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Jun 15

Jun 15

E3 2010: From the Stage

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO

We have been blessed with the most dedicated fans in the business and I’d like to take a moment to thank our new members of PlayStation Nation for helping us to achieve nine consecutive months of growth on the PS3 platform. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance your entertainment experience on the PS3 and we’re so excited this week to deliver on this promise once again. Today, your PS3 experience already includes Blu-ray games and movies, streamed TV shows and sporting events, and unique original programs, but as we showcased on the E3 stage today, it also delivers cutting edge 3D technology and the most ultra sensory and precise motion gaming solutions available.

Jack Tretton, CEO, SCEA

There is no denying that Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D technology today and we are the only ones to offer an end to end solution to consumers. With four stereoscopic 3D games available for download already, PlayStation is truly leading the effort to bring theater-like experiences into your living room. There are nearly 36 million PS3 units around the world that are 3D ready today and with demos on the show floor that range from Killzone 3 in 3D to Gran Turismo 5 in 3D, you can get a glimpse of what the future holds as we alter what immersive gameplay means with 3D technology.

We are also experiencing tremendous growth on the PS3 platform and have already started the year with huge releases such as MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III, MLB 10: The Show, and ModNation Racers. Many would call this a blockbuster year, but for us it represents just the first half of what will surely be an onslaught of brand new experiences with the PlayStation Move controller, in addition to richer and deeper experiences from some of our most favorite characters and franchises like The Sly Collection, Twisted Metal, SOCOM 4, inFAMOUS 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2.

We’ve also been working hard to enhance our digital entertainment offerings, which comes packed today with access to live baseball games from, premium original content from HBO, and 23,000 movies and TV shows from all the major networks and studios. We also unveiled PlayStation Plus, an opt-in and add-on service package designed specifically for PlayStation Network’s most avid power users. PlayStation Plus will provide subscribers with added value, access and convenience to special features like discounts on PlayStation Store content, free and exclusive access to select games, full game trials, and much more – all for $49.99 a year. A tremendous value. In the first month alone, you’re getting $49.99 worth of content for free. Existing features and services you enjoy today and have come to expect from PlayStation Network as part of your daily experience, will remain unchanged and free to access.

We set an incredibly high bar last year and we expect to surpass it this year by reaching our goal of 15 million PS3 units worldwide. When we say ‘It Only Does Everything’ we know we’re also making a promise to you, that we will continue to deliver new experiences and entertainment options that you didn’t even know you wanted today and many years from now.

For those of you who were not able to join us at the Shrine auditorium this morning, you can download the full presentation on the PlayStation Network.

I also invite all of you to virtually attend E3 in PlayStation Home where you can view our full presentation an experience a virtual replica of our PlayStation booth.

Jack Tretton

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xBlackBloodx said:

June 15th, 8:42 pm

Couple questions: Can i navigate the XMB with the MOVE? And, can i play games that are motion supported with the move, just as a controller?

Side Comment, Also… Where the heck is the PS2 come in? i still have PS2 games that need a PS3 to go in.


siegeh said:

June 15th, 8:49 pm


siegeh said:

June 15th, 8:49 pm

and xblackbloodx ps2 died like a year ago

westendmatt said:

June 15th, 8:53 pm

Good job SOny! I though you brought your points across well showcasing games for a broad audience without alienating any of your fans. Looking forward to getting my Move on!

MUGEN1800 said:

June 15th, 9:02 pm

please please please let there be news of a new ACE COMBAT coming soon. like immediately soon to the ps3

thillntn said:

June 15th, 9:06 pm

so if I pay for psn will i be able to use with 3.15 firmware???

chisoilder said:

June 15th, 9:23 pm

Sony did an outstanding job at E3 this year, even though some of Sony’s content was leaked before E3 there were still quite a few suprises this year. Such as Portal 2 coming onto the PS3, MOH exclusive content, Playstation plus, Kevin Butler appearance which was EPIC and Twisted Metal which was a shocker and greatly announced. Thank you Sony for a great E3 and i hope to be at E3 in person sometime in my life. I also want to say Little Big Planet 2 look’s AMAZING! I loved LBP and cannot wait to get my hands on LBP2 and see what the community creates with this masterpiece. Great job at E3 and i cant wait to see what you got waiting for us next year. P.S. I wasn’t very excited about Playstation move but after seeing Sorcery and how well it work’s i am very excited for its release. Since i already own a PS3 and ps eye the two controllers wont be too expensive so what the hell, why not right…..

