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Jun 28

Jun 28

PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Now

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

UPDATE: Thanks for all of the feedback. Just a quick update, 3.40 has been released. In addition, PlayStation Plus is now available in the PlayStation Store.

We’re thrilled to hear that many of you are excited about the five star rating feature. This feature is retroactive for all of your PlayStation Store activity, so you can jump into the store right now and start rating all of your past purchases. Look for a “Rate” button on the product pages.

The PSN App on Facebook is also live. You can find it here:

Hi everyone, once again we’re adding new features to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system via firmware update to ensure we’re bringing you the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible. PS3 system software update (v3.40) will be available soon, adding the PlayStation Plus subscription, enhancements to the connection between your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts and more. Additionally, we’ll be launching system software update (v6.30) for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system simultaneously with PS3 system software update (v3.40), adding PlayStation Plus compatibility as well as other new features.

We’ve gone ahead and provided a few highlights from PS3 firmware update (v3.40) below:

  • PlayStation Plus: PlayStation Network users will be able to purchase membership to PlayStation Plus; a new subscription service on the PlayStation Network that provides you with new options to expand and enhance your gaming experience and enable you to gain an exclusive set of features and content. Friendly reminder, all of you PlayStation Network users will continue to have free access to PlayStation Network’s unmatched and expanding suite of new and exclusive features while PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive and expanding set of gaming features, content and functionality.
  • Photo Gallery: A new network based photo sharing feature is now available on the Photo Gallery. The enhancement allows you to upload, browse and comment on photos on Facebook and Picasa Web Album. You can also opt to share your photos between your PlayStation Network friends as well as print photos from Photo Gallery.
  • Video Editor & Uploader: Video Editor and Uploader is a new function found on the XrossMediaBar (XMB), which enables you to edit, save and upload video files stored on the PS3 system to sites such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Five Star Rating Support: Users can rate the PlayStation Store content they have purchased with one to five star ratings.
  • Power Save Settings: The default setting for PS3 System Auto-Off will be set at 2 hours, providing you with additional power save options and further improving power save features on the PS3 system.

photo Commentvideo upload

In addition to the latest features introduced in PS3 system software update (v3.40), a separate, new PlayStation Network application on will be made available. This builds upon what was previously launched with Trophies and the ability to publish purchases from the PlayStation Store. Now you can further integrate your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts with this new application. The application allows you to display your PlayStation Network profile on your Facebook account, find out which of your Facebook friends have a PSN account and send them a PlayStation Network friend request, view your PSN friends’ online status and add the PlayStation Network application tab to your Facebook user profile.

Add Friend Friends list PSN Tab

We’re very excited to be able to provide you with continued system software upgrades, which ensure your PS3 and PSP systems remain compelling offerings for years to come. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 and PSP systems, please visit and

Let us know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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colonel007 said:

June 28th, 2:49 pm

Oh an BTW, Eric Lempel needs to be fired!

ADR143 said:

June 28th, 2:49 pm

good update! hopefully we will be able to record some ingame footage soon.

kinda disappointed about no cross game chat but oh well.. it isnt really big to me.

ill pass on PSN plus until u guys added some new features that will make me buy it.

It will be nice if u guys make the xmb more slicker and our PSN profile looks boring

crazypeng1 said:

June 28th, 2:50 pm

The Facebook bit is helpful , you know, being able to friend people you know on facebook.

T3mpr1x said:

June 28th, 2:51 pm

Dunno if this will get answered, but what happens to my Qore subscription if it’s not elapsed and I buy PSN+? Do I get a pro-rated credit to my wallet since I’d effectively have two subscriptions to it?

valley428 said:

June 28th, 2:51 pm

everyones getting mad becase a RUMOR told them that cross game chat would be in this update. Now @145, theres a rumor saying they took it out at the last minute. Where do you guys get these ideas from?!!?! just be happy with what you got and get.

hutzit said:

June 28th, 2:51 pm

Wow, this is a great update. Thank you Playstation!!!

Mosh_Pit said:

June 28th, 2:52 pm

Not bad.

tpinkham030 said:

June 28th, 2:52 pm


dono_1994 said:

June 28th, 2:53 pm

ppbobby said:

June 28th, 2:53 pm

LOL no cross game chat? AGAIN? WHAT



Yea. Thats you sony. Every freaking firmware. Same old sht..Its ridiculous to think that youve guys been promising xgc for more than ..what? at least 2 years?

Did you guys break? Did you forget how to do anything? I mean, small ass features like these ones should have taken…like a day to freaking come up with.


Okay, now what do we do with the rest of the year…

hm….lets enhance our photo gallery no one uses!
YA!…. 6 months later, DONE!

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

June 28th, 2:53 pm

very nice update!
i just bought a 50$ card.
hopefully, i have 10$ left in my account for TAX! lol
i wish there’ll be GOOD deal, because i already own wipeout hd,
and shatters… anyways i already spend over 400$ on my account
and buy all “spring fever” deals. Why sold Wipeout HD
not even a month ago, and now you give it for free… samething for Killzone2 DLC everything you saled to us a month ago now you give it for free!
If i buy guitar hero bundle on PS3 “game, drum, guit, mic” at 199.99$ at walmart and a month later it goes on SALES at 149$
they’ll give me MY BALANCE money Back!
Come on guys you are tracking our every moves when we buy on your store, pls give credit for people who buy something, and then the same “software” goes in sale into the 3 month.

