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Jun 22

Jun 22

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at E3

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While Sid and I were giving EA’s Dead Space 2 and rebooted Medal of Honor a go, our soccer-mad English counterpart, SCEE’s James Gallagher, drifted (see what I did there?) over to the Need for Speed area. Our good friends Criterion are tasked with developing the next NFS title, Hot Pursuit, and it’s already looking like a change for the best. James chatted with the team – presumably over tea – to find out more about what the Burnout Paradise devs have planned in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3

One of the games attracting the most attention at E3 was EA’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit; the first title in the series developed by the people behind Burnout, Criterion Games.

James Deverill and Doug McConkey of that team gave me a demonstration of the game and it’s clear that they’re looking to return to the roots of a series that has gone through many changes since it first arrived way back in 1994.

“I remember playing Need for Speed even before working in the games industry,” said Deverill. “Three things stood out for me then: it had the coolest cars on the planet, it had amazing highways to drive them on and there were cops pursuing you. It’s these three active ingredients, in particular, that we want to bring back with our game.”

The playable demo at E3 was a game of Pursuit Mode, which is essentially cops and robbers with the old bill trying to ram the street racer’s sports car until it is totally wrecked. You can play as either a Cop or a Racer and both parties have their own weapons to add strategy. For example, a Cop can radio in a roadblock while a Racer can scramble his opponents radar and even send a decoy – a second blip on the Cop’s radar to throw them off the scent.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3

There are full career modes for both Cops and Racers that you can switch between at will, as well as an extensive suite of online modes.

“Online multiplayer supports eight players,” explains Deverill, “and one of the coolest things we’ve included, for me, is the way that you can have any combination of players; you can even have seven cops against one racer if you like and this adds a lot of variety.”

As you would expect from the brains behind Burnout, it is blisteringly fast and utterly gorgeous. It also boasts licensed supercars and a game world four times the size of Paradise City.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3

Unusually for game that features police chases at more than 250 miles per hour, the team seems most excited about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’s menu interface.

“We’re very excited about the way that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit brings players together,” said Deverill. “Digital communication is at the heart of how people behave these days so, given that, we’ve included a social network in the game to connect, compare and compete. We call this the Need for Speed Autolog.”

In a nutshell, they’ve included everything you would expect from a basic social networking site and not only included it in the game, but also made it accessible via the web and mobile phones. Everything you do in the game is compared to what you’re friends are doing, whether they’re your PSN friends, your Facebook friends or just people you met playing the game.

“It can be a bit depressing to see a leaderboard and discover you’re ranked 10 millionth in the world, or something like that,” added McConkey “so we’re looking to drive rivalry between friends foremost.”

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is out on November 16, 2010.

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kmkaizen said:

June 22nd, 8:48 am

this game i am looking foward to this year cuz it make by the guy who do burnout

footballrule said:

June 22nd, 8:49 am

Can’t wait for the next Need For Speed! Last one I got was Need For Speed Carbon. Haha, 2007 i think.

robgroove said:

June 22nd, 8:54 am

Sounds impressive and looks great but with Test Drive Unlimited 2 dropping on sep 21st and GT5 dropping Nov 2nd i dont think ill be able to find the time for another racer. This one might have to wait till 2011 for me ;(

joostin said:

June 22nd, 9:07 am

This is bringing back some great memories of the early Need For Speed games! Keeping back in the pack so the cops are tailing you then at the last second u boost outta there and leave some chump to get arrested.

Oh the good ol days!

caasimun said:

June 22nd, 9:12 am

i am amazed…NOVEMBER IS GAMING MONTH first am gonna be on leave for 3 months coz of gran turismo 5!!

ycole11 said:

June 22nd, 9:13 am

This looks really good, I was just wondering if this game would feature an open world and if so will it have a similar set up as Burnout Paradise? (Loved that Game).

Enforcer_X said:

June 22nd, 9:18 am

YES Criterion!
Looks like your going to make me LOVE Need For Speed again!
Thank you!

