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Jul 03

Jul 03

New inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Video on Spike’s GTTV

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Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Many of you may have read that Sucker Punch showed inFAMOUS 2 gameplay to media behind closed doors at E3 (see the E3 inFAMOUS 2 trailer). Today, Sucker Punch wanted to provide you all with a sneak-peak at what’s in store for the game. Last night, Spike’s GTTV aired a special gameplay unveil of inFAMOUS 2, the evolving story of reluctant hero Cole MacGrath as he journeys to the historic Southern city of New Marais in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential.

As you’ll see in this electrifying new gameplay, Cole has some new melee combat and cool new super powers. Be sure to watch out for Cole’s new super-charged Ionic Vortex.

We’ll have much more to come on inFAMOUS 2 in the coming months, so be sure to watch this space!

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BlindMango said:

July 3rd, 9:09 am


Good argument but I always ponder to myself why so many people have such problems with the R2 and L2 triggers on the PS3 controller, my hands never slip off at all.

RyRyTerrify13 said:

July 3rd, 9:10 am

nice to see that cole has gotten stronger since the first game.
i like the new cole.
the original cole was too serious and boring.
made it hard to really care about him as the lead character.
cant wait to see his ice powers in action.

syk1288 said:

July 3rd, 9:11 am

@ ProtoManAx: It’s Quality over Quantity. A game being on the Ps3 will always have more quality because of BR. More space means more thigs you can put in a game. If you want a game to be multiplat but short then be it, argue for that. It will always be better to have extra space to add things to your game. Such as the Medal of Honor coming out later this year. It’s also going to have a classic Medal of Honor game included. (I don’t care about that game btw.) But you know what I mean. GTA4 would have been more massive and better if it had been on the PS3 only. Why? Because there would have been more things you can add to the game. I’m very sure the people at rockstar wanted to add extra things, also without compressing them onto the game but they couldn’t because the other system has a more limited capicity than the PS3.

ProtoManAX said:

July 3rd, 9:18 am

So now the argument has shifted toward disk size equals better product. Would any of you say a Ford Excursion is better than a Lamborghini Gallarado for racing? The Excursion has the bigger engine, sure, but it’s not the size that matters so much as how that size is used. I don’t think anyone can argue against Mass Effect 2 being a great game, nor Batman Arkham Asylum. One’s an exclusive and one’s a multiplatform, but neither of these games disappoint, proving that greater file size isn’t always needed to produce a great game.

Also, if Microsoft was seriously concerned about the file size limitation, they could simply place the entire game on Xbox Live as a downloadable game, similar to how they currently sell games that are also on disc, removing the storage space limitation entirely.

Mattchewie said:

July 3rd, 9:21 am

The game play looks fantasic! I still don’t know about the changes to Cole however the more I see the more I feel that each Cole fits a part of his respective life more.

Example: To me Cole1 fits the super (anti)hero but falls short in believing he was a courier. Cole2 doesn’t seem to fit into Cole1’s super hero role as well but sells his courier past better.

I know Sucker Punch has a vision but I think small changes to things like Coles t-shirt, dropping the necklaces and loosing some or all of the tats would make him tie into Infamous1 and the Cole we already know.

most_notorius300 said:

July 3rd, 9:26 am

dammmmm!!!! that was crazy infamous was a great game i miss cole like really who is that guy lol everything in this look way better exceot the main character design change and voice change but dat guys koo too man looks like they taking tips from uncharted 2 explosions look sick cant wait

Doomer112290 said:

July 3rd, 9:26 am

I like the new Cole’s look. I absolutely HATE the voice actor. We go from a deep dark sounding Cole, to a young normal voice. Just no. Its horrible.
However the game look amazing. Just the voice actor for Cole is bad.

jimbobb23 said:

July 3rd, 9:27 am

So…still “New Cole” lameness?

Good thing, we had a shortage of wisecracking 20 something models in video games. Thank goodness to Sucker Punch for resisting the urge to be original.

n3wbis said:

July 3rd, 9:29 am

@37 You hate the PS3 controller so we should all suffer crappy ports because “of the other console”… love how some of you are calling it the other console by the way. Didn’t Lost Planet 2 have to get some content cut out because it wouldn’t fit on a single DVD? The company said they would have to release it down the line as DLC.

