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May 14

May 14

ModNation Racers: PS3 Demo Hits PSN May 18th!

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Happy Friday! I’m happy to kick off the weekend with two bits of news from ModNation.


I’m happy to confirm that on Tuesday, May 18th, the ModNation Racers Demo goes live and you can finally sample the over-the-top kart racing action and deep creation tools the critics have been raving about. So the question is- “What will you be able to do?

Well let me break it down-

mar26_1f march_screenshot_31A

Get your Feet Wet in Single Player – Race on one of the in-game tracks against AI in Single Player and test both your driving skills and your weapon management.

mar26_2c mar26_2e

Face Off in Multiplayer! – Challenge up to 3 of your friends and race against each other in Offline Split Screen Multiplayer.

PJ33_07 mar26_4e

Design your Mod and Kart – Hop into the Creation Station to make your own Mod and customize your own Kart. See what you can do with just a fraction of the accessories from the full game!

img0018 mar26_10a

Make a Full Track and Test Drive it! – Lay down some asphalt and drive your track to life! Sculpt mountains, create lakes, and place props wherever you want. Then take your Track for a spin!


Save your creations and Share them in the Full game! – Keep you creations on your hard drive and enjoy them with the full retail copy of ModNation Racers. Share your creations with friends as well!

We hope you are looking forward to your taste of our next Play, Create and Share experience.


There have been concerns online about long load times in the final game and while even though UFG improved load times since the beta, they are looking into further optimizing the game via a post-launch patch!

So there you go! See for yourself next week what ModNation is all about.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff on ModNation Monday!

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May 14th, 4:24 pm

Can you guys bundle Modnation Racers with LBP2? PLEASE!!! :P

VintageOctopus said:

May 14th, 4:25 pm

So in the demo, do we have the full track studio to fool around with? Or will there be limitations to it? (I assume there will be, but you didn’t seem to mention any.)

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 5:59 pm

    From what I understand you got full functionality, but not all the props.

Darkxil said:

May 14th, 4:26 pm


Just wondering if anywhere outside of America will be getting this demo.

Also, fair enough, Ratchet, Clank, Kratos, Nathan and Sackboy cant be created or shared online but can Mousetrap, Air Raid etc…? After all, parts that they consist of like the Cheese Wedge can be unlocked in game normally right?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:01 pm

    Nope, all those special Mods and Karts like Mousetrap and Air Raid can’t be unlocked or shared.

    Canada and Europe should have the demo too.

laZardo said:

May 14th, 4:27 pm

Will you make the user-made content from the beta servers available for download in the full version as well?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:01 pm

    Not confirmed if that’s possible yet.

acerazer1 said:

May 14th, 4:49 pm

Good to hear about the patch, the way I see it, now there’s nothing not to like :)

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:02 pm

    I have to agree with you there acerazer.

WhiteF8ng said:

May 14th, 4:57 pm

About time. Don’t see why u guys waited until a week before the release.

I’ve been playing the PSP one for weeks now…

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:03 pm

    Guess you are warmed up!

BlazeKush420 said:

May 14th, 5:00 pm

The game got a 4/5 on G4TV. Because of the SP AI, and the load times. Cant wait to play the demo/get the game.

footballrule said:

May 14th, 5:22 pm

Finally! Been dieing for a Demo of the game. :P

angelspawn77 said:

May 14th, 5:26 pm

i cant wait for this game, the demo should definitely tide me over until the full game later this month. You guys are definitely thinking about the players in this game and I gotta thank you guys for that, so thank you :). Im so glad there is 4 player split screen and even in the demo, thats just awesome, we can have friends over to play before it even launches! Also you guys thought about us in having the ability to have our creations go over to the full game from the demo. You guys are awesome!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:04 pm

    Can’t wait for you to enjoy it!

RonXD said:

May 14th, 5:47 pm

Chuck I love you
no homo XD

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:04 pm

    Ha! Much appreciated.

retro25 said:

May 14th, 5:50 pm

Can’t wait for the demo.

Kirkpad said:

May 14th, 5:50 pm

Great job guys! My brother ordered a copy, and maybe I’ll get a second one after launch for when I go off to University.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 14th, 6:05 pm

    Good luck! Big move. MNR will be a good stress reliever.

NorthernLitez said:

May 14th, 5:54 pm

F I N A L L Y!!!! It’s been a long time since the beta…I can’t wait!



