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Jul 26

Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, the next PlayStation 3 (PS3) system software update is coming soon. Firmware update 3.41 will add recommendations for games and videos on PlayStation Store. When you’re browsing through the details of a particular title, you’ll see a new “You May Like” section on the right-hand side. This section lists additional items based on the purchases of other PlayStation Network members who have purchased the item you’re currently looking at.

You can then click on this section to zoom in on the list and scroll the recommended titles.

system software update 3.41 recommendations

This feature is a great way to discover new games that you may not know about, and it’s another step toward making the shopping experience easier and better for you all — similar to the five-star ratings feature we added in the last firmware update. Please note that while the 3.41 update will be released shortly, the recommendations feature on PlayStation Store is slated to go live by the end of July.

In addition to this PS3 update, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v.6.31) will be coming as well. This is a minor update, and system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Update: For those users who are replacing the PS3 hard disk drive: We have been aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27, and that it will cause the update to stop in some occasions while replacing the PlayStation 3 (PS3) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) if the PS3 system is installed with version 3.41.

To resolve these symptoms, we have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change (the version number does not change) on August 2nd. If you are experiencing such symptoms when replacing the HDD of your PS3 system, we kindly ask you to use the latest data and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

For any other questions, please contact your local customer service.

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SNAKE-EYES73 said:

July 28th, 9:07 pm

What a waste of time and money Piss Network! XBL kills PSN hands down! Try it if you fan boys of PS3 dare!

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

July 29th, 2:51 am

I swear do you have kids controlling the PlayStation Network Sony GET OUTTA TOWN!..If I tick off you PS3 fan boy’s then great because it only gives me more power over you all! Face it Sony will never listen to what us Hardcore gamers want! They only care about one thing and that’s your hard earned cash for $hit ware and useless updates! I rather Pay 2 Play online just to get rid those annoying 10 year old hackers & cheaters! But I wanna ask you this. What are you talking about saying that XBL has only kids in it BS! I would know that because I have a Gold Subscription and there’s no kids on XBL heck maybe in some games but MS controls the cheating and hacking and there doing a damn fine job Versus Sony! What’s this what I have to do with Sony version? contact the lazy a$$ moderators/Webmaster no Thank you yeah after waiting 1-2 years! Shame on you SCEA! Suck it up Sony Fan boys!..Sony going to quit soon just you wait because all there Profits will be no good soon!..PS3 2006-2011

Velzemans said:

July 29th, 2:52 am

Still no Other OS support that is given back to us :(

quackhack2 said:

July 29th, 9:18 am

i highly agree all games should have trophies to and put Outrun on USA PSN i had to have a Australian psn to buy it and download it GG and put good games (GG meand get good)

TrEySdAmAn said:

July 29th, 12:43 pm

cross-game chat would be ideal


July 29th, 1:30 pm

i hate these useless updates. why not upgrade the flash player. i started out only having my ps3 for an internet source, and some people still do. why not fix something that needs it rather than giving us useless junk.

xgotenx said:

July 29th, 1:35 pm

@snake-eyes73 wow you must really have no life to be postin so many times. kinda funny lol
and ok cool xbox live is way better to you. im just wonder why are you trollin?

VM1990 said:

July 29th, 3:15 pm

not being funny but please bring back the O.S option. its the only reason i picked the PS3 over the XBOX 360


July 29th, 3:17 pm

Another useless update. Here’s an idea – How about giving us an update that addresses things we actually want? Or at least some explanation as to why (even though I thought it was the whole point of the PS.Blog Share) they are seemingly ignoring us?
This is why I own and play my 360 more. Say what you will about hardware reliability but M$ listens to their gamers and really does care about their online community. All you have to do is look and see one system comes with a headset packed in with every SKU, & the other one never has so it shows where communication is on their priority list.
Also, you can’t brag about an online service being free when it has half the features of the competition. And now Sony expects us to pay for Plus? Why, so I can get discounts on arcade games I’d never play anyways? What a joke! I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that if we’re almost 5 years into this product life-cycle and we still don’t have these features like Xross Game Chat (clever right? Like Xross Media Bar) we probably never will. I’ve given up on PS3 as a community/online system. I use it for Blu-rays & exclusives only now.

VM1990 said:

July 29th, 3:33 pm

@ SLEEPLESS_KNIGHT and dont forget you can get 2 xbox 360s for the price of one PS3 and the 360 games are cheaper and less lag becuase they have a much much better network…..
wow atuall i think ill get the xbox 360 now :)
and all for a very nice £40 a month

llltrunkslll said:

July 29th, 4:30 pm

@SONY (and all others in management) I realize there may be barriers in implementing highly sought-after features to the PS3 console, however at this point in the console life-cycle I would imagine that most of the issues should have been worked out and NEW functionality would be forthcoming. What I have seen is the first historic regression of a gaming system in which owners find themselves losing usable and key selling point features in favor of $benefits$ to the company, and get instead less desired features like PSN ratings etc. These are not end-user features that people are raving for endlessly (like restoring backwards compatibility for example). If you really want to solve this PR disaster I would forget about shuffling XMB elements around, adding ratings, or making superficial aesthetic changes to user interface and get back into the gamer’s mindset of what WE want from a console. I have become affectionate for Sony, and it has only now become a bit of a wonder to what happened to that once great company.

