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Jun 29

Jun 29

PlayStation Plus: Available Today

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

You heard the announcement at E3 and read even more details last week. Today, we’re excited to officially announce the availability of PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus Logo

You can purchase a three-month package or a one-year package on the PlayStation Store now. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package is available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the one-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive set of features and content of PlayStation Plus. And remember to check back in each month as we continue to add new content and features for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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GrayWolf323 said:

June 29th, 12:55 pm

will there be a discount for current Qore subscribers?

JuAnM269 said:

June 29th, 12:55 pm

As I read all the comments the one thing that really gets me is the people that complain about a service they don’t even own. They also want to compare it to X-Box Live. Well since I own both let me tell you that live is no better. You get 1 vs 100, Netflix, Exclusive Demos, Party Mode, Early Access to Arcade titles, and get to play online with other Live members. Now all that for 49.99 and if you don’t subscribe or no not renew guess what…… You No Longer Get To Use These Features. Now the reason I brought up Netflix is because Hulu Announced Hulu Plus for 9.99 a month and I have a feeling that it will only be for Playstation Plus Subcriptions that also costs 49.99 a year and I have a really strong feeling that when sony announces this people will complain and want it free because they pay 49.99 for Plus. Well you pay for Netflix Monthly on top of xbox live service. Sorry for the rant but I felt that I needed that off my chest.

Blakmaphia-Kiros said:

June 29th, 12:57 pm

I thought there was going to be a trail service first. That was also announced at E3. i didnt want to have to buy it to try it.

I mean I will buy it eventually buy it, but I still wanted to try it out first…

AceBeeDee said:

June 29th, 12:59 pm


mkli123 said:

June 29th, 12:59 pm

I bought an Xbox instead.

mrkeith said:

June 29th, 1:03 pm

EU got hooked up way more. The USA only got Wipeout HD. I wanted that LittleBigPlanet!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys should read the deal that Japan has. It looks like crap what they got.

SpyDudeFX said:

June 29th, 1:09 pm

Where are the two promised dynamic themes each month? We have one static theme so far…

BusyManDan said:

June 29th, 1:12 pm

How about us who already paid for qore. We are the ones who are getting the shaft. I would sign up but I work hard for my money and I don’t like throwing money away.

RIDGEMAN68 said:

June 29th, 1:12 pm

Should i get it? I’m not a hardcore gamer but i still do play my share of great games. Is it worth the 50?

svd246 said:

June 29th, 1:12 pm

Go to get it today, going to buy $50 PSN Card and get the 3 months for PSN+, $17.99, and going to buy Fat Princess (New Version, which includes all the newest updates, all the original add-ons, and the new one that came out today Fat Princess Fat Rolls).

NoobianGod said:

June 29th, 1:16 pm

For how long is the promotional 3 months available? Till the end of the day today? End of this week? End of this month?

Or until further notice?

NoobianGod said:

June 29th, 1:17 pm

Correction: For how long are the EXTRA 3 months available?

JoeDierte said:

June 29th, 1:17 pm

I believe Qore was a test bed for PS Plus. Please don’t forget your loyal Qore subscriber’s PSN! …we love you! ;)

Ruffday said:

June 29th, 1:25 pm

So far I give Psn+, a *** rating! I just got it this morning and have had no change in gaming habits or experience. Though I would like to see a discount in movie prices also, now that would be a plus.

Lemon047 said:

June 29th, 1:28 pm

So im Happy That Playstation Plus is out … What I Dont understand is why I should Have too Buy a 50 dollar PSN Card … and Then Have to Buy a 20 dollar PSN Card just to cover the Tax … It Doesnt seem right to me. I Think you should have Priced it out so we could just Simply have bought Playstation Plus With a sigle 50 dollar PSN Card For the 1 Year Subscription. Thanks.


June 29th, 1:33 pm

Got it last night…Keep the good times coming SONY

Jahkohbus said:

June 29th, 1:39 pm

i dont see any problems with it its all beneficial

mestresan said:

June 29th, 1:40 pm

I won’t buy because it don’t have the CROSS-GAME CHAT …

AceBeeDee said:

June 29th, 1:40 pm

WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, all this is just paying to have access to stuff on the store?? it has nothing to do w/ anything else but store downloads?? are you serious? why would u pay for that? lol i mean just buy the stuff in the store!?!!? like im gonna pay u to buy stuff! AND WHERE THE EFF ARE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF AVATARS ALREADY!!!!!!! i was ready to sign up cuz for some reason i thought you were gonna get access to the motherload of Avatars. i see two FP ‘tars. And this content updates once a month?? better make that weekly, bo’

JeriKu said:

June 29th, 1:41 pm

They removed Fieldrunners from the avaliable content?

.. and gave us a non-animated Theme?


I suddenly feel upset at the broken promises.

Tman_Slice said:

June 29th, 1:55 pm

NO, THANK YOU!! Maybe in a year or so. Early adopter purchasing my PS3 and Qore. Yet to get the full value of my $600.00 machine and the content for Qore simply fell off of the map as of late.

emiru69 said:

June 29th, 1:57 pm

They mentioned that the games, minis and PS One game would available during the first month! It’s first day!! Calm down people!