I am just going to call it the piece of crap console. I don’t understand why people keep supporting that garbage. So many people bought new ones because thier old ones red ringed and here is MS bragging how they have sold over 40 million of them. To bad half of them are in the junk yard because of the Red Ring.

psuser95 said:

July 3rd, 9:30 am

When I saw the Game Informer cover, I thought “The new Cole looks stupid”. But after seeing the actual gameplay, and screens, I like his new look better. Really, it’s just different. And I don’t really care about the voice actor. inFAMOUS isn’t about the voice acting; It’s about free-roaming the city and frying chumps with lightning. That tornado move is AWESOME.

Enigma777 said:

July 3rd, 9:31 am

Looks like Uncharted with lighting powers…

I love the new animations and powers though. The tornado was epic! Also the new traversal powers seem great.

My only real problem is the voice/face/tattoos of Cole. You can change his clothes and his hairstyle, but don’t just change his whole face [DELETED] ! Not only does it break absolutely every continuity from the previous game, but it’s like admitting that everything you did in the first game was a giant mistake. And the voice acting was borderline atrocious! It’s like a cheap knock-off of Nolan North. You could have at least gotten someone who sounds a bit more like the old guy…

BigBoss712 said:

July 3rd, 9:33 am

What a nice improvement over the first.

Heisem said:

July 3rd, 9:37 am

OMG this is badass, cole looks more powerful and faster.

landmarktiger said:

July 3rd, 9:38 am

Wow this game looks amazing. For all those people wanting this game to be multiplat-are you serious. It wouldnt be half as good if it went multiplat. If you guys play GOW3/UC2 etc etc and other PS3 exclusives you will know that multiplatforms can never match up to the quality and graphics of these games. I have both consoles and PS3 exlusives just own xbox in graphics and visuals cause of 50GB bluray vs 9GB dvds. In multiplats developers have to dumb down the game in each aspect to cater to the weaker console. Im not saying PS3 doesnt have weaknesses in hardware but we gamers loose on multiplats by getting an inferior game.

ramyam said:

July 3rd, 9:39 am

it looks AWESOME……only problem is that it looks slow out of the jumps….might just be the player….

Tikicobra said:

July 3rd, 9:45 am

I like the new Cole, but he’s not Cole. If this were another game I’d have no problem with him as a character, but for them to consider this a direct sequel and just give him a complete redesign like that makes no sense. It looks like he got younger.

What’s with the creatures with knife hands?

phinnv8 said:

July 3rd, 9:46 am

Is it me or does this game look MUCH better graphically than the first inFamous?

I always thought it would be cool to have melee combat with a metal electrically charged baseball bat. Looks like they have something similar going in the game now. Can’t wait to see more.

LANfill said:

July 3rd, 9:59 am

it only does FAMILY GAMES? I wouldnt consider this a FAMILY game…

Crotin said:

July 3rd, 10:02 am

2011 now seems even further away lol…I can’t wait for this game

katsuo7171 said:

July 3rd, 10:04 am

@65 I agree.

I would have put electrifying action or something like that, but whatever, It’s Sony.

boneyardweller89 said:

July 3rd, 10:09 am

This. Looks. Amazing!

Avataraang1 said:

July 3rd, 10:23 am

Old Cole was so much better. Voice actually had a presence while new Nathan Drake Cole is just bland. Anyone who didn’t like old Cole is insane. I really reaaaaaaaaly dislike new Cole but I’m still getting the game.

kritacul said:

July 3rd, 10:49 am

A Lightning Tornado
This looks amazing and like how they added that reverse running affect like how they did in Uncharted 2.

vegna871 said:

July 3rd, 10:55 am

You know, I could make a post about why the PS3 is better than the 360 for those arguing multiplatform, but I think it’s all been said. however

@ProtoManAX: I’m looking at the multiplatform titles you are arguing for and I’m only seeing two that could be considered “great” games, and those are Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed 2. Assassin’s Creed can be explained because it simply took the formula from the original (developed as an exclusive, only made to be a crappy port later) and improved upon it tenfold. Arkham Asylum also loosely based itself off that game, though it did have to make a fair number of changes to create a Batman game.

