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Jul 05

Jul 05

ModNation Monday: Sweet Tooth Strikes Back

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Sr. Community Specialist & Game Designer, San Diego Studio

ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings everyone! Ramone here with another ModNation Monday update.

Ice Cream Anyone?

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Sweet Tooth

You already know that Sweet Tooth is hitting the PS3 in 2011. But before he causes havoc in the next Twisted Metal, he’s going to warm up in ModNation Racers. Who wants to drive as the original crazy clown of car combat?

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Sweet ToothModNation Racers for PS3 -- Sweet Tooth

The “official” Sweet Tooth Mod and his deliciously deadly Ice Cream Kart hit PSN together this week for $1.99.

Mods of the Week

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Eye of the World

Mod Name: Eye of the World
Creator: Fire_Crazed

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Sleeperwolf

Mod Name: Sleeperwolf
Creator: sleeperwolf

Karts of the Week

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Hydra proof

Kart Name: Hydra Proof Van
Creator: holliday50

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- RAVE GET

Kart Name: Rave GET!
Creator: SuperSpecs

Tracks of the Week

Track Name: Yacht Hop
Creator Name: MrMoustache

ModNation Racers for PS3

Track Name: Coliseum Climb
Creator Name: MrMoustache

ModNation Racers for PS3

MNR Creations of the Week
Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

  • Monday: Alpine Drop
  • Tuesday: Rumble Island
  • Wednesday: Crazy Crater
  • Thursday: Island Dash
  • Friday: Sinkhole
  • Saturday: Citadel Heights
  • Sunday: Breakwater

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Sweet Tooth

More news to come on the next ModNation Monday. See you in the ModSpot!

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Solidsnk65 said:

July 5th, 11:36 am


Sonicfan11589 said:

July 5th, 11:36 am

Hey, any chance of DLC for the PSP version, thanks for responding, or at least reading.

jipmg said:

July 5th, 11:38 am

Wow now I want ice cream =P

this may push me into getting modnation racers.. now thrown in DLC for huge tracks with MARVEL or DISNEY THEMED tracks, and I will buy it in an instant

Razorback said:

July 5th, 11:38 am

It is nice update for the week. Any news about the patch?

dinosawr_dunks said:

July 5th, 11:39 am

Why do the load screens take soooooo long? I could watch grass grow -__- still like the game though :]

rynofire said:

July 5th, 11:41 am

Sweet! Hey there has been alot of kart/mod dlc, any chance of track creation dlc such as another theme?

mywhitenoise said:

July 5th, 11:43 am

Very cool, but I think the fan made one is even better than the official Sweet Tooth.

EmpireNO said:

July 5th, 11:44 am

Wow, Sweet Tooth looks amazing!

Dragon-Ultra said:

July 5th, 11:48 am

You guys should sell some DLC tracks.
The Mod and Kart is oK, but Tracks would
be a lot better, 4 tracks for $10?….
or 5 new tracks for $10?…

And another thing…in some further updates
I would like to see arm props instead of head
props pnly…I want to put a want into my
Lego: Harry Potter Mod!(Not yet Published)

Kreiger_1944 said:

July 5th, 11:48 am

Very nice! I think I’ll buy that. But first, I should probably buy ModNation. ;D

gamepunk86 said:

July 5th, 11:51 am

wow, another week of no patch. seriously, what does “soon” mean to you guys???

Hellman said:

July 5th, 11:53 am

Sweetness I’m going to buy that! Keep up the good work with modnation I’m looking forward to the updates on Monday. Will there be double xp weekends? That would be awesome!

UNIT-TRB said:

July 5th, 11:57 am

Those guns better be the add-on parts… it saves budget since I either have to use 2-3 stakes per gun right now or a stake and a plunger..

UNIT-TRB said:

July 5th, 12:00 pm

Dragon… there are already high quality tracks available… unless the add loops or more bot types…we might not need tracks yet..

MLZ911 said:

July 5th, 12:00 pm

Still no patch!? Ok now I’m getting really mad with you guys. How about you stop working on dlc and start working on fixing the many issues plaguing the game.

TrueFFVIIFan said:

July 5th, 12:03 pm

I know you mentioned you are working on new patches…

But I wonder if one of those patches that will allow us to finish the race (I literally mean EVERY RACE) in third place – so that way, we can unlock and earn characters/karts/mods/items??? Please make that happen. By having finish every race in first place is something that must of us wished we could do, but we couldn’t. I hope you allow us to do that by finishing in third place in order to keep the fun and entertain alive, you know? I hope you don’t think me silly. But I have my fingers crossed for a patch you would be willing to do for us. Thanx.

TrueFFVIIFan said:

July 5th, 12:03 pm

By the way, please keep up the good work on new DLCs! I can’t wait to buy more from you… :-D

Bluenoodle said:

July 5th, 12:04 pm

“You guys should sell some DLC tracks.
The Mod and Kart is oK, but Tracks would
be a lot better, 4 tracks for $10?….
or 5 new tracks for $10?…”

I could see track creation tools, buts whats the point of tracks when you can get all you want for free?

MrCaine said:

July 5th, 12:05 pm

I know ppl love all the fantasy mods and characters from other games. However, I would like to see more real life car bodies. So far there is only one model year Firebird. There is a huge following for realistic cars in this game. I know lots of ppl like the fake stuff, but please don’t ignore the realists :)

mikemustillo said:

July 5th, 12:06 pm

Love it !

