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Jun 08

Jun 08

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.


Stand O’ Food Permanent Price Drop (now $2.99, original price $4.99)
Manhunt 2 Permanent Price Drop (now $14.99, original price $29.99)
The Warriors Permanent Price Drop (now $14.99, original price $19.99)
Dissidia Final Fantasy Permanent Price Drop (now $19.99, original price $39.99)
Sam And Max – The Devil’s Playhouse – Full Season Service Entitlement – Sale (now $24.99, original price $34.99)
Greed Corp. – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)


Qore Episode 25: June 2010 ($2.99)
Episode 25 of Qore: Presented by the PlayStation®Network returns to action with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, talks sequels with 2D gaming gurus Q Games, rocks out with Green Day Rock Band, and joins Perseus in the Clash of the Titans.
File size: 1.49 GB

Qore Annual Subscription: June 2010 ($24.99)
Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network is a monthly interactive video production covering the world of PlayStation. Qore provides its audience with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to developers and their games, from both the SCE Worldwide Studios and the third-party community, where the audience member can freely navigate through the content.
File size: 1.49 GB

Downloadable Games

Death Track: Resurrection ($14.99)
Death Track: Resurrection introduces high speed vehicular chaos as players battle using 10 futuristic vehicles, all with upgradable parts and weapons. Death Track takes place in 10 post-apocalyptic city tracks including New York , Paris, Bangkok, London, Moscow, Tokyo and more. Players can enter this world alone or with a friend using split-screen, or join a game with 8 other drivers to really crank up the mayhem.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 2.02 GB

Joe Danger ($14.99)
Download and play the death-defying thrill-ride starring Joe Danger, the Master of Disaster! Race, ride and defy death to thrill the crowd and break world records! Combo, boost and pull ludicrous stunts to fill Stadiums and put Joe back on the podium. Race against your friends or take on your rivals. Play in the sandbox to make and share your own Stunt Spectaculars. Exclusively on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 261 MB

Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone ($8.99)
Wield psychic powers against fearsome foes in this epic comedy saga. The game starts with a bang in Episode 1 as intergalactic gorilla invader Skunk’ape sets his sights on Max’s newly discovered mysterious powers. While mastering these abilities – future sight, teleportation, shape shifting, mind reading – and investigating their source, Sam & Max must fend off Skunk’ape and get him banished to The Penal Zone.
ESRB Rated E10+
File size: 524 MB

Voodoo Dice ($9.99)
Roll the dice in a mystical world filled with exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventure. Voodoo Dice is an innovative, challenging puzzler that plays with your mind as you solve puzzles in unique and interesting ways.
Encounter a funny and original universe, with great style and vibe, to defeat your enemies and solve enigmas.
Travel through 60 single-player and 20 multiplayer levels in a quest to conquer the voodoo universe!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 131 MB

PSone Classics

Bloody Roar 2 ($5.99)
Transform and do battle as a human-animal hybrid in this classic 3D fighting game! Put your strength to the test and fight your way to the top! Download this PS one Classic today!
ESRB Rated T
File size: 312 MB

Game Demos (free)

Voodoo Dice Trial
Roll the dice in a mystical world filled with exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventure. Voodoo Dice is an innovative, challenging puzzler that plays with your mind as you solve puzzles in unique and interesting ways. Voodoo Dice will win you over with its addictive gameplay and hundreds of paths to victory in this trial! Go further with 60 exciting single-player and 20 challenging multiplayer levels in the unlocked version.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 131 MB

Add-on Game Content

Smash Cars: Virus Run ($2.99)
The dynamic and tricked-out multiplayer racing excitement intensifies in the Smash Cars: Virus Run Add-On Pack. The new Split Screen feature lets players race their RC car against a friend as they twist, turn, grind, and perform tricks as only Smash Cars can! Plus, the new Virus Run six-player online mode presents new rules, new races and a cool new playground location, featuring a skate park and half pipe.
File size: 2.17 MB

