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May 13

May 13

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – Back to his (PS2) roots

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Producer, Ubisoft

Hi everyone, my name is Graeme Jennings and I’m the producer for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on PlayStation 3. With the game coming out so soon and everyone at Ubisoft excited to see what you guys thought of it, we wanted to get your opinions on the PlayStation.Blog and have the chance to answer some questions you guys might have for us.

To start off, let me explain a little about Forgotten Sands. The first thing I wanted to mention is to let you all know that this is not a game based on the Sands of Time film, in fact, we are bringing the prince back to the roots from the PlayStation 2 era by having this game take place in the seven year gap between Sands of Time and Warrior Within. We think you’ll notice a lot of reminiscent elements of the original trilogy in Forgotten Sands.

Some other things we’re extremely excited to talk about are the elemental powers and epic battles that take place n the game. Thanks to new innovations in technology we are able to pull off huge battles, from a boss that’s over 30 feet tall to fights with up to 50 enemies on the screen at once; the Prince definitely has his work cut out for him in this one. We are also providing the Prince with new powers over the elements, abilities like being able to solidify water to climb on it, creating a trail of fire behind you, and blasting enemies away with a tornado to name a few.

Finally as an added bonus for PlayStation users, if players connect their PSP and PS3 together, they will unlock extra experience points to put towards upgrading the Prince’s arsenal.

So if you have any questions for us on Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands feel free to ask them and we’ll do our best to answer. One of the best opportunities to see how we did with a game is to hear it directly from you. Thanks, hope you all enjoy the game!

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thunder_12 said:

May 18th, 4:59 am

Sorry i forgot to mention that i would love it if you could make sands of time trilogy for the ps3. Thanks in advance if you do.

RazielStarkiller said:

May 19th, 9:46 pm

Just two short questions….

1. I do realize it takes a lot of work to port an old PS2 title over to HD for PS3/X360 as you basically have to redo nearly everything and up the graphics considerably but I for one would buy that disc in a heartbeat.

2. You guys (Ubisoft) did a terrific job with Forgotten Sands….it is everything I wanted out of a new POP game and you even managed to come up with new platforming mechanics! Considering this is the 9th/10th game in the total POP series this is super impressive. Thank you for coming through with a sick game!!

Jase1505 said:

May 27th, 5:07 am

I’ve already played through and completed the game and I know you said the Dahaka has no role in The Forgotten Sands but why isn’t he chasing the Prince already? Like Warrior Within said, the Prince cheated his death at the end of Sands of Time so shouldn’t the Dahaka already be hunting him down?

Or did you take into concept that power over time doesn’t equal omnipresence and the Dahaka is just elsewhere looking for him?

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