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Jun 30

Jun 30

Burn your Dread: Persona 3 Portable Signed Soundtrack Drawing!

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Allow us to get your week on track, PlayStation.Blog readers. SOUNDtrack, that is. SIGNED soundtrack, even. That’s right, we’ve got 10 soundtracks graced by the pen/magic marker/writing instrument of one Shoji Meguro, master composer of games like Persona 3 and Persona 4, and we’re giving them away. Here. Just to you folks.

Persona 3 Portable for PSP -- original soundtrack

“How do I enter?” you inquire, leaning forward in excitement. Easy! Just tell us what you’re most excited about regarding the upcoming P3P as a comment under this post. Maybe it’s the fact that you can take one of the highest rated RPGs of all time on the road now? Or the cast of memorable characters you just can’t get enough of? Or the dating sim elements? The fantastic music? The great art? The addicting gameplay? The original story?

10 lucky winners will be randomly (or as close to randomly as possible) chosen and sent a SIGNED soundtrack CD. Only North American residents are eligible to win, however. It’s not that we don’t love you rest-of-the-world’ers; we just want to focus this giveaway on the region in which the game is actually releasing.

Why are we doing this? Well, we’d love to use this opportunity to remind you that:

    a) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, Atlus’s upcoming handheld RPG epic, is right around the corner, releasing in stores and via PlayStation Network on July 6th.
    b) It features one of the best soundtracks ever, and in order to further emphasize that point, we want to give a few of those soundtracks away. SIGNED.

In case you all are a bit unfamiliar with the P3P soundtrack, perhaps we should share a sample with you:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For more music samples, visit the official Persona 3 Portable website!

“The music seems awesome,” you say, pensively prodding your chin with your finger, “but I’m not guaranteed to win it. I just wish there was some cool bonus with Persona 3 Portable that I was guaranteed to receive.”

Funny you’d say that, because there’s still time to pre-order your copy of Persona 3 Portable at a participating retailer (GameStop and Amazon in the United States and Canada) and receive a collectible Junpei Baseball Cap. It’s modeled after the one he wears in the game!

Persona 3 Portable: Pre-order bonus (Junpei cap)

“Wow, they’re sure giving us a lot of physical awesome to celebrate the release of the game, but what about the game itself?” you muse aloud to no one in particular, gently tapping your pointer fingers together in front of your mouth.

We’ve already told you in previous posts about how Persona 3 Portable puts you in the shoes of a team of gifted high schoolers forced to use their developing supernatural abilities to save the world from destruction, and how the game cleverly mixes addicting RPG dungeon crawling with social sim elements. And how the PSP system release introduces a new female protagonist who experiences the events of the game from a new perspective, not to mention the addition of one-button menu shortcuts, a streamlined user interface, and more.

We’d say more about the game, but really, why not let others speak for us? Early reviews are in, Blog readers, and they’re glowing:

Gaming Nexus – A
“Atlus added enough new content to make this the first must-own PSP RPG of the year!”

Gamervision – 10 out of 10
“Persona 3 Portable is one of the strongest games in the PSP catalogue, and a shining example of a role-playing game done right.”

GamerTell – 99 out of 100
“Simply said, Persona 3 Portable is a system seller. If you own a PSP and can purchase “Mature” games, you should own it. If you don’t own a PSP, Persona 3 Portable is easily a game to inspire you to pick one up.”

PlayStation Illustrated – 95 out of 100
“It’s a fantastic RPG stuffed with things to do and interesting, yet unusual, ideas.”

1UP.com – A-
“I’d actually recommend Persona 3 Portable as the best introduction to the series — even ahead of the console versions of Persona 3 or Persona 4. But I’d also highly recommend P3P for longtime fans of the franchise…”

gamrReview by VGChartz – 9 out of 10
“PSP fans can rejoice that such a grand RPG has arrived on their system of choice…”

GameZone 8.5 out of 10
“…a solid version of a great RPG.”

Look for Persona 3 Portable on retail shelves and in PSN Store on July 6, 2010! For more info about P3P, visit the game’s official website.

Don’t forget: What about the upcoming Persona 3 Portable are you most looking forward to? Tell us below for a chance to win a SIGNED soundtrack CD! We’ll try and choose winners by the game’s release date (winners will be notified with a message sent to their PSN account).

