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Jul 23

Jul 23

LittleBigPlanet 2 Updates: Official Date and Retail Goodness!!!

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

LittleBigPlanet 2

While we’re entertaining the crowds at San Diego Comic Con this week with a peek at LBP2 and some free shirts.  We have some great news…

Over at camp Media MoleculeLittleBigPlanet 2 has just passed “Alpha”! Yay!  And while we still have a ton of work to do, we’re that much closer to release and we’re ready to announce some news you’ve all been waiting, so on behalf of our retail partners and our friends at Disney…here we go…

First things first…“When is LittleBigPlanet 2 coming out?” – You’ll be pleased to know we’re on schedule to have LBP2 out in stores on November 16th, just in time for the holidays.  So whether you plan to be there on Day 1 or need to put it on your big holiday ‘wishlist’, rest assured, LBP2 will be here soon.

Next item on the list…”Will there be any pre-order items?” – We’re glad you asked!  YES, we have several exciting pre-order offers through several retail partners.  Each pre-order consists of 2 parts – a very special costume offer from our partners @ Disney / Pixar and Insomniac; and 4 new “Even More Animals” costumes.  That’s 5-6 different LBP2 costumes just for pre-ordering LBP2.  Here’s a sneak peek of a few pre-order programs coming
soon to our US retailers: – If you’re a fan of the Ratchet & Clank franchise (who isn’t), you’ll love this.  Pre-order at and get 6 Sackboy costumes including exclusive access to Ratchet & Clank costumes from the ever popular Ratchet & Clank franchise.  In addition to the exclusive 2 costumes, you’ll get four new “Animals” costumes, for a total of 6 costumes.

Ratchet & Clank in LittleBigPlanet 2LittleBigPlanet 2

BestBuy & – All together now…”the claw!!!”  We’ve partnered with Disney & Pixar to provide the exclusive “Aliens” costume for BestBuy pre-orderers.  We can already imagine the number of uses you guys will use this costume combined with the new Sackbots feature.  And be on the lookout for more characters thru an upcoming Toy Story 3 DLC in the near future.  Plus the 4 costumes from “Even More Animals”

Toy Story Alien in LittleBigPlanet 2 LittleBigPlanet 2

GameStop & – Are you as excited for the release of TRON: Legacy as we are?  If so, head on over to GameStop and pre-order to get the exclusive *Clu* Sackboy costume from Tron: Legacy. Be the first to have this costume and hold tight for more TRON: Legacy costumes later this year.  And again, you also get the 4 different “Even More Animals” costumes.

Tron Legacy Suit in LittleBigPlanet 2 LittleBigPlanet 2

AND MORE TO COME!  – Stay tuned as we announce more pre-order programs like this special DLC package including one of our favorite Muppets – GONZO!  There’s no doubt you’ll have fun exploring the many areas in LBP2, with bent nose and all.  And keep an eye out for more Muppets costumes shortly after launch via the PlayStation Store.

The Great Gonzo in LittleBigPlanet 2

What else…”PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you guys are offering a Collectors Edition” – OK, OK, good news is YES, we’re offering a Collector’s Edition of LittleBigPlanet 2 in the US, bad news is it’ll be a limited run, so you better pre-order soon to ensure you get one. The LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Edition, will also be available on November 16 at select retailers at $79.99, and in limited quantity.  Here’s what you can expect from the LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Edition:

LittleBigPlanet 2  - LBP2-Collectors-Edition

  • A copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 – duh.
  • Your own little “Sackboy” – 7” of plushie-goodness for you to accompany you on your journey thru LBP2.
  • Exclusive LBP2 “game ends” – keep your PS3 games in a tidy, organized and ‘Sack-ured” within these unique bookends
  • One stop shop for exclusive DLC + more – regarding in-game content, the LBP2 Collector’s Edition comes packed with 11 different pre-order costumes, including:
    • Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3’s “Aliens” Sackboy Costume
    • Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Sackboy Costume
    • The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Sackboy Costume
    • PlayStation’s “Ratchet” Sackboy Costume
    • PlayStation’s “Clank” Sackboy Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Sackboy Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Sackboy Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Sackboy Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Sackboy Costume
  • And exclusive to the LittleBigPlanet 2’s Collectors Edition:
    • PlayStation’s “Jak” Sackboy Costume
    • PlayStation’s “Daxter” Sackboy Costume
    • 5 exclusive LBP2 PSN Avatars – Lastly, complete your PlayStation experience with a new identity on the PlayStation Network with these new avatars.