Sereal_Killer said:

June 22nd, 9:20 am

im wondering if buy a twice the size of paradise city it is still open world or if its just tracks put ontop of eacother. i liked the exploration part of paradise city.

saldy GT5 is more important to me but i will be looking forwaerd to this is my wallet lets me

Sereal_Killer said:

June 22nd, 9:21 am

forgot to add.
I love criterion the way they supported burnout paradise was amazing

Myke-Myke said:

June 22nd, 9:22 am

Very excited about the new NFS. My favorite devs are Criteron games. I hope they’ll have DLC for this game as well!

jimmyfoxhound said:

June 22nd, 9:23 am

I cannot WAIT for this game!! NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 is one of my all time favorite arcade racers!! So glad they’re going back to this style.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

LUGIEZ said:

June 22nd, 9:24 am

I’m always up for a nice Hot Pursuit!!

jimmyfoxhound said:

June 22nd, 9:26 am

Oh, forgot to add… could we please have interior views of the cars? That is not a swipe at the GT5 car fiasco, it’s just after playing GT5:P and NFS: Shift I really love playing from a dashboard view. It would be awesome to see the interior of that Lambo cop car!

AG-WarFighter said:

June 22nd, 9:34 am

I remember getting this game for ps2. one of the best racers out there. Im getting this thats for sure..

Marston43 said:

June 22nd, 9:41 am

Welcome back Need For Speed.

Microshock said:

June 22nd, 9:42 am

I loved Burnout Paradise, played it so many hours and so I’ll probably pick this up as well.

Please have the same fun expansions like Toy Cars though!

laZardo said:

June 22nd, 10:00 am

Only 8? I’d have figured that they’d open to 10 at least.

And speaking as a bit of a trophy whore, will we need a PlayStation Eye to get Platinum again?

NotoriousGamer said:

June 22nd, 10:18 am

I been holding out from getting a NFS game since Most Wanted. I used to love the NFS series on PS2. On the PS3 thing changed badly for NFS. Carbon and Undercover had no demo. No way for me to judge the quality of the game. ProStreet demo was horrible on PS3. The game seemed broken and simply sad. Shift demo was good. But it was not NFS for me.

Hopefully NGS:HP will have a demo and play very well.

But sad that I will have to wait longer to play the next Burnout. :(

boxmyth said:

June 22nd, 10:29 am

Most Wanted indeed.
Can’t wait.

thepatriots said:

June 22nd, 10:43 am

Tell EA to stop being so greedy with the Porsche license so GT can get some rear engine love.

BiezulbubBill69 said:

June 22nd, 10:45 am

I loved Burnout Paradise and this game looks awesome! I’m gonna have to preorder it soon :)

vipergtx7 said:

June 22nd, 10:55 am

hmmm, i saw the vid, pretty sweet, but i think the Bugatti Cop Car should have passed all the cars out there, even the LAMBO Cop car… but i may be wrong, right? lol

Nightmare142 said:

June 22nd, 10:59 am

The true NEED FOR SPEED is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You :)

TJtheS2000fan said:

June 22nd, 11:02 am

Looks like a solid remake. If you guys at playstation remake anything tho, I’d remake Grand theft Auto San andreas, Vice City, and III.

Watchmann said:

June 22nd, 11:02 am

I had zero interest in another NFS game until I found out Criterion would be the developer of choice. Hats off to you guys!

xplosneer said:

June 22nd, 11:57 am

Holy crap, 4 times the size of Paradise? Wow.

Well, I was pumped from the moment I saw the trailer at E3(which was a really well designed trailer by the way) but this just adds to the fun. Can’t wait.

I had many fun runs playing Most Wanted. That game was amazing.

xplosneer said:

June 22nd, 11:58 am

In addition, I played Carbon, but once you were done the point system was screwed and you had to race many, many, many times to even try and get a new car.

Most Wanted was the last one I truly enjoyed as well.

Thrasher20 said:

June 22nd, 12:00 pm

This game looks pretty cool

IrishPete333 said:

June 22nd, 12:19 pm

Any split screen online multiplayer? This game looks like it’s going to be great, I will be picking this up for sure.

Zezzler said:

June 22nd, 12:35 pm

Criterion KNOWS racing games, so this one shouldn’t an exception for awesome-sauce. Can’t wait to try it out!