as for inFamous discussion, i dont care how Cole looks (i actually like the improvements below the neck, his face just looks too much like a certain Mr. Drake). I really don’t care about his voice. and really, the new look is pretty easily explained as him having finally fully recovered from those burns he got from the ray sphere (voice included). as long as i get to fry stuff with lightning, and now to freeze it, I’m good.

emiru69 said:

July 3rd, 10:56 am

Love the gameplay, nice and fluid. About the new Cole, I like this one better, (yeah I know everyone is saying the opposite) it looks like a normal guy while I never liked the first Cole; I don’t think shaving your head makes you tough and that fake smoker voice seemed really artificial. I never understood if Cole was a delivery guy why he had that “I’m a hardcore marine” attitude. I just never heard a delivery guy with a voice that sounds like he just came back from Vietnam, but again that just my opinion.

jimmy903 said:

July 3rd, 10:59 am

Loved the first inFAMOUS and the second one is already looking amazing. Pre-ordered right before E3, cant wait.

Ali-009 said:

July 3rd, 11:04 am

Now that’s going to be a deep combat system!!

Figroti said:

July 3rd, 11:06 am

It’s a shame they completely changed Cole’s model to make him look more attractive… and got rid of his rugged voice.

Gameplay looks amazing, looks like Sucker Punch! is taking a note from Naughty Dog, but they really didn’t have to make Cole into a pretty boy with a wimpy voice.

Pause the video at 2 minutes in, and then look at this screenshot.

infamous 1:

Sucker Punch, can you please at least comment on the change instead of acting like they’re the same model? It would make a lot of fans happy to have the issue at least noticed by the devs.

Regardless of the bad redesign, it’s still a pre-order for me. :)

Sakimori_X said:

July 3rd, 11:14 am

I can only hope Sucker Punch has heard anough complaints over the past few weeks to give Cole his original voice and look back.

Jeigh said:

July 3rd, 11:26 am

Now that I’ve played through the first inFamous, I’ve narrowed down the problem with the new Cole to the very obvious change of the voice actor. A change in attitude can easily be attributed to a change in situation- pronounced though this one may be. (He still seems kind of aggravated.)

Clearly, they won’t be going back on this mistake, so I only ask for one thing: give me a shot at that b*#$% Moya. Take that tone with me/Cole and you suffer.

BeerManMike said:

July 3rd, 11:28 am

New cole sucks, dropped the ball and a weapon? did they forget what made infamous a good game. Why take out the main character and give him a melee weapon? wtf

Was a 1st day buy but ill pick up used for ~$35.

See Devs this is how you lose 1st week sales numbers

Dragonsmana said:

July 3rd, 11:29 am

I absolutely LOVE the gameplay here! But like many fans of the first, I still enjoy the original voice over this one by leagues. It has been said he was too “gruff” in the first game. Wouldn’t you be? Hes becomes the heart of an explosion, gains super powers he doesn’t want, labeled a terrorist in his own city, and after all that hes still treated like a errand boy! Not to mention with every choice he makes he ends up more alone for the common good (or self centered for his own good, if you chose the infamous path). Wouldn’t you be angry? Also, not every hero needs to sound like one, that helped bring Cole more down to earth for me. Not everybody is superman, and not everyone wants to be.

For the record, I always liked the original voice.

DarkOne_PR said:

July 3rd, 11:35 am

its not Fair! I liked the old voice of Cole! Its the fault of all those whiny little reviewers that they changed his voice! Cole Voice was Awesome and this voices its…. just not that good.

tigown said:

July 3rd, 11:36 am

@52 Your argument isn’t very good. Because of the size for blu-ray, exclusive games do not have limits as they would on the 360. You can get better graphics, and better sound because of Blu-ray’s space and the PS3 hardware. To put this game on the 360, we would see a loss in the quality of graphics and maybe even a loss of content.

Jeigh said:

July 3rd, 11:41 am

I suppose I didn’t really comment on the action itself. That’s pretty impressive- they’ve clearly been hard at work, and it’s clearly paying off. The streets and buildings still have that dingy, spotty look, but the effects are unbelievable. The sword-play could definitely liven up the close combat, especially if they have more than the basic strand of four or five hits present in the original.

