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May 18

May 18

PixelJunk Shooter 2 in Full Production!

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

Well, I hope everyone has recovered from the PixelJunk sale bonanza we had last month – as far as I could tell people were buying up PixelJunk titles by the tenfold which is great!

PixelJunk Shooter 2 logo

For those that haven’t already heard, PixelJunk Shooter 2 is in full production, full steam ahead, anchors away and all that… commotion to that order. I can’t say much about it now, but it will have some features that are new to the PixelJunk series in general and will be bigger than the first game! We’re busy implementing all the ideas that were left on the drawing board for the first game to make Shooter 2 as jam-packed full of crazy fun as possible… I’m pretty sure we won’t make a Shooter 3 because everything and the kitchen sink (probably quite literally) is going into Shooter 2. Keep your eyes glued to the Blog (in-between playing PixelJunk games of course) for more info on this in the future!

concept light concept cell

And for those who still aren’t sure about the awesomeness PixelJunk Shooter really (no, really!) is, we’re going to release a free demo of one of my favourite levels in the game on May 25th. The level has explosive gas, magma, water, tons of cool enemies, volcanic eruptions and you can wreak all kinds of havoc with the fluid physics. This will push you over the edge to get the game!

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F-minus said:

May 18th, 8:42 am

Cant wait till “Shooter 2” is done. Got 100% on “Shooter”… If you decide there wont be a “Shooter 3″… but you later find you left out a few parts from that kitchen sink, feel free to just add “Encore” to the title, or even “Opps, Here is what we forgot to include with the kitchen sink, We are not perfect but we try to be”

Thanks for all the great games.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    May 18th, 9:10 am

    heheh, that made me laugh.

    Yes, never say never…

SirTrigalot said:

May 18th, 8:43 am

awesome. i really enjoyed the first one

WeTeHa said:

May 18th, 8:47 am

nice :) 1st day buy

BalramRules said:

May 18th, 8:48 am

This game sounds GREAT! XD
Im sooo buyin IT =P

depward said:

May 18th, 8:51 am

Pixeljunk Shooter was great fun. I’m hoping “some features new to the PixelJunk series” means online co-op? Maybe? Hopefully? :)

letherclad said:

May 18th, 8:52 am

So… what’s going to be announced at E3? It seems like the announcements for LBP2, GOW:Ghost of Sparta, and this could have waited. This makes me hope that there is going to be some huge news if these are being announced this close to the show (especially LBP2, I think that would have made a huge impact at the E3 conference). I know there is going to be a lot of focus on Move, but I don’t think that’s enough to hold the entire show.

On a separate note, this is really great news, the first Shooter was amazing, probably my favorite PSN game.

SpiritThief said:

May 18th, 8:57 am

My only complaint about the first one was that it ended:(

I WANT MORE!! 3 zones just isn’t enough…such a tease

DaveedT13 said:

May 18th, 9:00 am

@depward : I’m pretty sure this is the new feature that they’re talking in this article, at least I hope so, and I hope that they’ll implement that to all their future games.

I really like PJ because of the “big quality” that goes into their “little games” and the fact that they always give us a local COOP option wich is GREAT, just like in the gool old days of gaming! lol

Now, if they announce a PJ Monsters 2 soon I’ll buy it first month of release if they implement just 1 or 2 new feature, and on DAY ONE if they include local coop AND online coop!!! (maybe for up to 3 players? That would be cool!)

Oh, almost forgot, I hope you’ll forgive me I didn’t buy Shooter so far because it’s less my type of game but a DEMO is a GREAT IDEA, maybe I’ll buy soon after trying it, way to go PJ team! : )

Moosehole said:

May 18th, 9:00 am

Awesome! Seriously this can’t come out soon enough I absolutely LOVE Pixeljunk Shooter. The only thing that sucks is I know how long it takes you guys to make games so I probably won’t be playing this until September at the earliest. Maybe even Christmas…. ugggghhhhhh……….

Bilouze said:

May 18th, 9:01 am

Will it be as easy as the 1st PJ Shooter ? Because that would NOT be a good thing, there was absolutely no challenge in this game, it was kinda boring.

SpyDudeFX said:

May 18th, 9:03 am

PJS is incredible, I just love that game. The music is also awesome, so I hope you get similarly great music cues. PJS2 looks amazing from just those two shots, love the glow in the dark idea. Oh yeah, please update your PS Home Store with the PJM items you released in EU Home. And def make more Home unlockables for PJS2, etc.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    May 18th, 9:11 am

    Yup HFB have signed up again to collaborate with us on Shooter II!

