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Jun 29

Jun 29

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus

inFAMOUS Full Game Trial (Free and Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 6.88 GB

WipEout HD (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 977 MB

Rally Cross (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 103 MB

Age of Zombies (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 21 MB

Warhawk Fallen Star Pack (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 66 MB

Collision Theme (Free and Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 3.6 MB

Fat Princess: Pink Princess Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 100 KB

Fat Princess: Blue Princess Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File size: 100 KB

Fat Princess: Fat Roles Expansion Pack (PlayStation Plus price $3.99, original price $4.99)

Midway PlayStation Plus Sale
Gauntlet II (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Mortal Kombat II (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Rampage (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Rampart (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)

TikGames/Creat Studios PlayStation Plus Sale
Cuboid (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
Cuboid Booster Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $2.99)
Cuboid Bundle Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $4.99)
Cuboid Level Editor (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $3.99)
Hamsterball (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
Magic Orbz (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
Magic Orbz Booster Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $2.99)
Magic Orbz Jungle Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $2.99)
Magic Orbz Winter Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $2.99)
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $4.99)
Smash Cars (PlayStation Plus price $11.99, original price $14.99)
Smash Cars: Virus Run (PlayStation Plus price FREE, original price $2.99)
Wakeboarding HD (PlayStation Plus price $11.99, original price $14.99)


FIFA Soccer 10: FIFA Ultimate Team – Sale (now $2.49, original price $4.99)
LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival – Permanent Price Change (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly) by The Main Drag – Permanent Price Change (now $0.99, original price $1.99)
Super Stacker – Permanent Price Change (now $6.99, original price $9.99)
Trine – Permanent Price Change (now $9.99, original price $14.99)
Section 8 – Sale (now $14.99, original price $29.99)
LittleBigPlanet Saktue of Liberty Costume – Free (1 MB) **Limited Time Only

Downloadable Games

inFAMOUS ($29.99)
A massive explosion rips through six square blocks of Empire City, leveling everything and killing everyone in its path… everyone, except you! Feel what it’s like to be granted incredible powers… how you use them is up to you. The consequences of your actions will affect you, the citizens, and the city around you. You’ll develop and grow your powers, and eventually uncover the purpose of it all.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 6.9 GB

Game Demos (free)

Lego Harry Potter Demo
Connect the bricks from Privet Drive to the Triwizard Tournament and experience the magic and adventure of Harry Potter and his friends through the first four movies and books – LEGO style! Explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learn spells, brew potions, and relive the adventures of the beloved series mixed with the humor and customization unique to LEGO games!
ESRB Rated E10+
File size: 743 MB

Add-on Game Content

Fat Princess: Fat Roles ($4.99)
Ninjas, Pirates and Giants! OH MY!! Now you can add three new classes to Fat Princess and gain the upper hand against your enemy! Download the Fat Princess: Fat Roles Expansion pack today to add the new classes and expand your battle royale experience!
File size: 100 KB

PAIN: Sergeant Jay Character ($0.99)
Load up your PAIN launcher with some serious authority using the Sergeant Jay downloadable character! Jay finished his training at the top of his class back in the day, and he is always looking to enforce the full extent of the law on anyone who misbehaves. His old school outfit and hat show off an imposing stature, capable of withstanding plenty of PAIN. Download Sergeant Jay today and start putting others back in line!
File size: 100 KB

DJ Hero: Dance Party Mix Pack ($7.99)
Get ready for some of the hottest singles to ever hit the dance floor, remixed to really set your turntables on fire: “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga vs “Girls On Film” by Duran Duran, “Buttons” by Pussycat Dolls and “S.O.S.” by Rihanna. For all song credits please visit www.djhero.com.
File size: 41 MB