MrCaine said:

July 5th, 12:08 pm

And now that I’ve written that. I think you should stop working on DLC entirely. And fix the issues with your servers. I have over 80 disconnects! That is absolutely horrendous! Most of the ppl I know have already returned this game and bought BLUR, because the MNR servers can’t keep u signed in for more than ten minutes at a time on some days. I LOVE this game. Don’t make me return it because you don’t know how to buy decent servers.

mikeman33 said:

July 5th, 12:12 pm

Can you guys fix the ai in the singleplayer to make it easier since it’s way to challenging to come in first especially nearing the end of the game. Also can you do something about the xp so we get more? Either then those issues keep up the good work :)

lilyphoenix said:

July 5th, 12:14 pm

I’m scared of clowns…

macross__island said:

July 5th, 12:15 pm

These are some cool mods…I’m getting the game today!

Shadow-Man_4 said:

July 5th, 12:15 pm

We need the patch PLEASE! It’s nearly been a month and a half since the game’s release, and we’re still waiting for some kind of fixes and/or new features.

Hope to see it in the next monday blog :)

otakuseth said:

July 5th, 12:22 pm

Best DLC yet, however, where is online battle mode? This would be awesome!!!

BalramRules said:

July 5th, 12:23 pm

i think dat ALL twisted metal carz, and characterz should be avaialable in modnation racers =P

and twisted metal + gran turismo 5 should support the play, create & share genre, without changing the drift system, graphics, features or ANYTHING!
just add da genre in da game, for cars and tracks that’s all!
but in twisted metal, this should also include da characters and quite possibely the game mode itself as well, but dat should remain optional just as da rest XD

remanutd5 said:

July 5th, 12:27 pm

ModNation PSP DLC ?

StealthReborn-- said:

July 5th, 12:29 pm

Isn’t the price supposed to be $1.75 for the bundle and $0.99 for each of them seperatly? Typo perhaps?

footballrule said:

July 5th, 12:31 pm

Twisted Metal FTW!!

Kyleworks said:

July 5th, 12:32 pm

Im not sure how to screenshot my TV, but I have some awesome mods and karts!

UNIT-TRB said:

July 5th, 12:34 pm

Mr Caine it is obvious that your disconnects must be on your own end for you to have 80…except maybe the day or so the servers were down

Mercenary09 said:

July 5th, 12:41 pm

Glad to see Sweet Tooth joining the race but where is the patch UFG?

moriarty1975 said:

July 5th, 12:41 pm

Hi Russell, so….any chance of seeing the patch this week? Or is in still in testing?

guthu_chad said:

July 5th, 12:41 pm

I totally agree with dinosawr_dunks….! The game is really fun but the load times SUCK.

moriarty1975 said:

July 5th, 12:42 pm

And how are thr top 3 mods/karts picked now? random?

GGod0 said:

July 5th, 12:42 pm

Does anyone who has been whining about them not working on the patch know how long it can take to create a patch for a game as expansive and complex as ModNation? If not, look it up before your next session of whining.

And I’m guessing that Mod and Kart DLC from other games, like this week’s Sweet Tooth mod and kart, are going to be 1.99.

Bluenoodle said:

July 5th, 12:51 pm

The “official” Sweet Tooth Mod and his deliciously deadly Ice Cream Kart hit PSN together this week for $1.99.

reading ftw

ironbuttchecky said:

July 5th, 12:53 pm

The problem with this game are
1)Long load times
2)Friends cant join xp races
3)People hack Hot Lap races making it unbearable and frustrating
4)Star Creator requirements are ridiculous unless you were abeta tester
5)Career mode AI is so cheap you gain a significant lead and before you finish you get pummeled by 2 level 3 weapons

lyfestory said:

July 5th, 12:54 pm

dont own the game yet myself, as i’ve heard the difficulty can be frustrating, and while that amps up the challenge for some players, it just frustrates me to the point of not playing…

GGod0 said:

July 5th, 12:58 pm

Continuing from post 37, to those complaining about the career’s AI, I SUCK at racing games, and I beat career and had everything unlocked (except that one seat) in a WEEK. So stop whining, it doesnt fix anything.

Bluenoodle said:

July 5th, 12:59 pm

2)Friends cant join xp races
3)People hack Hot Lap races making it unbearable and frustrating

sadly these two go hand in hand. You cant get xp w/friends because of the ability to cheat.

and the fact that hotlap is almost always cheated on, just proves that there are lot O people that would cheat the xp friend system if they could.

moriarty1975 said:

July 5th, 1:03 pm


Stop whining about people whining, it wont stop them whining! ;)

Bluenoodle said:

July 5th, 1:04 pm

hey 43, would you quit whining about people whining about people whining plz.:()

GGod0 said:

July 5th, 1:06 pm

@43 & 44, dont forget my rant at 37.

moriarty1975 said:

July 5th, 1:09 pm


Never!! ;)

DarkOne_PR said:

July 5th, 1:13 pm


twooh said:

July 5th, 1:15 pm

Tons of DLC already for this game.

Good thing I saw it coming and passed on this game.

Also, lol @ loading times and still no patch. MNR is fail.

moriarty1975 said:

July 5th, 1:19 pm

Hasnt been that much DLC and the patch is coming.

tenshin78 said:

July 5th, 1:22 pm

now, where is the patch?
Yes I have my RIGHT to whinne all I want.

I dont think the career mode needs a patch, I have no problems to win all races, there was ones that where more difficult, but we are still playing games right?
But to fix bugs, patchs are needed.

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