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May 17

May 17

ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Kevin Butler…’Nuff said

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by

Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Merry ModNation Monday Everyone!

This week the Spotlight hits the one and only Kevin Butler. You know a lot of things about our VP of …well…. EVERYTHING, but did you know he had an artsy side? It was news to everyone in the office too. (And all that time I thought he was taking notes.) Watch as Kevin get himself “Modified”, see his particular approach to Track Creation, and wait to see a showdown of EPIC proportions at the end. It’s the stuff of legend.

Like Kevin‘s Creations? Download them starting May 25th once your get your full copy of ModNation Racers (PS3).

Just search under PSN ID: ArtistSpotlight1

Don’t forget the ModNation PS3 Demo hits PSN tomorrow so I hope your engines are revved up!

I’ll leave you with my favorite screen shot to date-


A Family that Races together, Stays Together

Only 7 DAYS left to pre-order folks!

Have a great week everyone, more goodies to come right here on the PS.Blog!

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l3lackCalamity said:

May 17th, 7:25 pm

I was gonna pre order till I found I cant preorder from bestbuy in Canada. Im disappointed :(

I want Nathan Drake.

Alas Im not given up yet. Ill find a way within the next week to get myself drake.

letherclad said:

May 17th, 7:28 pm

I agree with the earlier post, kevin butler should do a kung fu live commercial, put MS’s stupid natal in its place!

Chuck Lacson's Avatar

Chuck Lacson said:

May 17th, 7:39 pm

Like he did with this vid-



scareforce18 said:

May 17th, 7:55 pm

KB VS. JT!! doesn’t get more epicer

Zarxce said:

May 17th, 8:12 pm


Yeah, I thought it was pretty weird too. It might be because it was a Canadian Best Buy. Oh well, got the game preordered at EB earlier today. Can’t wait until next week!

GrayGhost45 said:

May 17th, 8:20 pm

Internet!!!! GT5 is forever more, “Man Furismo Jive”!!!

Spinout209 said:

May 17th, 8:37 pm

Chuck what’s your PSN?

gscottforthewin said:

May 17th, 9:10 pm

Man that was too good, awesome!

fdshtydjey said:

May 17th, 9:10 pm

I know that someone has probably already said this, but Kevin Butler and Jack Trenton need to host the E3 press confrence together, when I’m in the shrine auditorium and they announce Killozne 3, Resistance 2, a suprise ps3 exclusive, info on the ps3 exclusive agent, and the graphics on all of them are amazing,I want these two to be announcing that. Both of these guys are my role models,and E3 with these two at the helm would be a dream!

LordRaoh said:

May 17th, 9:31 pm

“Half horse, half motorcycle, half man, half awesome”


that was an awesome video

great work, great fun, looking forward to modnation racers

as well as Man Furismo Jive


explosive78 said:

May 17th, 9:37 pm

“Too much hair gell says what?” LOL!! Wait ws he trying to say that GT5 will have a track editor.

XenoNative said:

May 17th, 10:21 pm

” too much hair say what,” OMG i laughed out loud and almost got punched in the face cause my fiance is sleeping. *memo to self* never watch a kevin bulter commerical on the laptop while in the bed.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 17th, 10:21 pm

    Words of wisdom my friend. :)

Destiny89 said:

May 17th, 11:40 pm

Great ad, im way too excited for Sony’s E3, Please give us Sly4!

VenomXv said:

May 17th, 11:57 pm

That was amazing! Lol @ “grown up child actor”. Can’t wait to play Modnation racers

Darkpen said:

May 18th, 12:41 am

XD OMG, was not expecting Mr Tretton’s appearance in a non-portrait manner.

JAk_HAk said:

May 18th, 1:18 am

Thought the demo would be on psn by now, but I’ll have to check in the morning.

daddychaddy said:

May 18th, 2:08 am

sweet wat a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday with modnation demo, can’t wait till next week to pick up my copy of modnation racers for ps3 and psp… kevin butler your my hero

DamnBoxes said:

May 18th, 2:30 am

Thanks Chuck for answering people’s comment. I wish other people at Sony would do this, like during the Firmware 3.21 fiasco.

I’m also grateful that Australia gets all 3 characters with a pre-order. (Not sure about Sackboy or mystery pack though).

DamnBoxes said:

May 18th, 2:31 am

Thanks Chuck for answering people’s comment. I wish other people at Sony would do this, like during the Firm*cough*ware 3.*cough*21 fiasco.

I’m also grateful that Australia gets all 3 characters with a pre-order. (Not sure about Sackboy or mystery pack though).

wanted1978 said:

May 18th, 3:44 am

will there be a custom music?

Tomm4118 said:

May 18th, 5:17 am

The demo is still not on? guess ill have to wait and see this afternoon.

MALDINI-1985 said:

May 18th, 5:24 am

i rike it!!

appie17 said:

May 18th, 5:37 am

Good commercail. Enjoyed it a lot

mistercomplexz said:

May 18th, 6:20 am

ZOMG I can’t beleive Bran machismo LIVE is coming out soon!

ESHAM976 said:

May 18th, 6:31 am

great spot, and i love you got jack t. involved. is he really into playing the games or just making sure the ps3 and the games sell. in the video it looks like he’s just rockin left to right..acting.

but still funny.


May 18th, 8:57 am

I can’t wait any longer for the demo. What time will it be on PSN today?

Mr_B_Ram said:

May 18th, 9:19 am

good question? where is the update? seems i’ve been waiting forever. my son was up @ 6 am EST waking me up to find this demo coming out today, guess it’ll be past his bedtime b4 it comes and i get it downloaded? i’ll still get to play though.. on another note, i’m really happy you answer so many posts,chuck. you don’t get answers from other people @sony like u do from chuck. thanks again chuck, you r the BEST! MNR = 1st day purchase.

Mr_B_Ram said:

May 18th, 9:22 am

its 12:30 here in Va

Spyroluver88 said:

May 18th, 9:22 am

This video is AWESOME!!! Please put it on the PSN today:D

goldenXfinger said:

May 18th, 12:25 pm

Amazing. JT should be in the TV commercials too!

datb0yAvi said:

May 19th, 3:10 pm


craig-handley said:

May 20th, 3:21 pm

All awesome

scorpio182 said:

May 23rd, 8:54 am

Pretty funny, good job guys.

I really tempted to pick this up. I’m not much of a cart racer but looks awesome….

SD_SARG3 said:

May 23rd, 7:24 pm

That battle was epic! I can’t wait to get my hands on this! I guess next up in Gran Turismo 5, NOW I DEFINITELY CAN’T WAIT!

Deak1124 said:

May 26th, 8:24 am

Just exactly how do we go about unlocking Kevin in the game? I’ve been looking for answers and have found nothing…

tomemrick said:

June 12th, 8:12 am

Hey can anybody help?I’ve been hacked as in the found out my password.And 5 different people have.So now I can’t use ANY of my DLC.I have over $100 of it.

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