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Jun 04

Jun 04

inFAMOUS 2 Announced, in the new Game Informer

Wilson Cheng's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Hey Guys – you may have seen the new inFAMOUS 2 cover on gameinformer.com.


I’m very excited to officially announce that Cole MacGrath will be returning exclusively to the PS3. This issue will give the very first details of the game and how Sucker Punch has improved every aspect of it. You’ll learn about the new city, new powers and new gameplay. It should be hitting news stands in the next week.

Look for more inFAMOUS 2 news at E3.

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Biggz124 said:

June 4th, 6:16 pm

Cole looks like Nathan Hale with h air now. :(

Biggz124 said:

June 4th, 6:16 pm


eyesofreality03 said:

June 4th, 6:20 pm

E3 is gonna rock the house for you guys, so many titles that will own….cannot wait for this one, hope it is a near release, say, spring?

Paradron_Bomb said:

June 4th, 6:24 pm

I was actually more pumped for inFamous 2 BEFORE this cover. Did they honestly change VA’s too? Wtf Sucker Punch, you didn’t mess with the Sly Cooper games this way, apart from getting a worse VA for Carmelita Fox for part 3.

I hope that’s just concept art, because that’s pretty…”flamboyant” compared to the awesome Cole established in part 1 and later seen as DLC in Uncharted 2. Never pegged Cole for being the type of guy to pluck his eyebrows and tweeze his beard in the middle of a paradox with the end of the world on the horizon, lol. Throw in a new VA with that moisturizer and ‘oom tss oom tss’ club wear, and that’s two charachter strikes right there.

CantaloupeKing said:

June 4th, 6:31 pm

Nobody’s noticed the guy shooting “Cole” with some wierd laser gun.
Well, they changed the voice actor, might as well change the dude. But Cole better have his flappy-strap backpack, or there will be hell to pay!

mafecto said:

June 4th, 6:32 pm

The new Cole looks kinda lame, but inFamous was one of the best games I’ve played this gen, so whatevs. Knew it was coming sooner or later, can’t wait for more info!

GibbShift said:

June 4th, 6:44 pm

Who is that? That isn’t Cole. What happened to him?

LightChaosGS said:

June 4th, 6:57 pm

This is so awesome! inFAMOUS was a great game and I can’t wait to play the sequel.

Dice_for_Death_ said:

June 4th, 7:08 pm

Very nice.

Demonized said:

June 4th, 7:22 pm

inFAMOUS is my 2nd favourite new IP this gen after Uncharted so I really can’t wait til E3 for more info and to eventually play the game.

I really hope you guys have plenty of new, non PS Move games to announce at E3 though. As awesome as it will be to see the first real footage of all these announced games for the first time at E3, it still kicks ass to be wowed and impressed by you guys announcing a game for the first time during the presser.

Don’t disappoint me Sony!

Brapp347 said:

June 4th, 7:26 pm

Why does it look like a level in assassins creed 2?

io-knight said:

June 4th, 7:44 pm

You know guys, that probably isn’t even official art. It’s most likely some GameInformer artist’s rendition (and apologies to whoever made the piece, but it’s not very good IMO). Then again, I realize this is the internet, so you may resume overreacting.

Rinder said:

June 4th, 7:48 pm

Why does Cole look like such a [DELETED]??

Minck said:

June 4th, 8:03 pm

AWESOME!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!! I don’t know who that guys is but he totally isn’t Cole. He’s cute though so who cares!

karmen13 said:

June 4th, 8:12 pm

What the hell happened to Cole’s face?

WakizashiM said:

June 4th, 8:35 pm

They better not have removed the comic-book-style cutscenes!

Kenshin71 said:

June 4th, 8:46 pm

I hate the new Cole. HATE IT! Bring the old Cole back, only with a beard and long hair so he looks like a cross between Jesus and a crazy homeless man.

Denuq said:

June 4th, 9:05 pm

i took another look that cole picture, and it looks like cole has traveled back in time from the syle of people and the road paving.. and building structures, or is it just me going mad ?

anyone else see it?

ClearClover said:

June 4th, 9:16 pm

I’m worried about all this announcements being revealed before E3, I hope Sony’s Press Conference isn’t filled only with Move.

I’m really expecting great stuff like last year’s E3, don’t disappoint me, Sony.

sepijooon said:

June 4th, 9:19 pm

wow great news but i have same question as everyone else , what do you have for E3 :)

John1192 said:

June 4th, 9:25 pm

one word…AWSOME

mustbehiggy said:

June 4th, 10:03 pm

Why do so many people care about his clothes. You’re seriously gonna make a big issue.. or not play a game because of the persons hair and tshirt? Wow.. are there any REAL gamers left?

