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Jun 23

Jun 23

DC Comics Now Available on the PlayStation Network for PSP!

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by VP, PlayStation Network

DC Comics Now Available on the PlayStation Network for PSP

As some of you may have heard, we’ve announced that DC Comics is now available through the PlayStation Network digital comics service for PSP (PlayStation Portable). Starting today, you can access DC Comic titles on PlayStation Store, directly on the PSP or via Media Go on your PC. We continue to evolve our content library on PlayStation Network and with DC Comics we now have some of the comic book world’s most iconic characters to add to our robust comic repertoire.

You’ll now have access to an initial selection of over 80 DC titles that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store including Batman: Hush, Green Lantern: Rebirth, Fables: Legends in Exile and Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories. In addition to these launch titles, users will get exclusive DC Comics content such as Superman/Batman, Resistance, Free Realms and God of War. Lastly, we’ve also released a free 10 page story today of Superman 700, as well as free downloads of Bayou, Fringe, Mirror’s Edge, and Resistance. We will keep adding to the collection you can already enjoy today anywhere you are — over 1600 classic and new comics.

Using the PSP’s Autoflow Viewer, you can enjoy the comics frame by frame, zooming in and out, all at the touch of a button, making your comics look as good as they do in real life. This is available for all PSP models and is simple to use: just download the latest firmware (6.20) and select the “Digital Comics” icon under the “Extras” column on PSP’s XMB menu.

Be sure to check out the “free comics” category in the PlayStation Store, for a selection of comics that you can download for free. You’ll also find a great variety of titles from our partners at Marvel, IDW Publishing, Disney and more.

Enjoy superheroes across the game store, video store and comic store — when it comes to digital comics, this is the place to be! Stay tuned for more and more titles and, in the meantime, keep checking out what’s new in the PlayStation Store!

Head to for more information.

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WallyBee said:

June 23rd, 6:08 am

Is this also for the Netherlands ?

Francision69 said:

June 23rd, 6:11 am

Yay! DC is finally on the comic store!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Grace Chen said:

    June 23rd, 7:46 am

    Yes! The comics store will be published at around 9:00 AM (Pacific time). Check back soon!

OnesOwnGrief said:

June 23rd, 6:12 am

Great news and a Reader update. Now I can get some Batman and possibly GoW. Will you all be trying to get current series onto Comic Books store such as the latest series Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne?

adolson said:

June 23rd, 6:14 am

Sweet! Another 12-18 months and I will check this out, when it launches in Canada.

fpsfan548 said:

June 23rd, 6:15 am

i kinda wish this was avalable on the ps3

soundandvision77 said:

June 23rd, 6:16 am

This is great, but you really need to provide the service in Canada. Now that the video store is coming, can we expect to see the Comic store in Canada too? The PSP service looks really cool and may actually restore my interest in comics!

F-minus said:

June 23rd, 6:21 am

Hmm… this doesn’t tickle my fancy particularly, since ive never really got into comic stuff… But its nice to hear that Sony is taking care of there comic loving folks!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Grace Chen said:

    June 23rd, 7:48 am

    You can try out some of the free comics we have… it’s an easy way to see the features of the digital reader on the PSP.

Yayanator117 said:

June 23rd, 6:22 am

Wasn’t this already something we could already do or was it just for the psp go? I feel confused lol

remanutd5 said:

June 23rd, 6:22 am

hey Grace or Ro are we going to see kratos on the comic service one day ? i saw in one qore episode that there was a god of war digital comic coming to the system i think , anyways guys have you thought about bringing trophies , ability to send / receive messages from our psn friends , play online with them . i hope you take those features into consideration and try to add them if its possible to the little system , psp GO has brought me back to handheld gaming but im used to online play on my ps3 now and i have quite a few structure online multiplayer psp games ( Motorstorm Arctic Edge , ModNation Racers , Resistance Retribution , Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 and others ) please take it into consideration if its possible add those functions , imagine being able to talk to my psn friends through my psp

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Grace Chen said:

    June 23rd, 7:54 am

    There indeed is a God of War issue to be available later today.

DarkHawk2099 said:

June 23rd, 6:25 am

Really wish the comic reader was for the PS3 as well.

NoobianGod said:

June 23rd, 6:30 am

I haven’t seen this yet, but will there be intentions of including the graphic novels for Marvel or DC? I know if the DC graphic Novel for Batman’s – “The Long Halloween” or “Batman: Year One” would be GREAT buys!

If anyone is updating I’d love to see a response to this!

Thanks for the update!

Gaucho21 said:

June 23rd, 6:37 am

“Really wish the comic reader was for the PS3 as well.”

– DarkHawk2099


Dex_DarkDefender said:

June 23rd, 6:39 am

OMG OMG OMG !!!! wait up? just for the psp!!! *storms out of the room*

gamemasta123 said:

June 23rd, 6:50 am

where the f is shonen jump that stuf is awesomessss

Wilsonvolley said:

June 23rd, 7:00 am

Fantastic news! I can’t wait till all-star Superman is available on the store.

OnesOwnGrief said:

June 23rd, 7:11 am

They just added Left to Right reading so thats a strong sign that they are trying to at least get some manga onto the PSN store. As for this being on PS3, I’d pass on that as this would leave me not having much reason to keep my PSP. Also for those who haven’t figured it out, this was never PSPgo exclusive, just PSP exclusive.

gdogg666 said:

June 23rd, 7:19 am

hell yes hell yes hell yes kick*** sony :D

The1stMJC said:

June 23rd, 7:23 am

Stop trying to get in my wallet I can barely keep up with all the stuff pre DC. Now with DC my poor wallet…

goose_7 said:

June 23rd, 7:35 am

great that DC is coming out to the PSN Store but you guys are so slows releasing comics out on the store. I mean what stops me from reading certain comics on the store only to find out the story arc hasn’t been fully released so i can’t finish what i started. Since you guys are so slow rolling out comics on the PSN Store that it makes it difficult to invest in comics on the store. Also your psp comic book reader should be made to support CBR, CBZ, and PDF files.