SyphonFilter- said:

June 15th, 9:34 pm

I LOVE Sony. Seriously we got the coolest people in the industry:

Jack Tretton
Peter Dille
Kaz Hirai
Kevin Butler
Jeff Rubinstein
David Jaffe

i could go on…

DarkOne_PR said:

June 15th, 9:37 pm

Sony i love the ps3 and u guys but …. but…. (sobs) … where was FF7 PS3….. (sobs)….. i wanted to believe… where was FFvs13…..? Where was my Sephiroth SackBoy?…. where was my update for In game cross chat…?! WHERE!!!!??? (CRIES FROM MY HEART)

MeanMrMustard said:

June 15th, 9:40 pm

So here’s my question. (Five pages back, so likely to not get a response.) That game “Invisimals” with the augmented reality using a camera attachment on the PSP. How is that camera going to attach to my PSPgo? Or, is this another reason why I shouldn’t have upgraded from my 3000 series model PSP?

franky2428 said:

June 15th, 9:40 pm

Jack Tretton is the realest motherf**ker on the block laying down facts.

laZardo said:

June 15th, 9:41 pm

You didn’t even mention Resistance 3. And Kevin Butler’s presence was neutralized by “Marcus.”

josediego891 said:

June 15th, 10:11 pm

I was reading the eu blog and saw that if they order psn plus early they will get lbp free and I was wondering if the us gets it free also if we order beetween June 29 to aug something

SGTquig said:

June 15th, 10:33 pm

I wish you guys would have shown more of Parasite Eve 3, errr, My 3rd Birthday when you were talking about the PSP.

valley428 said:

June 15th, 10:43 pm

I would have like some extreme top secret surprise…i was sittin there waiting for one then the portal 2 thing came up saying “big surprise” Im like YES! then im like, WTF? it was ok though…were was the new warhawk everyones been talking about!?

Spartancloud said:

June 15th, 11:20 pm

Playstation Plus sounds awesome, I only wish it was available today (which was what I was expecting). I can’t wait to get it.

MARNEY said:

June 15th, 11:31 pm

Re. playstation plus.
Sure the value is there but…other than the games, (hope you like what sony dishes out.) the “+” package is lacking much needed social networking options. no Xgame chat, no XMB parties, no SKYPE app (i can dream.), no sharing music or vids with friends online…HOME doesn’t have these options & i guess sony sees no use having XMB access to these types of features for those not interested in HOME. Can’t believe E3 2010 has come & gone, with no network enhancements or FW announcements from sony… E3 disappoints…add on a silent insomniac games, the lack of a R3 trailer or news was a deathblow…totally bummed now. Early adopters of the ps3 were told to be patient, & that increased features & connectivity would come. 2010 is the year sony took a dump on the early adopters of the ps3, no major FW update in ages, & the removal of features that only affected your earliest supporters. Bravo sony, you’ve just proved you’re completely out of touch with what your paying customers really want. Why bother with a “blogshare” site, if you don’t listen or care about your hardcore base?….

Lobim__ said:

June 15th, 11:43 pm

One more E3 and the retro does not come back. Very soon you will lose a consumer that has been loyal to the brand for the past 15 years and owned every playstation ever released

Lobim__ said:

June 15th, 11:51 pm

PSN plus. You pay in advance for content you can´t even choose.