You don’t care about gameplay or story telling? You just.. what? Want a character with a biker jacket? Sad sad people.

mustbehiggy said:

June 4th, 10:05 pm

@163 (Denuq):

You’re right! IGN said it looks like New Orleans, and of course we know he can time travel too. Plus in IGN’s comparison the only main difference is the old building in the back looks like it’s currently being built compared to now. So You would make sense =)

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

June 4th, 10:21 pm

Buy Sucker Punch before they go multiplatform like Insomniac.

redknight4 said:

June 4th, 10:48 pm

you’ll have to wait for the july issue of GI to release or it could be mentioned during sony e3 press con or e3 footage on G4.

tpsioulas said:

June 4th, 10:59 pm

yeah, i will kick “the beast’s” ass

Mosh_Pit said:

June 4th, 11:04 pm

They are saving all the PS move titles for E3 lol.

Destiny89 said:

June 4th, 11:46 pm

So epic

hazeous22 said:

June 4th, 11:51 pm

oh hell yes!

mrdeadhead said:

June 5th, 12:41 am


yea i know, right?

i’m seeing a retracing of the history of the First Sons. let’s just hope Cole doesn’t get into a fist fight with Ezio or Altair over infringement.

mrdeadhead said:

June 5th, 12:50 am


i’d say it’s new orleans based off the bourbon street porches, but by the church it’d have to be st. louis cathedral in progress i think, but it has a lot of things different about it.

i wouldn’t be too shocked if this was a made up city (sort of like Empire City was) that’s supposed to be new orleans. if it is supposed to be St. Louis in construction that would put it in the mid to late 1800s (which would match up with the First Son’s rise to power after the Civil War). but it could possibly be 1700s or 1800s France.

talon724 said:

June 5th, 1:05 am


Resev said:

June 5th, 1:13 am

maybe its empire city being rebuilt?

kingpie08 said:

June 5th, 2:18 am

wats wrong with new Cole? I thought infamous 1’s Cole was a bit bland and his voice was annoying it seems u can improve on perfection

NAMEK said:

June 5th, 2:20 am

Is E3 going to be full of new IPs? alot of the sequels are being reveiled before the event.

spatsnaz said:

June 5th, 3:44 am

Really loved inFamous. Very much looking forward to this!

Ivan- said:

June 5th, 3:55 am

Wow they destroy the look of Cole. Sucker Punch Productions made a huge mistake, also i heard they even changed the original voice actor. I hope that the game main character doesn’t look like this crappy new look, looks so damn g** wow. So far I’m disappointed i hope at E3 i hear some good news. I got inFAMOUS the first day it launched from GameStop the worst video game retailer in the world.

I Only Buy Sony Game. I got YLOD LoL bye.

dmc123 said:

June 5th, 4:16 am

Here’s the feasible (I say that loosely) explanation:

Old Cole (not Kessler): Reverts to time travel to grant a younger Cole powers – which would in turn prevent the Empire city disaster caused by Kessler as Young Cole would already have powers (If it worked on Kessler and on Old Cole.. it should work on younger Cole)

Of course in the words of Orvus (R&C a Crack in Time): This would cause paradoxes upon Paradoxes…

For the record:
What made Infamous1 great was that it they offered no apologies for being real. The hero was a 5 foot 9 inch regular guy (a little bit of an a$$) mail cour that wasn’t from a Hollywood script.

dmc123 said:

June 5th, 4:23 am

Sorry about the above accidentally hit submit.
Continued last thought:
For the record:
What made Infamous 1 great was that Sucker Punch offered no apologies for being real. The hero was a 5 foot 9 inch 33+ year old regular guy (a little bit of an a$$) who just so happened to be a mail courier who did not have a car. (not from a Hollywood script).

Looking forward to Infamous 2. Day 1 purchase for me.

CDubyahS said:

June 5th, 4:47 am

ill wait for e3. cant stand gamestop propoganda. what prsell are they pushing now?!!

roadrunner79 said:

June 5th, 5:46 am

This is awesome!!!
I played the first InFamous so much in a single time span that I threw up. lol Can’t wait to find out more about the second one.

remanutd5 said:

June 5th, 6:15 am

first Motorstorm 3 screenshots revealed!!!! and they seem to be in 3D , so when are we getting the official announcement sony ? , anyways i really wanna know wth you guys have for E3 , hope the show isnt just casual stuff that would really suck , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

lyrradXOX said:

June 5th, 6:55 am

Nice, now where is SLY 4?!? lol

Lesean96 said:

June 5th, 7:00 am


Bioman20 said:

June 5th, 7:05 am

That looks nothing like cole

BalramRules said:

June 5th, 7:17 am

We also need an inFamous 2 Space (PS Home) now X)
and an inFamous 2 Personal Apartment =P

psfan999 said:

June 5th, 7:59 am

WTF? I like infamous and all but make sly 4! Sly 3 was one of my favorite games on ps2 and i can’t believe you wouldn’t want to try making it again with the power of ps3.

Destiny89 said:

June 5th, 8:04 am

Cant wait for more info

MyUncle_Socks said:

June 5th, 8:30 am


dracogaurd_g20 said:

June 5th, 9:05 am

I think sony is waiting to unveil there premium online deal at E3….i really hope not but u can nvr no until it happens! But i LOVE sony anyway so it doesnt rlly matter!!!

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