Burn Zombie Burn In Space DLC ($2.99)
Space… the final frontier? Join our hero Bruce on his continuing mission to rid the Galaxy of the Zombie menace!
File size: 21 MB

Hustle Kings – Snooker Game Pack ($2.99)
It’s time to make your big break with the Snooker Game Pack for Hustle Kings, featuring new cues, balls, and tournaments to test your skills.
To use this download, you will need Hustle Kings. Download Snooker Game Pack for Hustle Kings today!
File size: 66 MB

Super Street Fighter IV: Super Challengers Pack 2 ($3.99)
Download the fourth pack of alternate costumes for Super Street Fighter IV! New costumes for Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon and T.Hawk are included! Create a new legend with these new costumes! Only available for use with Super Street Fighter IV.
File size: 100 KB

Skate 3 – Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack ($4.99)
Compete in one of skateboarding’s biggest annual contests. For the first time ever, the Maloof Money Cup travels East to New York where you’ll skate the course and battle with some of skating’s heaviest hitters in fierce competition for the ultimate purse.
File size: 60 MB

Death Track: Resurrection – Hari 108 ($0.99)
Do you want to be the fastest and best-armed player on the track? Then this exclusive car is for you! As one of the best vehicles in the game, it will allow to you to pass others with ease, destroy opponents with impunity and be the best competitor on the track! Don’t take our word for it, though; buckle in and find out for yourself!
File size: 134 KB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain – Ethan Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly as you want. Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like Ethan Mars from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. NOTE: to download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain – Jayden Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about SackBoy is that you can make him look and act exactly as you want. Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like Norman Jayden from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. NOTE: to download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain – Madison Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about SackBoy is that you can make him look and act exactly as you want. Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like Madison Paige from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. NOTE: to download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain – Origami Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly as you want. Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like the Origami piece from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. NOTE: to download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain – Shelby Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about SackBoy is that you can make him look and act exactly as you want. Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like Scott Shelby from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. NOTE: to download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet: Heavy Rain Costume Pack ($5.99)
Download this costume today and dress up your Sackboy to look like your favorite characters from the PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. Includes Norman Jayden, Madison Paige, Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby, and the unique Origami costume. Plus, the Costume Kit includes over 60 stickers to decorate your own levels. NOTE: To download this Costume Kit, you must already own LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 1.04 MB

ModNation Racers: Vamp Mod ($0.99)
Start your next ModNation Racers race as Vamp! Kart around with the attitude of a an immortal vampire, and add an undead twist to your races. Vamp includes several Mod accessories for you to Create with in the Mod Studio including a Gothic Jacket, Vampire Hairdo and Cape! Download this pack today!
File size: 100 KB

ModNation Racers: Vamp’s Kart ($0.99)
Vamp’s Kart will have you cruising around ModNation Racers setting fear into the hearts of your competition with a dead serious kart! Vamp’s Kart includes a fully-designed Kart body, as well as Kart parts for you to Create with in the Kart Studio including a Casket Body, Casket/Pillow Seat, and Wooden Stake ornament. Download this pack today!
File size: 100 KB

ModNation Racers: Vamp Mod and Vamp’s Kart Bundle ($1.75)
Vamp is ready to tear up the race track with his frightening kart and a style that will surely get your blood flowing! This ModNation Racers Vamp Mod AND Vamp’s Kart bundle pack includes a fully-designed Mod, Kart, as well as several related parts and accessories for you to Create with in the Mod and Kart Studios. Download this pack today!
File size: 200 KB

Record Of Agarest War: Item Pack 17: Death Kit ($2.49)
This kit might have everything you need to send someone to hell. Contains [Halper Scythe], [Alfa Beld Spear], [Gate of Hell], and [Mighty Ring].
File size: 2.33 MB