May 14th, 5:58 pm

Awesome can wait for the full game! can wait for the demo i really want this game. Its my imagination or all the play, create, share games are awesome and super very mega fun

CDubyahS said:

May 14th, 6:05 pm

awesome. demo = revised beta and beta was A+ cant wait for AAA+ demo.

Sparky_117 said:

May 14th, 6:05 pm

I am definitely downloading this demo after school is over for me. Also, that is awesome for the fact that a patch will be released for the game to fix the load times. Thanks, Chuck. I am glad you informed us of this.

Spinout209 said:

May 14th, 6:11 pm

Will there be some kind of system implemented into the game to allow Clans to go against each other?

Link01 said:

May 14th, 6:13 pm

Can’t wait, I got to play the full version in Best Buy today * no idea they had it * and I’m totally sold !

Link01 said:

May 14th, 6:14 pm

btw, my gf and I had a great time playing it together in best buy… but the load times kinda pissed her off….

Spinout209 said:

May 14th, 6:16 pm

Chuck what is your PSN, I wanna add you cause you rock! If you add me I won’t tell anyone your PSN :)

Army_of_Lefty said:

May 14th, 6:37 pm

YES I KNEW IT WOULD BE SOON! thank you so much chuck!!! finally ill get to have a showdown with you. any other dlc annocements yet? your the man chuck and see you on psn!! 4 days and counting!

CL_KANOS said:

May 14th, 6:38 pm

Chuck I pre oredered the game yesterday and im very much looking forward to this game! I really hope this game is everything people have been saying it is becasue i was a big mario kart player and this game was right up my alley being able to make the tracks and customize your game. Thank you guys all for all the hardwork, 4p splitscreen, and of course a demo before launch :)

snake14492 said:

May 14th, 7:22 pm

hi chuck,give me a good convincing reason why should i definitly buy this game ?????

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:10 pm

    Endless Tracks to Race!


May 14th, 7:26 pm

Hey Chuck.

I know we have an option to turn off the weapons completely. But, it also would be great if there were options to limit weapons to level 1 or 2! Can’t wait to try the demo.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:47 pm

    I’m sure UFG is listening to all ideas.

shrimpdude said:

May 14th, 7:52 pm

Awesome, I already have this one preordered. Great to hear that the devs are already on top of improving the load times (which was pretty much the only complaint anyone has had with the game) before the game even releases. I’m psyched!

Dragon-Ultra said:

May 14th, 8:11 pm

When the full game comes out,
can 2 players in one PS3 can
play online toghether like
Mario Kart? I hope you answer!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:11 pm

    Yup! 2 players on one PS3 can hop online play split screen multiplayer against online racers.

BigBangBear said:

May 14th, 8:12 pm

This is spectacular news. Been hoping and waiting for this. Love the fact that UFG is already looking at improving concerns people may have had in reviews. Last, but least, it is great that we can save our work for the actual release.

Mr_B_Ram said:

May 14th, 8:33 pm

Finally, we’ve been dying to get our mod on here @ Quad-Ram for a long time now. This is all my three year old talks about. He has published multiple levels with the rest of the family on little big planet. I think this will be goood for him to really express himself. wish this came out this week, i missed the beta. :(

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:13 pm

    Wow! Making games at 3? Sounds like the next Ted Price.

Aremus_ said:

May 14th, 8:53 pm

this is definetily the game i was waiting since last year.
You caught my eye on the E3, and this is the game i expected the most. But i’m going to pre-order it here in Mexico tomorrow, so i can have Ratchet and Clank, can’t wait for the 25th may!!

eatthemall said:

May 14th, 8:56 pm

Can you change the camera position?
I got real sick from the beta.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:14 pm

    Camera has been improved since then. :)

RyuuNoSekai said:

May 14th, 8:58 pm

dammmm, no online. if only i had a slim so i could bring to school. it’d be fun since i haven’t played 4-player splitscreen for whoever knows how long. can’t exactly lug around the phat, and they’re usually working when i get some free time…

still, campaign! CAMPAIGN!

John_Oval said:

May 14th, 8:58 pm

Sounds good. I dont have a psp so the demo last week didnt really do much for me…will that kratos skin be available later? My gf loves it!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:16 pm

    mine too. :) I don’t know if Kratos will go sale post launch, will let you all know right here if we do.

mad_piper said:

May 14th, 9:03 pm

Excellent, just wondering, how will the demo compare to beta in terms of objects/parts/decals, and will the content me made be usable with the full game.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:17 pm

    I don’t know the exact percentage but I think it’s comparable. You can save what you made on your hard drive and access it in the full game.