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

July 3rd, 11:42 am

wow, I am late to this, but I HATE the new cole design. I hate the new voice actor also, but the design sucks more. He just looks like a straight up d-bag. Not somebody I’d pay $60 to play as. Any hardcore fan of the original would say the same

Axecution said:

July 3rd, 11:59 am

Oh God i can’t wait for this game. inFAMOUS annoys me though. friggen 349/350 blast shards found. One more and BOOM – Platinum. But no… i can’t find the last one. Anywhere. At all. >.< So annoying lol.


lmao. Way to pull crap out of your @ss with no info or source at all. 2GB to stop pir…k. You know a file size is bigger on a disc, ri… ….And pira… Whatever. xD No you're right. You win. SKREWIT! xD

KilvasKills said:

July 3rd, 12:00 pm

When I first saw the concept art for inFAMOUS 2 I was worried. After seeing this I am sure Sucker Punch is going to surpass the awesome of the previous game.

Biggz124 said:

July 3rd, 12:02 pm

are we getting this gameplay on the PS store?

Axecution said:

July 3rd, 12:07 pm

Also, i like the new Cole design. I don’t have a big deal with him growing hair, and the voice actor sounds good. Cole in the first game was a good voice actor, and i think if he didn’t want to do a second one (most likely what happened) then it makes sense to get somebody else to do it. It’s not a big deal at all, and i would much rather have inFAMOUS 2 with a new voice actor than no inFAMOUS 2 at all. They could have just left us hanging on the cliffhanger like friggen Psi Ops did. xD Love the new enemies too. lol they should throw in some of the things Kessler messed with in the Dead Drop recordings. xD I want me some giant flying rats… lol.
Hopefully inFAMOUS 3 will also exist too since Cole technically should keep getting new powers forever now. …and then die, no? That’s what i got from the Dead Drops. All the test subjects died shortly after. but then again “animals dont have rational thinking like humans.” >.>
i love inFAMOUS…

evilpizzacandy said:

July 3rd, 12:11 pm

um if this is what sucker punch does,i couldnt really care less if they go multi-platform or just go out of business
IF i buy it,it ll be for the story alone,hopefully they have screwed that up too
and they say they changed cole to allow you to connect with him more…why bother connecting with new cole,they ll just change him again at the end of infamous 2…really,an ionic tornado to take down a helicopter,Cole has the freaking power of lightning bolts,he would ve just used that…oh unless they scrapped that too

Tinaray said:

July 3rd, 12:14 pm

@ spunupps

You’re missing the point. No one was initially arguing for multiplatform games per se until you started fanboy harping on it. People were arguing against the idea that Insomniac had sold out by going multiplatform (which the first commenter accused them of). Developers don’t care about this stupid console war. Neither should you.

Rhez said:

July 3rd, 12:21 pm

I like the new gameplay but I really don’t like the new Cole. I really wish they had kept with the old character model. This one is younger, not rugged enough, really disappointing. The new look really makes for bad continuity. It seems like a completely different character. I’d be far more interested in this game were it the old Cole I knew and loved.

Blkant said:

July 3rd, 12:26 pm

The new cole still looks like an idiot now. This went from a first day buy to a first day rent because of that poor choice…

r-nice said:

July 3rd, 12:33 pm

I don’t like the new look. Just seems like a “make him appeal to a broader audience move” that never works.

Nivek245 said:

July 3rd, 12:36 pm

Wow!!!! this looks amazing!!!!!! day 1 buy 4 me

Bethanator5000 said:

July 3rd, 12:39 pm

Kinda sad, it just doesn’t have the same kind of feel as the first.
I’m going to be so so so so sad if it’s not as good as the first.

Still mad they completely changed Cole.

gta4psx said:

July 3rd, 12:42 pm

Infamous 2 will dominate next years lineups !!!! keep up the awesome work sucker punch!!!

Jon_Mclane said:

July 3rd, 12:48 pm

Pre-E3 never thought I would see a companion cube avatar on the ps blog

Brapp347 said:

July 3rd, 1:23 pm

It doesn’t look VERY different. And why is his name cole? It doesn’t look or sound like cole. If it’s a different guy, name him something else…

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