Super Street Fighter IV: Super Classic Costume Pack ($3.99)
Download the seventh pack of alternate costumes for Super Street Fighter IV! New costumes for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long are included. Show everyone that legends never die, and never go out of fashion! Only available for use with Super Street Fighter IV.
File size: 100 KB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Waialae CC ($9.99)
Take on Waialae’s beautiful championship course that is nestled between Hawaii’s spectacular Koolau mountain range and the stunning blue Pacific Ocean. Test your skills on this top rated course design that features a unique layout.
File size: 185 MB

Trinity Universe – Healing Idol Pack ($0.99)
“I want to give you a thank you gift for always cheering us on!
10 Life Pieces, 10 Blessing Nuts, and 10 Silver Ore!
Plus! I’ll even add 3 Anchors and 100,000G to that!
Please keep supporting me until I really become a super idol!
100,000 G, Life Piece x10, Blessing Nut x10, Silver Ore x10, Anchor x3
File size: 100 KB

Trinity Universe – Kanata’s Adventure Pack (free)
“Oh! 10 Cure Grass and 10 Relief Grass!
And this is… an EMT Set?!
That’s why I can’t stop going on adventures!
Cure Grass x10, Relief Grass x10, EMT Set x5
File size: 100 KB

Trinity Universe – Monsters Souls Pack (free)
“Beep… beep… beep!
I took these home after I mega-crushed some monsters!
300 Monster Souls and 300 Small Souls. I also got 100 Beast, Orc, Bird, Undead and Fairy Souls.
Isn’t Macaroon so awesome?!”
File size: 100 KB

Trinity Universe – Their Voices Pack ($1.99)
“All of our secret battle voices (including mine) will be unlocked!
Hm-hahahahaha! Grow intrigued by my heroic voice! Yes, I am the Dark Hero Luci…Gyahh!
Hey, Valkyrie! Don’t kick me during my explanation! ”
File size: 100 KB

Trinity Universe – Universal Beauty Pack ($1.99)
“Hmhmhm. Hmhmhmhm.
I’ll give you “Friendship Power,” “Magic Protection,” “Mind’s Eye Lock,” “Luck Disabler,” “Vitality Surge,” “Fairy Supporter,” “Black Satellite,” and “Big Bang Nova”…I prepared a great collection of Meteorites, one unit per color. If you buy this, you will be the hero of this game.
Friendship Power, Magic Protection, Mind’s Eye Lock, Luck Disabler, Vitality Surge, Fairy Supporter, Black Satellite, Big Bang Nova”
File size: 100 KB

Guitar Hero
For all song credits please visit www.guitarhero.com.

  • “Fireflies” – Owl City ($1.99)
  • “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga ($1.99)
  • “This Love” – Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • Pop Track Pack 01 ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack featuring “Fireflies” by Owl City, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, and “This Love” by Maroon 5. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File size: 37 – 42 MB (singles), 116 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit www.RockBand.com.

  • “Burn It To The Ground” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • “Figured You Out” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • “Never Again” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • “Photograph” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • “Rockstar” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • “This Afternoon” – Nickelback ($1.99)
  • Nickelback Pack 01 ($9.99) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Nickelback Pack 01. This pack includes “Burn It To The Ground”, “Figured You Out”, “Never Again”, “Photograph”, “Rockstar”, and “This Afternoon” by Nickelback.

Rock Band Network

  • “American Dream” by Silverstein ($1.99)
  • “Battle Royale” by The Word Alive ($0.99)
  • “Kick Some Ass ’09” by Stroke 9 ($1.99)
  • “Sick” by Bif Naked ($1.99)
  • “Undone” by All That Remains ($1.99)

File size: 24 – 37 MB (singles), 196 MB (track pack)

PlayStation Home Add-Ons

PlayStation Home Starter Pack ($4.99)
The PlayStation Home Starter Pack has everything you need to get started in Home. Take advantage of this great value now!
File size: N/A


Final Fight: Double Impact Poison Avatar ($0.49)
File size: 110 KB

Mega Man 10 Avatar ($0.49)
File size: 100 KB

Super Street Fighter IV Avatars (x5) ($0.49)
File size: 109 – 122 KB

Game Videos (free)