Anyway, count me in… 57$ worth “tryng”

DeadPool315 said:

June 28th, 2:53 pm

@ 136 multitasking has nothing to do w/it. i have adult ADD, i can do 10 things at once, XGC is still an idiotic thing. u want it that bad get an xbox. but u know they can’t touch our games/system. ask gabe newell

zombie_56 said:

June 28th, 2:53 pm

very good update thanks sony

starBlinky01 said:

June 28th, 2:55 pm

WHAT!! AWESOME! I cant believe you guys added the 5 star support for PSN games.. lol Thats actually the thing I am most excited about.. I know its silly, but I never thought you guys would EVER put that in.

Ill totally use the image uploader if more games support the ability to take photos in game.. more maybe in a future update add screen cap support so we can upload photos and.. maybe even videos?

(L) sony

DougR said:

June 28th, 2:55 pm

Woohoo! More useless crap nobody wants!

Sony, seriously. You’ve asked your users time and again what features they want to see in future updates. Virtually none of these things were ever suggested.

Don’t bother us with pseudo-features that no one wants or will use. Here’s a list of things we actually need:
1) cross-game chat
2) integrated Netflix playback (no disc required)
3) server-side game data storage option — so we can play all games at friends’ houses without having to manually copy (or worse yet, be prevented from copying) our game data files.

Enforcer_X said:

June 28th, 2:56 pm

How about an upgrade path for sub accounts to become master accounts so they too can take advantage of the Facebook integration etc.
Also a web portal to manage system activations/deactivations would be a huge win since we are solely responsible for our PSN accounts.

Yoinazek said:

June 28th, 2:57 pm

And here I was thinking PS3 was a gaming console…

SpyDudeFX said:

June 28th, 2:57 pm

Wow EU gets a really cool branded Plus store and we get such a plain store? lol

The3D-Artist said:

June 28th, 2:57 pm

So what happens to the current video editing software on the system, “EyeCreate”? Does that get replaced/upgraded or will there now be two? Forgive me if this was answered already.

guy209 said:

June 28th, 2:57 pm

this is a great update. I was wondering what you would put in this and you kicked ass!!!! anyways in the next update can we have the ability to review games and delete 0 percent trophies

SalMoriarty said:

June 28th, 2:58 pm

I second the Flickr support

PaperCarrier said:

June 28th, 2:58 pm

There are so many different ideas posted in PS Blog Share now that it’s hard to tell if even one idea was even taken from there. Please post to indicate which of these ideas were taken from Blog Share (if any) and who the submitter was. Thank you!

KellyJaye said:

June 28th, 2:59 pm

Will this update give Facebook subaccount support?

JuanPARADOX said:

June 28th, 2:59 pm

Its kinda sneaky that he is not answering or replying to our posts.. sneaky…sneaky sneakkyyy

pickupdoctor said:

June 28th, 3:00 pm

Sony said they are currently working on cross game chat feature and you will see it before 2010 is over.

Also Netflix app is coming in November (Microsoft paid Netflix 20 million dollars for exclusive – read no DVD needed – which will expire in November exactly 2 years from the day XBOX LIVE got it)

Those updates are great, I am getting PSN+, love idea of system updates, game updates, Free DLC, Free Games, Demo’s being pushed to my console, Star Rating etc.

GreyFoXX4 said:

June 28th, 3:01 pm

“hey Eric, I notice that sony’s qriocity website lets you see how many PSN activations you have used…any chance we could get that kind of info on the playstation website?”

At 31, how do you check and see how many activations do you have on that site. I’m there right now but don’t see anything to do that with. Also I have 5 supposedly activated while 1 is my ps3 and 1 is my psp, and other 3 I have NO idea why they are activated lol.

But yea would like to see how to chk on that site.

ppbobby said:

June 28th, 3:01 pm



Lets have yo uguys put all your effort into the photo gallery!


we have all been suggesting BAD ASS PHOTO GALLERY. LEts make it crazy, stuff flying around in the back grounds, online leader boards of the baddest ass photos!

Oh hell ya! Crazy awesome rating system, friends list, video chatting while you browse each others AWESOME photos. God yes. This is what we want sony, f*k the games, give us an amazing photo gallery. Its what i want out of my gaming console.

Aramis70 said:

June 28th, 3:01 pm

thank you Sony for new firmware update ,
To all who are complaining about not having cross voice chat yall need to be patient and stop complaining and be greatful for the features that we do have and not what you don’t have, Sony will eventually give us cross voice chat.

rAdIOhEad73 said:

June 28th, 3:03 pm

@151 is NOT a rumor, the original Press Release for Firmware 3.40 showed Cross Game Chat as feature of the PSN + service, it even said that you could chat with no PSN+ friends.
Even some official SONY sites in Europe published this press release only to be taken down quickly by SONY.
Don’t be fooled people, Cross Media Chat is done and working since long time ago, and it was supposed to debut in this firmware, they just decided to inexplicably take it out of this update

Jeigh said:

June 28th, 3:04 pm

Awesomeness Sandwich. I’m super-special-awesome psyched for the video editor.