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Darth_Xehanort said:

July 5th, 11:17 pm

For what am I most looking forward? Hm, that’s an interesting question….

I adore the Persona series, particularly since the advances made with Persona 3. Furthermore, I adore Atlus as a company and love the PSP as a powerful handheld system for JRPG’s like Persona 3 Portable, Hexyz Force, Knights in the Nightmare, and Class of Heroes.

I’m a Persona fanatic and have a lot of reasons to be excited about my pre-order of Persona 3 Portable.

Since I’ve already experienced Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES, the chance to experience the female perspective is probably what I am most excited about in terms of Persona 3 Portable’s content. As a female player, it’s going to be nice to approach the game through that perspective.

I hope I can add this delectable soundtrack to my ever-expanding Persona collection, and I can’t wait to wear the Junpei hat. Thanks for the opportunity, Atlus!

bigbearwa said:

July 6th, 2:34 am

Loved the PS2 version and can’t wait to dig into P3P! Atlus luv on the PSP gives me those gamer fuzzies inside wherever I can take it! ;)

Icaner said:

July 6th, 5:21 am


I most excited by the option to play as a girl this time around, and get my pick of which guy to date. ^.^ I mean, not that the girls aren’t cute and all, but it’s a nice change of pace.

And, of course, I love the portability! I’m on the go a lot, so being able to take one of my favorite games with me is a god-send~!

StrayWolf87 said:

July 6th, 5:53 am

I hope I can buy it today from psn and enjoy it. =)

Doktor_J said:

July 6th, 7:29 am

How can you not be excited about new social links? And an entirely new playable character? Amazing! Only Atlus could take a game as deep and enjoyable as Persona 3 and make it even better!

Paul_Gerlach said:

July 6th, 9:12 am

I am looking forward to the new social link options being introduced through the female protagonist character. The MOST exciting prospect is playing this game on the go!

PrinnyOtaku said:

July 6th, 9:50 am

Not gonna lie, the aspect of the SMT games that kept me interested the hundreds of hours I spent with each was the music. Meguro-san is a genius. Engrish and all, the Persona games have without any doubt my favorite score of any series.

I guess what’d make me play through P3P though would be to see the new dialogue while playing a female protagonist. If the social link choices change, romance options, etc…

Also, given the games’ M rating, can we actually see some Social Links in the next iteration improved upon? There’s so much more to work with; what we’ve seen in the titles up till now have all been so static. More consequences, deeper relationships, explore intimacy even?

Suzekuro said:

July 6th, 10:08 am

The Soundtrack! My god, I love it! I downloaded all the game vids from the psp network and even replay them over and over again for so many times. I just love the music there. Also I for one, have not got a chance to play persona 3 or FES before, so this will be a new and exciting experience for me. I’m also very excited about being able to play from a female’s perspective. I have my fill of most rpgs where you gotta play as a dude. So its nice I can really get into the story and the choose your path kind of play, which is enhanced by being able to play as a female char. Then I can really relate to the story and not feel alienated sometimes. =P

Laldidar said:

July 6th, 10:17 am

This is my favorite game ever. I’ve been gaming since the NES days, and no game has engrossed me for 100 hours on a single playthrough. I’ve played through the game multiple times and can’t wait to revisit that world again.

PS. Persona 5 news please!

Hendecarabia said:

July 6th, 10:25 am

I preordered this the second it came up on the local EB’s radar. I have the original P3 and FES so this will be my third copy of the game… It gives me hope that they’ll release P4 on the PSP eventually as well! And that P5 will come to the PS3, because seriously, that would be lovely. Except if there were trophies for it because I would log so many hours as to make it ridiculous :X

I worry about my free time. *laughs*
I’m going to give the hat to my friend though; he’s been wanting to cosplay Junpei forever. I’ll stick to Fuuka :D

Skyr7950 said:

July 6th, 1:51 pm

Never tried the game on the PS2, I’m excited just to see what all the fuss is about.

Shiro_Shishi22 said:

July 6th, 1:58 pm

The thing I am most excited about this game IS the fact that it’s portable! I get to play one of my all time favorite games anytime and anywhere I want to now? That’s just so awesome!