SpyDudeFX said:

May 18th, 9:06 am

BTW on difficulty, I thought PJS was fine. I enjoyed PJS laying in bed something I can’t do with a lot of games. PJS is visually stunning, musically great and innovative. That alone is what makes the game such a great value, the experience.

mywhitenoise said:

May 18th, 9:10 am

This should have been an expansion, rather than a sequel (Monsters is most deserving of a sequel).
Why do you guys take so long to make games?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    May 18th, 9:13 am

    We make a lot of games simultaneously – last year, we released:

    Eden Encore
    PSP Monsters Deluxe

    and also made the following games for DSiWare:
    Starship Defense

    That’s quite some output for a company our size (35-40 ppl) I think! :-)

Spajdah said:

May 18th, 9:15 am

Awesome! Remember when i got the first one :) And when i completed all the stages “More to come, stay tuned” i couldnt wait :D best PSN game imo

SpyDudeFX said:

May 18th, 9:16 am

That’s good Dylan, Home, Home, Home! Don’t forget lol. BTW for any fans of the PJS soundtrack, HFB is releasing their new album with all the music. They just released a single with one of the main PJS songs @ Track #2

jh6269 said:

May 18th, 9:20 am

Oh man, the title totally made me think that the game was ready for production (being released today).

Still haven’t finished the 1st game, guess I better get on it.

Is the second game going to have online co-op? That would be great.

Anyway, keep up the great work, I love your games!

Enigma777 said:

May 18th, 9:21 am

Great! I just beat the first one a few weeks ago, so I’m eagerly anticipating this one!

PSWii2008 said:

May 18th, 9:29 am

This is absolutely not shocking to me at all that this is announced! The ending for Shooter 1 absolutely begged for a sequel! It even said “To Be Continued”! I’m just surprised you announced it so soon! I figured you would wait for E3 in June!

Nevertheless, I am excited about the new game! But can I have 1 plea to you? If you do Home unlockables, make sure they work on day 1, and don’t take forever to fix it if it doesn’t work! I got most of the outfit, but I think I missed 1 tiny part!

You guys are still one of the best developers on the PS3! But more than that! You are one of the best developers PERIOD!

gobriere48 said:

May 18th, 9:30 am


Chuckbait said:

May 18th, 9:32 am

I wanted to get this when it went on sale. But the sale was cut short due to store updates moving to tuesdays. So now with this announcement, I’m just going to get Shooter2.

Gravity Crash should be sufficient until then.

xaos said:

May 18th, 9:33 am

Really looking forward to this; this was one of the first games I got 100% trophies on, and even my non-gamer boyfriend enjoyed playing it

Mikey1123 said:

May 18th, 9:36 am

will there be a pixel junk monster 2?

hush404 said:

May 18th, 9:40 am

Heh, I should play shooter 1 hmm? I bought it but kept forgetting I had it on my PS3 :P *runs off to play.

FJ1100_rider said:

May 18th, 9:40 am

awesome news , I read about it 2 days ago on another website too , but is there any idea of a date yet ?
I’ll be buying this for sure , got the first seconds after the store updated and have played through it a few times trying for faster times .

anybody who hasn’t played it yet should buy it immediately – you’re missing one of the best games ever .

oh , one more thing — pjs2 Needs online multiplayer , the first has great multiplayer but sometimes it’s hard to get together and play .

FR0ZZ3N_PH4NT0M said:

May 18th, 9:49 am

I would of bought PJ shooter when it was on sale if a demo was out earlier. Now i’ll just wait for a price drop or another sale!

HardCor said:

May 18th, 9:54 am

Are you kidding me!?! How many times have people been asking for a sequel to Monsters since its debut? Yet you decide to make another Shooter? Shooter was an ok game, but another Monsters would have made my day. Oh well.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    May 18th, 10:09 am

    I’m sure there will be some more Monsters before too long! We only just released the UMD Deluxe version :)

Rinaldus91 said:

May 18th, 9:58 am

Guessing this started out as PixelJunk ShooterEncore, got too big, and became a full-fledged network title?
Haha, glad to see you guys got really into adding new features and the like. Color me excited.

sdmf4ever said:

May 18th, 10:01 am


That is the best idea I have heard all day……Blasto was an amazing game for its time…..they should bring that one to the PSN ASAP….Right On!

LpSquall said:

May 18th, 10:02 am

Loved the first one and can’t wait to try out the sequel.

Are there any plans for online co-op?

PPFabian said:

May 18th, 10:03 am

I purchased the first one and havent finished it yet.
lol maybe it’s time to finish it in order to get my moneys worth and buy this one.

