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Jul 21

Jul 21

inFAMOUS 2 at Comic-Con

Edward Pun's Avatar Posted by Senior Artist, Sucker Punch Productions

I’m the Senior Artist on inFAMOUS 2, responsible for doing storyboards and rendering all the line work for the 2D cut scenes, plus anything else I can help the art teams with. We are all busy working on InFAMOUS 2 but wanted let anyone who is going to SD Comic-Con know that we’ll be doing a special panel discussion this week!

It’s called “From Origin to Evolution: The Making of a Modern Day Superhero for the Videogame World,” and we’ll be discussing topics like how we made inFAMOUS, our comic inspirations, and of course some insights into what we hope to accomplish for inFAMOUS 2.  We’ll be showing some cool artwork, plus one of the first 2D cutscenes from the new game. Greg Miller from IGN fame will be moderating the discussion and you’ll be able to ask us any burning questions you might have. Here’s the summary:

inFAMOUS 2 Panel & Q&A
When: Thursday, July 22nd, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: Room 7AB

On top of all that, all panel attendees will score a sweet InFAMOUS 2 shirt!

inFamous 2 Comic-Con Shirt

For those who can’t make it to Comic-Con this year, have no fear, check out our first behind the scenes video leading up to our panel discussion to see how much comics have been a factor in the creation of Cole and the InFAMOUS universe.

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SuperStone28 said:

July 21st, 10:53 am

Multiple questions.
1- Rumors have emerged about being able to customize cole? Is this true?
2- Will Cole be limited to just the one melee weapon or will he gain more throughout the story.
3- Will the Karma system be back and will it affect the player more than in the first one?
4- Mulitplayer. Will there be online mulitplayer?
5- Can you have it come out sooner that 2011? xD
6- Will any pre-order bonuses be announced?
7- Where can you buy one of those shirts?!? :O I tried to get tickets but they sold out for comic con Dx

nem0905 said:

July 21st, 11:06 am

Never heard any custom options for Cole, and if there were im sure i would have read it in the Forums.

MP i hope not! and i dont think so though.

Bonuses for Pre-order, there is a petetion going on in the forums for the Original Cole DLC skin.

as far as release date, i heard July 11th.

Karma system is def there and more powerful than before.

Weapons, hmmmm no clue..

TL2 said:

July 21st, 11:10 am

You guys need to throw that shirt up on the sucker punch store i would buy that in a second

Korbei83 said:

July 21st, 11:12 am

Huh.. I wasn’t aware that 2P Productions was an actual production company. I thought they just did PATV. Apparently I’m a fan.

Caladen said:

July 21st, 11:14 am

This game will get alot of GOTY votes, easy. First day buy for me.

Globox_82 said:

July 21st, 11:14 am

Does anyone know whats the name of the song in video?

iTofuMan said:

July 21st, 11:20 am

dang ill admit im not a huge fan of infamous, but that T-shirt looks nice!

TheGuardianFID said:

July 21st, 11:35 am

HUGE fan of inFAMOUS, great interviews, consider anything inFAMOUS related SOLD SOLD SOLD, I can’t wait!!! 8)

Uncle_Daniel said:

July 21st, 11:42 am

NOOOOOO!!! WHY!? This is going on the same time as the Scott Pilgrim Panel!! why would you do this to meeee!?

narwhalSTAB said:

July 21st, 11:45 am

Sucker Punch has never made a bad game so I’ll withhold judgment on any changes they’ve made to Cole until they’re more fleshed out. inFAMOUS is my favorite game and I’m sure Sucker Punch is going to make the second one even better.

GAM3R_16 said:

July 21st, 11:48 am

Please bring some extra shirts to PAX Seattle Jeff!

Blkant said:

July 21st, 12:05 pm

New Cole = lost a lot of interest

mojda9 said:

July 21st, 12:07 pm

Will be this inFAMOUS T-Shirt available in Stores? I want this T-Shirt.

drdre74 said:

July 21st, 12:08 pm

I hope there is a unlock able skin of the old Cole. I dont like the new Uncharted 2 Drake clone. Which is pretty much what he is now. He looks like Drake with powers. I know you guys want to compete with Uncharted but wow cloning it was the best you could do? Im sure you see alot of the comments all over the net how people dont really like the new look. The voice I can maybe get use to after playing the game for a few hours but the first voice was better and has grown on people.

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

July 21st, 12:16 pm

I wish you stuck with the old cole… oh well… I guess I’ll just wait for the $30 version instead of pre ordering it like I did with the original…

Superstrokey1123 said:

July 21st, 12:18 pm

Ok is there going to be a colletors edition for this? I hope so

letherclad said:

July 21st, 1:00 pm


The multiplayer in red dead redemption is awful, some games shouldn’t be online.

