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Jun 09

Jun 09

The Ultimate 3D Experience: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3 Available Tomorrow

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone! The moment is here — starting tomorrow, high-definition stereoscopic 3D gaming will be available in your very own living rooms! As you already know, all PlayStation 3 systems are already equipped with everything they need to play stereoscopic 3D games. Thanks to a free firmware update released this past April, the PS3 system is the only console on the market that can support full stereoscopic 3D gaming — right from your living room, and with no additional charge.

Today, our sister company Sony Electronics announced its 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs are now available for pre-sale and will ship to retailers later this month. There are a broad range of models available in different screen sizes, some packaged with active glasses and others without, giving consumers the option to choose which 3D entertainment solution works for them. For more information, click here.

Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3

We’re extremely excited to be at the helm of a whole new gaming experience unlike anything offered before. Starting tomorrow, the following games and demos will be available in stereoscopic 3D for anyone who owns a PS3 system and 3D television:

  • WipEout HD (full game): Experience the adrenalin rush of navigating the twists and turns of futuristic racetracks at breathtaking speeds like never before.
  • Super Stardust HD (full game): Experience asteroids fly past you as you navigate the deadly battleground — only a battle on a cosmic level will save the indigenous life below from destruction.
  • PAIN: The stereoscopic 3D content will include the Downtown area and tutorial along with three modes, including two new modes created specifically with stereoscopic 3D in mind, Alien Toss and Ice Breaker.
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift (demo): MotorStorm Pacific Rift in stereoscopic 3D puts you in the driver’s seat of a buggy for a one track, single player race around the deadly Kanaloa Bay for a dangerously real battle against ruthless opponents.

Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3

To give PS3 and new 3D capable BRAVIA owners a sample of 3D entertainment at its best, 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs will come with PlayStation Network vouchers to download these four stereoscopic 3D game experiences, which total more than 100 hours of gameplay.

We’re also announcing that The Fight: Lights Out will be available in stereoscopic 3D, combining PlayStation Move with 3D to deliver an immersive and realistic gaming experience unlike anything you’ve played before. This is only a small taste of the 3D experiences you can expect with the new 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs and PS3. With new gaming experiences coming this year in the form of stereoscopic 3D gaming and PlayStation Move, as well as an expansive software line-up, the PS3 system truly does everything and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. In addition, 3D Blu-ray movie playback is coming to the PS3 this year via firmware update. Stay tuned for even more 3D news and announcements coming in the near future!

Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3

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Sponge-worthy said:

June 9th, 2:58 pm

So, which features can we expect the new firmware to remove from our PS3s?

UR_Mothers_Lover said:

June 9th, 3:02 pm

I never read past the 1st page of comments, but…

I AM excited that the tech is available. I JUST upgraded to HD in Feb. So I’m not getting a 3DTV immediately, but I will consider it in the future IF….

In 1995, I was STOKED about our 1st foray into 3D gaming, it was called Virtual Boy. It was very well done 3D (minus the 1 color it displayed) and way ahead of its time, unfortunately, I was one of the 3 ppl who liked Virtual Boy. And watched it die before it ever really had a chance.

So, if this 3D fad doesn’t die within 1 year like my 3rd fav. console ever (PS3, Super NES, Virtual Boy) then this needs to be done right this time. 3D belongs in EVERY 1st person game. Not a gimmick for puzzle games. (THAT was Virtual Boys downfall) GO SONY, best wishes, & I’ll see u in 3D before 2012 if this all works out.

snake14492 said:

June 9th, 3:03 pm

are you freaking serious,get rid of my already awesome HD tv just to have the ability to play in 3d,yeah right

CyberNigma said:

June 9th, 3:03 pm

On the Mitsubishi 3D Ready question. Will the PS3 update support multiple formats for outputting 3D games (and/or movies later).

In particular, Mitsubishi DLPs natively support the 3D Checkerbox format, though the adapter being released on the 18th supposedly will convert just about any other format to the checkerbox format if required.

If the PS3 supports the checkerbox format as a native option then that will be great – no adapter required.

btw, Avatar is able to do it because they implemented checkerbox as an output option themselves on the PS3 without using the PS3 3D SDK so it doesn’t answer the question.

I guess to pre-empt other format questions, what 3D formats DOES the PS3 support natively (assuming we don’t just wait till tomorrow to find out anyway :-).

Thank you.

