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Apr 28

Apr 28

This Week in PlayStation Home: ModNation Racers Challenge, Assassin’s Creed II Personal Space, Fullmetal Alchemist, and More

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

Buckle your seat belts, Home-people! ModNation Racers — the upcoming kart racing extravaganza that allows you near-endless options in terms of designing and customizing your own characters, vehicles, and tracks — is barreling into PlayStation Home’s Media and Events space this week. Packed with interactive content, including the ModSpot Challenge game (and some truly awesome rewards), this special event space will only be live for a limited time. Be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, April 29th, and check out this exclusive event before it disappears from the Navigator forever.

ModNation Racers in PlayStation Home: ModSpot Challenge ModNation Racers in PlayStation Home: ModSpot Challenge

By popular demand, Ubisoft will be releasing another installment in the long line of Assassin’s Creed content in PlayStation Home this week. Finally you’ll be able to add an Assassin’s Creed II personal space (along with an assortment of ornate furniture items) to your collection. This gorgeous personal space transports its inhabitants to the water-lined “streets” of 15th Century Venice, and will be available in the Estates store come this Thursday, April 29th.

Assassin's Creed II Personal Space (Apartment) in PlayStation Home

Assassin's Creed II Personal Space (Apartment) in PlayStation Home (Apartment)

Attn: Anime fans. We will be airing a full-length episode of Fullmetal Alchemist this week. Head to the PlayStation Home Theater this weekend and watch as Edward and Alphonse search for a rumored stone that could amplify their alchemy and restore their broken bodies.

Fullmetal Alchemist airing this week in the PlayStation Home Theater

In other news, when you visit the Central Plaza kiosk this Thursday to pick up some of the latest and greatest goods for sale in PlayStation Home, you’ll notice three new icons that denote the category of content available for purchase. First is the “New” tile, which contains new virtual items published in any given week. Second is the “Featured” tile, which includes a diverse array of some of our most popular items. Lastly, we’ve created a “Community” tile, which includes some of the items we’ve created for you based upon direct feedback from our users over at the official PlayStation Home forums. This “Community” tile will be populated over the course of the coming months with new and legacy content — we appreciate your patience as we wade through the thousands of items created over the course of the last 15 months at the best of our most loyal and vocal community members (there are a LOT of items to choose from, that’s for sure!)

PlayStation Home: new content tag PlayStation Home: new content tag PlayStation Home: new content tag

See you in Home!

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BPatches701 said:

April 28th, 2:30 pm

What the hell are you doing Sony!? Modnation Racers isn’t even on the best sellers list for PS3 on gamestop.com! You need to get the word out on it get a PS3 demo because the PSP version is garbage comparatively. Make a better commercial that shows what you can do. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS GAME IS WAAY BETTER THAN LBP PUT HALF THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO AVERTISING LBP INTO MNR!

SpyDudeFX said:

April 28th, 2:30 pm

Yeah LS, figured we would. BTW hope you bring those new tiles to theater kiosk too! Thx.

the_jimster said:

April 28th, 3:03 pm

@Locust_Star do you know about a ps3 demo for modnation racers on the ps store this Thursday 4/29/10 or later on thanks if you know the exact date?

ThrustyNinja said:

April 28th, 4:00 pm

Any chance we’ll see the Iron Man 2 suit / mini game in the US version of Home? I noticed that in the UK version of Home there is going to be some sort of mini game in the Audi home space with a chance to win the suit. I do realize that we don’t have this space here but it would at least be sweet if we could get the suit somehow.