I’ll stick with the regular

martin1979 said:

June 16th, 12:08 am

where’s is uncharted 3…………………

sid6581 said:

June 16th, 12:19 am

So, after taking away hardware and software features and not adding anything interesting in the firmware for a year at least you are now charging us for new features?

Wow, that’s another low for you Sony. But looking at the tools here in these comments you might even come through with it.

Trojan_Knight said:

June 16th, 12:29 am

i have to say SONY E3 2010 all good loved it, BUT!!!! “it only does everything”…….LOL another E3 and no cross chat for the PS3!!! LOL! make the line say “it only does everything but no Xchat” and sry Jack Tretton, on your intro for playstation plus you compared xbox live to the PSN and said we get what they pay for, for free….. THEY HAVE CROSS CHAT WE DON’T! PSN has a better store but they have better multiplayer options, or is that going to be one of the options for playstation plus. But the again can you say; we have what the pay for , for free.

I wonder if any higher ups read this. Any way I said my peace!

Can’t wait for the PS MOVE!!!

Carl-G said:

June 16th, 12:54 am

Bring back FULL PS2 Playback to PS3 please SONY :-(
I want that more than anything else.

KOS-TAS said:

June 16th, 1:12 am

how the hell i can subscribe to playstation plus?????

barit said:

June 16th, 1:42 am

Great show Sony ! U showed more Games than MS and Nintendo together. Thats what i want from a GAME Expo.

shortfuse14 said:

June 16th, 2:32 am

Sorry Sony but i cant help but feel alittle disappointed at your E3 showing especially for 1st party games. D ont get me wrong Killzone 3 looked flipping AMAZING and so did Little big planet and the new Motorstorm 3 but we already knew about these games before E3 only two new games were mentioned for PS3 that weren’t move or 3D oriented that was Portal 2 and twistedmetal black and only 1 of these is 1st party nevertheless hats off to you for bringing Portal2 to PS3. Another thing concerns me you are losing way to many exclusive titles to your rivals losing Metal gear solid to microsoft was a HUGE BLOW for you it will without a dought affect the PS3 sales. a huge number of people i know on Live, and PC were gonna buy a PS3 just because of that game alone and now that its coming to there respective gaming machines they wont even give the PS3 a second look there hasn’t been any word of brand new 1st party games at all just remakes of the same games Last guardian and Agent weren’t even mentioned at E3 are they being left till Tokyo Game show?

Sutorcen said:

June 16th, 2:58 am

Dear mr. Jack Tretton and Sony

In one year SCE managed to turn around and become Zero from Hero. This years E3 Press conference was one of the worst in recent years (apart from Kevin Butler). Sony didn’t bring anything new to the table. Two and a half hour with very few games a lot of numbers and marketing stuff.

You talked about 3D. You ask from the consumers to spend thousands of dollars to buy a 3D TV set + the glasses, in order to enjoy this groundbreaking technology. The world is in the middle of a financial crisis in case you didn’t notice. Nintendo showed how you can have 3D without glasses with the screen on the 3DS. So I’m asking. Why (besides making money) do you want to force 3D to the consumers?

Also with the 3D you are killing the oh so advertised FULL 1080P games advantage of the PS3.

The PS Move is a WiiMote clone no matter how many dimensions it can track. On the other hand Kinect is revolutionary. Where is the… a la Minority Report gesture controlled XMB Sony promised a couple of years back?

PSP is dead no matter what campaign you run. Please bring out the PSP2 with a 2nd analog stick before it’s too late.

Sutorcen said:

June 16th, 2:58 am

As for the games themselves. You guys (and I mean all three companies) are running out of ideas and it shows. 90% of the games shown were sequels. Most of them FPS.

Regarding Medal Of Honor and Call of Duty Black Ops I have this to say. I’m sick and tired of seeing games that take place in real life locations. No matter how many games you release the US lost the war in Vietnam , the War in Afghanistan will never be justified and war will never become a game. Many people have died in those wars and this is not a way to honor them.

“This is your Fitness” and LBP 2 were the most innovative titles shown @ this years E3.