Record Of Agarest War: Item Pack 18: Virgin Kit ($2.49)
This is the exact opposite of the sexy kitten kit. Contains [S. V. Rouge], [Langguth Sword], [Princess Bustier], and [Princess’s Tiara]. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s not as revealing… Which one would you prefer?
File size: 2.33 MB

Record Of Agarest War: Points Pack 7: Additional TP ($6.99)
This will increase your TP by a mind-boggling 30,000TP! TP can be exchanged for items and skills at an [Adventurer’s Guild]. Since TP is obtained according to the maximum number of hits, this is recommended for those who are struggling to deal hits!
File size: 2.33 MB

Tiger Woods (x50) ($0.99 – $9.99) DJ Hero: 2 Mix! (free)
DJ Hero is giving you a taste of the never before heard mixes that will be released with DJ Hero 2 this October! For a limited time only, download “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis vs. “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” by Deadmau5. This one is on us! But you gotta get it by June 14th and then it’s gone until DJ Hero 2 releases this Fall. For all song credits please visit
File size: 14 MB

Guitar Hero
For all song credits please visit

  • “God Save The Queen (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • “Il Canto Degli Italiani (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • “La Marseillaise (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • “Lied Der Deutschen (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • “Marcha Real (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • “The Star-Spangled Banner (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette (free)
  • The National Anthem Pack Pack (free) – Downloadable Track Pack featuring “God Save The Queen (GH Version),” “Il Canto Degli Italiani (GH Version),” “La Marseillaise (GH Version),” “Lied Der Deutschen (GH Version),” “March Real (GH Version),” and “The Star-Spangled Banner (GH Version)” by Steve Ouimette. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File size: 22 MB – 28 MB (singles), 120 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Cherry Waves” – Deftones ($1.99)
  • “Hole In The Earth” – Deftones ($1.99)
  • “Minerva” – Deftones ($1.99)
  • Deftones Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Deftones Pack 01. This pack includes “Cherry Waves”, “Hole In The Earth”, and “Minerva” by Deftones.
  • “The Great Escape” – Boys Like Girls ($1.99)
  • “Rock Ready” – Crown Of Thorns ($1.99)

Rock Band Network

  • “Collapsing” by Demon Hunter ($1.99)
  • “Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)” by The Main Drag ($1.99)
  • “Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse” by of Montreal ($1.99)
  • “Mechanical Love” by In This Moment ($1.99)
  • “The Mob Goes Wild” by Clutch ($1.99)

File size: 29 MB – 43 MB (singles), 108 MB (track pack)


Official ModNation Racers Soundtrack ($7.99)
File size: 90 MB

Game Videos (free)

Dante’s Inferno – Trials Of St. Lucia Walkthrough Trailer
File size: 166 MB (HD)

Joe Danger Trailer
File size: 61 MB (HD)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Announce Trailer
File size: 90 MB (HD)

Red Dead Redemption – Official Launch Trailer
File size: 88 MB

PS3 Themes

Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
File size: 877 KB

ACR Premium Theme ($1.99)
File size: 7.87 MB

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ($39.99)
The world-renowned stealth-action series returns in a new chapter hand-crafted by Hideo Kojima himself! The year is 1974. Join “Snake,” (a.k.a. Big Boss), in pursuit of a mysterious armed force that threatens peaceful Costa Rica – “A Nation without a Military.” Experience the thrill of cooperative stealth on your PSP system and the legendary gameplay that is METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER!
ESRB Rated
File size: 1.38 GB

Metal Slug XX ($19.99)
The excitement of the arcade comes to your PSP (PlayStation Portable) system with the series’ uncompromisingly crazy “run-and-gun” gameplay and a 2-player ad hoc mode that lets you and a friend take on the challenge together! Classic characters Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Ralf, and Clark return once again to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 166 MB