I really hope this is kept a single player game

Also, that shirt is amazing, wish I could be there!

FireDragonGod said:

July 21st, 1:40 pm

I Like Everything U Guys R Doing, I Just Wish U Would Give New Cole A Hair Cut…The Hair Takes Away From His Uniqueness And Makes Him Resemble So Many Other People…

ajritchie said:

July 21st, 2:18 pm

Absolutely loved the first game. I’m still waiting for confirmation that “boy band Cole” is not the final character model for inFamous 2. Please don’t take a great brooding superhero and turn him into a frat boy d-bag.

Axecution said:

July 21st, 3:14 pm

@36 lmao yeah what was up wit the music? xD At the beginning i was like “lol wut?”

After a few minutes i got used to it though lol.

JaKhris said:

July 21st, 3:30 pm

Can’t wait to see more of the game. It’s a unique game you’ve made, Sucker Punch, and the second looks epic. =) Thanks for the video, it’s nice to have a dev’s perspective once in a while. =)

And boy, that t-shirt looks really great! (though I think the “Only on PlayStation” shouldn’t be there) Too bad I live in France… I think I’l be able to get one off eBay but that won’t be cheap, sadly… oh well, being a fan, I guess it’s worth it. =)

supvic said:

July 21st, 4:23 pm

SCREW NEW-COLE! he looks and sounds like some stuck up pretty-boy. Give us the old, gritty, humble Cole. I won’t be buying this otherwise, seriously, I can’t stand the new Cole.

clupula668 said:

July 21st, 5:43 pm

As much as I liked the original…in fact, BECAUSE of how much I liked the original, I will not buy this unless they, at the very least, give us an original Cole skin. Or change the character to be someone else. The disconnect is too strong.

kaoticiron21 said:

July 21st, 7:04 pm

will infamous 2 interact with the first game?

whatisdelicious said:

July 21st, 8:38 pm

Seriously, Sucker Punch just needs to deal with the fact that, you know what? They already released inFAMOUS. It’s too late to create Cole from scratch. If they weren’t happy with how gruff his voice got, then they should’ve paid attention during the recording sessions. If they weren’t happy with his dark, serious tone, they should’ve paid attention when they were writing his lines. If they weren’t happy with his look, they should’ve paid attention when they were designing him.

IT’S TOO LATE. You can’t start over now unless it’s a NEW character. Look at Dead Rising 2. That dude looks as much like Frank West as Cole does to the first game’s version of himself. The difference is that in Dead Rising 2, it’s actually a different character.

I’m seriously losing a lot of respect for Sucker Punch over all this crap.

whatisdelicious said:

July 21st, 8:39 pm

I’m excited for the game, but don’t tell me you’re glad everybody “related to the character” way more than you thought they would and you’re trying to “stay true” to the character in the sequel, then change his look, his voice, his personality, and really everything but his name and a couple of his powers.

WakizashiM said:

July 21st, 8:43 pm

Man I hope they change Cole’s look.

D-Squad3 said:

July 21st, 8:57 pm

I want that shirt!

nutellapr said:

July 21st, 9:05 pm

new pretty boy cole is horrific. At least change the voice actor and make him more gritty. Pretty boys are NOT the typical courier type.

mvpcrossxover93 said:

July 21st, 9:51 pm

i really really want to know if cole can actually swim or touch water without dying in infamous 2 because of the ice power
looking forward for this game!!!!

salar_teymourii_ said:

July 22nd, 5:56 am

like the new cole and his new powers onllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy inFAMOUS 2

LiToDiAl said:

July 22nd, 9:43 am

Exactly what whatisdelicious said. I don’t care how amazing the game is (which I’m sure it will be). Not interested until I hear that this is in fact not Cole, but rather a new character. And if it is a new character, I want closure on the old Cole…like worked into the story. The look and sound of the new Cole makes me cringe….especially knowing why such a unique original design was changed…*cough*sellout*cough*.

My reason for playing infamous 2 was a combination of the great gameplay and how intriguing I thought the character was. Not one of those factors is less important than the other to me. I have no problem severing ties with the franchise. I wish Suckerpunch the best in all of their future endeavors and I hope the second installment is a huge success. Too bad for me that I won’t be a part of it.

JamesM5150 said:

July 22nd, 11:47 pm

Aww :( you guys weren’t giving away shirts at E3! or were you? I got a Killzone 3 shirt, and a Bulletstorm shirt.

jjcisphresh said:

July 23rd, 5:11 am

when is the new infamous going to out

clupula668 said:

July 23rd, 5:25 am

Good News: IGN is reporting that Sucker Punch is redesigning Cole to look more like he did in the original game. If that’s true and I hope it is, I am definitely buying this, and I thank them for listening to us.

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