Benleslie5 said:

June 29th, 1:59 pm

I’m guessing we’ll get the free the 3 month supscribtion eithe rby this week or next week on PSN?

bdavid81 said:

June 29th, 1:59 pm

Not interested on the debut. At E3, it was made to believe that we could use the service for 3 months free to try it, not 3 months free if we buy the year subscription.

And, I don’t like the “free as long as your subscription lasts.” for games like Wipeout HD. You should leave the freebies out all together if that’s the way it has to be.

We’ll see – maybe something will change that makes me want it, but the ‘deals’ right now aren’t on anything decent, therefore I don’t feel like they offset the cost enough to make me anywhere near interested.

D34DL1N3R said:

June 29th, 2:06 pm

I was quite excited and more than ready to pay for a yearly subscription EVERY year, until I found out the specifics. I firmly believe that the user should be able to download THEIR choice of one free PSN and one free PS1 title each month… rather than what Sony want’s to shove down our throats. And the PSN DLC discount is also only on what THEY offer to us? How lame.

I already own everything being offered in the first month, so where is the incentive? And what happens if I already own everything next month, and the month after? Nothing happens, that’s what. And there is no incentive.

If you were to get a yearly membership at Sam’s Club or Costco, would it only apply to select merchandise? Would the discount’s only apply to items that THEY wanted to apply a discount to? I think not.

PSN+ is like a stupid book of the month club where you get a discount on books (at least they give you a choice of which books you want) and a monthly “publishers choice” title (which usually sucks).

I love my PS3 far more than my 360 in terms of gaming in general but XBL is STILL kicking the crap out of the PSN, regardless of + or not.

C’mon Sony! Get something right for a change!

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 2:15 pm

Im still missing the following:
*Field Runners

****Sony previous Blog about PSN+ states:
“First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.”

mikedo2007 said:

June 29th, 2:18 pm

Nice to hear and see people are giving Playstation+ a chance. It does look promising and I hope it can do well. I might give it a try if I put some money on my PSN wallet.

GGCAN said:

June 29th, 2:20 pm

@ 223 – Benleslie5

Where did you get the idea that you’ll get 3 free months of PSN +.

If you read the Blog or the PSN store….3 months are 17.99 and if you get the yearly subscription which is 49.99, you’ll automatically get 3 free months added to the year.

There was NO promise of PSN + being free for 3 months without getting the yearly subscription.

emiru69 said:

June 29th, 2:23 pm

Hahaha people are so funny!! I imagine someone renting a car and saying “oh, I stopped paying the fee but I want to keep the car, we are cool right?” give me a break. I pay money to get XBL and I never received ANYTHING, A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Not a nice theme, or a free game not even a nice wallpaper. Here I pay approximately the same quantity of money and I have minis, games, wallpapers, PSOne game… it’s just another optional feature, don’t like it, don’t pay it!! Also you still having the free online.

But people still whining, and whining, and whining. I really envy MS fans meaning at least they don’t have to read negative comments every 5 seconds and they receive the new updates and offers with open arms. With the other console you can’t go online but you don’t find a whining kid complaining constantly in the forum. Also, read the blog before post anything, most of the comments and complaints have already been answered before!

iCyCo said:

June 29th, 2:24 pm

Give me back the abilty to use credit cards without AVS (Entropay) and I’ll surely get this

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 2:24 pm

Im still missing the following:
*Field Runners

****Sony previous Blog about PSN+ states:
“First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.”

hardknock55 said:

June 29th, 2:26 pm

as far as i know qore isnt apart of ps+ because i got the 50yr plan and qore is still up for $29.99 and we didnt get fieldrunners?!?! why? i dont know! but i love having wipeout hd and age of zombies those games are fun, but its only the first day who knows whats to come and i already got 2 new trophies with my new ps+ games, i heard we might be gettin hulu added to ps+ soon by next week, and why wont the new video uploader work with the ps eye? thats wierd! but hopefully we see great things from the new ps+ service in the future, and people please $50 a year(a whole 365 days) isnt that much for all the stuff we’re getting, so stop complaining, if your not gettin ps+ ok oh well who cares? really? fw v3.40 was more of an entertainment update than a gaming update and thats fine with me.


June 29th, 2:28 pm

They are not free. You are paying $50 a year to borrow them. If there is a lot of content to check out it might be worth paying $50 a year just to try multiple things before buying them or I could research online and save my money to OWN a game INSTEAD OF RENTING them.

emiru69 said:

June 29th, 2:30 pm

@230, D-Roca, I’m missing that too but maybe it’s available later with the PS Store update? Also, I’m getting an error when I try to enter in the store, does anyone has the same problem?

EMPTYclipzzz said:

June 29th, 2:30 pm

I want it is awesome can’t w8 to get it and have fun I hope the were be a lot of stuff

GGCAN said:

June 29th, 2:31 pm

@ 230 – d-Roca.