Disgaea Infinite ($19.99)
Wrongly accused for the failed assassination of Overlord Laharl, a lone Prinny sets off on a quest through time to clear the Prinny Squad’s name. Possess characters, control their minds, and solve the Netherworld’s most bizarre mystery of exploding pudding!
ESRB Rated T
File size: 154 MB

PSP Minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Lock ‘N Chase – Minis ($3.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 2.58 MB

Cubixx – Minis ($3.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 29 MB

Vibes – Minis ($5.99)
ESRB Rated E10+
File size: 60 MB

Add-on Game Content (also available from PS3 Storefront)

SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3: Korean 707 SMB (free)
Download the new Korean 707 SMB Multiplayer Character + MK5KA4 Compact SMG for use in multiplayer.
File size: 823 KB

SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3: British Special (free)
Download the new British Special Air Service Multiplayer Character and AS50 Sniper Rifle for use in multiplayer.
File size: 839 KB

SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3: German Kommando (free)
Download the new German Kommando Spezialkrafte Multiplayer Character and F2K Improved Assault Rifle for use in multiplayer.
File size: 842 KB

SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3: Australian Special (free)
Download the new Australian Special Air Service Regiment Character and TAR 21 Improved Assault Rifle for use in multiplayer.
File size: 883 KB

Game Videos (free)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Opening Movie Trailer
File size: 11 MB

PSP Themes (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Pinball Heroes: ModNation Racers PSP Theme
File size: 531 KB

Pinball Heroes: WipEout HD Fury PSP Theme
File size: 470 KB

ACR PSP Theme 1 ($1.49)
File size: 509 KB

ACR PSP Theme 2 ($1.49)
File size: 527 KB

PSP Wallpaper (free)

Armored Core Last Raven Wallpaper 3
File size: 48 KB

Armored Core Last Raven Wallpaper 4
File size: 51 KB

Armored Core Last Raven Wallpaper 5
File size: 67 KB

Add Your Own

Frejim said:

June 8th, 4:46 pm

not so great update this week!

DeadCell34 said:

June 8th, 4:49 pm

Geez people, chill out. Stop nerd raging over FFIX not being released. Again, they never confirmed it for this week. Get it on ebay or something lol. I do agree that the NA PSN manager does need to be more active though.

Looks like a pretty good update to me. Joe Danger, Greed Corp sale (been wanting this for a while but never bought it, guess I will now), and Burn Zombie Burn DLC.

Not to mention that both LBP and MNR both got more DLC.

manobon said:

June 8th, 4:56 pm

Yay for Peace Walker on day one! And a price reduction on Dissidia? Smart move. Looks like PSN for PSP is taking off- oh wait:

“One of the reasons we launched PSPgo was to understand where that consumer behavior was going. We were getting signals from consumers that this was the kind of device that they wanted. But we need to recognize that consumers like their packaged media library.”- SCEE president and CEO Andrew House, 06/07/2010.

I’m sure other people have posted this, but I felt that this ridiculousness should be recognized. PSP Go price reduction/bundles like the ones in Europe, more games from the existing library on PSN, and cheaper pricing due to digital distribution. Or, open it up to Apps! Everyone with a smartphone and PC loves digital distribution (as well as a PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, and DSi).

The president and CEO of one of Sony’s branches shouldn’t be making such absurd statements.

Now, excuse me, but I have to download Peace Walker.

mafecto said:

June 8th, 5:18 pm

Everyone should STFU about FF9 and just buy Joe Danger.

DiscoJer said:

June 8th, 5:24 pm

I’m a little confused about the price drops.

In a post on the PSP Favorites program, it said the price would be $9.99. But instead they are dropped to $14.99. Manhunt 2 and The Warriors were specifically named in the post. As were some titles not even available on the PSN store.

iTofuMan said:

June 8th, 5:31 pm

I gotta admit these price drop, games, and ps1 classic are doing well hopefully you guys keep it up great job.

See when you guys actually listen to customers, and show us by giving us what we want you’ll get praised.