I sunk about 80 hours in the PS2 version, I have a feeling I’m about to double that with the inclusion of the female MC :)

jgusw said:

July 6th, 2:02 pm

I can’t wait to play P3 as a girl. It’s about time we get to control a female lead.

Kazuya_41R said:

July 6th, 2:03 pm

I’m definately excited. P3 was what got me hooked into the SMT line, and if P3P is as good as everyone says, it’ll be worth whatever price. I love how most of the game is completely customizable. What you do and when you do it is completely up to me, and I love it. It’s my goal to work in gaming, and I hope to be a part of Altus, I’d love to work on the next SMT game.

juujigai said:

July 6th, 2:20 pm

I’m sure I’m too late on posting, but I’ll bite anyways. I had a pretty serious medical emergency with my mom so I kinda forgot about posting.

Anyways, my Persona 3 experience? Well, I’ve never played it to be honest. I was introduced to Persona by a friend of mine who runs a local gamestore (Ian’s Game Paradise if any of you are in anchorage!)and after much prodding I gave it a shot. I’m deeply intruiged my stories about the human psychi, redemption, noirs, murder mysteries, battling our inner demons, that kind of thing, so I was really drawn in by his description of Persona 4.

I avoided the Shin Megami Tensei and Devil Survivor series for religious reasons, the whole being the son of satan and marching up to heaven to destroy everyone bit in Nocturne really bothered me, but I gave Persona 4 a shot. And I loved it!

I loved the music, I loved the murder mystery, I loved the pursuite of truth, I loved the a-life dating sim aspect and more. I especially loved the music. As a musician, I really drawn in by the ingenious manner of using J-pop instead of the traditional fantasy orchestras.

juujigai said:

July 6th, 2:21 pm

The idea of utilizing one’s inner self to combat enemies was great, and the pursuit of truth was even better. I loved the part time jobs and found myself getting sucked more and more into the goings on of the npc’s than the supporting cast. I felt terrible for the nurse caught up in her life of sin and debauchery, trying to find some way out while staying in her addiction at the same time, and the ability to help her was great.

juujigai said:

July 6th, 2:22 pm

I really liked the family interactions and watching the relationships grow. The ability to form your own love interest was great too, there’s been so many great games that I just had to cringe through the romance aspect as the MC picked the girl I never would have gone with (cough cough Shenmue, Chrono Trigger cough cough), so it was nice to get to choose. And I do enjoy a good romance story :)

The intuitive combat engine, the great story, the awesome music, Persona 4 quickly became one of my favorites. Forty hours later I decided I would give Persona: Portable a shot. And then a power outage whiped out my Persona 4 save :(

juujigai said:

July 6th, 2:24 pm

I went back to it though, the game is that good. And now, I spend my spare gaming time working on Persona: Portable all month to try to beat it before Persona 3 launched. Some parts of Persona were so good I almost cried!

As it’s already taken me three posts to get my thoughts out, I’ll wrap things up here. The bottom line for me is, while I can’t always agree with the views expressed in the series (primarily the demonic ones), I can’t argue that Persona is a quality product with an amazing combat engine, an incredibly deep and engrossing story, and a soundtrack that never gets old. My fiance and I thank you Atlus, and we look forward to all your Persona games in the future!

Kythri said:

July 6th, 4:31 pm

Honestly, I’m excited to see this game go portable. One of the major constraints for a lot of fans (at least in my area) was that a game this massive could only be played on the couch. For several of my friends, and myself, this caused problems, as we are constantly on the go, be it between classes, work, or family occurrences: it seems like there’s never enough time to kick back and enjoy a game this epic anymore. Seeing a game that was so incredible on a platform go portable means it’s something those of us with hectic lifestyles can enjoy, despite our schedules. I cannot WAIT to pick this game up and take it on the road with me. :)

lastknight01 said:

July 6th, 7:49 pm

I want to play as a girl in Persona 3, it will be a nice change of pace.

spiteshow said:

July 6th, 7:54 pm

Persona 3 is the greatest game alive…I’m going on vacation in two weeks and will have this game on and with me the entire time. Would be great to have the soundtrack to listen to as I drive down. I’ve bought two copies of the game already; one for me to have the hat and another on the PSPGO for my wife…I really can’t wait for vacation

Streye said:

July 6th, 8:37 pm

Definitely the new mixes for the P3 soundtrack, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll do with Deep Breath and Kimi no kioku.

