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Jul 22

Jul 22

Motorstorm Apocalypse: EU Livechat with Evolution Studios

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by

Director, SIEA Social Media

Motorstorm Apocalypse’s crumbling urban environments, dynamically distorting racetracks, and stereoscopic 3D support all lead to plenty of new questions for the heavy-hitting PS3 racer. And if you’ve got questions, Evolution Studios may have answers.

Our friends at the EU PlayStation.Blog are preparing to hold a livechat with the team behind Motorstorm Apocalypse. EU Blog Manager James Gallagher and Matt Southern – Game Director, Paul Rustchynsky – Lead Designer and Phenom_Evolution – Community Manager will field questions from the audience.

Won’t you join them? Let’s listen in:

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tiger7758 said:

July 22nd, 7:09 am

yay for live chats!

miva2 said:

July 22nd, 7:13 am

Thanks for organizing another developer chat. They’re helpful for future gamedevs like me :)

Motorstorm is a game of the racing genre. Many games in that genre are pretty similar. Motorstorm is different. What do you guys do to make your games feel fresh in the genre?

I have to admit I have only played motorstorm (the 1st) for a minute :( That was at the GamePower Expo back in 2006 i think. But i like them anyway!

spunnups said:

July 22nd, 7:28 am

One thing that I think Motorstorm lacks is the ability to customize vehicles. Is that something that we will see in the new installment?

The most recent footage we have seen of Motorstorm looks like they are going the same route Split Second did. Is the franchise moving in a different direction?

remanutd5 said:

July 22nd, 7:31 am

hey Sid thanks for the opportunity , listen can you ask them if the controls gonna feel more tight than Pacific Rift ? i mean i have played the 3D E3 demo and i loved it , its spectacular , intense , chaotic , but there was 1 thing i didnt like and it was the way the car felt , it felt way too loose ,i hope they fix the controls , another question , are we gonna be able to play a Motorstorm Monument Valley , Motorstorm Pacific Rift collapsing tracks ? anyways , congrats on such Amazing Franchise , LUNATIC UNITE!!!!!!

remanutd5 said:

July 22nd, 7:32 am

OHH i almost forgot hey sid tell EVO to talk to Big Big about bringing a party system to Motorstorm Arctic Edge so we can play with our friends !!!!!!!

katsuo7171 said:

July 22nd, 7:37 am

Good to have them back! I was participating with them over at EU. Now I can sit back and go in from here. :D

Still hoping we get one with polyphony.


July 22nd, 7:46 am

Thanks a lot for doing this, guys! I love it when we get to go 1-on-1 with the developers of different games :)

yezzir25 said:

July 22nd, 7:57 am

how far does customization go?

ikaros said:

July 22nd, 7:57 am

Since the game has a story around this time (Oh yea, looking forward to some WWE racing!) Will the characters on the track have voiced reactions to for example ramming, or giving them the finger?

tiger7758 said:

July 22nd, 7:57 am

Are you guys planning a Collectors Edition or something special? I’d love to have some cool artwork or a model of an in game car.

WantAPopsicle said:

July 22nd, 7:58 am

Will the single player be similar to previous Motorstorm games or are you going with something different?


July 22nd, 8:00 am

hey guys, will we see better graphics in motorstorm apocalypse? i like the detailed graphics and gameplay of the first motorstorm but, i thought that motorstorm pacific rift graphics were degraded a bit. both games were fun tho and i plan on buying apocalypse..thanks

ikhezu said:

July 22nd, 8:00 am

can the destruction me manipulated or controlled somehow, for example : if i crash my big rig will there be a reaction?
and are you going to keep some tracks from pacific rift?

Darth-Krayt said:

July 22nd, 8:36 am

Well, they confirmed custom soundtracks durring online play, so I’m happy. MSPR not allowing custom sountracks online annoyed me, so thank you for that EVO.

Motorstorm bacame my favorite racing game of all time (and I’m traditionally a sim racer), with just the demo for the original game, the full game was amazing gameplay wise, just bare bones. Pacific Rift was the same amazing gameplay, and completely the opposite of bare bones. I never understood Pacific Rift getting lower scores that the original. It was better in every way. The Motorstorm games are true originals and the most fun, intense racing games ever made.

The new game sounds SO content packed, it’s a little intimidating. I’m worried about balance online with all the perks I’ll be honest. I’m expecting one or two dominant set-ups. Hopefully all the custom race modes, the online will be populated for a long time.

Keep up the good work EVO.

PurplePigs said:

July 22nd, 9:36 am

I have two questions.

#1 Will there be any kind of split screen? Online and offline?

#2 Now, I don’t know if you guys worked on Motorstorm 1, but if you did, can you trophy patch Motorstorm 1?

kingslog said:

July 22nd, 10:02 am


there will be 4 player split screen offline and online

and do it may be sad news for you motorstorm will most likely never get a trophy patch :(

Kixx_MKIII said:

July 22nd, 10:04 am

Im actually with the same question someone else asked, How far does Evoulution Studios plan on going to really push a good customization. Becuz not to put it out there like this but, Im a fan of modnation and their customization is awesome. And to be honest It really wasn’t until Modnation came out that I saw a good customization card game, with the exception of Midnight club LA and before that, NFSU 2. So yea I really want to know how ya’ll are gonna push it future than just a simple paint job on the cars and stuff like that.

Exalted_Knight said:

July 22nd, 10:06 am

@15 same here a trophy patch is always welcome @ Evolution Studios care to comment, on a sidenote i dont know if any of you have stated before but will dual PSN signins be supported by this game?

CFD13 said:

July 22nd, 10:13 am

I have a quick question, will motorstorm apocalypse support the ps move controller? if so will we be able to use it in the vehicle customization? like i could do detailed paint jobs with the move.

Zaleel said:

July 22nd, 11:24 am

Will motorstorm Apocalypse have an interior view mode in which the steering wheel and other things are visible? It would be awesome if that were the case.

Silen7in said:

July 22nd, 11:52 am

great stuff looking forward to Motorstorm: Apocalypse very much. So many great games coming out late this year / next year

irishroc10 said:

July 22nd, 11:49 pm

@ #3 It isnt going to be like S/S in that game YOU trigger events like route changer shortcut etc
MotorStorm Apocolypse just has random things being destroyed whic is all them (Programming)
BTW before I go to sleep, If there is to be a Collectors Edition, some goodies could be the Lunatic Head logo or a small replica of a Lunatic running away from a collapsed building
& FINALLY lol talking bout trophies the next time you see Hideo Kojima ask him to put trophies for MGS4! or else… Sackboy will be angry.. & So will Drake Jak Daxter Sly Ratchet Clank Cole Sev Hale Spyro Snake Boss Crash the Lunatics & it goes on & on… >:<

Orobi said:

July 23rd, 12:32 am

OK, late but i POST my QUESTION:
Please: make the building collapse, more SLOWLY!!! Very very slow collapse can give more weight to the disaster, and feel more realistic. For what I see now, hole in the ground appears too quickly, even smoke effects have to lasts longer.
Please, Evolution, this will be my race game of the year, but improve the WEIGHT feeling, smoke, particles of disasters!

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