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Jul 01

Jul 01

E3 Encounters: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

A “heartwarming puzzle-action game” — that’s how Namco Bandai describes their upcoming PS3 game Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Majin is being developed by Game Republic, a studio that boasts several former members of Team ICO and a track record consisting of PS3 fan favorites such as Folklore.

Majin’s fantasy world looks highly stylized, with “shadowy, storybook visuals” in the words of Namco Bandai producer Daisuke Uchiyama. According to Uchiyama, the team wanted to create “something everybody can relate to…something familiar, nostalgic.” See Majin in motion below and judge for yourself.

You play as Tepeu, a mysterious thief who possess the ability to communicate with animals. Encroaching into a “forsaken kingdom” overtaken by a dark force, Tepeu comes across an imprisoned golem-like creature — called a Majin — and frees him. Named Teotle, the Majin follows the thief out of gratitude, thus forming an unlikely alliance against the murky forces of the forsaken kingdom. Majin’s gameplay always focuses on the symbiotic pair of the powerful Teotle and the nimble Tepeu. If you played BioShock, you can think of the slow, powerful Teotle as a Big Daddy and the nimble Tepeu as a Little Sister. That is, if Little Sisters were known for swordsmanship and acrobatics. Or having a Y chromosome, but I digress…

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Tepeu and Teotle need to scratch each other’s backs frequently in order to survive encounters with the evils of the forsaken kingdom. In combat, you’ll face armies of tar-like creatures that will quickly overrun your spry thief. Luckily, the powerful Majin can bowl these guys over effortlessly and give you a chance to land a lightning-quick final strike with Tepeu. You’ll need to help out the Majin sometimes, too, by knocking snarling dogs off its back and fetching fat, revitalizing “power fruit” when it’s hurt. Mmmm…power fruit.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Though you don’t directly control the towering Majin, you can issue broad commands easily via a radial menu and the Majin does the rest auto-magically. During puzzle sequences, the Majin will respond to your orders contextually. Order it to “Crouch” and you’ll be able to jump onto its massive shoulders to reach high places; order it to “Act” and it might spew fire-breath to light your bomb’s fuse so you can blow a hole in a wall. Sometimes, the enemy hordes may be too much for even the rough-and-tumble Majin, so you’ll need to use the environment in creative ways, such as ordering the Majin to push a crumbling wall onto an enemy mob.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is currently scheduled for late 2010. What do you think of the art style and the two-character symbiotic gameplay? Leave your impressions and questions in the comments, and I’ll try to shed some light.

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ZAANOS said:

July 1st, 12:03 pm

Bet your dollar I’m getting this game. I loved FOLKLORE!!!

Mercenary09 said:

July 1st, 12:04 pm

This game looks promising. Hoping that the final build turns out well.

remanutd5 said:

July 1st, 12:07 pm

it has that Folklore looks and i loved Folklore so im getting the game for sure , oh 1 more thing i want Folklore 2 !!!!!

Beach_Bum619 said:

July 1st, 12:09 pm

id prefer play station home or modern warfare

maruchan27six said:

July 1st, 12:10 pm

Whoa, I am playing Bioshock 2 right now, and this post makes me want to see Little Sister does what Tepeu can do.

Didn’t know former Team ICO guys are in Game Republic.

MGO_Count said:

July 1st, 12:12 pm

@5 lol mw2; what a noob :p

This game looks interesting; didn’t understand it though. But we’ll see

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 12:45 pm

    Think of it as a single-player co-op game. You have to rely on your “muscle” to do a lot of heavy damage, then you swoop in to finish off the enemies. The puzzles are interesting, too.

LeoMindfreak08 said:

July 1st, 12:12 pm

I wish to play Bioshock2 (i play version 1 in PC), but now that i get PS+hope any advantage with this game…

carlosm71 said:

July 1st, 12:13 pm

Folklore 2 please!

DNAgent said:

July 1st, 12:14 pm

Last Guardian clone FTL. No thanks.

zerolaff said:

July 1st, 12:19 pm

Can’t wait for this game. Haven’t bought a game since Yakuza 3!

zerolaff said:

July 1st, 12:22 pm

One for Share: “Report to a moderator” button on the Blog.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 12:47 pm

    Good idea. Don’t worry about him — he’s out.

Beach_Bum619 said:

July 1st, 12:25 pm

u ppl need girl friends

Roverxk9 said:

July 1st, 12:28 pm

I’ll keep my eye on this, I like puzzle adventure games. Its a shame that they get so little love these days.

I’m not sure why there are masses of trolls leaving comments for this, is there something I’m missing?

nfalk said:

July 1st, 12:29 pm

Is this a PSN game or will it be released on Bluray?

Game looks interesting, I like the art style.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 12:48 pm

    Blu-ray, and yeah, the art style definitely grabs you.

Maguss said:

July 1st, 12:37 pm

Is folklore 2 next!??! This game looks awesome btw, Can’t wait to see more.

UNCyrus said:

July 1st, 12:43 pm

Don’t feed the trolls, guys…

On topic: Nice to see some gameplay of this. You can definitely see the Folklore / Team ICO inspiration in some of the character design. I look forward to seeing more on this game

FALL-0UT_X said:

July 1st, 12:52 pm

Yeah… we need a report option here for trolls.

IcedDice777 said:

July 1st, 12:54 pm

At Beach_Bun619…. Somewhere a village…It’s missing the village idiot. Here YOU are! We’ll call them and have you pick you up and take you back 8)

Curtisio said:

July 1st, 12:54 pm

Wow – this looks good! Looks like an interesting adventure and I love puzzle games!

IcedDice777 said:

July 1st, 12:57 pm

I’ll be looking forward to this game, Liked Folklore…Still hoping for a trophy patch, LOL.

