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Jun 10

Jun 10

Final Fantasy IX hits PSN Store this Tuesday

Ami Blaire's Avatar Posted by Vice President of Marketing, Square Enix

We’d like to thank everyone who has patiently waited for the revival of one of the most anticipated classics in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX.

Returning to the elements of what makes true role-playing games appealing — characters, grand story, engaging battles and an impressive presentation — we’re proud to offer PS3 and PSP owners a chance to relive what RPG fans have long considered a nostalgic masterpiece.

The wait is almost over and we’re proud to announce that Final Fantasy IX is finally here, again!

Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

Look for Final Fantasy IX to hit the US PSN Store next Tuesday, June 15th for $9.99. For more information on Final Fantasy IX, please visit the official site.

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deyo69 said:

June 15th, 9:58 am

I waited until Midnight… no FFIX… Decided to go to sleep, and when I woke up…. No FFIX….. WHYYYYYY?!!!!!!

Vuuro said:

June 15th, 10:22 am


1. Someone already posted they typically don’t update until about the afternoon. In California, it’s only 10am; only in the far east of the U.S is it even 1pm.

2. I figured knowing the day would be enough. You people have to know the EXACT SECOND it’s coming out? Have you nothing to occupy your time with until then? This reminds me of the time I was walking by my local GameStop and a full grown man was banging on the door shouting, “HURRY UP!! [some Xbox game] IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUT TODAY! WTH IS TAKING SO LONG?!” (For the record, it was roughly ten minutes until the store’s opening time)

humanure said:

June 15th, 10:27 am

Thank you guys for finally bringing this to the U.S. Now let’s get Square to release some other goodies.
Parasite Eve 1 & 2
Chrono Cross

I am happy for now though.

butler4318 said:

June 15th, 10:49 am

NERD RAGE!!!!!! lol naw but in all seriousness I’m waiting… I guess if it came this morning I would have ended up missing class today soooooo…. lol

xXLimaBeanXx said:

June 15th, 12:25 pm

Ok where is this game. i waited ages for this. its tuesday. no finalfantasy. im starting to get mad at Sony for this because this is BS. how do other countrys get it and not USA/Canada. now its not out on its “release day” whats with that.

CrescentDreams said:

June 15th, 12:31 pm

I want my FFIX dammit!

deyo69 said:

June 15th, 1:55 pm

I went out to go do some stuff… Came back home. It’s like 5… why isn’t it on there?!

Spank_Me_Monkeyy said:

June 15th, 2:00 pm

Dunno…but aside the fact that its not up yet, FFV13 didn’t make an appearance at sony’s conference. SE fails

Bad_Mr_Frosty said:

June 15th, 2:12 pm

I return home from work and no FFIX to download. Where is it?

R3D_Vvhit3_Blu3 said:

June 15th, 2:35 pm

Everyone ff9 is on u.s store go to the search bar in playstation store and type in “Final” and scroll down =D

R3D_Vvhit3_Blu3 said:

June 15th, 2:36 pm

message me on ps3 if this worked

thegreatklaid said:

June 15th, 2:42 pm


It worked on media go… weird

percival337 said:

June 15th, 2:42 pm


Bad_Mr_Frosty said:

June 15th, 2:44 pm

Downloading Now!

MoFoNuggets said:

June 15th, 2:49 pm

Wooooooooo Cant wait!

xXLimaBeanXx said:

June 15th, 3:48 pm


omega_alpha-619 said:

June 15th, 5:31 pm

Yep!! DOWNLOADING NOW WoooooooT !!!!! ^.^

Qaigen said:

June 15th, 7:30 pm

Yay The Download just finished FFIX Time ( played it 12 times )

can’t Get enough of this game

azul45888 said:

June 16th, 5:42 pm

i just downloaded game and i cant light in the center of the room.

mwtjgpW said:

June 18th, 9:13 pm

i have the game downloading right now yay. now i pray to god that they put Chrono cross and legend of dragoon on here.

kajairo5 said:

July 4th, 10:38 pm

pls if they can put those good rpg games from ps1 and ps2 on psn. I WOULD BUY THEM!!

oh and can someone message me for the RPG games on ps3 besides FF13 which im playing right now! cant wait for ff13versus!

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