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May 13

May 13

Coming to PSN minis: Supermarket Mania

Julia Palatovska's Avatar Posted by

Business Development Director G5 Entertainment

Greetings everyone! At G5 Entertainment we are really excited to announce the upcoming release of our best-selling casual game Supermarket Mania on PSP minis! On May 18 you’ll be able to try Supermarket Mania yourself and understand why our team is so much in love with the game and its cute characters. In Supermarket Mania you are challenged to help our beautiful character Nikki who is busy stocking shelves and serving customers in several supermarkets around the town. Nikki has to develop her time management skills and learn to be tough when dealing with nasty thieves, naughty teenagers and evil competitor TORG Corp., a supermarket chain run by robots. Nikki needs your help in adding that important human touch to store management, and attract most loyal customers including snobby celebrities!

Well, check out the video and preview images and save the date – the game will be available on May 18 just for $4.99! We are looking forward to hearing what you think!

Interested in the insights of the game creation process? It was a long way. The first version of Supermarket Mania took us around a year to produce. We aimed to work out very simple but addictive and fun game play for fans of casual gaming, and wanted the game to be set in the supermarket. We made a number of iterations, trying different way of organizing game play process. In the first prototype, Nikki had to bring products to customers who were queuing at the counter, but we figured out it was rather boring and it took Nikki too long to serve everyone. Also customers were not mobile and lacked character because of this. In the second major prototype iteration Nikki used a number of shop assistants responsible for bringing different goods, and they gave out the products that customers asked for at the counters. The customers were given some animations and started going back and forth between counters. However, this concept didn’t work well either, as the player was easily getting lost trying to control several assistants at the same time. Eventually, we concluded that the most efficient way to run the shop in our game was like in real life – we gave customers access to all shelves in the shop, and they were free to wander around and buy whatever they wanted, while Nikki had to bring goods from the storage room and make sure that all shelves were stocked. This simple concept turned out to be a lot of fun, which you will see yourself soon!

Supermarket Mania minis

If you like casual and time management games, you are welcome to check out our other PSP mini games: classic board game Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 and Stand O ‘Food – another great time management game. Both of these games will be on sale during June 1-8 – you can get each for only $1.99!

More information about G5 is always on Hottest news and best deals are available for our friends on Facebook: – you are invited to join!

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spunnups said:

May 13th, 2:32 pm

Video not available. On a side note, what mini’s out there would you guys recommend?

DiscoJer said:

May 13th, 2:58 pm

Thanks for bringing this to the PSP/PS3. I think one area that consoles/handhelds really lack are casual titles like this. I mean, you look at Big Fish Games, they’ve got thousands. But on the PSP, well, you have a few Mumbojumbo games and what you’ve (and a couple others) have brought over as Minis.

Hope we see Virtual City soon, love that on PC

    Julia Palatovska's Avatar

    Julia Palatovska said:

    May 14th, 1:31 am

    I’m very glad to hear from someone who knows and appreciates casual games! We are bringing more casual games on PSP minis soon. As for Virtual city, definitely follow the news! ;)

Psikorps said:

May 13th, 2:59 pm

Looks interesting.
I enjoyed both Stand O Food and Mahjongg Artifacts Chapter 2.

I will pick this one up aswell.

And, if I may, throw out a request aswell…

Please bring Paranormal Agency to the PS3/PSP as a mini.

Great games G5E crew, keep up the good work.

    Julia Palatovska's Avatar

    Julia Palatovska said:

    May 14th, 1:37 am

    Thank you for your request – this kind of feedback is important for us! More good news for you soon.

leonhart9876 said:

May 13th, 3:12 pm

looks stupid in my opinion but it might be a good game

    Julia Palatovska's Avatar

    Julia Palatovska said:

    May 14th, 1:40 am

    Try it out – the game is really addictive!

PirateHarlock said:

May 13th, 3:32 pm

Does this give us back what sony illegally disable with their idiot firmware downgrades last month? NO? then no sale 4 you sony.

LegendaryPhoenix said:

May 13th, 3:33 pm

And you called me an Troll. It’s amazing you haven’t been banned yet from the entire network for your crap.

DiscoJer said:

May 13th, 4:02 pm

Well, 3 posts before the comments started going awry. Not bad for this blog.

Xirvet said:

May 13th, 5:44 pm

Nice, looks fun but I don’t think I’ll take it. I’m satisfied with just Stand’O Food.

MadMeat001 said:

May 13th, 6:38 pm

frick me out but hey, every one has it place!

sepijooon said:

May 13th, 6:39 pm

we need demo for this game

ThanatosDMC said:

May 13th, 7:02 pm

Hmmm… looks very interesting. I’ll play it on my PS3 since i cant find where i put my PSP Go.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

May 14th, 4:08 am

you can play any game and clone like this on a flash site… poor people paying for it.

CMax420 said:

May 14th, 6:05 am

@ 12
Its ONLY $5.00 whats the problem with that? You can’t play a “flash” game while your out.

You know PSPGO “Play on the go”

My question is will it be playable on the PS3 aswell?

    Julia Palatovska's Avatar

    Julia Palatovska said:

    May 14th, 10:27 am

    Yes, the game will be playable on PS3!

PullusPardusUS said:

May 14th, 7:18 am

$1 for a game to play on the go is a steal.
flash games you can’t play anywhere.

CMax420 said:

May 15th, 3:52 pm

Sold, Thanks Julia!

poisonedsodapop said:

May 16th, 8:04 am

If it was $1 I’d be more interested. I like these kind of games but I’m iffy on the amount of fun I’ll get out of it.

And just to throw this out there, how can you NOT play flash games on the go? Laptop anyone? Netbook? Sure you need a network but those aren’t hard to come by.

ohhITSchaRRR said:

May 16th, 9:51 pm

i cant w8 ! i wanna try da game unlike sum ppl… altho a demo wud be nice

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