Medal of Honor: Here’s What You Want to Know

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We’re fresh off a visit to EA’s Redwood Shores campus, where the teams behind Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, and Shank showed us the latest post-E3 builds of their games, and then took time to answer the questions you posed to us earlier in the week. First up: Medal of Honor.

On the new content front, the impressively-bearded Greg Goodrich (you may remember him from our E3 interview) demonstrated a mission from the single player mode. As a sniper perched high above an enemy encampment in the Afghan mountains, he picked off a number of enemies, eventually drawing attention to his location. As the enemies let loose with mortar fire, the player switched over to reverse infrared imaging to spot the artillery operators and counter-snipers hiding in the brush and to put high-caliber rounds in their skulls from over a kilometer away.

The audio was a standout here; the crackle of your CO’s orders over the radio and your spotter’s instructions seemed as true to life as most of us will ever get to a behind-enemy-lines situation.

Other news: the Medal of Honor beta is being extended in both time and scope – those of you who purchased Battlefield 1943 should now also have access to the MOH beta. Check out Medal of Honor on Twitter for more details.

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  • the medal of honor franchise is the best i cant for the new one hope its better than cod so people cant hack you should fix that to many hackers on bfbc2 aand cod

  • Downloading right now. :D

    I saw it in recently added, and was confused, but it’s ’cause I bought 1943? ^_^

  • I was just hoping you could tell me what the next beta is and how to get it. I never got a chance to get the moh beta and i was pumped to play it.

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