Kchow23 said:

May 18th, 10:03 am

I’m sure you guys could think of new awesome ideas to make PJ Shooter 3 :P

sdmf4ever said:

May 18th, 10:05 am

Really Great news for today…..this may have made my day for today….er, well actually picking up my copies of Red Dead Redemption and Prince of Persia will make my day…this just tops it off though! Can’t wait to get my hands on this sequel…..HELP!

Callahan09 said:

May 18th, 10:18 am

PixelJunk Shooter and Flower are easily my two favorite PSN games. Can’t wait for this!! Keep up the good work, Q-Games guys, and please bring us much more in the future.

nerdmanwhippy said:

May 18th, 10:24 am

As always with your games this will be a day 1 purchase. Shooter has by far been my favorite in the series, bought it twice because I loved it so much :D

odd69 said:

May 18th, 10:37 am

Ive purchased the first one,not really into the genre but it was loads of fun.I can see myself purchasing this hopefully we could get an online co-op mode that would make the gravy taste better.

MALDINI-1985 said:

May 18th, 10:39 am

Q games <3
keep up the kick ass work guys!!!

VixDiesel said:

May 18th, 10:40 am

Hey Dylan, you guys hiring gophers? Or other menial positions? Heh. I could use a job so I can keep buying your games that I love so much. :D

mafecto said:

May 18th, 10:49 am

Definitely need more Monsters. My whole family is still hooked on it and I bought it day 1. Don’t have a PSP, so…deluxe is out of the question. Really, though, in such a crowded genre (tower defense) you guys managed to make one of the best examples out there, period.

Direxnipe said:

May 18th, 10:53 am

Awesome news! definitely looking forward to it. i hope you’re working on (or planning) a Pixeljunk Monsters 2, not just an expansion. i cant get enough of tower defense and dancing. maybe you could even expand it to 3 or 4 player co-op? make it so it gets more difficult at 3-4 players so that you really need the extra help.

cant wait to see whats in store for Shooter 2 and everything else you guys are working on!

Destiny89 said:

May 18th, 10:56 am

nice! i mean very nice! buying it

explosive78 said:

May 18th, 11:04 am

Hands down the best news i have heard all year!! Only E3 could top this.

wocyob said:

May 18th, 11:09 am

hands down you guys at Q-games are the best psn developers and this will be a day 1 pick up for me

i also cant wait to hear about that other game of yours thats been talked about way before shooter

theres also one thing that bugs me… i love that you have coop in the games but my friends rather play on there ps3 will you someday add online coop to new games and even better your older games too?

thanks and i cant wait for this to come

BlackIceJoe said:

May 18th, 11:44 am

Is there hope for a PixalJunk Shooter for the PSP? I really enjoy PixalJunk Monsters for the PSP & I know I would like this game for the PSP too.

H3llMafia said:

May 18th, 11:45 am

I knew it was going to be called PixelJunk Shooter 2. Do I get to be in the credits? lol

Brapp347 said:

May 18th, 11:53 am

level editor please!!

King_DX said:

May 18th, 12:03 pm

Well shooter is my second favorite game in the series.

1. Monsters
2. Shooter
3. Eden
4. Racers

The only issue I had with shooter was it had very little replay value. Will shooter 2 have more to offer in terms of replay this time around?

Brapp347 said:

May 18th, 12:11 pm


good point!

ShatteredRaven77 said:

May 18th, 12:19 pm

SWEET! This is one of the PSN Games that i’ve been waiting for! The first one was REALLY Awesome, although, i do hate the Ice Level. It was a pain in the butt til I got someone to play co-op with me. Zzzing!

Looking forward to it!

~ The Shattered Raven ~

designheadache said:

May 18th, 12:23 pm

Great news, i am constantly impressed with the quality of the PixelJunk titles and how innovative each one is, great work guys :-)

….now though…

Question Time!!

1) Dylan, you mentioned that PJ Shooter 2 is going to be alot bigger, are we talking “it getting its own platinum trophy” big, or just a sizeable increase over the current game?

2) Showing my age here, but do you remember the AMIGA game Gravity Force 2?

Everytime i fire up Shooter, i am reminded of this wonderful game. If you ever decide to make a 3, or use the engine for something else this “type” of game would be a perfect way to change things up a bit. You could even take it further, Being able to create your own simple levels and share them over PSN, or play friends online :-)

We were doing this Play, Create, Share thing years ago on the Amiga, just needed lots of floppies ;-)

3) Marmite, Love or Hate?

DinoMight_1021x said:

May 18th, 12:38 pm

I still need to buy the first one! Is the demo that’s coming out going to be the same as the one on the JP PSN?

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