Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations

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Hi everyone, the next PlayStation 3 (PS3) system software update is coming soon. Firmware update 3.41 will add recommendations for games and videos on PlayStation Store. When you’re browsing through the details of a particular title, you’ll see a new “You May Like” section on the right-hand side. This section lists additional items based on the purchases of other PlayStation Network members who have purchased the item you’re currently looking at.

You can then click on this section to zoom in on the list and scroll the recommended titles.

system software update 3.41 recommendations

This feature is a great way to discover new games that you may not know about, and it’s another step toward making the shopping experience easier and better for you all — similar to the five-star ratings feature we added in the last firmware update. Please note that while the 3.41 update will be released shortly, the recommendations feature on PlayStation Store is slated to go live by the end of July.

In addition to this PS3 update, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v.6.31) will be coming as well. This is a minor update, and system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Update: For those users who are replacing the PS3 hard disk drive: We have been aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27, and that it will cause the update to stop in some occasions while replacing the PlayStation 3 (PS3) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) if the PS3 system is installed with version 3.41.

To resolve these symptoms, we have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change (the version number does not change) on August 2nd. If you are experiencing such symptoms when replacing the HDD of your PS3 system, we kindly ask you to use the latest data and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

For any other questions, please contact your local customer service.

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  • Is it possible that whenever you guys create a patch or an update for the PSP that it maybe has something that actually adds a feature instead of something that’s pointless?

    The firmwares add no features and the FTB3 patch didn’t add anything either :(

  • UnholierThanThou

    This… is…. LAME. 15 minutes-worth of downloading and installing, rolled up with TWO system resets JUST so you can try to sell us more crap on the store based on our buying habits?!?!?! THANKS for wasting my time!!! WHO makes these decisions at corporate, anyway? They NEED to start listening to the average-gamer-types who work in the building and STOP forcing mandatory crap like this on us while ignoring the things that we all TRULY want!!! Bring back trophy lists! Give us a fully functional media player! FIX all the problems with the browser! Some people want XGC (I don’t understand why, but if it shuts them up, then whatever)! Why couldn’t this be tacked on to a REAL update that includes some of these things that we want? Look at the share blog you gave us and MAKE THAT STUFF HAPPEN!!!! Jeez….

  • LOL i bet he regrets saying – “As always, we look forward to your feedback” ;D

  • BalramRules

    Awesome, looks GREAT! XD

  • fierygunhand

    FLAC support pleeeeease.

  • Thanks for the continuing support for free updates. You can’t complain when you’re receiving something for free!

  • I find it odd that out of all the feature requests that are sitting on the playstation share site asking for things like a new web browser, twitter clients, etc., we get updates with things like recommendations for you which is nothing more then a marketing gimmick to sell more content on the store.

    Come on, don’t put in these marketing features, like Whats New and now this recommendation thing and call them features that we are going to be excited about.

    How about fixing or replacing the broken browser in the PS3 so that it does not LOCK UP and FREEZE THE PS3 even when on the PSBlog site? How about a twitter client built in? How about useful things?

  • Will there be a firmware to upgrade the people that upgrade the PSN store?

  • shinthelight

    Yes please no Cross Game Chat comments. This is getting too….I mean wayyy old. You guys have been say cross game chat on almost every blog update on happy what you have now….when the times comes for cross game chat…it will be here

    Anyways…this is great update!

  • that would be great if i could download the update without getting an error message

  • What else does this update do besides the added store feature and when will you update a better Internet Browser?

  • Steve-Beast

    Another thing… why PS3 cannot recognize NTFS format, I have a 2TB external hard drive and I cannot use it to make a backup of my PS3… (I know I can format in FAT32 but I will not use my hard drive just for ps3 backup…)

    So recommendation is a MUST feature to have but what about supporting NTFS format ? Isn’t more interesting feature ?!? Now I have twho external hard drive one in fat32 and one in NTFS… NTFS not recognize and the other one I connaot make a backup more than 4 Go…

    Maybe itès just me but a think that backup features is more important than superficial features like recommendation.

    I hope that you really read message from players because it’s seem clear that everyone here question Sony priority !