Merc21ty said:

May 14th, 9:38 pm

Will this game have more options of customization than little big planet?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:20 pm

    It depends on what you are looking at. Working on both titles I know that when it comes to designing a character, ModNation has a lot more options, but when it comes to making levels, LBP has a lot more freedom on what you can make and design. ModNation is strictly a racing game.

Aremus_ said:

May 14th, 9:41 pm

hey i forgot to ask, The game will support HDD in-game Music?
And if is so, will be avaiable on offline and online games?

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:21 pm

    Yup, the game supports custom soundtracks.


May 14th, 10:35 pm

Thank Chuck and Thank God. I am extremely excited about ModNation Racers. I will be playing the demo nostop until the game is released on the 25th. I had the game preordered from, Best Buy and GameStop for almost a month, since I first heard about it, saw the first trailer, and could put the money down for preorder. Plus I got the DLC code for Air Raid from GameSpot. So I am ready for the full retail version of ModNation Racers. Also the loading times were never a problem with me. So the news of a patch that will make them shorter than they already are is pretty cool.
Also I wish you all good luck in your races, and I will see you all online on the 25th.

letherclad said:

May 14th, 10:44 pm

I can’t wait! I was hoping to try out the creation tools before the release

GRG89 said:

May 14th, 11:15 pm

I too, want to know If you’ll be able to play your music from the PS3 HDD? Also, Im not sure but can you play 4 players offline with the AI still in it? (Like Mario Kart Wii?)

chrispen8 said:

May 14th, 11:25 pm

this is going to be awesome. I’m finishing R@C A Crack In Time in challenge mode, collecting all the gold coins and then I’m going to grab this!

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:23 pm

    Coins? Or Bolts? Good Luck and see you on the Track!

saturnling88 said:

May 15th, 1:26 am

This is very good news indeed, its just like in the beta. I miss playing this game. I swear I love me some PS3 ever since I got it back in December 2009.

silverthehedgeh said:

May 15th, 1:44 am

how long will the demo last for will be like the beta like other game companies did like uncharted 2

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 15th, 9:23 pm

    Demo is there for good. Enjoy!

shoestimes said:

May 15th, 2:08 am

Do you really like this or just for a comment?
Nice to see there will be improvments on load times!

xiked said:

May 15th, 2:23 am

Well I have a question and I would love to hear the answer.

I have the game already (promotional version, Im eager to get the a retail one) and I counted to 45-50 seconds to load a level in Singelplayer and about 20-25 seconds to go back to the hub once the race is over. To go to creation mode it takes about 30 seconds. How much can you say the post-luanch patch will improve the load times?

Dkjolle said:

May 15th, 3:32 am

I Love The Modnation Racers Idears ! Can’t Wait :) !

BalramRules said:

May 15th, 4:18 am

(By me)! =P

TopBanana0769 said:

May 15th, 4:50 am

@76 – Yes, 2-player splitscreen online and 4-player splitscreen offline are both in the game.

@85 and @88 – The game supports custom soundtracks. You can play music from the HDD in the game.

@Chuck – Thanks for announcing the demo. Between the artist spotlights and the demo, you guys have really made the last month a breeze of a wait. Only 10 more days to go!

SykoTech said:

May 15th, 5:15 am

Thanks for the notice, Chuck. Can’t ait to try it out.

SykoTech said:

May 15th, 5:15 am


station3fever said:

May 15th, 7:09 am

Offline Split Screen Multiplayer,thank you finally. thank you for the option of online and offline (love offline) Now my friends can come over so we can play, plus i can see the look on their faces when i leave them in the dust or blast them to hell :)
(it really pisses me off when game makers make a game online only) i think they forget people do have live friends that come over to visit/play, not just virtual. Anyways i think this game is going to be a big hit as it looks very promising ” i mean KICK ASS” ;)

II-KiLLER-ll said:

May 15th, 7:32 am

So happy for this demo =D!, I waited for it all last week but it never came :(, Atleast it’s coming out now! By the way, How come the store doesn’t update untill Wednesday in UK? Isn’t it Tuesday everywhere else?

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