kevin2000_99 said:

July 29th, 9:45 pm

Yea it’s time for me to get a Xbox ///

MajorSheppard said:

July 30th, 6:17 am

When will Sony be addressing the problems that 3.14 has created when trying to install a new hard drive?

vrillusions said:

July 30th, 7:48 am

That’s all? I guess this means littering the XMB with 3 different links to the store are all pretty much going to stay there for good…

RynoIV said:

July 30th, 11:04 am

So apparently this also messes up the HDD change feature? WTF SONY????

tosun01 said:

July 30th, 12:36 pm


I foretold this.
Back on page 4 or 5, I mentioned the risk of firmware updates, that adds nothing useful, that could bring compatibility issues or brick consoles.
It is not possible that Sony has hundreds of people, to make their system better, and not just they can`t include features that people are asking for years, but they are able to add totally useless features, and mess with everything.

Sony begins to lose credibility this way. My suggestion is… fire everyone responsible for this update, and hire new people, comitted to make the system better once and for all.

E_Money_Baggs said:

July 30th, 2:15 pm

an update everybody would love that you guys at sony might already be working on is filtering out good and bad connections that way the players wont have to deal whit lags while playing major titles such as cod, mag, socom, bfbc2, etc.

spawncr said:

July 30th, 5:11 pm

im really worry, about after this firmware we couldnt upgrade our systems with a bigger hdd

E_Money_Baggs said:

July 30th, 10:16 pm

another update some people like myself would find useful is while playing a ps1 game make the XMB available instead of just the black screen whit quit game,control settings, etc.

tosun01 said:

July 31st, 4:48 pm

My friend is having problems after the new firmware…
He is no longe able to access the PS store.
He upgrade his HD to a 320 Gb.

Drace05 said:

July 31st, 5:13 pm

yes please fix this hdd upgrade stuff. my old phat ps3 died and i got a slim and i want to put my 250 back in my ps3 like i had on my old rare ps3 that i sold just to get back on with my system that i love very much please dont let us down

Lundy30 said:

July 31st, 5:57 pm

When will Sony be addressing the problems that 3.14 has created when trying to install a new hard drive?

Bob-omb said:

July 31st, 9:38 pm

Yay, an update that wont let me purchase anything from the PSN store. :D

God-Of-Lyf said:

August 1st, 6:57 am

SNAKE-EYES73 is PROOF XBL Gold has kids as members. Another reason why [I DON’T OWN THAT SYSTEM!] Anything added to the PS3 System via update [For Free] is better than nothing. Just Saying…

kevin2000_99 said:

August 1st, 7:35 am

#628 playstation updates are a piece of GARBAGE, POINT BLANK..

CJGonzo said:

August 1st, 9:31 am

THIS FREAKING UPDATE JUST BRICKED MY PS3 & MY CUZIN’S TOO. I just tried upgrading my hdd to 320 gb & gave mine to my cuzin so he could upgrade too. so i bricked mine & he got pissed cause i basically bricked his too. so now we’re both stuck on this stupid screen that we cant get passed through. PLEASE…PLEASE SONY FIX THIS PRONTO! BOTH OUR PS3’s are stuck on this screen & they always stop like on 45% when preparing & 60-70% when formatting. “The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart system. If the system cannot be restarted, you must reinstall the system software.” THIS SUCKS MONKEY BALLS! Please reply if u can help us at all…PLEASE!!!!!!

l-2-a_z said:

August 1st, 11:57 am

I have an asian version of PS3 Slim. Just want to ask, is the 3.41 firmware compatible on the Asian version of PS3 slim? because I checked the site of PS3 asia, it’s still 3.30 while on the U.S. site is 3.41. can i download 3.41 update of U.S. if my PS3 slim asian?

Buddy175 said:

August 1st, 6:39 pm

o my god please stop complaining about not having X game chat. If u want it so bad go buy an xbox and pay $50 year for a service from a company that actually listens to there customers

kevin2000_99 said:

August 1st, 10:48 pm

If 360 can do it, playstation can, no damn excuses, they can top xbox, they to damn lazy..

deathmake317 said:

August 2nd, 2:12 am

no offense to mr rey but why is sony foccusing on game reviews releases when hundreds to thousands of people cant even play there ps3 right now because of the new update they should be more foccused on fixing there mess ups with the new update not allowing people to upgrade there hardrives eventually since playstation plus came out and all the downloads with it filling the hdd

if you do not believe me that this is such a problem read the forum titled
upgrading harddrive, need 3.41 this is a massive problem that is spreading all over internet

please look at our forum and help us

any one els with this problem look our forum up we have a temporary fix (temporary)

please join and help us

Ew00kie said:

August 2nd, 10:17 pm

I cannot understand why I have a 500GB HD in my ps3 slim and have no problems whatsoever.
Then all of a sudden 100’s of thousands of people just randomly decide to upgrade the HD in a couple weeks, when this issue was found. Sounds like people were trying to brick their ps3.