Zanon said:

July 6th, 8:52 pm

Can’t wait to play this on the go! That’s the reason

Kichara said:

July 6th, 9:42 pm

I am especially looking forward to the fact that I will now have control over all my team mates in battle, and of course the fact that the game is now portable!

Liu_Bei said:

July 6th, 10:26 pm

I’m excited to relive it!!! I’ve always liked the dating sim aspect to the game, it might be interesting to see it through the eyes of a female lead.

Plus, total control of team mates. No more screwing me over with Marin Karin for you, Mitsuru. You were supposed to heal me X0

Thesilentman606 said:

July 6th, 11:20 pm

I have loved both Persona 3 and 4 (even own 2 copies of FES) and I can’t wait to play through 3 again. I have been getting anyone I can excited about this release. I’m even going to put Disgaea down for this one. XD

Vash9898 said:

July 7th, 1:51 am

I’m most excited about having my favorite and the best RPG series portable, and that sweet ass Junpei hat. :p

DasHangman said:

July 7th, 10:40 am

What’s not to look forward to? The sweet pre-order hat, the amazing soundtrack, the new playable character, and the streamlined gameplay ALL seem amazing! I can’t wait!

Techism said:

July 7th, 1:33 pm

I’m most excited about any future release of Persona…I’m waiting for you Persona 5!

Nocturne13 said:

July 7th, 2:48 pm

I’m looking forward to the new dating options.

To be honest, I’d like it more if you didn’t have to gender flip the main character to take advantage of them.

Sephei said:

July 7th, 4:27 pm

finally was able to get my game today.
Thank you atlus!<3

Randas86 said:

July 7th, 7:30 pm

Besides the hat, I am looking forward to the new female story and all the extra content. I’m happy they adapted this game to the PSP.

RSA92689 said:

July 8th, 2:27 am

I’m looking forward to play as the female MC, gameplay changes and Junpei’s hat. I hope I finally get it in the mail today!

DawnSeraph said:

July 8th, 9:22 am

I am still working though FES on PS@, but I am still excited for this. Atlus has always been fantastic to their fan base and offerings like this are part of the reason I love them. The game itself is fantastic and really makes the game, as it is very lengthy. If the quality of the presentation and the music did not mesh so well with the gameplay I really think this game would’ve escaped my notice, which is a real shame. Persona 3 is what turned me on to MegaTen in general and I would love to get a hold of the soundtrack to some of this gen’s greatest gems.

ChaoticSnore said:

July 8th, 7:52 pm

The soundtrack is easily what I’v been looking forward to most. I have P3:FES and I also bought Persona, Persona 4, Nocturne, Devil Summoner 2, Devil Survivor, Strange Journey…..the list goes on and on. I’m a really big fan of Shoji’s work.

Other things I do like about the new persona is the new social links as a female character, and how things will turn out in the story. Persona 3 is my second favorite RPG, Persona 4 being my number 1 favorite however. Hahaha.

kaeldrin said:

July 8th, 8:34 pm

Persona 3 was awesome on the PS2 and also has one of the best soundtracks out of all of the Persona games . If not then the whole Shin Megami Tensei Franchise. Persona 3 Portable shall be a welcome addition to my game collection. Though if I am out of money at the time that I do get it, well let us just say that my boss is going to have his soul ripped apart by a bunch of Chaotic demons.

Icaner said:

July 9th, 9:20 am

The one thing I’m looking forward to first and foremost is playing as a girl! It’ll be interesting to see how the story changes by choosing a different protagonist, plus I anticipate being able to ‘date’ my favorite male characters! ^.~

Other than that, just going through my beloved story a full third time. I have both former versions Persona 3, and I definitely can’t wait to have this in my collection!