Backbreaker Trailer
File size: 19 MB (SD), 24 MB (HD)

Singularity: Cause And Affect Trailer
File size: 72 MB (HD), 126 MB (1080)

Voodoo Dice – Launch Trailer
File size: 49 MB (HD)

MAG Interdiction Mission Pack Trailer
File size: 53 MB (HD), 91 MB (1080)

ModNation Racers PSP Launch Trailer
File size: 69 MB (HD), 115 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

Percy Jackson Theme (US Only) ($1.99)
File size: 5.63 MB

Trinity Universe – Theme 01: Kanata ($1.99)
File size: 4.18 MB

Trinity Universe – Theme 02: Tsubaki ($1.99)
File size: 6.35 MB

Trinity Universe – Theme 03: Rizelea ($1.99)
File size: 6.51 MB

Trinity Universe – Theme 04: Lucius ($1.99)
File size: 6.6 MB

ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
File size: 3.11 MB

Terran Marines Premium Theme ($1.99)
File size: 8.41 MB

Terran 3020 Premium Theme ($1.99)
File size: 8.35 MB

Wallpapers (free)

Fat Princess Fat Roles Wallpaper
File size: 385 KB (HD)

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play ($9.99)
Arcade Action Anywhere! Now you can play Midway’s classic arcade games anywhere. anytime.
ESRB Rated M
File size: 448 MB

Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip ($19.99)
“Take the fun and excitement of Tennis anywhere in a whole new Hot Shots Tennis adventure for your PSP system. Ace, volley and smash your way
through a brand new cast of Hot Shots characters. Travel around the globe unlocking exotic venues, courts and crazy Hot Shots equipment! Do you have the skills to take on the challenge?”
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.05 GB

Bejeweled 2 PSP ($9.99)
For gem-matching fun on the run, play the best-selling Bejeweled 2 now available on your PSP (PlayStation Portable) system! Match sparkling gems three at a time to make them burst in showers of color and points. Match four or more to create flashy power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos. Every match is high-carat fun!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 57 MB

PSP Minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Mahjonng Solitaire – Minis ($2.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 8.84 MB

Arcade Darts – Minis ($3.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 23 MB

Stellar Attack – Minis ($4.49)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 34 MB

Egypt Engineering An Empire – Minis ($3.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 21 MB

Hello Flowerz! – Minis ($4.99)
ESRB Rated E
File size: 14 MB

Add-on Game Content (also available from PS3 Storefront)

LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival – Official Strategy Guide ($1.99)
Check out the official strategy guide for LocoRoco Midnight Carnival! Explore full detailed maps of all levels AND replay movies! Zoom-in on details and information! All pages include in-game music for your viewing pleasure! Refresh your memory on basic controls, as well as tips and techniques!
File size: 328 MB

LittleBigPlanet PSP – Fantasy Level Kit (free)
Help yourself to a luxuriant free background. With elegant icy mountains and a shimmering river you can add a fantastic fantasy feel to your level. NOTE: Manual Update required
File size: 1.13 MB


LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival Bundle ($9.99)
Experience the newest LocoRoco adventure to it’s fullest in this incredible bundle that includes the full game of LocoRocoTM Midnight Carnival , additional levels with the Midnight Carnival BuiBui Level Pack, and a special Midnight Carnival Strategy Guide!
File size: 531 MB

Game Videos (free)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Walkthrough Video #2
File size: 15 MB

ModNation Racers PSP Launch Trailer
File size: 11 MB

Add Your Own


June 29th, 4:17 pm

Oh, and for anyone wondering, I checked out the Playstation Home Bundle just now. It’s the Paris Clock Tower Apartment, a bunch of furniture, the picture frame, and 10 costumes, 5 female and 5 male. Not a bad deal.

DiscoJer said:

June 29th, 4:23 pm


The PC Engine and Neo-Geo are video game systems that the PSP (and PS3) can emulate, much like it does the PS1. The PC Engine was known in the US as the Turbo-Grafx 16

In Japan you can buy games for these systems from PSN.

