PlayStation Store Update: Tuesdays Just Got a Little Better

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As some of you may have heard, the weekly PlayStation Store Update is packing up its belongings and moving…from Thursday to Tuesday. So, beginning next Tuesday, May 4, I’ll be back to share the latest PlayStation Store content updates with everyone.

Next week’s updates will be highlighted by the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package expansion, and Fat Princess: A Fistful of Cake for PSP. Of course, don’t miss this week’s PlayStation Store Update’s later today.



We hope publishing the new content a couple of days earlier makes your week a little more enjoyable. See you next Tuesday!

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  • So we’ll get the updates 1 day earlierthan the competition or a week later now? (Rocket knight)

  • Glad you listened to my Idea:

    Any word on earlier more consistant update times?

  • megalodonshark

    bout time finally.

  • I sold MW2 3 weeks after I bought it, now I’m waiting for Uncharted 2 bundle.

  • TheWrenchNinja

    “See you next Tuesday”

    I see what you did there, Grace.

  • “It just takes some time,
    little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
    Everything, everything will be just fine,
    Everything, everything will be alright.”

  • Does that mean you’ll finally be posting updates at the SAME time every week now instead of whenever?

    You know, like 5pm or something.

  • Thanks Sony!! btw Grace you looked really pretty in the video about mlb coming to PSN.

  • Does this mean that Podcast Beyond will be moved to Tuesdays as well? Beeeeyoooond!

  • So does mean the demo for upcoming games are hitting on the day of the release after 6pm? Or the Tuesday before the Tuesday release date. ie. game releases on 17th, demo on the 10th?

  • This is great news! When do we see Joe Danger on PSN?

  • Finally!!

  • Should we expect Halo? ;)

  • arnoldmcguire335

    Thanks for the change! I hope you guys will update earlier on Tuesdays, meaning like 10 am would be fine?

  • Actually i think thursdays are better than Tuesdays because .. what if you have other sites talk about that PSN is adding a downloadable game for that day.. they still should hold the stuff for this updates for it. that way when they are done with it they then can start changing it for Tuesday.. this is also means that I am gonna have to wait to buy Record of agarest war from the PSN store to download it.. there is no other game I want to get that is out there, dante inferno is [DELETED],.. plus I like games that are based the same way of Final Fantasy Tastics.. ( BEST GAME EVER)

  • Personally, I prefer Thursday updates since it’s almost the weekend, which is when I have the most game playing time, so now on Tuesday, I will have to wait all week to play my new stuff. On the bright side, Tuesdays just got a little better :-P

  • Tuesday or Thursday, makes no difference to me. :)

    Would be GREAT if the updates could be a little earlier and at a more consistent timeframe each week however. Maybe the move to Tuesdays will help in that regard.

  • @ Nokedimyo

    Nice thought of that thats the same for me.. thats also when I also have my game time considering that I work through the week.

  • While I am glad the day is changing I still want the times to change. Im sick of waiting till 7,8 for the update. Or at least just update the store updates whenever a single object is ready.

  • I would like them to do a compressed file for Legend of Dragoon.. I loved that game so much as well

  • Games release on Tuesday so this makes the most sense. Why dont they fix mw2 rather then trying to get us to buy more for an already broken title? 30% extra trade in at gamestop is where mw2 is going so I can buy fist full of cake and agarest :)

  • Do we know if the timeline for the update availability will be standardized? Meaning Updates available at a certain time ie 3pm 4pm 6pm? This would be nice, or at least what would be your Target time.


    hehehehe Agarest I heard was a good game though it is a big file for a download I still consider getting it

  • Thursdays have lost all meaning to me now.
    Tuesdays, however, will be much better.

  • lol both days lost meaning for me now both tuesday and thursday

  • dragonmagician

    What are the chances that this means content will miss the Tuesday deadline and be later (delayed to the following week) rather than earlier (by 2 days)? This is my main worry.

  • Who cares what day you get paid. Is there some reason you can’t just hold your money for a few days?

  • I completely agree with StrykerIsland (27). Not only will it make it an incentive to check every day. It will also distribute the bandwidth throughout the week.

  • Cool… now if we could only get a specific time of day nailed down…

  • Awesome next week mw2 dlc, but btw what´s the official price? 15$ like 360 or no? o well i m getting it if it cost 15$

  • updating on tuesday the same day as the competition as well as the day disc releases come along is a positive change. Just don’t remove the PS Store in a future firmware update and I’ll continue to be happy.

  • @27
    Have you tried putting your idea on the PlayStation Blog Share?

    I’m kind of iffy on the premise of posting content when it is available. It would be nice to have it the day it was ready, but at the same time I like having all the updates listed on a specific release day so I’m not getting hit with any surprise releases.

    Anyway let the voters on the Blog Share shake this idea down and see what the community thinks of it as a whole.

  • Srry for posting again but i have a question, the update time its different or its the same? cuz i really hate waiting all the night, to later start downloading, make the updates quickly please

  • I am going ahead and remove the PS store thing from mine

  • Will the updates be in the morning as well? Can’t stand waiting all day for the new content…

  • Um why what was wrong with Thursdays? I wasn’t aware.

  • Sweet! Stimulus Package is nearly here, been waiting for it. The move to Tuesdays is also a good thing to see. Tuesdays at work can be really hectic and I’m glad that at least something good will come out of the most hellish day of the week.

    Thanks for the move :)

  • @78

    PS Share does not post every idea. Also to address your concern of “surprise releases”… the PS Store under the new release tab puts the latest releases at the top and are also dated. Also PS Blog, Pulse and PS Home Theater is really good at letting us know of upcoming and new releases.

  • sweet. tuesdays was already the day of the week for some other online content, and now the psn? that’ll just make tuesdays alittle better.

    and fat princess is on the first of new days…thats just an instant buy.

  • Nice, so its –
    Monday Japan store updates[sometimes it does]
    Tuesday US store
    Wednesday[starting from next week] Euro store update :)

    Thursday will feel empty now then! :D

  • With the updates coming out Tuesday will you actually be able to update the store before 8PM EST? If not who cares about this.

  • Great news

  • How about a few more Demos? Like titles listed here that still have no PSN demos:

    Resistance 2
    Wakeboarding HD
    After Burner Climax
    Super Street fighter 4
    Heavy Rain
    Demon’s Souls

    (Could be wrong but Why dose Xbox have these with Demos, and not us? EH SONY!?)

    Section 8
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Get these on PSN and many PS3 gamers will be happy, and so will new PS3 owners. I mean some of these are flagship titles on the PS3 system and you have no Demos for them? For shame!

  • Thank you for doing one today and then switching to next Tuesday rather than having a 12 day break between updates. That would have pissed a lot of people off.

  • Will the PSN store updates be fixed now like around noon pacific. would be nice to know around what time it updates

  • “We hope publishing the new content a couple of days earlier makes your week a little more enjoyable.”

    I hope so too! :D

  • Wait, I thought Fat Princess was coming on the store today ! Is it really on next week ?

  • PK-Deviluke25

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tp Gunwing the demos are usually not up to sony but the publishers and just to let you know heavy rain had a demo and mag had an open beta for a while…

    but about the change it really makes no difference since it’s weekly so no matter what you are still waiting a week for the updates, but it’s nice nonetheless

  • awesome news!!!

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