Now next week i would like to see Monster Hunter Price! and Crisis Core on the psn.

Exalted_Knight said:

June 8th, 5:38 pm

Ok ill ask once again for Next weeks PSOne Classics, how about Digimon World 1, 2, or 3 on the PSOne classic PLEASE!

NwrksBigBoss said:

June 8th, 5:41 pm

I think that the PSP minis Vibes is broken, it keeps freezing both my ps3 and psp, it doesnt allow me to turn them off. its especially bad since i have a psp go and i cant simply remove the battery.

DarthDanMan said:

June 8th, 5:42 pm

MGS:PW is pure awesome!! To you fans of FF9 get a live!! (or buy the boargame live, which evers easier)

g1m2_scott said:

June 8th, 5:49 pm

We are very excited that Lock ‘n’ Chase is now available for PSP and PS3 users on the PlayStation Network Store!!!

We hope you enjoy it!!

jimmyfoxhound said:

June 8th, 5:52 pm


*cancels FFIX preorder*

wait, what year is this? I cannot believe people are screaming at Sony for a game they can easily buy on any online game shop and play in their PS3! So weird.

iTofuMan said:

June 8th, 5:54 pm

OMG i just saw that we have dlc for Socom 3 WOW thats pretty cool.

saveur said:

June 8th, 5:55 pm


Ratchet544 said:

June 8th, 6:07 pm

Where is Final fantasy 9 !!!!! and where is sam and max episode 3 ???? T-T oh well maybe next update which is next tuesday

pgsdi said:

June 8th, 6:09 pm

With the HUGE!! library of original Playstation games out there. they decided to grace us with garbage like bloody roar… ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?


War_Lion108 said:

June 8th, 6:11 pm

@ the people saying we should be appriciative for what we get and stop whining.

Sony are not our parents. We do not have to be appriciative for whatever they see fit to give us. Sony is a company that exists to make money. It is in the best interest of said company to provide what the consumer wishes to buy from them.

Datcyde said:

June 8th, 6:14 pm

Wait people!!!! FF9 is a E3 release!!!!

invalidid said:

June 8th, 6:18 pm

Yes what pgsdi said. We want Tomba!! And Tomba! 2 would be nice as well. Looks like Re-Loaded and Bomberman Fantasy Race is coming to PSone Classics, which neither are classics IMO.

SyphonFilter- said:

June 8th, 6:18 pm

Dont care about ff9,you can just get the disk.

Lestatdelioncort said:

June 8th, 6:23 pm

SOMEONE FINALLY LISTENS!!! and to war lion you need to be respectful being rude gets you know where. If i were Grace *HINT HINT GRACE* i’d tell the upper ups in sony to stop FFIX being released in PSN. So stop whining and go play on your ps3 with your original ps one FFIX cd you can play your card game mini game there.

Blakkternalx520 said:

June 8th, 6:43 pm


ProjectInfiniti said:

June 8th, 6:44 pm

To those who are saying Bloody Roar 2 is crap, I hope your PS3 YLODs and/or if you have a PSP I hope it randomly bricks beyond repair.

That game is so worthy of being called a classic. Most of you are just too young to even know what good games there were for the PS1.

I_Need_No_ID said:

June 8th, 6:49 pm

It took a little longer than usual for this update to happen. I was glad to finally get my hands on Disgaea Infinite, the best game I’ve played all year.

CRAIG19C said:

June 8th, 6:51 pm


Xamindar said:

June 8th, 6:51 pm

Not a bad update, but $15-$40 for downloadable games? haha, fat chance!

S-E-G said:

June 8th, 7:06 pm

why is it that we always get the minimum description of all games released on psn, why not give a detailed list of what the game has to offer.
name of game – whatever
online multiplayer – yes no
trophies – yes no
home rewards – yes no
split screen multiplayer – yes no
file size – 100MB
etc etc
this blog website is primarily used to sell and promote stuff
is this done purposely to trick people?
all those details are available on hard copies, why not do it for digital downloads also?