CDubyahS said:

June 22nd, 12:58 pm

I am having fun with NFS Underground today running Hector, Zack, and the goons off the road cant wait for hot pursuit!

SteveieJerrys said:

June 22nd, 12:59 pm

Dude this could be sweet, the last fortynine NFS games have sucked big time. A new hot persuit is just what we need!

DillChill36 said:

June 22nd, 1:12 pm

brings me back to most wanted thaT GAME WAS SICK I HOPE IT IS JUST AS GOOD

Shishimo9000 said:

June 22nd, 1:13 pm

Looks awesome and i love burnout but don’t promise stuff about DLC that you can’t deliver like you did with burnout

Shishimo9000 said:

June 22nd, 1:14 pm

well to clarify Burnout Paradise had stellar DLC but there was stuff said that never happened

ambitionuvarida said:

June 22nd, 1:17 pm

IT’s about time someone has taken NFS back to what it really is.NFS isn’t GT/shouldn’t be played like so!The last 2 sucked,so Criterion had better represent,NFS/I go way back to NFS:HOT PURSUIT!

FJ1100_rider said:

June 22nd, 1:23 pm

love burnout paradise and loved the original nfs hot pursuit so this should be a must buy for me .

DJ_DTM said:

June 22nd, 1:23 pm

NFS RULES! Can’t wait to get in the new cars.

wolfscorpion said:

June 22nd, 1:36 pm

oh my god! this game on the ps2 was simply amazing so now its gonna be on the ps3?!!! wow i cant wait!

ZAANOS said:

June 22nd, 2:05 pm

Burnout Paradise was amazing. Criterion can pretty much bet anything they make I’ll buy. :D

shark301 said:

June 22nd, 2:07 pm

I remember enjoying the old NFS Hot Pursuit years ago, it was pretty fun. One thing I really didn’t like was you could not just pull over and get a ticket — the insane cops just want to kill you to death. I hope they change that.

Same goes for when you play the cop, you can’t just do a give them a ticket. What would be awesome is some realism. Let me sit by the road watching a radar gun and catch the speeders out of a crowd, give the most tickets for a high score, etc, not just attack one Lambo.

Oh, and what is it with all the arcade-racers? We get split-second, blur, burnout, TD unlimited, etc, etc… Glad that they are making money I guess. (Not off me, but whatever.. I am glad car games are doing good and more power to ya.)

Also, NFS Shift was the best NFS in as long as I can remember; I hope we get more DLC for that awesome game.

jayrockslife said:

June 22nd, 2:14 pm

I haven’t played NFS since Carbon. Looks like this will bring the series back to life. PLEASE INCLUDE SPLIT-SCREEN Multiplayer!!

JimInPT said:

June 22nd, 2:29 pm

Look like it has potential – if it keeps all the kiddies off the Gran Turismo servers, going here to crash-and-bash, it definitely has potential.

I don’t want it, but if the kiddies do – great! Go crash around on this one.

tropicalskin said:

June 22nd, 3:14 pm

EA rules !! .. Fifa 11, NHL 11 … nobody stops EA !!

drivatar said:

June 22nd, 4:10 pm

Please give us 60fps!

Burnout Paradise has proved you can do it ;)

Dark_Vincent said:

June 22nd, 7:53 pm

Burnout Paradise served as a quality standard for this generation of gaming in several aspects. It was one of the first well-done multiplat titles, it had dlc support for over a year after release, digital distribution… the list goes on and on.

I have HIGH expectations from your next game, Criterion!

lobotomies4free said:

June 22nd, 10:09 pm

This is a day 1 buy for me! Love the social networking, and there couldn’t be a more perfect team to bring back the glory days of Need for Speed.

What kind of things are planned for DLC?!

Midgetguy said:

June 24th, 10:14 pm

I’m excited for this game!

I played Hot Pursuit on the PS2, and I loved it!


XterminatR187 said:

June 25th, 12:17 pm

finally – nfs storyline is exciting agen.

thank you god!!!

LOL =)

isimp5 said:

June 25th, 4:29 pm

what i hope they do is get some of the original cars of Hot Pursuit (Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon) but have the modern day versions of them, plus other cars that haven’t been in the series… either way…it should be awsom

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