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May 18

May 18

The Price Is Right for PS3 Available Today

Eva Jando's Avatar Posted by VP Marketing, Ludia Inc.

Hello Everyone! Here at Ludia we’re excited to invite you to COME ON DOWN to play The Price Is Right on your PlayStation 3. I know that pretty much everyone has seen the show at one time or another since it’s been on the air for more than 38 years. Luckily, you don’t have to be sick or playing hookey anymore to get an awesome Price Is Right experience, as we’ve faithfully recreated the elements you know and love from the TV show into the game. There’s nothing quite like being called to Contestant’s Row by Rich Fields!

The Price Is Right is one of our most successful titles, and Ludia’s first game show game for PlayStation 3, so we’ve packed it with tons of pricing games (19 to be exact) including favorites like Plinko, Hole In One, and, of course, Cliffhangers. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to spin that Big Wheel to get yourself to the Showcase for a chance to win the most fabulous prizes, now is your chance to find out.

You can download The Price is Right later today from the PlayStation Store, and please be sure to let us know what you think of the game. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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keniken said:

May 18th, 1:19 pm

So….when will this be available. Still waiting on Modnations PS3 Demo that was supposed to be out today. Wow is Sony ever slacking today.

tbond22 said:

May 18th, 1:21 pm

My wife will love this game, but she doesn’t get it until Tecmo Bowl Throwback comes out. Who knows when that will be.

TwinDad said:

May 18th, 1:21 pm

“The price is Wrong Bob”

tbond22 said:

May 18th, 1:21 pm

@ 52 the updates come about 5 pm PST

tbond22 said:

May 18th, 1:22 pm

Sorry I mean 51

acerazer1 said:

May 18th, 1:26 pm

That’s awesome. I plan on spinning the wheel so hard it goes flying off the axel.

acerazer1 said:

May 18th, 1:29 pm

Is there no Drew Carey? BS

I will probably still get it though, and just imagine that he’s there.

nandosupes said:

May 18th, 1:31 pm

my guess on price for this game is 10 or 15 bucks.

mroca said:

May 18th, 1:33 pm

Hello Eva,

Will the game offer Trophies?

    Eva Jando's Avatar

    Eva Jando said:

    May 18th, 1:47 pm

    Yes, definitely.

the_slvr_bullt said:

May 18th, 1:36 pm

Despite the lack of Bob Barker, this is pretty cool. Not the news I was looking forward to though… Would be VERY happy if you guys released the Backbreaker demo this week.

krae_man said:

May 18th, 1:39 pm

It has nothing to do with canadian law. The laws are easily followed*

*Skill testing question required

See, I just did it. My post is no longer a lottery:p

Seriously though the lack of contests open to Canadians is due to pure lazyness and nothing more.

DrApollo said:

May 18th, 1:39 pm

is it multi-player offline?

    Eva Jando's Avatar

    Eva Jando said:

    May 18th, 1:48 pm

    Yes, it’s multiplayer local.

Huuuze said:

May 18th, 1:43 pm

I have this on the Wii. For $9.99, it’s worth it. However, the game is very average and, in some ways, disappointing. Definitely not worth more than $10.

Eva Jando's Avatar

Eva Jando said:

May 18th, 1:44 pm

@DR320: You got the price exactly right at $9.99. If this was the game, you’d be off to play a pricing game:)


May 18th, 1:49 pm

What features make this 9.99$ over the Price is Right that you are launching on Facebook on June 14th?

phinnv8 said:

May 18th, 1:50 pm

There is another place Sony has it wrong and Microsoft has it right. All these kinds of games should have PS Home integration with Avatars and the ability to play with friends and they would all be far more popular.

VincentVendetta said:

May 18th, 1:51 pm


HerbertFortoon said:

May 18th, 1:56 pm

Sell it to me. I am not a definite buyer yet.

S-E-G said:

May 18th, 1:56 pm

it would have been cool to unlock items in the game for HOME.
just lazy i guess to add something new and fresh to the game.
oh well
no sale


May 18th, 2:01 pm

serious question here: will this support the sixaxis in the ds3? like do I actually raise my arm controller in hand and thrust downwards to spin the wheel? or Do I place plinko disc’s with the controller in the same fashion? That would (to me at least) bring the TRUE EXPERIENCE Home for me. Also why not have a PS Home space dedicated to this? And if there is no Bob Barker, I would like to know why? is Rod Rowdy in the game? I know he’s passed on but his voice lives on forever in syndication.
Thank you that is all, for now…

NESGamepro said:

May 18th, 2:18 pm

The problem with a game like this is by default it will be a short lived experience. Price is Right has lasted so long because products and their prices always change. Also the products are real, we know them, their approximate prices and we use them in real life. Unless there is going to be updates to products and they are real (which would be a major marketing score for you guys) there is no way this can have much longevity. How many times can we punch a bunch before it gets boring?

I’ll pick it up if it’s $5 maybe.

Mcmax3000 said:

May 18th, 2:28 pm

This news is a pleasant surprise. Will probably pick it up. Been a fan of the show my entire life.

I have the Price is Right game on the iPhone (or in my case, the iPod Touch) & it was quite enjoyable.

Stillfree906 said:

May 18th, 2:43 pm

Will codes be available for purchase at some point on

NeoRaidenX said:

May 18th, 2:50 pm

Why the f does it look so terrible. You can at least put some effort in the character modeling. The graphics looks like it was put together in 1 hour by an amateur. This is the PS3 not the Wii. In fact the shouldn’t even fly on the Wii.