Lambo21 said:

June 8th, 7:12 pm


dehumanizer_666 said:

June 8th, 7:19 pm

thumbs up on the free DJ Hero song. Looking forward to DJ Hero 2.

red_alert360 said:

June 8th, 7:22 pm

I am at a part in my life where I am both equally embarrased and ashamed that I bought a Playstation Network Card just to buy Final Fantasy IX. What the buck. If you’re gonna release it for E3, that will be just really lame. Can’t find anything other content to fill the program? That’s sad. We are only going to be more angry then we already are. Bad move, Sony. Bad move.

Lone_GunmenX said:

June 8th, 7:24 pm

Radical! I was getting ancy waiting for MGS: PW to go up, but I guess seeing that Dissidia has been dropped to $20 made up for that. I’ve always wanted the game, but I knew I wanted to download it, but wasn’t willing to pay twice as much as I could find it on umd. Thank you for dropping prices. Now I just have to wait for Peace Walker to finish downloading. Is there any way to get the store updated at midnight so I’m not tempted to buy the umd just to play a game on day 1? Thanks Sony. Seriously.

fabiode said:

June 8th, 7:30 pm



jwood87 said:

June 8th, 8:09 pm

Can we PLEASE get a price drop on Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for PSP Go owners???

xXMaulerXx said:

June 8th, 8:10 pm

Finally they updated the playstation store. I just got done downloading Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for my psp go. I love it it is so much fun. One of the best MGS ever. With the use of blue tooth I can use a ps3 controller and component cables to play on my big screen. The beauty of SONY.- Eat that Microsoft

Written by:
Person who is on their first PS3 and third Xbox 360.
Way to go SONY. They know quality.

Great update

DeadCell34 said:

June 8th, 8:26 pm


Some of you FF nerds need IX knocks over the head. When Sony confirms that it’s coming to the store that particular week and they don’t deliver, then you can complain.

It was a different case with games like Tecmo Bowl. The 360 got it and every other website had the PSN release date to be the same as the 360’s.

I know it’s not fair that the EU and Japan stores got it and the NA stores didn’t. In fact, EU got the new BZB content before we did.

Just get over it. You act like you have nothing better to do than camp around your tv waiting for tuesdays to get here so you can buy FFIX. And to the person who said it’s an E3 release, you’re doing it again. Wait and see, just don’t get your hopes up.


June 8th, 8:31 pm

psp go now has homebrew and soon custom firmware. Fail

xaixa said:

June 8th, 8:37 pm

gah no FF9 still!! bloody roar and Disgaea Infinite are good but final fantasy 9 would have made my week!!!

LastPlace09 said:

June 8th, 8:41 pm

RETURN FIRE will make me a happy boy

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

June 8th, 8:49 pm

Sony’s only promoting child’s play lmao! Your all slacking off lol..That’s pretty sad and your PSN games are a complete joke!
I mean where is the old school favorite from a long time ago? Still waiting until I die I guess Battle Arena Toshinden 1-2-3, The Twisted Metal game’s You did finally decide to release Blood Roar 1-2..But SCEA still you guys have a long way to go unfortunately!..And you fan boy’s can trash the 360 all you want..I have a 360 and there stuff is way better then Crappy Sony’s
Kids stuff not even close! The PlayStation 3 on the other hand is is now mostly turning into a Toy box with there kiddish crap that there releasing Mod Racer’s yeah etc..Pretty sad!.Still waiting for better FIRMWARE UPDATES ETC AND THAT Premium Services from Sony when!..Yeah to quiet!!.Still waiting for Cross Game Chat/ A Longer Friends & Ban List! And a better way to communicate with my Friend’s on the PSN it sucks with Sony’s dumb Idea’s and what the deal with a short sentences!

triple_lei said:

June 8th, 8:54 pm

Fantastic update, yet again…

I_Need_No_ID said:

June 8th, 9:16 pm

Hey… Sony… I wasn’t sure where I should post this, but I have a request for a future update on the PSP go… You see, I was just playing Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and when I was about to quit my game, I accidentally hit ‘pause game’, I know it shouldn’t be too hard to do, but can you install something to where it asks you something like ‘are you sure you want to pause the game?’ so somebody doesn’t accidentally have this happen to them, because I was so close to getting somewhere I wanted to go on Disgaea Infinite and now my pause file is gone. I was going to save it but I paused instead since I would only be playing Disgaea: AoD for a short time…

I_Need_No_ID said:

June 8th, 9:21 pm

By the way, Final Fantasy fans… why the heck are you complaining to Sony about the lack of FFIX? That’s something to complain about to Square Enix, Sony can’t put it up until Square tells them to. Also, if you love the game so much, why don’t you just put the PS1 disc in your PS3 and play it?

Brickz2600 said:

June 8th, 9:26 pm

How about stop treating north american like step kids…when are we going to get some free dynamic themes? Why is home still a beta?why no in game music? Why do the brower freeze everytime I go on a site? Why do xbox 360 have two store updates a week and we have one? Why do xbox 360 call of duty get packs a month in advance? Why Im I playing games in 720p when I have a 1080p tv and ps3? Do become the next sega.

DeadCell34 said:

June 8th, 9:26 pm

@ Snake-eyes73

There is a “ban list”, it’s called “Block List”. As for a longer friends list, delete people that haven’t been on in six months… that’s easy enough.

You complain about not getting old school games…. you act like they don’t exist. Go to a flea-market, people will be selling PS1 games. Or go to Ebay. Just because you can’t download them to your system is no reason to go into nerd rage mode.

And I’m guessing that Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, God of War, Infamous, and all these others are kiddish? Seriously? Games like Mod Nation and LBP are games for everyone (including kids). It would be stupid of Sony not to market games for kids, that’s a huge chunk of their fanbase. They’re not nearly as bad as Nintendo.

Exalted_Knight said:

June 8th, 9:31 pm

xbox360 getting two updates in a week “wheres your *proof*” Sony is far from SEGA actually, if you think about it optimistically, sony still has to deliver 6 more years of content, where as the other guy (XBOX360) will die out in a few years. So yeah Patience is a virtue and when executed correctly and properly everything will come EPICLY!!!

Poacher619 said:

June 8th, 10:06 pm

This board reminds me of political messages boards. People ripping Sony and then others brown-nosing them. You all are huge nerds. Keep it real.

WestSiide said:

June 8th, 10:08 pm


Seafea_ said:

June 8th, 10:30 pm

Really? Sam and Max given a 30% discount before half the thing is even released? So glad I bought that on release date now!

americanGTA said:

June 8th, 10:39 pm

The Warriors…

one of my faves

Chvor said:

June 8th, 11:41 pm

NO BACKBREAKER DEMO AGAIN!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!?!

Skant said:

June 8th, 11:47 pm

The level of stink in these comments is becoming pretty toxic.

What is up with you people directly calling out Grace Chen and trying to get her fired? Because she doesn’t respond to the hundreds of nerd rage posts from 12 year old brats?

She’s a real person. She has a real job. We’re talking about real life here. Not some game. And some of the comments are downright abusive in an RL sense.

Show some respect for a real human being, people. Not a single one of you would say the kinds of things you’re saying to this person’s face if you weren’t hiding behind the internet.

You people are creating a situation where Sony _must not_ reply. Sony representatives are not going to respond to your flame bait. And they’re not allowed to give you information they are not authorized to reveal. And anything they are authorized to say appears in the blog posts themselves. All they can really do in comments is clarify what has already been said.

They’re not here for your personal feeling of empowerment. (ie. Sony replied to a comment I made! I must be special!)

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