I don’t expect to see them here, considering the difficulty that SCEA has in getting PSP and PS1 games up on PSN. But in Japan it’s a much different story. Though to be fair, the ESRB did rate a few Neo-Geo games a few months back, so we might see those (wouldn’t count on it though).

KidCommando said:

June 29th, 4:27 pm

For those asking questions:

Don’t ever expect a direct answer from the posts of Grace Chen or Susan Panico. Their ‘Senior’ titles don’t allow time for answering questions from peasants of the Blog. They are above you all and they could care less about your concerns.

If I didn’t already know better, I would be asking about Fieldrunners and the dynamic theme for Plus subscribers as well.

GTCarlson said:

June 29th, 4:29 pm

Where’s my free fieldrunners game as stated in the PS+ press announcment? At least tell us if you’re spreading themes and some content over the month.

glody said:

June 29th, 4:29 pm

To this day, I dont understand why anyone would want to download 6+GB onto their Playstation 3 for one single game…Why not just buy the disk instead. If you installed 10-20 games at 6GB each, thats one full harddrive. No sir, not me. ;)

Also, if I want to “try out” a game I’ll just roll down to the nearest video store and RENT the thing for 3 dollars and play it until I get my fix. Certainly dont need to spend $50+ dollars per year on a silly “booster” membership.

Heres a challenge for you SONY. Bring some real solid features to the table. Things that are TRULY innovative for this industry and XMB environment. Then I just might consider giving you a little of my hard earned cash.

XScreamingEagleX said:

June 29th, 4:31 pm

wow thats alot of stuff!!

can someone tell me what subscription fee again?

and also, you get Qore too?


goose_7 said:

June 29th, 4:31 pm

what happened to the second free mini for playstation plus subscribers? as i recall every month you guys would release 4 free games, 1 psn game, 1 ps1 classic and 2 psp/ps3 minis.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

June 29th, 4:34 pm

@105 don’t forget DYNAMIC themeS

krae_man said:

June 29th, 4:35 pm

What happened to Freerunners being one of the Free Minis for PSN Plus members?

And why in the blue hell did we have to wait for the store publish for you to provide that list of content for plus members when every other region provided a list of content for the first two months a week ago?

teekomeeko said:

June 29th, 4:36 pm

I wonder if or how much inFamous has been compressed from the BD version. I guess that’s not interesting to most folks, but as a future animator I’d love to know about the compression rate from the original and maybe how they achieved it (if they needed it at all).

Anyway, really sweet update for sure, too bad I gotta wait a few weeks before I plop my money down for PSN+, but by then a different batch of freebies will be available and hopefully I won’t already own them :)

Seafea_ said:

June 29th, 4:36 pm

Whawhawhaaaat? Full game trial? I missed this detail. As in we get to play Infamous free for a limited time?

krae_man said:

June 29th, 4:38 pm

Holy Crap! Locoroco Midnight Carnival got the price drop it should have got before it even launched.


Thanks for finally giving me something for My PSP Go that isn’t insanly overpriced.

Keep it up and I’ll buy more stuffs. Keep that $40 price point and the dragging up is causes on all other prices and I’ll continue to buy nothing.

mrkeith said:

June 29th, 4:38 pm

going to be fun to see how they fit in the PS + stuff in the updates now :) Just subscribed for a year. Hopefully LBP slips into PS+. I never did buy the game

cbm22 said:

June 29th, 4:38 pm


awsome_robot said:

June 29th, 4:42 pm

so i read that the plus service automatically renews my subscription without my consent. i only use psn cards for purchases, so, will I owe Sony if i don’t subscribe again? How do you cancel plus? if i subscribe in june 29 – 30 will my subscription begin in may? i don’t want to use a month of the subscription for just 2 days left of the month.

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 4:42 pm

Where is Fields Runner, Qore and Wipeout for PSN+ members?