  • @Steve-Beast: the back-up app isn’t even working here -_- all i get are stupid errors. and the errors are always numbers so you never really know what went wrong. in the beginning i never had any problems with back-ups. but now few years after the fat 60gb release (my second one after the yrod)

  • Firmware updates are not “free goodies.” They are expected and demanded when a company supports a product. Game patches are not freebies. Windows security updates aren’t bonuses that we should be grateful for. They are EXPECTED. The reason we have updates and patches is because the developer, for whatever reason, did not get the code right when it was shipped. The PS3 still has a long way to go before it even reaches the usability and flexibility of the Xbox360.

  • So dissapointing…:(

  • xDarkBlade420x

    They should make an update so you can play music as your playing a game like Fallout 3. Also ive been having trouble checking my mail on Yahoo using my PS3. So if anyone can help me please message me.

  • Nedley_Mandingo

    Thanks for the forced advertising Sony, but I’m still waiting for my PS3 to do ‘EVERYTHING’. This firmware does ‘NOTHING’ for me. Where is the cross game chat??? You guys look like a bunch of monkeys humping a football every time you release one of these worthless firmware updates.

  • I need to get the update from the website so I can re-download it onto my playstation but they haven’t put it up yet. They need to hurry up and put the update on the website so my games will stop freezing.

  • I have a rather far-fetched idea. Why not add some of the top requested features from the Share site? I know, I know, the site was only created to shut people up and not actually do anything else, but one can dream.

  • Vendastelca

    ugh..i seriously want some better some people here agree with me…i’m not seeing much here…why not update ps home more…and add better and cooler things to do with the game system…like windows messenger or yahoo messenger…or maybe even a better video chat system…kinda like stickam..where u can just log into a cam lobby and talk…cause i have yet to find somone who even uses the camera options with the ps3

  • Athjanathos

    hmm mi ps3 doesnt work didtn read anything you must make an update that cant prevent malfuction in your system like a temp advisor or something like that.

  • Steve-Beast

    what about a features that allow copying files and doing something else…

    I transfered 2 albums from my computer to my ps3 and during this time my ps3 is paralyze… First, speed transfert is not awesome… But also why I cannot do other thing ? Allow me to go on PSN, listen music, watch movie videoclip… I understand that I cannot play a game but come on…

  • Never had a complaint..request or anything of the sort until this update..the xmb is sooo much slower now and its actually annoying the holy [DELETED] out of me. <~Mod that wordy dirdy and Ill know someone actually read the post and who knows..word of mouth ;)

  • Useless Updated ; Can be very well rolled in with some substantial update; Waste of time for all.

  • it would be really nice if the browser could be overhauled :S. its finicky. might i suggest updating the flash version and FINALLY ADDING YOUTUBE HD SUPPORT! lol. that would be lovely!


    was up

  • demonsmaycry

    cross chat…cross chat…cross chat….

  • WickedCobra03

    Oh great, another minor update that I don’t care about.

    Hey sony, while you are at it, please remove the video editor, it is more bloatware that I will never use and it is cluttering up my XMB. It is fine as an optional download to have in the store or something, but I don’t want any of this crap.

  • the only reason i am updating is so i can:
    1. play on uncharted 2 online
    2. play on killzone 2 online
    3. download demos on the playstaion store
    4. communicate with friends online
    besides i have back up games if i can’t play online i have a list again:
    if i can’t play ps3 ill play psp games this is the final list:
    metal gear portable ops
    dissidia ff
    gta liberty cities
    coded arms
    killzone liberation
    ratchet and clank size matters (only if im desperate)
    fifa 08

    LOL i have lots of back up and if i can’t do that ill play basket ball if its rainy ill watch tv or read books or use a laptop xD im asking if anyone can beat my back up plan!?

  • Today I tried firmware update to 3.41 and during the installation process at 69% I got error 8002F07C. When I restart the PS3 (even into the Recovery mode), the installation process automatically restarts and at 69% I get again the error code 8002F07C.

    So now I’m in “Sony deadly loop” and my PS3 is just a piece of crack… :-((( Thanks, Sony!!!