TrippingOnWords said:

July 9th, 10:30 pm

The fact that the game has more content than the original, a new female lead and more characters to interact with is fantastic. The pre-order hat will (hopefully) be awesome as well. My copy has been delayed and my hat is indefinitely on hold since GameStop doesn’t love its pre-order customers but I’m estatic about everything regarding this game. I was overwhelmingly impressed by Persona 3 on the PS2 and the opportunity to play this curled up in my papasan while relaxing in the shade of my porch is an opportunity that could only happen with Persona 3 Portable. :D

The best part of Persona 3 (and 4) is the story, the characters, the flagrant style, mood and drama. The fact that the voice actors took the job seriously and didn’t botch up the atmosphere. The fact that this RPG actually has all the addictive, replay-inducing, deep and lengthy content that gets turned-based JRPG fans’ blood pumping makes it a shining example of RPG’s done right. It has its flaws but some are addressed in this edition, like returning control of the supporting cast to the player, and I anticipate it with sincere excitement. ;p

GreatTeacherDebo said:

July 10th, 1:09 am

I’m looking forward to taking the series on the road this summer. Can’t be sitting at home all the time. Gotta bring the addiction into the open.

near_ryuk said:

July 11th, 3:49 pm

I’m sure I’m totally late for the contest, but I’m looking forward to playing it because I never got to play it in the first place, and the Shin Megami Tensei series in general has always intrigued me.

Da11ni11 said:

July 11th, 5:25 pm

Im also convinced that I am too late and I wont win but I will try anyway.

The same as a lot of people who have already posted this will be my first persona game. I have been following the P3P ever since I found out it was coming to the psp (though to be honest not as much as other people).
I love dungeon crawlers and Rpgs I am also looking foward to the simulation sistem and the battle sistem which I have told about by friends that it is one of the best of any game. I cant wait to buy the game!

CecilMcW00t said:

July 11th, 5:34 pm

I’m very excited about playing this on my PSP and I love the new changes made to the game. Mainly not getting Tired status anymore while in Tartarus. Now I can grind to my heart’s content when I’m at work on my lunch break. =D

devilmaysigh said:

July 11th, 5:35 pm

I am looking forward to the sleepless nights in my real life, once again I will be refusing to sleep until after midnight in anticipation of the dark hour. I also look forward to neglecting my real life social links for those in game.

Lawrence93 said:

July 11th, 5:41 pm

personally I;m looking forward to doing my s.links again… I loved the dating sim part of the game… and since there are so few dating sim elements in us games it’s refreshing to play… ^^

Soliferrum said:

July 11th, 5:50 pm

I’m looking forward to experiencing Persona 3 on the go. A great game with portability.

devilishmew said:

July 11th, 5:56 pm

Everything! But seriously, P3 FES (I didn’t get to play P3) is one of the greatest JRPG’s to grace the PS2. I know some of the changes being made in P3P, but not all of them. I’m definitely excited to figure out what has been changed to an already amazing game.

Plus, I sunk well over 100 hours into P3 FES, so I look forward to doing the same with P3 Portable.

blackknight14 said:

July 11th, 6:00 pm

I love almost everything about this game. I have both previous versions of this game, the original and FES. The characters are all so unique, and have all have a really interesting backstory that you learn as the game progresses. I love how the plot runs so deep that it keeps dragging you deeper and deeper into the world of Persona, that you never want to stop playing. I love the ambiance of the game, how certain places are so dark and dreary, and how the music always reflects the mood. Even after investing so much time into the game, the music always send chills down my spine when I hear it. I just love everything about Persona 3, and I’m especially excited about the changes that are coming in P3P.

toddyuri said:

July 11th, 6:18 pm

I just love the overall atmosphere and feeling the game conveys. The excitement of starting a new school year, meeting new friends, and the fun that comes with living life, plus the huge mood shift towards the end of the game. Meguro’s music compliments these events so well, everything’s pulled off beautifully.

Big_Boss_SLS said:

July 12th, 12:40 pm

Probably too late, but this is easily worth trying.

I’m most interested in playing as the female protagonist and seeing the changes the game has when using her, as well as comparing and seeing how stuff changed between FES and P3P. Also, portability is amazing on it’s own, since it makes playing the game whenever and wherever a lot easier.

Finally, just about everything else. the personas, the new stuff added, and so on.


July 12th, 4:15 pm

okay what i’m most excited for about persona 3 portable is everything lol i’m looking forward to playing the new maniac mode experiencing new social links and checking out the new challenge mode were i fight tougher versions of bosses and other enemies oh and a cameo from one of persona 4 characters i have all version of persona 3 and i can’t wait to add this one to my p3 collection

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