June 29th, 4:42 pm

im srry but this store update sucks becouse we got all this stuff last night. yesterday was monday not tuesday. this is a new day give us new stuff. it feels like all the stuff we got monday night just got put back in the store an yaall calling itnew

mrkeith said:

June 29th, 4:45 pm

D-Roca wipeout is on there. The icon disappeared last night but i downloaded it when it was appearing. Had to go through my download list and grab the demo then in the PS + page they have the unlock file for the full version

xSparkx said:

June 29th, 4:45 pm

Like many have pointed out, where is Field Runners?

stevelvl said:

June 29th, 4:46 pm

no ps1 classics? go figure.. u guys are good at forgetting them, -claps-

cbm22 said:

June 29th, 4:46 pm

this update realy sux i used 2 h8 360 but the slims bada$$ + I WNA USE VID EDITED SUM1 AT SONY UPLOAD A VID SO I CAN IF NOT MONDAYS UPDATE WAS POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

krae_man said:

June 29th, 4:46 pm

Oh and stop charging the same at retail for downloadable games. Infamous should be $19.99, $24.99 tops.

The sooner you kill that policy, the sooner stuff actually starts selling on PSN.

SpyDudeFX said:

June 29th, 4:47 pm

Guys WipeoutHD is there but only if you don’t already have it, otherwise it won’t show up since you own it. Qore begins with the July episode. The only thing missing would be Field Runners and the two dynamic themes for this month.

conda3 said:

June 29th, 4:49 pm

So is the PS3 going to do what the 360 does with its Games On Demand.

AceBeeDee said:

June 29th, 4:56 pm

Capcom rules again with the costume pack i’ve been waiting for and a slew of avatars!!

Fatguy2003 said:

June 29th, 5:00 pm

Commence the store update whiners….NOW! Seriously, get over it kids.

AlphaTribe2007 said:

June 29th, 5:01 pm

To everyone that is complaining:

Did they say that you would have everything in the first update?

Its a month window that they have to deliver what they said they were going to. If this if for the month of June then you have every right to complain, but I think this starts for the month of July and if that is the case then they have to the end of July to get you what was promised.

SpyDudeFX said:

June 29th, 5:03 pm

Alpha that’s true but they didn’t say the content would be spread out over the month and also said “at launch” which means day one. In every market Plus content launches on one day each month for that cycle.

xSparkx said:

June 29th, 5:03 pm

“First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show”


EatDeath said:

June 29th, 5:04 pm

I think a separate one of these posts needs to be made for Playstation Plus, because this update was hard to read with all the stuff up there.

KILLZONE79 said:

June 29th, 5:06 pm

This is strange how can infamous full game be downloadable? I thought infamous uses 50GB or 60GB on a single bluray disk.

SyphonFusion said:

June 29th, 5:06 pm

Still not worth getting. Some of the content on there people already have, it’s like spending money for nonsense. People won’t say anything because they are too busy being fan boys and protecting the console or they already own the content and not providing the correct feedback.

This service is not working well, why can’t we choose one game we want from each of the PSone, minis and exclusives category or give us a certain amount of cash in our wallets every month so we can purchase our content while we keep the automatic updates/patches, discounts, Qore and early betas. That way no one can complain if they already own something.

This is the reason why I won’t bother to get the service because I feel like I’m also going to be fed with things I don’t want. Every gamer has their own taste and opinion towards a game. There is no game out there that is 100% demanding. Please refurbish the service.


June 29th, 5:09 pm

PSN PLUS IT SUCK NOT WORTH IT RIGHT UNLESS YALL ADD ALOT MORE FEATURES CROSSGAME CHAT it really its really sorry i cant believe yall done us like this

woz3323 said:

June 29th, 5:11 pm

For those complaining about PS+, remember that no one is forcing you to buy it. Outside of PS+ content, the update is lackluster, but it’s not like those haven’t happened before. Not every update will suit everyone. As for the discounts only being PS+, remember that a year or so ago, discounts didn’t exist; this is something relatively new so count your blessings. For a company that owes us nothing extra, they are doing a fabulous job. We all bought a PS3 for what it is and not for what it will become. If you did, any product or service will disappoint.