    Any advice?

  • BPatches701

    @563 I had my external drive as NTFS when I bought it but I converted it to FAT32 and it still works just fine for everything. In fact, I prefer FAT32 because it’s more widely recognizable on systems that do not run Windows.

  • BPatches701

    @580 have you tried downloading the update from the website to a usb flash drive and updating through recovery mode using the flash drive?

  • BPatches701

    @580 someone also suggested on EU forums to try option 3 under recovery mode.

  • kevin2000_99


  • We already have backup features @ the person who asked for them. Check under the system menu.

    The only backup feature I’d like is tick-boxes to include or not include my media files and game data when doing backups. Choosing to only back up photos and game saves for example would save a lot of time.

  • Hmmm… upgraded my HDD and cant install the 3.41 update (the 168Mb one) when it reaches 60% is says “no applicable data”. i guess the 40Mb patch is fine but the complete update file is not, I am still using my 120gb hdd, upgraded with the patch and everything is fine. Hey scea guys, fix it quick!

  • What is with all these horrible updates? I mean come on! Hardly anyone cares about recommendations.

  • How come there isn’t a single RED REPLY? Where are these sony guys to tell us something about this bad update file?

  • Cornersting

    Was excited about the update until I found out what it was. Of all the cool features and ideas we submit, playstation picks this sort of thing? I dunno what going on in those offices but you guys really need to add some really cool stuff. I was happy to see the madden and kane and lynch demo come up earlier though, the demo section has been lackluster recently.

  • Such a stupid update. How about upgrading the flash player for the crappy browser so it’s at least somewhat tolerable.

  • i hate this update :@:@:@ failed during the install and now the xmb freeze when the ps3 restart :@:@:@ no luck with the recovery menuoptions. nothing works. how the hell is this possible? this update stinks :@

  • it seems the updates are now only good for the sony sales department. i want an update that removes,all but one, of the store links. sony you have gone to far.

  • alphajoe12345

    Sorry, I am still stumped as to why they haven’t integrated Netflix into the movies section.

  • Updated tuesday morning now my systems freezes every time i quit a game and like every ten minutes that i stay on start up menu.

    Is there anything i can do to stop this crap??? or im a screwed till next update???

  • xDarkBlade420x

    They should make an update so you can play music as your playing a game like Fallout 3. Also ive been having trouble checking my mail on Yahoo using my PS3. So if anyone can help tell me the problem just leave me a message.

  • Anyone updated from the WEBSITE file? Cant manage to do it.

  • Why cant Sony add a Soft version of a PS2 emulator available for purchase or download as an app in the PSN store. or at the very least as an added feature to PS+.
    So far PS+ is one of the most useless ideas Sony has come up with. And its like everyday that passes these updates and new features just become more and more useless. we have a minuscule amount of features that are actually good!
    what happened SONY you used to make the very best of everything now your allowing your competition to devastate you. If the PlayStation 3 is as Great as you say it is, why is there next to nothing that shows that? Your even losing your 3rd party allies. somehow i feel like squareenix and capcom are going to completely stop developing for the PlayStation name. If you wont give us what we request then at least overwork you 1st party teams into creating an actual line of software titles. And if your short on ideas why not revive the legendary games you used to have i would kill to see a re-mastered Einhander, or the original crash bandicoot games re-mastered as well. C’mon Sony you guys have been my favorite at just about everything since i played Klonoa, resident evil DX, and Wild 9. Don’t obliterate the PlayStation name just like that.

  • ReflectionR

    Awesome, a forced update for a useless feature… and I can’t even download the update. 3 days and the furthest I’ve gotten is 69%, most of the time I will get the 80710723 error before the EULA even pops up.

  • unacceptable


    USELESS JUNK FROM STUPID PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CHARGE OF THE PSN! Where is Cross Game Chat, Customization for my own music in my games! A Longer Friend’s and Ban list you lazy bastards! What a waate of a $1,000 console with all the stuff I bought for it!
    Sony you need to sell your company to someone who will listen to what we want!…Your updates are pointless crap! That we don’t need!…XboxLive kills PSN anyday!

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