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May 03

May 03

New PlayStation Protection Plan provides added peace of mind

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone! Many of you can attest to the fact that the PlayStation brand has long been synonymous with the highest quality in engineering and design. For those of you looking for a little extra peace of mind, we’re now offering an extended service plan for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) systems that is backed by SCEA and leverages our technical expertise. Under the new program, PS3 and PSP owners in the United States can purchase an extended service plan of one or two years that begins after the original one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty expires.

PlayStation Protection Plan

With the PlayStation Protection Plan, you can extend the same coverage from the original manufacturer’s one-year warranty for one or two additional years. The pricing includes all shipping charges and repairs, which are performed by PlayStation-trained service technicians at SCEA-authorized repair facilities. The PlayStation Protection Plan is available beginning in May 2010. PSP owners can also choose the Accidental Damage Plan, which provides coverage for cracked-screen damage in the event of an unexpected drop. See pricing below:

  • PS3 – 1-year extension ($44.99) or 2-year extension ($59.99)
  • PSP – 1-year extension ($29.99) or 2-year extension ($39.99)
  • PSP Accidental Damage – 1-year ($39.99) or 2-year ($49.99)

So, why are we offering this now, you ask? Well, we’ve heard your requests for an extended service plan that’s backed directly by SCEA. From the get go, we’ve been extremely committed to offering the best entertainment experiences possible. While both the PS3 and PSP systems are designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles, we’re excited to be offering this service to those of you looking for a little something extra.

PlayStation Protection Plan Sticker

PS3 and PSP owners take note – the PlayStation Protection Plan is available to PS3 or PSP owners (both the PSP-3000 and PSPgo systems) who are still within their one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The PSP Accidental Damage Plan must be purchased within the first 30 days of owning a PSP system, and the plan is effective beginning on the purchase date. You can purchase the PlayStation Protection Plan by calling 1-866-716-7669. Additional details and are available at Web site will be accessible later today.

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Lucky13X said:

May 6th, 5:52 am

Soooo this protection plan is NOT avaialble to launch owners who recently lost the use of the Other OS option? Greeaaat.

Why is this a good thing again? How does it help people like us?

Another reminder that early adopters did not really benefit all that much. *Groan*

VladImpalador said:

May 8th, 1:44 pm

Is this available for those of us that have an already broken PS3 thanks to the 3.0 update?

shortfuse14 said:

May 8th, 3:51 pm

you guys are being very selective to who you reply to . The people who ask you the real question concerning issue with Sony you guys just completely ignore and the people who just praise you through blind loyalty you give them your un divided attention your know different to the people who run the EU blog. This warranty scheme that you guys developed is good but has happened really really late this should have been announced on the PS3 launch day.

Rikith said:

May 9th, 9:25 am

What a joke, I wont be replacing my launch 60 GB model. Imagine this company lost many loyal launch customers because of your so called “long life cycle”, 3 years. Was actually planning on buying a new slim untill i noticed this. This plan is pretty much telling me the problems still exist, and nothing is being done to fix them. Guess i will just go back to PC, where i can open it up and fix/replace/upgrade things without paying a corrupt company for repairs.

NV_Misfit said:

May 9th, 4:09 pm

Actually, extended service plans have been available through the Sony Style website for quite some time now. I think it’s just only now SCEA is providing coverage directly when originally it was a third party company. I remember seeing plans covering up to 4 years for about $99. Here is a link to the original site:

Zee_009 said:

May 9th, 5:29 pm

please bring this to canada. i’ve only had my ps3 for 5 months and i’m afraid i might break it.

xiiego said:

May 17th, 3:56 pm

sounds like that one disney channel movie… *cough* i just know about it, havent seen it! *cough*

derrickgott007 said:

May 19th, 5:26 am

Can we get an official update from SCEA concerning the shortage of 120gb PS3’s please? I understand there is a model change, but I have been without a PS3 now for 1 1/2 months due to NOT finding one in a 100 mile radius. Are more being shipped to stores? EVERYWHERE online is out of stock. HELP!!!!!

robyoung123 said:

May 19th, 9:29 pm

Do u think Sony cares 007? bc they only care till u buy smthn then after that its “**** you customer”

DyLzA_ said:

May 29th, 5:33 pm

will it be in australia?

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