the EU CE didn’t

However, the treatment of the PS3 owners in NA is ridiculous. I don’t care who’s fault it is, it’s b/s. The only thing you get from the download is trophies. Yeah, that’s not worth $45 when you can import a physical version for about the same price.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

TigerAries said:

May 3rd, 12:10 pm

to Post 114…

The PS3 PSN version includes “free” DLC, but that content is ALREADY ON THE 360 DISC. So you can either buy the game on the 360 or DL the PS3 version and then download the missing content from the 360 disc version for “free”.

It’s like going to buy a sandwich and then getting the option to go get the dressings later for free. it’s nothing but a marketing ploy to make the DL only version seem better… There is still paid DLC that you can buy… the “Free” DL does not cover ANY of that.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    May 5th, 4:16 pm

    The 360 disc contains the five bonus dungeons, one for each generation. They are included in the free PS3 DLC, but do not compromise the entirety of it. There is addition free DLC for the PS3 version, such as packs of items, money, or ability points. The Xbox 360 version does not receive these DLC packs for free.

EvilEddy16 said:

May 3rd, 11:32 pm

is the DLC going to be permanintly free or is it going to be charged in the future? And will there be more? I’m also confused about the 360 ver. According to another website, the 360 game will have additional cut scene and the already added extra content.

PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU CAN! I need to know if I want to get it for the PS3.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    May 5th, 4:13 pm

    The free DLC for the PlayStation 3 version will always be free. Part of the free DLC is five new dungeons, one for each generation. These dungeons come on the disc for the Xbox 360 version. You get them for free with either version. The 360 version does not get any free DLC. Apart from the dungeons being included in the 360 release and being DLC for the PS3 version, there are no differences in content between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

PPFabian said:

May 4th, 6:44 am

Here I thought it was gonna be a 9,99 game :s pass

NightCloudXIV said:

May 5th, 2:40 pm

I bought this game and its well worth about 55 USD (with tax)

Its awesome i got 10k gil in there just by getting a few titles.
That add on that gives you 1,000 gil is really helpful. It also gives you 50 PP (Party Points) – some of these add ons cost money in the japanese store – US Store has free addons!

LordMadar said:

May 5th, 3:00 pm

Ben: Here’s one more voice saying, screw download-only.

I definitely WOULD buy a PS3 hard copy.

I definitely will not devote from 9-18 GB of my hard drive to this game.

I definitely will not wait for a download of that size.

I definitely will not buy an XBOX 360 to play this game.

So, unless something gives, I definitely will not be giving Aksys my money for this one. The completely uneven treatment of 360 and PS3 platforms is baffling and, frankly, a little offputting.

OMG-UMMX said:

May 7th, 5:07 am

I will try out for trophy on the ps3 .

i’m sure the games epilogue story will be fun to try.

Hitsumide said:

May 11th, 8:09 am

Are there any more DLCs in the future?
I really enjoy the game and hope there will be more useful DLC.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    May 11th, 8:51 am

    There will be more DLC. New DLC packs will be released every week for the next couple weeks.

FR0ZZ3N_PH4NT0M said:

May 13th, 2:05 am

Could you possibly give an explanation to why there is no disc version in the NA?

Would love to play this game but 15.00 difference in price is not enough to convince me to buy this game.

SaintDante said:

May 16th, 7:34 pm

Already bought the ghostlight version because of the disc but I might pick up this other version once the price drops.

Hitsumide said:

May 17th, 9:38 am

Almost finish the game and i must say…it awesome in many ways!
I pity for those who complained about digital copy instead of physical copy of Record of Aragest War. Worth the money.
Thank you to bring this game to US, specifically PS3 in any kind of form.

    Ben Bateman's Avatar

    Ben Bateman said:

    May 20th, 6:33 pm

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. :)

Lezard23 said:

May 19th, 10:06 am

How do we switch the subtitles for the ps3. Will you guys add a voice pack the the ps3 dlc. Will there be more chareters with the dlc.???????????////

Lezard23 said:

May 19th, 10:13 am

can any one tell me how to switch the subtitles please. XD

x9248 said:

May 19th, 1:50 pm

Switch the subtitles to what? It’s already in English and that’s it.

As for voice pack and more characters, it’s unlikely. Aksys just localized the game they didn’t actually make the game (well they could dub it I guess but no thanks :P). There were no new characters in the Japanese DLC so there are none for the NA release.

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