Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood at Comic-Con 2010

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If you’ve played through the Assassin’s Creed games, it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the world of Assassins vs Templars – especially if you’ve unlocked every last thing in ACII. The writers on the franchise spoke about the process of creating the storyline – “exploring the cracks in history,” as they put it – at their San Diego Comic-Con panel Nothing is True, Everything is Forbidden – writing for Assassin’s Creed. But first – feast your eyes on the new multiplayer trailer.

Lead Writer Jeffrey Yohalem revealed more about AC: Brotherhood’s structure: it’s going to chronicle the struggle that leads to true leadership, based around the principles of Machiavelli’s The Prince. It takes more than just charisma to be a leader, but you’ve got to make a lot of right decisions before people put their life in your hands. In AC: Brotherhood, we’ll see how the returning Ezio will exemplify those qualities in the continuing struggles of the Assassins vs the Templars. Expect almost everyone that you met in ACII (but didn’t kill, natch) to return, albeit through deepened relationships. Characters that seemed merely helpful or 1-dimensional in ACII will reveal themselves to be more complex now.

The writers stressed that it’s important that everything fits into the story of Assassin’s Creed. Even the game’s menus are part of the Animus machine that Desmond channels the past in. Multiplayer mode is no different: “Abstergo has been busy,” said Yohalem. Remember that room filled with Animi (Animuses?) during the escape scene at the beginning of ACII? That’s the Templar-controlled company’s training ground for new, counter-assassins. They’ve been uploading the skills that actual Assassins like Desmond have been unlocking into their most adept pupils, and their training simulation is our multiplayer.

However it fits into the story, it looks like a good time. I’ve heard it described as a modern videogame take on hide-and-seek, and that seems accurate. But with more stabbing. Oh, and two new characters were revealed: a Blacksmith and a Soldier, and based on the Q&A that followed the panel, there’ll likely be more revealed between now and the game’s November release.

Some more highlights from the fan Q & A section:

Q: Will there be more Desmond gameplay in ACB?
A: Yes, it’ll take a very unexpected turn. Things will change quite a bit in the present day. He’ll also be changing his look.
Q: Will there ever be any female assassins?
A: Yes, wait for November.
Q: Will we learn more about the ancient assassins from that room where you place the seals you collect in ACII?
A: Yes. Everything that we have started will resolve… Eventually.
Q: How many multiplayer characters total?
A: A lot. (but not Ezio or Altair, as that wouldn’t make sense in the scope of the story)
Q: Any plans for DLC?
A: Yes, there are plans in the works.

Oh, one last thing. That Russian/red star Assassins logo that popped up a week or two ago was not a hint that the next Assassin’s Creed game would take you to Russia. It’s actually a new comic book based on the Tunguska explosion hinted at in ACII.

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2 Author Replies

  • gumdropbuttons

    that is an awsome trailer!

  • dlc for acb? what? ubisoft will sell us another incomplete game like ac2?

  • LegendOfJon

    Will this game be marketed has a PS3 exclusive, like assassin creed 2 did?

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      Well, the beta will. Not sure about branding on the commercials or anything.

  • I really wanna c how the multiplayer will work

  • Awesome, can’t wait for november 16!
    When can we expect more news about the beta?
    I know it will be in september but do i have to
    pre-order it? will it be part of PlayStation Plus?

  • tropicalskin

    can’t wait for this game !!

  • How many game modes will there be?

  • the trailer was cool, who’s the female character?

  • I have to be honest, I love the trailer but the music… I don’t know, it feels a bit too much Indie Rock to fit with the Italian Renaissance (but that just my opinion). Can’t wait for the Beta, good luck!

  • i cant wait for this game to come out im a huge ac fan and will defintely pre-order it, also the multiplayer and fighting brings so much more to this game cant wait for movember 16

  • Seems cool but if I hear ANYTHING about cutting episodes from the full game, to sell them later as DLC then sorry – no money from me :)

  • I wait until the COMPLEET EDITION arrives.
    (Just like they did with AC II)

  • FireDragonGod

    I’m Only Using The Female…F The Other Characters
    None Of Them Appeal 2 Me At The Moment



  • that-acmilan-guy

    Thanks Jeff, will there be horses in the multiplayer as well?

  • ForgiveMyAim

    I have a dumb question >.<
    Is this Online only?

  • Hey these should be Avatars,they are pretty cool.
    Awesome trailer but the game ehh I don’t wanna play lol

  • Looking fantastic so far. Kudos to the developers for your amazing costume design. The characters look charismatic, deadly, and…fashionable? o.0

  • josejaimes45


  • XxNo0b_H8rxX

    I want the beta already, I refuse to buy this game without trying the multiplayer

  • I’m guessing the old man in brown robe shown in 3 short sequences is another assassin.
    Anyways, a question. What kind of rewards or unlocks will the multiplayer offer to keep players online?

  • I want to see more about the relationship between Ezio and the girl he teams up with at Venice.

  • suckin_blood

    @Jeff Rubenstein are u sure the playstation3 version got extra stuff on it?

  • battleCat3000

    What is the name of the song from the trailer. I like it, but only because it fit the trailer so nicely.

  • when and where is the next ps3 gaming convection please right back before july 30TH

  • or when is it right now.


    When’s the fricken demo?!

  • @25 are you high? follow this blog!

  • Will the graphic look in ACB be better than in AC2?

  • BalramRules


  • Razgriz1234Gabe

    personally I want some insight to the story that Brotherhood is meant to revolve around.
    Other than that, it looks pretty good.

  • Lilkhalil614

    everyne add me on hte ps3 my username is lilkhalil614 i could use some friends to talk with about assassins creed im currently playing assassins creed 2 now

  • edward8860968

    The trailer is just great. Does anyone know the music?

  • Growlingiant55

    i think it would be better if you could customize your own charter then just getting olny like 8 of them

  • LegacyGamer

    Any idea of the time frame for when the beta will be avaliable? Im so excited!!!!!! I have all the AC games ^____^ [*cough* and a REAL hidden blade *cough*]

  • digitalman123

    REAL HIDDEN BLADE??? I doubt that! I’d like beta for the game so please choose me. Also, growlingiant55? The characters need to be pre-set so they have their own crowds to blend in with to look like AI.

  • digitalman123

    Please pick me for beta please! :)

  • crazed_psycho324

    you need to pre-order the game at gamestop to get into the beta

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