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 5:17 pm

the facebook feature on “Photo Gallery” is awesome
anyone who’s into face should try it

cbm22 said:

June 29th, 5:18 pm


zopi-san said:

June 29th, 5:19 pm

ME want FF13 avatars(serah)!!

D-Roca said:

June 29th, 5:20 pm

@125 – Alpha

here is what Sony said in their previous PSN+ blog post:

“First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.”

so I expect to see Qore & Fieldrunners at launch like they said.

GordoJones88 said:

June 29th, 5:23 pm

The lowest it lets me rate this post is 1/5 stars. Can you please add the option to rate it 0/5 stars. Thanks.

Gnordy said:

June 29th, 5:23 pm

@90 if you are getting that error, check the expiration date on the credit card you have saved on the PSN.

fuzzyclutter said:

June 29th, 5:24 pm

@103 LOL a Person who fails to grasp the concept and convience of digital downloading who still makes runs to a brick and mortar video store telling sony to be more innovative ? thats just funny . its like you hopped out of 1985 with your giganic greybox “mobile phone “asking “i dont know why you guys insist on using those tiny phones”lol

Mercenary09 said:

June 29th, 5:28 pm

Hey weren’t we suppose to get 2 minis with PS +? I believe fieldrunners was announced? where is it at sony? way to rip us off the very first month.

Edd said:

June 29th, 5:29 pm

how is infamous only 6.9gb? o_O

phinnv8 said:

June 29th, 5:29 pm

Sony PLEASE update the PS3 to at least include a context sensitive PS button. When I get a message/trophy/invite I want to be able to hit the PS button and jump right too it.

I know the PS3 doesn’t only do everything because it can’t handle cross game voice chat but at LEAST add that.

I’ll be checking out the Fat Princess chat this week though, looking forward to 4 player split screen and will probably get the DLC.

Cord said:

June 29th, 5:36 pm

You’re trying to go from a free to a paid network service. You don’t need an MBA to understand that it preferable for your customers (us) to use the paid playstation plus service. This is not good enough. A) conceder the angry customers who bought the PSPgo. You need to get every game with a ratting above 6.8 available for download on the pspGO. Limit that to plus subscribers if you think that’s morally correct. B) you basically need everything available for PS3 download, similar to the lolBOX that I reluctantly own.
What are they teaching you at business college in Japan?

Antonisbob said:

June 29th, 5:46 pm

Where is the new PSone classic? damnit I want Rogue Trip Vacaction 2012!!!!

kissfan76 said:

June 29th, 5:49 pm

OK I got one question if I have 2 PS3’s under my one single name will the PSN + be usable on both?

Gunwing said:

June 29th, 6:00 pm

Vary nice Store Update Grace! Could you get on the horn to Sony and ask them if they will have a famly plan ala XBL? That would be great to get people into PSN+ if you had kids…….. Instead of shelling out crap loads of cash for everybody in the home, you can have on XBL now at least 2 adaults, and up too 3 kid accounts hooked into XBL. For half the price of the normal yearly plan!

If you could do this with PSN+ You would get tons of customers.

PinataPuncher said:

June 29th, 6:01 pm

More power to everyone who got a ton of stuff in these last two updates, but I really hate how the PSone Classics section has been ignored. One game a week is already low enough, so it’s a shame to suddenly see two weeks in a row be neglected. I can’t say the whole update is awful, since I’m sure there’s plenty of great stuff in there, but as someone who likes to get these PSone games to play on my PSP, it’s very disappointing.

Gnordy said:

June 29th, 6:11 pm

I really dont think they are ignoring the PS 1 games. If they could publish them faster they would, after all Sony does like to make money. Gamasutra had a good interview discussing this. Sometimes licensing is just easier in other countries

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