UR_Mothers_Lover said:

June 9th, 3:07 pm

BTW- If u have/had a Virtual Boy, message me. I love reminiscing about it. Even if u hated it, still nice to hear from anyone old enough to remember it!

Gen X gamers STILL rule the world! (born between 1964-80 for u silly kids)

mixedkidbx said:

June 9th, 3:08 pm

ive said it before and will say it again. 98% of the gaming population will not be able to afford a 3DTV anytime soon or even in the very near future. Sony could have spent better time working on other things that everyone would be able to enjoy and not just a few select people.

Sometimes jumping on the “band wagon” with others companies isn’t a good thing.

SMCTwilight said:

June 9th, 3:18 pm

I don’t know if anyone could answer this or not as it is a tad specific but here goes.

Would stereoscopic 3D on the PS3 system work with a 3D Ready TV along with a third party’s transmitter and active shutter glasses? Ex: A Mitsubishi 3D Ready DLP tv paired with the nVidia 3D Vision Kit?

dagundam said:

June 9th, 3:18 pm

Will a 3d monitor work??

Firecrest said:

June 9th, 3:22 pm

Sony, I don’t think you realize how unattractive you’re making the PS3 seem when you do nothing by babble on about how much emphasis you’re putting into this 3D technology.

Sure, you can now say you’re the first to do stereoscopic 3D this gen, but does it honestly mean anything for the large majority of us who have no intent of purchasing an overpriced 3DTV because we’re satisfied with our standard HD sets? Unless you have pockets bulging with hundred dollar bills, I don’t think dropping even $800 for the cheapest 3D-enabled set would be a viable option for your average middle-class gamer.

Not only is the price unattractive, but in order to utilize 3D modes on the PS3, developers have to cut corners in order to meet hardware limitations. For instance, WipEout HD is going to suffer from visual downgrades such as scaled-back resolution and framerates. Now think about this: How many PS3 ports are already being compromised by third-party developers (see Gamespot head-to-head comparisons for reference)? Now think about what they’d have to do to accommodate for 3D gaming.

This is gonna be a big mess if it takes off.

THe_HeKeLS said:

June 9th, 3:25 pm

why bring back the 80’s? the 80’s were horrible, as well as everything that came with it. obviously the people that started 3D (in the 80’s) realized it was a waste of everyones time, so it died, and now some voodoo scientists resurected it. now they want us to let zombie tecnology into our homes? t.v. already “dulls the brain” so you know whats going to happen now that its a zombie. now ive gotta bring a bat with me every time i go to the electronics at wal-mart. c r a p.

lyfestory said:

June 9th, 3:31 pm

many many of us arent interested… why does Sony not notice? or care? its too bad most of us cant afford and wont even care to enjoy this feature… how about giving us something we can actually use…???

THe_HeKeLS said:

June 9th, 3:34 pm

i just wanna know one thing.

whos got my back if michael jackson comes back?

FerrariThugs said:

June 9th, 3:40 pm


it’s all because of this bullcrap that I’m not able to play my beloved Gran Turismo 5 right now on my perfectly fine 42inch LCD HDTV….

*insert bad word here*

NEJI64 said:

June 9th, 3:46 pm

@95 LMAO you still care about backwards compatible go buy a use PS2.

Its funny as heII, how half the people in here downgrading something they don’t have to use, or go out and buy. Y’all people need to stop ***** about something your not force to use. And start giving Sony credit for giving gaming another avenue to go down.

I Wish I could have played Uncharted 2 in 3D, mainly the train part when the train fly towards you. Plus the part when the chopper shoot missiles at you. Man Uncharted 2 have a hand full of scenes that would look awesome in 3d.

SyphonFilter- said:

June 9th, 3:53 pm

Don’t care at all about 3D,just show me games.

Mounta1nKing said:

June 9th, 3:54 pm

Will it output in checkerboard format for those of us with 3D-Ready DLP TVs? That’s the big question, big as in 2 million of these already in homes as compared to about 2 for the new 3D Tvs :)

Seriously though, I’d really like to know if it will output DLP checkerboard format. If it’s compatible, I’ll buy the games and the glasses. I love my PS3.

NeoHumpty said:

June 9th, 4:00 pm

I really want to see a demo unit hit Best Buys. Come tax season, I am looking to get a new television set. Want to see if it’s worth the extra money.

coldasfire said:

June 9th, 4:01 pm

ps3 better use the DLP checkerboard format

ZariV said:

June 9th, 4:02 pm

Don’t buy a 3D TV just yet. Wait till they come out with the ones you watch without the glasses.