EatDeath said:

May 18th, 3:01 pm

Oh cool it has the voice of Rich Fields and the music, lol!!!

marlyt said:

May 18th, 3:06 pm

@ Riiochan #50

Just say it, bro. Canada is a crappy, socialist nation and the reason why it’s extra difficult in Quebec is b/c it’s FRENCH. They have language police and everything!!! On topic: Yes my right-winged a** will buy this game.

Afroninjaen said:

May 18th, 3:10 pm


The graphics never looked so wii-actic before.
Just like the new Move controller.

Wii is damn bad. Don’t copy it, Sony.
What’s wrong with u…

PSWii2008 said:

May 18th, 3:32 pm

Before I saw the trailer, I thought they might have improved the game from the god-forsaken Wii game. But then I saw it, and I thought, “This is the same damn game I’ve been cursed with on the Wii!” At least they got the PRICE RIGHT (see what I did there?) at $10. When the Wii version came out, it was almost full retail price at $40, which is absolutely too much for that piece of crap! I will admit that the character models are improved from the Wii game, but that’s like comparing a stick figure to a more detailed stick figure!

Also, why can’t you get a host? I would have settled for Drew, but to me, TPIR is nothing without Bob Barker! I know Wheel of Fortune has had this problem for decades, only being able to get Vanna and not Pat Sajak. This led to Vanna being the “host” of the PS2 version made by Atari, which is still one of the worst games I have ever played!

I hate to sound so negative, but I just feel so hurt having my favorite childhood game shows desecrated in the form of awful games!


May 18th, 3:51 pm

Is there online multi-player modes?

KIT-_-KAT said:

May 18th, 3:54 pm

if bob baker is the host!

Rocky1000 said:

May 18th, 4:21 pm

The Price Is Right ($9.99)
Come on down to play the fabulous Price Is Right game! Feel the thrill of playing in Contestant’s Row and through different pricing game challenges, including Plinko, Cliff Hangers and Punch-A-Bunch and many more of your favorites. Try your luck as you spin the Big Wheel for the chance fabulous prizes and a huge pay-off at the Showcase! Featuring authentic theme music, stages and Rich Fields’ announcer audio create a true-to-show experience!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 890 MB

robertmc8 said:

May 18th, 4:48 pm

hmmm price is just right! :)

robertmc8 said:

May 18th, 6:14 pm

Please fix the audio it’s kinda static on Rich voice.

vaxick said:

May 18th, 6:39 pm

Why did you make a iPhone Price is Right, but not a WebOS edition? =(

Chase167 said:

May 18th, 7:40 pm

does this game have custom soundtracks??????????????????????????????????????????


May 18th, 8:18 pm


Quick question: Which country in the world had its government buy up big banks, big insurance and big auto? Answer: The US

Which government spends more per capita on health care between the US and Canada? Answer: The US Govt spends 23% more per capita on health care

And you call Canada ‘socialist’?

And the rules in Quebec regarding contests have nothing to do with French…it has to do with taxation.

hush404 said:

May 18th, 9:04 pm

I got SOOO excited… then I noticed no bob barker? Really? Hell I’d settle for Drew Carrey. What’s with not including the hosts to the gameshows we love? Same thing with Jeopardy and the exclusion of Trebec :(

robertmc8 said:

May 18th, 9:09 pm

I play first few mins I was impress it’s not that bad hehe. You can cheat too almost by looking pricing online hehe.

kamakazii09 said:

May 18th, 10:03 pm

that would be cool if you could have a certain amount of people in one specific online game room and have the four go down to bid and play and they could get help from the audience like how they do on the show.

Jay159 said:

May 19th, 12:24 am

hmmm $9.99 the price isn’t right you lose :)

Chase167 said:

May 19th, 4:45 am

does this game have custom soundtracks???????????????

Ryoko_Demon said:

May 19th, 8:11 am

I’m so glad I let the arrogant greedy buffoons of sony disable more than half the feature of my PS3 just so I can play this lackluster game. I’d buy that for a dollar, NOT!!!!

moco064 said:

May 19th, 8:42 am

It’s too bad that the multiplayer is offline only, this would have been a must have purchase if I could play online against other players / friends that have moved. A massive opportunity missed .

BalramRules said:

May 19th, 9:53 am

lol, wat kinda game iz this??

Raacky said:

May 19th, 10:15 am

So glad this wasn’t made by SOE =]

dtedge33 said:

May 19th, 5:15 pm

Is this game exactly like the 2010 Edition available on the Wii? (I watched a video trailer of the Wii 2010 edition of The Price is Right and it looked very similar to this version on the PS3.)

donovanf said:

May 20th, 4:46 am

I bought the game on PSN the other day. Don’t bother, the loading times are way too long. You wait more than you play. Very poor port.

DJ_Convoy said:

May 20th, 7:49 pm

My girlfirend and I want to play the “single player” full game mode together (as player 1 and 2 against two computer players)- but it seems the only multiplayer mode is the party mode. Is this true, and, if so, will this be addressed in a patch?

Redliner79 said:

May 22nd, 8:25 am

Agreed… this is basically the 2010 version for wii/pc/iphone…

I bought it figuring there would be atleast psn online…

The load times are terrible… seconds on my pc almost a minute on the ps3

Already have the hidden silver In The Plink trophy for landing in the 10,000 slot !!!

Fly-boi_2009 said:

May 23rd, 9:05 am

When I read the features, it said you can play against people.. it dont support online play ?? will this update…? its no fun without playing online against people.. AM looking forward to Family Feud, and I hope that you can play Online, it would be that much Fun..with collecting tropies..

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