Whew!  That was a lot to take in, but we hope it was well worth the read. Now back to Comic Con…..

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SpyDudeFX said:

July 23rd, 1:59 pm

Sounds great but can you clarify “exclusive” so we know now? Is it never ever available again period exclusive or never available again exclusive until enough people complain or is it simply timed exclusive? Asking about the pre-order costumes and the CE DLC included and those avatars. What about adding a cool exclusive CE dynamic theme to the bundle? You have a few months to do that ;)

ZAANOS said:

July 23rd, 2:00 pm

Yep im getting the CE.

R1LEY62 said:

July 23rd, 2:00 pm

This news made my face go :D!!!!!

XsAirJordans said:

July 23rd, 2:02 pm

Sweet, just preordered from amazon =^D

GRG89 said:

July 23rd, 2:04 pm

Damn…just 14 days after i paid for the GT5 Collector’s Edition. lol, looks like I gotta work and earn some money

D-Squad3 said:

July 23rd, 2:23 pm

OMG I need that CE!!!

FredNation said:

July 23rd, 2:31 pm

So if you pre-order the Limited Edition are the pre-order bounes inside the box or do you have to ask for the…

Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3’s “Aliens” Sackboy Costume

Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Sackboy Costume

The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Sackboy Costume

PlayStation’s “Ratchet” Sackboy Costume

PlayStation’s “Clank” Sackboy Costume

Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Sackboy Costume

Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Sackboy Costume

Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Sackboy Costume

Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Sackboy Costume

Please reply thanks.

Scottishmike said:

July 23rd, 2:39 pm

Wow, am so hyped up now. Must get this. I hope this exact CE is coming out to the UK, don’t want to miss out on a pre-order if it isn’t!

Limited copies? How many copies do you think would be available?

JumpMan33 said:

July 23rd, 2:46 pm

Dang this is already number 2 on Amazon’s top selling charts.

IC-77 said:

July 23rd, 2:46 pm

Willit be coming to New Zealand? PLLLEEEEEEAAAAASE!

Maximus_Leonis said:

July 23rd, 2:51 pm

So now that LBP2 is coming out will the Sephiroth that was announced for LBP1 be avalible??

solsamurai said:

July 23rd, 2:57 pm

OMG! Going to pre-order Collectors the second it becomes available! Can’t wait! ;. )

ChronoJoe said:

July 23rd, 3:06 pm


Whilst games are not region locked, it’s not wise to import games which you intend to buy DLC for. DLC often only works for specific versions of the game, from it’s region.

For example, you cannot use DLC off of the EU store, on a US version of Killzone 2. So unless you intend to use be buying content out of your region (which is fraud as you have to lie, about your region) it’s not smart to import games which you will want to buy DLC for.

That aside. It’s very likely that the US preorder bonuses will either be a) bundled into a special edition for other regions, or b) sold separately on the PSN store.

sfgdfds said:

July 23rd, 3:48 pm

woot – this is great!!!
I am in Canada but I pre-ordered just now from – let’s hope the DLC will work – but I could not risk not getting this :)

I figured we share the same store with the US right? so kinda hoping it should work. and if there will be a CE in Canada I can still cancel my US order :)

so now I just have to wait about 132 days before it gets here…

wolfzero1 said:

July 23rd, 4:09 pm

I’m definitely getting the CE now

DaveKap said:

July 23rd, 4:34 pm

I never got my sticker book after pre-ordering the first game from Circuit City. How do I know you won’t bungle this pre-order up as well?

alexbull_uk said:

July 23rd, 4:41 pm

Oh my. This looks awesome!

I hope this is coming out in the UK! I’ll pre-order!

I’m hoping the beta comes out soon. Maybe a little early for us loyal PS+ subscribers?

irishroc10 said:

July 23rd, 4:42 pm

Getting it Day 1 CE!

byaafacehead said:

July 23rd, 4:52 pm

Just canceled my LBP2 pre-order :( …..
then pre-ordered LPB2 Collector’s edition!!! :D

MoneyMaker110 said:

July 23rd, 4:56 pm

i’m so excited i could pop


July 23rd, 5:10 pm

oh i can’t wait im never going to stop playing

DREAM-007 said:

July 23rd, 5:11 pm

it’s so cool how can i order this ? from amazon ?