I subscribed to Qore, however, Qore normally comes out the first week (sometimes the 2nd) of the month.

It’s only month end right now, so I think you may want to see if Qore is delivered next month at the normal time it comes out.

I purchased PSN + last night after updating to FW 3.40.

I’ve got many of the games that are free, but hoping as per Jack Trenton stating at E 3 that Sony realizes they must deliver on this service to keep people interested.

If I’m not happy with the service after my 15 mths is up, I just won’t renew, but I’ve got a feeling PSN + is going to be a very good deal.

If you don’t want + don’t purchase it, you’ll still have the normal access Online, but there are many people out there that do want this extended service.


June 29th, 2:32 pm

A question I have is when we use PlayStation Plus to get Qore and since Qore has free downloadables from time to time, do we get to keep those when our PlayStation Plus subscription expires?

ThEosSiE said:

June 29th, 2:34 pm

I’m not sure if anyone’s reading this, but I’ve always jumped to purchase new content and services on PSN.. I’ve bought most the games (including most of what’s free and discounted with Plus right now) and I jump on Qore when it was launched. Now I’m not doing anything different with Plus, as I purchased my year as soon as it was available. It’s a good deal, but not for me right now.

I’ve read that Wipeout HD will be free this month, and I’m glad people will be able to play it since it’s a really good game. I bought it day 1. I’m glad people will be able to try-out inFAMOUS. It’s a game I think PS3 owners should buy. I bought it launch week, and I’ve played to 100% completion. The discounts are cool too, but I’ve bought all but two of the games discounted.

I think I’ve purchased Plus more for the features, so at this point I’m disappointed. The one feature we have isn’t nothing to really get excited for. So I’m hoping you’re being honest when you mention you’ll “continue to add new” “features for PlayStation Plus subscribers” since which now I’ve bought in but now I’m in wait and see mode.

darth_soul said:

June 29th, 2:36 pm

@230 and @233:

For some reason, Wipeout HD *was* available last night, then it vanished a short time after that. When I signed up for PS+ as soon as I noticed it on the store (after 3.40 update last night), I picked it up, and I’ve been playing it a lot today already.

Right after I downloaded it, a friend who signed up for PS+ did the same, but mere minutes after he finished the free “purchase” through his shopping cart, after it was put on his download list, the game utterly vanished from the PS+ storefront. He was still able to download it through his downloads list, though.

I was thinking that the “vanishing” Wipeout had to do with the store perhaps automatically hiding it on the store list once you already had it (which would be a nice way of weeding things out in the store, perhaps), but it sure looks like it was released through PS+ and then removed within hours. I’ve heard nothing as to why.

Stoffinator said:

June 29th, 2:36 pm

Is Qore not a part of Plus?

raz2win said:

June 29th, 2:37 pm

i was excited
now not so much
if this is a monthly update next month gotta be better right
i got 50 bucks sony show me something in ps+ plus that makes me excited about it

emiru69 said:

June 29th, 2:40 pm

I can’t enter in the store right now, error 80023102, but I can check my trophies and I have the online, does anyone have the same problem?

ThEosSiE said:

June 29th, 2:40 pm

Ok.. now that I’ve gotten that out.. thanks.. I’m looking forward to seeing what “content” and “features” you have planned for us. :)

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 2:45 pm


Qore was suppose to be part of PSN+

here is the details Sony listed here in the previous PSN+ blog article:

“First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.”

GGCAN said:

June 29th, 2:51 pm

@ 243 – D-Roca.

It states ‘as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.” ‘

It says free montly episodes of Qore…it doesn’t say the day PSN + comes out, you’ll have access to Qore.

As I mentioned in an earlier post…Qore normally comes out either the 1st week or the 2nd of the month…this is month end….so I’d say we’re getting Qore either next week or the week after.

Qore subscribers only get it delivered at the beginning of the month, so I don’t know why you think PSN + users will be any different.

mrpaulryan said:

June 29th, 2:56 pm

Why do the European users get so much better stuff? They got two minis instead of one, free Killzone 2 map packs, Demolition Derby instead of crappy Rally Cross for the PS1, and two dynamic themes instead of our one non-dynamic theme. Not to mention a free copy of Little Big Planet just for signing up. Really lame, Sony. Make the content the same everywhere, at least in terms of value.

GGCAN said:

June 29th, 2:59 pm

@ 245 – mrpaulryan.

Europe got LBP and a few other games we didn’t, BUT….they also did not get the 3 free months for signing up for a yearly subscription.

KARAMO said:

June 29th, 3:02 pm

What I want to know is, if you guys are offering Wipeout HD, for free when you get PSN + and I already own, what do I get in place of that.

Enigma777 said:

June 29th, 3:11 pm

Weren’t we supposed to get Fieldrunners and Wipeout HD? Also 2 themes instead of 1?

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 3:12 pm


you get everything else except Wipeout HD….dont worry I’m in the same boat as you I also own Wipeout….but $50 for free content all year long is not that bad. but I do want the Qore service they promised

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