Alstair said:

April 28th, 4:16 pm

since it is the playoffs i think HOME should sell NHL jersies ive really wanted to see my avatar wear a phoenix coyote jersey

poweredbyzen said:

April 28th, 4:17 pm


Alstair said:

April 28th, 4:19 pm

oh also the EA center has every sport BUT hockey. It would be awesome if they added NHL to the EA Sports Center

silverthehedgeh said:

April 28th, 4:43 pm

is there going to be the bio shock 2 apartment and is the plaza fixed yet as every time i go there i ether freeze or get an error

M_C_A_S_ said:

April 28th, 5:04 pm

Pretty nice update… BUT as every week i must ask about HEAVY RAIN… are we going to get (someday) heavy rain content here in NA as they said in their facebook page?

S-E-G said:

April 28th, 5:28 pm

Hey CapinChronic how you doing? lol

PHANTASMN707 said:

April 28th, 6:05 pm

2 quick questions for you Locust.

1) Can you guys make a category for free items in the future? Hunting for freebies is fun and all, but sometimes when you only have a few minutes to go on Home, it would be nice to have the freebies all laid out ;)

2) Our buddies over in Europe will be getting a space for Iron Man 2, and a chance to win 1 of 10 Mark III/IV suits. Any chance of the space, or the suit, coming over here for us?


April 28th, 6:09 pm

locust can we win those big white guys in the pic or are they gonna be for sale?

michaelochs said:

April 28th, 6:22 pm

hey um are you guys gonna put more mag VALOR items in home please and personal spaces for each private military

dotCody said:

April 28th, 7:21 pm

It’d be real nice if those Lithium employees didn’t give me a perm ban from the forums.

PantherX said:

April 28th, 7:28 pm

Those Mods will look kool next to my GIANT HDTV i snagged at Abstergo Labs. i only wish it played that AC2 movie that would be perfect. oh well it was free.

TapDatApp said:

April 28th, 7:45 pm

I love how you guys are really supporting ModNation Racers! I got into the BETA back in December and I can confirm that it is an amazing game worth checking out upon Release. Thanks for all the exclusives & goodies!

Grouken said:

April 28th, 8:06 pm

This (AC Apt.) should be free like the Batman:AA for the game owners.

K9_Rage_Mastr said:

April 28th, 8:14 pm

ModNation Racers looks really cool! I can’t wait until it finally comes out I think next month. I’m definitely gonna be on Home to check out the free things in there and add them to my Home spaces.

CherylRose said:

April 28th, 8:41 pm

Okay neat on the event front, but seriously we need a features update. Even in-game music would be something at this point. Just the ability to listen to something else while in home.

But seriously, open voice chat (with friends only and off options for nay sayers), stereos and tv’s need to be implemented soon.

SolduNuts said:

April 28th, 10:47 pm

@ Locust_Star

Please tell the guys who write code for Home, that the games saved on your harddrive need to be organized better (exactly the same way they are on the XMB would be best) within the list that populates for games launching. As of right now when picking a game to game launch within Home a player has to search through a complete random list of games saved on the harddrive.
Having the game launching list organize the games the same way they are organized on the XMB would be more effecient and look alot cleaner than a long random list. Thanks.

Tried submitting this idea through blog share twice, but was unsucsessful both times.

Lita777 said:

April 28th, 11:09 pm

hi there.

You know we can’t look in the playstation forums on our PS3 right. then why say go to the playstation forums for more information. like for example: what if in future events playstation home to require access to playstation forums in game home but we can’t view the topic information because, it gets cut off that we can’t see what you posted, reply and stuff. i’ve already posted a topic about problems viewing from PS3 but, i haven’t got a response from the moderator in the playstation forums. if a event crosses with playstation home and playstation forums that you have to perception together. please tell the moderator in forums to fix the forums that if a event does take place in the future.

Keyeszx said:

April 29th, 5:47 am

Why does home keep getting so much junk. We are the cash cow of the Homes. Japan gets quality stuff. EU gets quality stuff. But US gets so much that it’s unorganized and most of it is just junk that isn’t related to anything. We need to get home back on track.