FALL-0UT_X said:

July 1st, 1:09 pm

For some reason this game reminds me of The Legend of Zelda, Is this game similar puzzles/action adventure?

Rinaldus91 said:

July 1st, 1:10 pm

Hate to sound like a ungrateful [DELETED], but I’m with #3 on this one. Tales of Vesperia, where is it?

Tchanku said:

July 1st, 1:14 pm

Gorgeous Game.

Enigmatech said:

July 1st, 1:17 pm

This looks great, kinda not-so-similar to Enslaved…

I hope games like this get patched with online co-op.

Crotin said:

July 1st, 1:18 pm

Game Republic FTW!

station3fever said:

July 1st, 1:30 pm

I agree with 15. Does look sweet ;)

Liamario said:

July 1st, 1:35 pm


BigBoss712 said:

July 1st, 1:35 pm

Great trailer, definitely got me interested in the game, not a fan of the main character look design but that’s ok, will give it a try.

KazeEternal said:

July 1st, 1:39 pm

Interesting, I might consider it at some point. Keep in mind this game is taking back seat to Exclusives.

lostshore said:

July 1st, 1:48 pm

This game looks great; Folklore is still one of my favorites and is highly underrated, so I’ll definitely be following this.

LokeSTL said:

July 1st, 1:49 pm


Hate to beat a dead horse here, but can you get some info from NB on Tales of Vesperia’s U.S. release for the PS3? Is it being held up due to an exclusivity agreement or what? What are the chances of a local release? Freakin’ anything!!!

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 2:39 pm

    Haven’t heard a peep — if I do, I’ll let you guys know!

Talyis said:

July 1st, 2:07 pm

@Sid Shuman I know your probably not involved but where the heck is Tales Of Vesperia for PS3, it never left Japan and you guys know us playstation fans love JRPG’s yet you guys don’t release it for us. Don’t blame the bad sales from the other console on us. We all know Sony has more JRPG’s fans then the other consoles!

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 2:54 pm

    Hah! I have no info on this, but I’d hit up @NamcoBandai on Twitter. They might know!

zerolaff said:

July 1st, 2:13 pm

Is the voice actor Nolan North? Sounds very familiar..

ShadOforce said:

July 1st, 2:17 pm

Yes! More info on The Last Gua–Oh wait!

TakiFuGu said:

July 1st, 2:25 pm

Looks very interesting! Finally something different for an FPS. Hurray!

Neil said:

July 1st, 2:31 pm

Please tell me that there will be a Japanese VO option.

boricuacookie said:

July 1st, 2:34 pm

is it weird i want a teotle doll?

Borreno said:

July 1st, 2:35 pm

I was wondering, Why Sony don’t make a Folklore Move Edition”?, I liked the way that they used Sixaxis in the Game (to catch monsters) and I think that it could be an awesome re-release, or I don’t know just release a patch…
Anyway this new game looks great too

Jeigh said:

July 1st, 3:15 pm

Aw, how cute. That creature has a man-pet. He’s going to learn real fast just how rambunctious (sp?) those things can be. You need to feed them, allow them plenty of time to play and rest and, of course, neuter them before they hit puberty- after that hits, you can’t do anything with them. A monster down the street waited too long and ended up having to put it down. Damn shame.

…What were we talking about?

Pretty moving pictures make look fun that thing… Mmmm…

Jeigh said:

July 1st, 3:19 pm

@ 33 zolaff

No, it’s American Kakashi-sensei from Naruto. Don’t know his name. He’s also the narrator for the G4’s Ninja Warrior, as well as voicing a few game characters (or at least a “few” insofar as I’m aware). Actually, now that I think of it, he was the voice-actor for Welkin in Valkyria Chronicles. I can almost promise you that you’ve heard him before somewhere.

Enigma777 said:

July 1st, 3:21 pm

I’ve been keeping my eye on this game for a while. Glad to see it’s looking great.

Can’t wait! Shame so few people know about it or just write it off as a The Last Guardian clone (which i really don’t understand since TLG isn’t even out yet!?)

Beach_Bum619 said:

July 1st, 3:24 pm


Enigmatech said:

July 1st, 3:44 pm

@ Beach_Bum619


ADR143 said:

July 1st, 3:56 pm

looks decent is this a ps3 exclusive?

carlosm71 said:

July 1st, 4:10 pm

just wondering why my blog comment (#9) shows my old avatar while share shows my cammy avatar, i thought the two sites were the same system. not a big deal, just curious.

napkin said:

July 1st, 4:21 pm

Will there ever be atleast a CHANCE for a Folklore 2? Hopefully you can answer. Just anything it doesn’t have to be a yes or no, it could just be a maybe or just ANY answer at all. PLEASE.

I loved the first game and I really think that the low sales was because the PS3 was so high in price and this was 2007, things have completely changed now. A sequel to Folklore would do just as well as Heavy Rain or Demons Souls. IT’S WORTH DOING.

Or atleast trophy support for the first game? Even though it’s 3 years old. Just SOMETHING relating to new Folklore stuff.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    July 1st, 8:22 pm

    I honestly don’t know — only the developer knows such things.

THE-D1RTY-77 said:

July 1st, 4:28 pm

Since its by some of the former ‘ICO’ Members, it’s like the unofficial sequel to Ico…just, way different :) and with a big giant watching your back…

Day One Purchase for Me!!

BlooodyCow said:

July 1st, 4:55 pm

If I pretend to care about this game, would you guys make Folklore 2?

dragonarya said:

July 1st, 5:19 pm

Looks interesting. I’ll check it out for sure. There’s such a lack of puzzle games.

HairyToeKnuckles said:

July 1st, 6:23 pm

“A “heartwarming puzzle-action game…”” = The big lovable fella dies.

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