Onvertic said:

June 23rd, 7:36 am

Thanks for the DC comics guys!

BigBangBear said:

June 23rd, 7:44 am

Love that DC has been added since they are mostly what I read these days and I don’t need/want to have the floppy of them all for long term keeping.

Now I just desperately want this to be available in Canada. Hopefully they can get around the language issue (needing English and French; if this is the hold up) some time before the end of the year. The E3 announcement of video coming to Canada was possibly the best one for me and gives me hope comics might be added in the near future.

Chuckbait said:

June 23rd, 7:48 am

Could we please get some new Dual Shock III controller colors? Purple, or Green, or that blue that you have in the picture there would be great choices. Considering that you have so many different psp colors, wouldn’t it only be natural to offer more colors for the ps3 controller?

Jrod87 said:

June 23rd, 7:58 am

Omg thank you Grace! Finally!

RoecraticA said:

June 23rd, 8:07 am

cool. but now?

KainDrake said:

June 23rd, 8:21 am

finally!! ^_^ what took you?
now all we need are the metal gear and silen hill comics from idw :)

gdogg666 said:

June 23rd, 8:22 am

gow comics woohoo hell yea

Dracorius said:

June 23rd, 8:50 am

Gasp! Are you guys hinting at more PSP colors???

FJ1100_rider said:

June 23rd, 8:50 am

since Canada is finally getting the video store are we going to get comics eventually too , and are there any plans to make comics available on ps3 as well like you did with minis ?
you’re missing a huge market to the north , we love comics as much as anybody .

PullusPardusUS said:

June 23rd, 8:54 am

does this include Vertigo comics such as the sandman (and spin offs) ?? if it did i’ll buy it in a heart beat , even though i own the comics.

artform-fazeone said:

June 23rd, 9:04 am

Wow! Grace Chen.. The Green Lantern: Rebirth is a good one.. This is a wicked update.. a 11 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

June 23rd, 9:13 am

Nice, finally and God of War too? Hopefully more Sony and videogame IPs to get comic releases like Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, infamous, etc

Craiji said:

June 23rd, 9:14 am

I promised you Sony, the moment I get home my PSN wallet shall be spent

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

June 23rd, 9:14 am

Also I’d love Motion Comics to be made available, I know there’s some on the video side, but those are awesome.

MainEv3nt_69 said:

June 23rd, 9:36 am

when is the comic store coming to Canada?

John_Oval said:

June 23rd, 9:42 am

I would really like to see this content come to Canada, I mean it took forever for us to get the video store, but we are finally getting it…so come on! We cant give you our money for comics unless you let us

John_Oval said:

June 23rd, 9:43 am

Also btw, If that PSP color was real, I would get that in an instant!

DaMann22 said:

June 23rd, 9:47 am

THANK YOU!!! Finally some DC love which as soon as I get my next paycheck ill check out where my cape-crusader is on Hush (not familiar with that series). But thanks a lot. Now just need to delete comics, oh wait you already did. Well nvm. Keep up the great work.

OnesOwnGrief said:

June 23rd, 9:50 am

<.< Looks like my question got totally sidestepped. Its third on the list for Christ sake… I have no problem with back issues but the fact that comic stores have declined and people typically have to put in some distance to reach them I would like to see newer series being release over PSN. That way I can at least be up-to-date with my favorite heroes.

emiru69 said:

June 23rd, 10:05 am

yes, yes, YES!!!! I was waiting for this!! Are guys going to put some kind of completely sagas on a bundle or something? That will be great!! Thanks either way and good luck.

nino1911 said:

June 23rd, 10:21 am

hey how do you delete comics

CoreWuzHere said:

June 23rd, 10:26 am

This is cool. Now I finally get to check out some DC comics.

dj128 said:

June 23rd, 10:32 am

I am glad you add God of War to the comic service

npro681 said:

June 23rd, 11:00 am

I love you guys. Thanks for the Fringe comics. Its just pure awesomeness.

I hope someday that we can have bundles of the comics. I’d love to be able to buy the whole set of fringe comics cheaper than I would pay for the individual issues.

Are we going to get the next part of the fringe comic series that is coming out later this summer?

Sakimori_X said:

June 23rd, 11:20 am


wanderer55 said:

June 23rd, 11:23 am

Looks like I am actaully going to get some comics on PSN. I might keep a eye on some Batman comics. And I didn’t know there was a Mirror’s Edge comic.0_0

Mosh_Pit said:

June 23rd, 11:49 am

Is this available for Canada?

jimmyfoxhound said:

June 23rd, 11:52 am

I WANT THAT BLUE PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWESuperstar said:

June 23rd, 12:14 pm

Yeah, that PSP is hot

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

June 23rd, 12:18 pm

Is a Canadian version of the service in the works? And where can I get that blue PSP? I just sold my black 2000 and bought lilac 3000, but I would love that blue one.

zooKreature said:

June 23rd, 12:39 pm

Is the psp comic reader the same as comiXology on iPhones? Or same developers?
I ask because I just got an email saying that DC is now on that reader, so I check the blog and psp also announced DC. And every week they both have very similar if not the same new comics released and same comics for free… Anyone else find this interesting?

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