Northstar77 said:

April 29th, 6:08 am

We need games or some type of game sharing for personal spaces. Something like the arcade machines that doesn’t kick you from home and something multi-player. chess table, some board games, Pool tables, old school games PS one classics ANYTHING to do in an apartment would be cool. I was liking the games in certain apartments but it seems instead of expanding that we’ve went back to nothing. I would buy alot of in home apartment games to be able to play with friends……don’t make it so both have to own the game to play. Some in Home Monopoly parties would let me get some use from my apartments.

Northstar77 said:

April 29th, 6:16 am

@72 It seems every Region is complaining about what X region get and our region gets the shaft. I think the solution is to release the items across all regions at the same time or let us go to other regions to buy items. I know clubhouses are region free so the Items are coded in all regions or we wouldn’t be able to see them either that or home is all on the same server with partitions. Either way the work is done for all items released to be in all regions we just can’t get them sometimes.

rochha said:

April 29th, 6:20 am


CDubyahS said:

April 29th, 6:52 am


Keyeszx said:

April 29th, 7:12 am

@74 I didn’t say I wanted other regions stuff. I’m saying they’re giving us too much useless junk. We’re the cash cow. We just get stuff because they know we’ll buy it. I’m saying other regions have less stuff but what they do have is quality stuff. I’m saying we need to get back to where Home isn’t about getting everything and back to meeting friends and playing games instead of just I have XXXX Items and this person says I have YYYYY item. We need people saying hey lets go over to your place, I hear you got good music/videos and after lets play a game. Think watch Avatar then play Avatar(bad example since the game I hear is bad)

PirateRyoko said:

April 29th, 8:39 am

I’m very dissapointed at the absolutely abysmal “updates” home has gotten. I’ve been on in excess of 9 months and not 1 single bug has been fixed. on the contrary they’ve gotten much larger, more frequent and more numerous and quite often lead 2 my ps3 having fatal crashes. I’ve deleted home and re-installed many times to no avail. People at sony need to wake up to the fact that beta testing is there to find and elimnate bugs not fob overpriced unwanted virtual junk on the public.

BTW the sole reasony the home deves are concentrating on personal spaces so much lately is they cost us the users more per purchase. ITs not to do us any favours the new spaces are abysmal and useless. Not the least fun at all. Its the same for the licensed properties from lucas arts and FF13 many of the outfits and “acessories” are $4.99 each. 3 of these plus tax leave not enough on a $20 psn card for anything else. If you get a personal space with the matching furniture set better have a $50 card ready or your SOL.

x-cult said:

April 29th, 10:01 am

Awesome! more unneeded, mediocre, unwanted updates. I love being made to feel as though I’m nothing more then another member of the cattle, mooing along, chomping up every bit of grass on the way.

Perhaps it’s time you use a bit of that funding by our constant micro-sales to improve or perhaps fix many of home’s errors. Such as the bride hair which has been malfunctioning since I bought it in October. Or the Quiz in the golf area that’s been broken since October. How about that central plaza freezing, remember those days? Of course because it’s still happening today. I’ve been on Home for six months and all I have seen is mistreatment of users, a stubborn refusal to acknowledge any errors, a complete disregard for it’s female users who suffer endlessly at the hands of perverts, all the while spoonfeeding us an endless stream of virtual crap. And not even good crap.

jbsmooth7 said:

April 29th, 11:50 am

Has anybody done the Mod Challenge yet? Do you get anything for completing it or is it just simply see who can identify 5 mods the fastest? I was hoping we would get a demo code or be able to actually race a track…

Northstar77 said:

April 29th, 1:14 pm

Who do I contact if I’m not getting the Home bonus codes for the Spring sale on the PS store. i got one code for racing week and that was the only week sale I didn’t buy anything so thats kind of annoying. I just need to know who to get in touch with.

K9_Rage_Mastr said:

April 29th, 6:04 pm

Try Locust_Star

dc4daniel said:

April 29th, 11:54 pm

PS Home still a joke to the gaming world?… Yep

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