Where is cross gaming chat?
Where is custom soundtracks?
Where is proper DivX support?
Where is a proper browser?
Where is Other OS?

Last year was a great year on E3 and beyond. This year it was a major disappointment and I’m afraid that the PSP and the PS3 will lose the fight against 3DS and Kinect.

Just some food for thought.

jds07 said:

June 16th, 3:30 am

The only dissappointing thing about this press conference is that they are not a making 2nd generation PSP yet. All they did was give it a camera (FINALLY!) and a new slogan, “Step Your Game UP.” That alone is not going to be enough to go against the 3DS. I just hope you can turn that camera around, and video chat on Skype with it. If not, it’s going to be like the eyetoy on the PS2. People will use it for about 2 or 3 weeks and never use it again.

greeny84 said:

June 16th, 3:35 am

To MARNEY, Sutorcen and many others:

You DO get cross-game chat with Playstation Plus.

Noaxzl said:

June 16th, 3:50 am

So, if I get a free game thanks to PlayStation Plus, and my subscription runs out, will the game I have disappear, like all the other things I get with the subscription?


sid6581 said:

June 16th, 4:29 am

The impressions this E3 left:

– PSN+ content will disappear once you cancel the service
– Cross-Game-Chat still ain’t coming
– Everything else wished on Playstation Share (PS2 BC, Browser etc.) isn’t coming
– The PSP is becoming more and more of a joke compared to the (3)DS
– 3D with glasses looks hopelessly outdated when looking at the 3DS
– Highly anticipated games like The Last Guardian or Agent weren’t shown (Twisted Metal? Oh come on)
– For a full two people setup of Move you pay around $200 which is just ridiculous

Compared to last E3 this was a disaster, it really seems like Sony isn’t even watching the competiton.

killafolston said:

June 16th, 4:41 am

I am somewhat dissappointed,there was really no exclusive games that i’m excited about.I think this years e3 was garbage 4 all of the big game companies!

Yevon said:

June 16th, 4:47 am

Can I use content in 5 PS3 like now?

zombie9 said:

June 16th, 5:58 am

Disapointed that is all I have to say about E3. And those MOVE controllers and navagation controllers are going for $80 a pop. OUCH MAN. I’m not even going into the price of a 3-D TV. pretty pricy SONY.

BalramRules said:

June 16th, 10:28 am

sony were just awesome!
KB waz EPIC!

tomitheoverlord said:

June 16th, 10:39 am

Words cannot describe my disapointment at the lack of any mention of The Last Guardian and that’s when I was only expecting to see a 1 minute trailer with no release date. I respect that you showed some nice games i.e. Killzone 3 and Portal 2, but as a PS3 owner I also expect to see what I wanted and that was not the case and I felt as though my 2 hours were wasted, but everyone else is free to disagree.

steve2000GSR said:

June 16th, 10:41 am

Where the hell is part 2 or 3 of E3 in the store??????????

lmike1234 said:

June 16th, 11:04 am

Every year the ps3 gets a little better, Thx Sony!….
Except when they took away the otheros…

loadstone007 said:

June 16th, 12:04 pm

You’re welcome, Jack.
Just keep the goods comin’ my way :)

mp42 said:

June 17th, 6:12 pm

Im taking a wild guess but.. do we hav to own an HD3D Tv if we want to play Killzone? Or can we chose to play Killzone in 2D?

abzdine said:

July 5th, 11:56 am

You guys made a good conference. There was too many talking sometimes, but globally it was nice..

Now the 360 slim is on the market, you guys don’t need to make another slim because everybody knows that it costs money, but I am kindly asking you to pleaaaaaaase release many colors of the PS3, it will give a huge boost cause everybody will find what he needs. It’s good to release DualShocks in different colors, but you also need to release the PS3 that matches these colors. I think this is something easy to do and it will bring more customers to your side.

I really wish I will be read by a Sony person, mostly you Mr. Tretton :D

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