PlayStation Move: The Mind-Body Experience

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up that I’ll be giving a keynote presentation at the sixth annual Games for Health Conference in Boston next month.

Games for Health Conference, Boston, US

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Games for Health Conference, it is an event that’s held in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio, which focuses on funding ideas that may lead to significant breakthroughs in the future of health and health care. The conference creates opportunities to develop innovative solutions that empower individuals to better manage their personal health. I’m honored and excited to take part in the event so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of the things I plan to talk about.

The title of my talk is “The Mind-Body Experience of PlayStation Move – Relationships between Gaming, Play, Exercise, and More.” I plan to discuss the development of PlayStation Move, with a focus on what I call “somatic gratification” (I didn’t coin the term, but I think I’m the first to apply it to video games). In short, I’ll be talking about how the physicality of an interface can connect the body and the mind to really enhance an experience. Sometimes, the interface is only a means to an end, but often, the interface becomes an integral part of the experience. I’ll be analyzing the similarities and differences this has for gaming, for play, and for exercise, and why different interface choices may be appropriate for each domain.

PlayStation Move

I’ll also be talking about the design of PlayStation Move, highlighting why many of the design choices are the way they are. Many of the seemingly arbitrary stylistic choices are not cosmetic; they are actually functionally and ergonomically important. Finally, I’ll share my thoughts about the subtle yet profound differences between a true position-sensing device vs. a motion-sensing device, and describe some of the applications that are enabled as a result of having position information.

If you happen to be attending the event, be sure to say hello. To learn more about the Games for Health Conference, be sure to check out the Games for Health site.

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  • I’m an advocate of exergaming. I was impressed with the Wii reputation of being used to help as excercise. Now I think the PS Move should be use to help doing exercise. Go for it Sony, video game can be use to do fitness.

    To all the people who comment and complain about PS Move and exergaming on the comment: What’s wrong with you? Video game has been negatively blame and scapegoated by the media. We want positive view of video game and having video game and excercise and good fitness by the media is a benefit. Are you guys that complain about excercise using video game are bunch of fat lazy nerd who got bullied by jocks hate excercise. Video game are helping people with excerise, this is good, don’t you see? What’s wrong with you?

  • TO Madmeat001: Are you a fat lazy nerd that hate excercise or something? Exergaming has play a lot of role in helping people and it act as a alternative to real excercise.

  • Exercise games, i say ohh yes bring it on :) i’m glad you guys are doing this. Alway good for people who watch their health and fit level, “like me”. thanks and bring on those games! ;)

  • natal is going to be crap, they already have tracking problems in low light and they suggest a 6 foot clear area to play in. Move, because of the glowing ball, can be tracked in the dark and I don’t need 6 feet of clearance to flail around like an idiot. :)

  • Richard i deeply admire you, you are a great guy not just smart but elways a gentleman.

  • That’s sounds like it’ll be pretty interesting. Just try not to let it degenerate into a diatribe about “why Nintendo sucks and we rock”: try to keep a limit to the contrastive rhetoric. If you’re too combative, the audience. Most of all, have fun with it and the audience will have fun with it too.

  • Honestly the people who posted “I want my PS back etc” You sound just like the Tea party protesters screaming that the President is a evil man, and that they “Want their America back………”

    Grow up and get lives…….. The PS3 is not a real person I honestly think that when you post crap like that you make your self look like a 4 year old.


  • I think there is plenty of room in the Video Game industry for all types of games. This is just another added genre. If you don’t want to use the Move, then don’t buy it. I am interested in anything that make getting in shape more fun! I have been keeping an eye on the Move titles and there are games for everyone…I am particularly interested in the sword and shield game. I can’t wait until E3 when I am sure I will get my first look at the Move and hopefully all my questions answered.

  • By the way there is a breakdown of the move and the navigation controller in Game Informer…

  • Nice. people need to realize that gaming doesnt only have an entertainment application but also health , education and rehablitation among other uses.

    this isnt about making a wii fit game but about how games can be used for more than just entertainment. it doesnt mean sony will only be making excersize games , it might not even mean that saony will be making a single excersize game. its about showing that even games like FPS when combined with movement may lead to a better life.

    im all for using move and any new tech that may be born from games to help humanity.


  • @64: But what if the gym closed or burn down and the nearest gym is like 50 miles or 100 miles from where you live, and the only exercise tool you got is Move. Look video game can be used as exercise tool. Did everybody forget about the Eyetoy and some if it’s game like:

    -Eye kinetic
    -Eye Play

    Don’t any of you use to have those game. What about DDR, it was on the news on how it help promote exercise. Geez, you all act like you don’t want video game to be use as exercise.

  • Sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing a video on the presentation.


    ^^ Meatheads need to grow up.

    Bring on the health/fitness games. Widen up the game library for PS3. This will attract new PS3 buyers.

  • Glad and hope to be watching it. Yes this will be a whole new exercise routine for PS3.

  • this is already “attracting” my Wife
    she want it!
    Count me “IN” when MOVE is available!

  • I’m willing to be surprised, but so far I’m not impressed with most motion control games. It’s novel at first, but it get’s old fast. It’s so 2007, if you will.

  • wtf is this for anyways?

  • nintendonitis87

    More power to you Dr. Marks and Anton. You guys are phenomenal.

  • can,t wait to see ah shooter but please make sure it,s compatable with ALL PS3’s don’t want to be left out i have ah CECHLO1 plz don,t kill it!!!!!!

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