Though I won’t be touching that Facebook thing, in good part because of what I’ve read about trophy updates being made in a massive series of spam-posts rather than in bulk (at least on the first update). I don’t think the problem was ever acknowledged, so I can’t be sure a solution was ever made.

favian said:

June 28th, 3:05 pm

is there going to be alternate option to wipeout hd if you already own it? (i’d be content with the wipeout fury expansion pack)

GreyFoXX4 said:

June 28th, 3:05 pm

@170, then why does my Tivo get netflix without a disk?

favian said:

June 28th, 3:05 pm

@174, not only is it not a rumor, sony executives have already confirmed it. multiple times.

hamma11 said:

June 28th, 3:05 pm

they better have PSN+ Cards

Jeigh said:

June 28th, 3:06 pm

@ 174

Ha! Good one. They’ve got it done and are just holding on to it because they hate you. Just for your information, this IS the original Press Release. Anything you read elsewhere is a fabrication and I’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of ’em- especially for fw2.00 way back when.

LegendSoldierX said:

June 28th, 3:06 pm

Will I be able to use the Facebook features on my account, which is a sub account?

favian said:

June 28th, 3:06 pm

@ 177. What he said was accurate. Microsoft paid for a time exclusivity for netflix for consoles. Tivo is not a console

Tony2519 said:

June 28th, 3:06 pm

ugh, still no cross game chat.

this stuff is useless to me.

dont take it to heart playstation….i still love you <3

JaKhris said:

June 28th, 3:07 pm


While this update looks very nice, I think you should start taking a look at the Share website you’ve created, or more exactly, let us know you’ve seen it.

I, for one, would like to know if this is being looked into: http:*//*com/ideas/2010/03/17/trophy-presence-and-profile-apis/ -REMOVE ASTERISK (*)




waypoetic said:

June 28th, 3:07 pm

What the hell do we need video editing for? There’s not one single game out there that lets you record gameplay and save it on the harddrive.

nas2344 said:

June 28th, 3:07 pm

its great all these features but were are what we really WANT?? like cross game chat and .mkv and .flac support???

Stevenb said:

June 28th, 3:07 pm

how about skype on the xnb and bam there’s cross game chat.

falcon07elensar said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

WHAT?! best update ever just because of the video editor. It Only Does Everything!

KNRasengan said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

The video editor seems interesting. I upload some gameplay to YouTube sometimes and by the way this is going, I think that if games could record gameplay and save to the hard drive, it would be great!

rossthebassist said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

I assume this update is happening today, on the eu blog the post says avalible later today, its 11pm in the UK, its after midnight in some of the EU countrys so it could be in the next hour if they are going UK time. could be early morning EU time.

intresting tho

Letters2Kay said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

Video editor sounds awesome. I’ve needed some good editting software for awhile now. Hopefully it’ll support all current video formatting and hopefully we’ll see more codec support for videos in general (though I’m pretty happy with the current support)! Rating stuff on the PSN Store is a great idea. I know I’ll go back and rate all my favorite- and least favorite- purchases after the update. Hopefully I can help at least one person avoid wasting money on ‘Unbound Saga’ and instead persuade them to buy a truly excellent title like ‘Age of Zombies’ instead. Good work. Like the idea of better Facebook integration and can’t wait for Plus! Amazing update, thanks, guys… :)

…to P2

Letters2Kay said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

…from P1

Now if you can just keep my latest replacement unit from YLODing in 9 months, I’ll never ask for anything ever again. Seriously, a quick game data backup that allows us to copy all of our save data only (including the copy-protected files) into a small packet on an external HD would be much appreciated (rather than a full system backup that takes several hours of my PS3’s ever-diminishing lifespan). I’m so sick of losing all or a great deal of my save data every year or so when my console has to be replaced. You know it’s becoming a problem, at least give us an easy way to maintain our gamesaves, please.

BlooodyCow said:

June 28th, 3:08 pm

@50 guitalex2007
And xbox live has a game rating system and now the PSN got it. What is your point?
A Universal Party system and Cross-Game chat should have already been implemented in the PS3 for at least 3 years now. If anyone can remember, Sony showed cross-game chat and a universal party system back in there E3 2006 Press Conference.
I may be a Sony fanboy, but I am no blind fanboy like 50% of these people in the comment section.

S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R said:

June 28th, 3:09 pm

Hi Eric,

I would love to have some additional music visualizations added in a future firmware update. Or even add them to the Playstation Store for those who would like them. Seems like it wouldn’t take much time or effort to add some new visuals. Also the web browser could use some tweaks and added functionality such as updated Flash player support.


AngleofDeath696 said:

June 28th, 3:09 pm

What about MKV support?

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