Psikorps said:

June 9th, 4:08 pm

It seems the pricing of 3D TV’s is in direct contrast to the people who claim its a bad thing.
Goto a store with a 3D tv on display, put on the glasses.
Then look at the price tag…that big number almost jumps right off the tag at ya!!

Becaust 3D tv is a luxury at this point, many people will try and dumb it down, bad mouth it and so on.

But in all reality (the 3rd dimension at least)….its freaking cool.

Be nice to get one…down the road.

SystemIsGod said:

June 9th, 4:09 pm

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I feel as though I should after reading some of these comments. Even though I’ll be on the third page.
3D is very exciting for me, I have no idea why people hate it.
I can ALMOST guarantee that a lot of (not all) these people have never seen 3D on a TV. (NOT MOVIE THEATER)
For those of you, 3D gaming has been out for a while, nvidia came out with it for 120hz monitors like almost 2 years ago for pc.

If you don’t like 3D, don’t buy it. I think it is wonderful and I love it. It is in no way a gimmick.

If you don’t like a $250,000 Lamborghini, don’t buy one. Don’t ridicule the company for making it.
It’s very immersible. If I had the money, I’d buy a 3D TV right now. And I’m sure in the next year I’ll have one. If you don’t like the glasses, don’t wear them and watch normal TV. It’s like have a multi-tool, if you don’t want all of the tools on it, don’t use them.
Thank you Sony, I think this is very exciting.

SleepySlim said:

June 9th, 4:10 pm

I hope I can get these games to work with my Tri-Def glasses and 3D Ready Samsung. It’s a 720p model (PN50A450), but it was one of the few that is incompatible with the PS3 3D version of Invincible Tiger. It displays at 1360 x 768, which is supposedly an odd resolution or something. Yet the Xbox360 version supposedly works on my model TV according to the Invincible Tiger Compatibility Chart. That was disappointing.

I really haven’t been able to get hardly anything to work in 3D with this TV other than a few PC demos… and they do look awesome, but I don’t want to have to run Windows on my Mac and hook it up to the TV just for a few PC demos in 3D. I want PS3 in 3D.

Is there some kind of TV compatibility chart for these games?


June 9th, 4:23 pm

This should have been made to work with all tv’s be it red and cyan for regular tv’s or shutter glasses for all current gen HDTV’s. will I have to update in order to play games and log into the psn? Where’s the canadian video store, thought about that in a while?

gordingas said:

June 9th, 4:46 pm

bring back entropay

KILLZONE79 said:

June 9th, 4:48 pm

what if you dont own a 3D TV, can we still play games on our regular HDTV?

SMCTwilight said:

June 9th, 4:57 pm

Yes killzone, you will.

Deparvius said:

June 9th, 5:24 pm

I am excited about this. I got a cheap 3D viewer (Vuzix video glasses, at 1/10 the cost of a 3D TV) to test out this tech (+augmented reality, wearable computing) and will be happy to finally test it out with 3D games. Hope it works. For some reason I’ve not gotten Avatar yet, mainly since I’ve heard it was a bad game. The Vuzix can’t handle sequential frames though, only SxS (Side by Side) and colour separation, so I’m really hoping Sony allows you to choose your 3D format. Keep up the good work in setting a standard that everyone will eventually follow, even the naysayers.

princemarcus19 said:

June 9th, 5:24 pm


perrandy said:

June 9th, 5:25 pm

gonna have to pass on this due to economic distress.so, to all of you that can afford these perks,enjoy! :0

pocon28 said:

June 9th, 5:32 pm

Firmware 3.40 will add some 3D options in the display settings on the XMB. That is all.

station3fever said:

June 9th, 6:05 pm

we just got 2 42″ hdtv’s this year so, unless one breaks i don’t see myself buying a 3dtv. Don’t get me wrong if i had the money i would by it in a heart beat. :)

LILBUDDY2000 said:

June 9th, 6:07 pm

I’ve tried a 3d display model and the movies (at the very least) look amazing.

@43 if your DLP is a Samsung like mine then it ISN’T the same 3D. The samsung 3d ready tv’s only work in conjunction with a computer (really dumb setup).