F1STOO said:

July 23rd, 5:21 pm

I’m kind of confused here. If you pre-order the Collector’s Edition will you get all the costumes or does it depend on where you pre-order the game?


July 23rd, 5:30 pm

wait, the collector edition is gonna have all of the dlcs or just one from the store you preorder

orange_sponge said:

July 23rd, 5:34 pm

Will the collectors edition be available in Canada?

scarecroe said:

July 23rd, 6:21 pm

GONZO!!!!! We want MORE MUPPETS!!!!!

nozomi429 said:

July 23rd, 6:57 pm

Does Gonzo only come with the Collector’s Edition, or will it be available in the Store later?

Pbjb989 said:

July 23rd, 8:05 pm

Nooooo! This is bad news, I’ll have no time to play Gran Tourismo 5 or CoD: Black Ops.

RLx3 said:

July 23rd, 8:08 pm

Damn, I want this. The plushie and the game ends look cool. Is that the final boxart? The PS move thing on the spine looks kinda obstructive.

quickfire123 said:

July 23rd, 8:27 pm

I have 2 questions. I dont want to pre order the collector’s edition then next thing you know you guy release a better edition :(. Secondly whats the 7 in the sack plushie?

GGod0 said:

July 23rd, 8:41 pm

@230 that is its size

Narles24 said:

July 23rd, 9:23 pm

Pre-ordered the Collectors Edition on Amazon. Really looking forward to it. My wife and I love this game.

zombie9 said:

July 23rd, 10:20 pm

LBP2 CE what a joke
See U when LBP2 GOTY hits in 2011 fools..

larrylewis91 said:

July 23rd, 10:46 pm

can we pre-order the collecters edition at gamestop?

irishroc10 said:

July 23rd, 10:51 pm

How many CE’s are up for grabs?

Hymanator said:

July 23rd, 11:29 pm

I just placed a pre-order at gamestop, so you can definitely order it there.

Waiting an entire year or more to play this game, just to get a “GOTY edition” sounds insane to me. You must have an endless amount of patience.

I don’t normally buy collectors editions of anything, but this was too good to pass up.

x2501 said:

July 24th, 12:13 am

I WILL own the collectors edition….
food? who need’s “food”?
to great for words for me, T-T

LaZy_GiRL said:

July 24th, 12:31 am

Hey u guys suck, you should make the characters available in every store so you can pick who you want :(


July 24th, 12:33 am

yea the BIG sackboy doll is coming??? the one in the picture

Ti_dus said:

July 24th, 1:35 am

i love it!!!

theman_714 said:

July 24th, 1:51 am

PLEASE some1 tell me that the DLC will be available on the PS Store too or is it just for the Collector’s Edition it looks really really cool

Lucky13X said:

July 24th, 2:16 am

Possibly one of the best collector’s editions ever. And not the what was becoming standard $100 price. I am looking at you God of War and Gran Turismo 5.

God of War btw is on sale for $80 at most retailers. The price it should have started at really.

So thank you MM for making a collector’s edition for the collectors. You just sayed me from having to preorder the game a few times over for $5 minimum at some retailers to get some of the cool pre-order incentives.

REDSHADOW559 said:

July 24th, 2:57 am

can u please talk to marvel and or capcom, Sack-boy would be an awesome fighter in MVC3…call it a psn exclusive, u know pple would pay extra cash for dlc 4 MVC3 with characters like, sackboy, crash bandicoot, cratos, lemming,cole, the clown from twisted metal, the monopoly guy, the aol guy and more.., cmon please…..whose wit me…:)

julle_25- said:

July 24th, 3:31 am

i haven’t read all comments yet but this WILL come to eu right…? D:
also will it be avaible to pre-order it from gamestop?

RipperB1024 said:

July 24th, 3:48 am

AWESOME!!! my birthday is the 24’th october, so i’ll just wish for a pre-order of collectors edition with my bro (twin) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Elvick_ said:

July 24th, 4:36 am

@ChronoJoe It’s not fraud to BUY something from another region. At all.

Darksector90 said:

July 24th, 5:18 am


HoverPwnsYou said:

July 24th, 5:28 am

will the american vouchers work on a canadian psn account?please answer

Freddy_Krueger82 said:

July 24th, 5:33 am

Please make a Release for EU/Germany! I want this so bad!

Ropiplup said:

July 24th, 5:41 am

I mean the collectors edition in-game content
is going to work in Canada and Mexico

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