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Jul 14

Jul 14

What PlayStation Move Setup is Right for You?

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Now that E3 2010 is in the books and all of the launch details around PlayStation Move have been announced, I know a lot of you may be wondering exactly what you need to start playing motion-controlled gaming on the PS3. So, here’s a primer that spells out all the great options that will be available and how much it will cost you to get up and running with PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Move bundle set

The PlayStation Move platform consists of the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera and, of course, the PS3 system. We’ll offer various options for you to choose from depending on what hardware you already own and what kind of PlayStation Move experience will satisfy you. Here’s a breakdown of prices depending on your current situation.

What Move Setup is Right for You?

I don’t yet have a PS3

  • Your best option: *PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle
  • How much it will cost? $399.99

PS3 Move Bundle

I have a PS3 and nothing else

  • Your best option: **PlayStation Move Bundle
  • How much it will cost? $99.99

Move Bundle

I have a PS3 and PlayStation Eye camera

  • Your best option: Move Motion Controller
  • How much it will cost? $49.99

Move Controller

*The PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle comes with: a PS3 system, 1 PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye Camera, the Sports Champions Blu-ray game and a PlayStation Move game demo disc.

** The PlayStation Move Bundle comes with: 1 PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, the Sports Champions Blu-ray disc game and a PlayStation Move demo disc.

For those of you who own a PS3 already, the PlayStation Move Bundle is the complete Move package, offering everything that you, your friends and your family need to enjoy PlayStation Move in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The PlayStation Move platform is designed to be flexible. We’ve done our best to give you plenty of options, both in terms of gameplay and hardware, so you can customize your PlayStation Move experience to fit the way you game.

For the vast majority of PlayStation Move games, you can play with one motion controller when playing solo. There are some titles that give you the option to play single-player with one *or* two motion controllers if you would like, such as Sports Champions. It’s completely up to you. One title launching this fall that is an exception worth noting is The Fight: Lights Out, which requires two motion controllers to deliver the best possible experience, tracking both arms and your head with one-to-one precision.

In many games, when you’re playing against friends or family, you can all share one motion controller – in a game like Start the Party!, for example, players can just pass the motion controller around. You will need more than one motion controller only for simultaneous game play — for example, if you’re going head-to-head with a friend in a Sports Champions gladiator duel, you will each need your own motion controller.

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is an optional add-on that brings directional buttons, an analog stick, and two face buttons into the PlayStation Move’s control scheme. The sleek Navigation Controller essentially replicates the left side of the DualShock 3 controller for familiar and natural control. At $29.99, we think it’s a wonderful supplement to the PlayStation Move platform, especially for games like Heavy Rain, where you control a character, but it’s not required for any of the PlayStation Move games. The DualShock 3 controller that came with your PS3 will let you do everything the Navigation Controller does in all PlayStation Move titles.

It all goes back to the PlayStation philosophy that every consumer is different, and everybody benefits when you get to make your own choices. An extra motion controller or a navigation controller are additive to the PlayStation Move experience. For some of you, aiming a bow and arrow with two motion controllers in Sports Champions will be the enhanced realism you’re craving; for others, one controller will work just fine.

Bottom line is, we’ve got you all covered. We hope we’ve provided enough great options for all of you out there and can’t wait until you can get your hands on PlayStation Move come September 19th.

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Jvolel said:

July 18th, 10:13 am

“As viguru said. You can’t play the archery game with one PS Move controller. So your statement on that The Fight:Lights Out is the only game right now that requires to move controllers is WRONG!”

No. His statement is correct. You would just “point n’ click” with the move controller to shoot arrows.

RiverWraith said:

July 20th, 7:19 pm

I’m hoping some of the retail chains put together a nice package that lets me “build-my-own” bundle. I’d like a bundle with a Move/Nav/LBP2(or a coupon for it). Add that to the PS Move Bundle and I think I’d have a full set.

ivoryandtai said:

July 30th, 2:42 am

I pre-ordered the $99 bundle and navigation controller.
Although i’m not to happy that i have to buy another move controller for The Fight:lights out.
The navigation controller is for games like Resident evil 5 gold and socom 4.
All the games that need complete movement.

SteeliestGuzman said:

August 2nd, 12:23 pm

in terms of ps3 move bundle how much hdd does it hold?

Boyzyy said:

August 2nd, 9:35 pm

option 2 is ok, but having the navigation controller included would make it a better deal

wpgboy54 said:

August 5th, 4:17 pm

looking to buy new playststion 3 console. have old 60 gb console.
slowly running out of space. what is the HDD on the new playstation 3 Sport champion move bundle and does it have backward capability.

EliteShadow13xX said:

August 11th, 12:56 am

I’m looking forward to Playstation Move, but I am disappointed by the missing bundle. I am one of the many who already has a camera, and have no need of a second. It should be a no brainer to have a bundle with both controller parts, and game. Many people already have the camera due to Eye of Judgment. The people responsible for creating these bundles should be fully aware of that or shouldn’t have had input for the bundles. In the end your only going to hurt sales. While I want Playstation Move, but money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t need a second camera, but I will need/want the nav controller. I will not get Playstation Move till a bundle fits my needs.

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