Shakeyp said:

June 9th, 6:15 pm

SO where do I get the glasses for cheap? got the Samsumg 7000 series LED which supports the 3d but no glasses as got it before they annouced the 3d tvs but got the firm are update for the TV to include the 3d just need glasses


June 9th, 6:35 pm

I really wish I can afford a 3D tv but my 3 year old 60″ Sony SXRD is doing just fine. My next main tv I get though will be a 3D capable one, but that might be 3 to 5 years from now. Come on Sony, make some cheap huge 3D tvs to temp me!

LUGIEZ said:

June 9th, 6:43 pm

I’ve played motorstorm 3D and it is truly spectacular – Jerry they’re real and they’re spectacular!!!

Chapulin140 said:

June 9th, 6:53 pm

I wanted to buy a 3D TV soooo baaddd. So I went to Best Buy and the displays totally ruined it for me. I noticed the glasses flickering when I was watching the Samsung display. Plus the glasses use batteries. It not bad enough that u have to wear glasses, but now I have to worry if the glassed r charged up. I was so disappointed, because I really wanted to experience 3D gaming. So I just got a SONY 52″ LED instead.

DarkAssassin2259 said:

June 9th, 6:55 pm

@ 114 OMG, Uncharted 2 would be like an eyegasm in 3D. But, unfortunately, I don’t even have a job to get a game. I haven’t gotten a new game since March 16 (God of War III Ultimate Edition). So, I especially don’t have the money to buy a god damn 3D television…my family doesn’t even own an HDTV, just SDTV. I want one, but I’m going to wait untill the price drops until it looks like even a homeless guy can buy one

see y’all in 5-10, [DELETED]!


June 9th, 7:11 pm

what happens if you play a 3D game on a normal HD TV with the glasses on will it still be 2 pictures or one picture with no 3D?

SilverSER_SpecV said:

June 9th, 7:19 pm

3D TV’s are such a freaking gimmick. I’m not buying into it.

I’m also concerned with how good this can be on the eyes after extended use. I mean it’s tricking you’re brain constantly….that can’t be good.

greenpunkie said:

June 9th, 7:36 pm

the ultimate PS3 experience is far beyond my reach…

DarkOne_PR said:

June 9th, 7:42 pm

instead of wasting time on 3d sony should focus on already giving us in game cross chat….

poisonedsodapop said:

June 9th, 7:53 pm

I definitely won’t be doing this. I still play on an SDTV lol. Not to mention I wear actual glasses while playing games. I’m not switching those out for 3D glasses that make everything look “cool” but then I can’t read crap.

APVangeliLHS said:

June 9th, 8:11 pm

I saw a 3D TV at BestBuy today… I have to say that the technology isn’t that great, especially for $2,800.

It just wasn’t a smooth video playback, it was jagged, and you could see a ghost image in the 3D…

I just don’t think it’s worth it yet.

Minck said:

June 9th, 8:15 pm

PLEASE make Flower in 3D!!!! I will pre-order a 60″ Bravia LX900 right away if I hear that you’re making Flower 3D!!!!

krispyKREMEdeath said:

June 9th, 8:17 pm

hey sony unless your giving free 3d tv’s i wouldnt make too much fuss over making games 3d.

KARAMO said:

June 9th, 8:30 pm

Well this is kind of useless, some of us may buy a lot of games, but investing $2000 in a TV right now when I only had this TV for a year is not something I can do. I would be better if these TV were affordable. At least the 5 people that own a 3D TV can enjoy it.

Mosh_Pit said:

June 9th, 8:40 pm

All I need now is 4 to 5k $ to buy a 3d tv… sigh.

Aramis70 said:

June 9th, 8:45 pm

Al De Leon i know that sony get alot of ppl who are complaining about 3d gaming i just want to say thank you for the 3d gaming experience , and i also was wondering is sony going to remake the Legend of Legaia RPG for the PS3?

markman180 said:

June 9th, 8:57 pm

People my father bought a 62 inch 3d tv for 1200. Seriously you cant afford that? I mean i know it is a chunk of change, but come on it is certainly no 3000+

Talgron said:

June 9th, 9:12 pm

I personally don’t like 3d its old unimpressive horribly named technology that was run into the ground back in the 80’s. Its been 30 years call me back when you actually make something new and not old recycled technology simply for the look at the dancing monkey factor, while seemingly cool that dancing monkey loses it’s appeal in 5 seconds. For the life of me I can not understand why 3d is so popular. In no way does this affect my opinion of the ps3 still love it I just really hate 3d. P.S. Can’t wait for smell-o-vision to make a comeback…..urrgghh what stinks your video game silly. lol

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