Don’t hate a system that potential gave you $150 extra dollars to put towards new game purchases thanks to free online.

Don’t hate a system that let’s you view Blu-Ray and 3D with compatible TVs, instead of just DVDs.

Don’t hate a system that that doesn’t red ring and bricks less frequently then someone

Ew00kie said:

August 2nd, 10:18 pm

Most of all don’t hate a system that gave you the technology for HD Video Games unlike Xbox which stole the Technology that Sony paid IBM to make. Yes, the processor that powers the xbox360 is like a Celeron Of a Pentium 4 a chopped down unbeef’d version of the cell processor that Sony paid IBM to develop!

When it comes down to future necessities the xbox has no choice but to move on due to it’s shortcomings.

HD on Xbox is not the same when you can only load so much info on a dual layer’d DVD!!

Maybe Microsoft can start making some DLP TVs so that they can keep pushing it too it’s limit then charge you for an upgrade via a new lamp bulb.

It is simply unbelievable the nerve people have to complain about everything just to make themselves heard and feel bigger than everyone else.

Have a great day, complain to ya later!

Potocus said:

August 2nd, 11:15 pm

I’m having issues with MY PS3 after update 3.41 it continues to freeze and BD / DVD playback is all screwy and it freezes up shortly after that!!!! please fix this ASAP! I’ve never had issues with my PS3 but why do we have to get pay for something that we didn’t even do! way to go SONY!

magoburicchio82 said:

August 3rd, 12:51 am

and who has the ps3 blocked by 3.41 what can do ?!?!?!??!

xiked said:

August 3rd, 1:43 pm


jeanm3306 said:

August 3rd, 7:40 pm

anybody notice that sony rep have not comment to any of our comment on this update, they usually do. I wonder if they are scared or something.

MrShadownet said:

August 4th, 5:48 am

In all honesty, I could’ve went with without this bs interrupting my gameplay because I had to wait for it to install before I could log on to PSN.

Fu22y_Pumper said:

August 5th, 10:40 am

I have had nothing but problems after installing this update. Bfbc2, mw2 and God of War 3 all freeze or hard lock my playstation. Gow3 is by far the most effected, some of the cutscenes slow to a crawl the framerate drops significantly and it freezes constatnly. I cant play it for more than three minutes or so now. I also have major problems with just getting the disks to load up. When i put in the disk it will sit there reading it and then about 20-30 seconds later it will make a sound as though it has ejected the disk but the disk doesn’t actually come out, i have to repeat this process multiple times until the disk finally reads and can be started up. I have that last problem for a while but after the prior update it mostly went away and did it once in a great while, but now with 3.41 it’s back and worse than ever. I am very carefull with my discs and don’t own a single disc that has a scratch on it so that is not the problem. I also have not done any modifications to my ps3, everything is as it was when i bought it. So the HDD issue is not the problem here either. I really hope this gets fixes asap becuase as it stands now my ps3 is basically useless.

puntloos said:

August 5th, 1:44 pm

I dont mind minor updates.

What I do mind is the PlayStation Store, period.

More specifically: I’m fine with a store, but you have put the store in obnoxious locations everywhere on my PS3. I can not do anything without having to navigate AROUND

puntloos said:

August 5th, 1:52 pm

Ugh, accidentally posted and cant delete. Trying again:

I dont mind minor updates.

What I do mind is the PlayStation Store, period.

More specifically: I’m fine with a store, but you have put the store in obnoxious locations everywhere on my PS3. I can not do anything without having to navigate AROUND the store, adding clicks to do things I want to do. I’ve been searching for a way to turn the store off. You have effectively made me hate the store and I promise to never buy anything from there just because it is so annoying. If that was your intention, then congratulations.

User Interface Design 101: Put things users do often near the ‘top’, put things you rarely do near the bottom. When I select music, do you really think I often want to randomly browse the store? No, I want to play my own music most of the time.

There are 2 acceptable places where I can find the store:

1/ In the Playstation Network section. Makes total sense.
2/ if I’m at the bottom of all the games installed, all music listed or all videos listed. At that point, hmm, I didnt find anything compelling, lets see if the store has anything.

Kirkpad said:

August 5th, 2:21 pm

@641 The Store button is only under “Playstation Network”, “Video”, and “Game”. It has never been under music!!

The only thing I can suggest is going into System Settings, and disable the “What’s New” thing on start-up. Other than that, just ignore the button and scroll down. Sony is not forcing you to press the X button when you highlight the Store option.

However, I agree. We don’t need an extra button letting us know the difference between the video and game store. There is already a button to change between games and movies IN THE STORE.

JonNYK246 said:

August 6th, 3:18 pm

cross game chat, auto sync, more ingame music, and maybe play PSP Games on your PS3 may be nice

ILL_GEE said:

August 10th, 8:47 am

ummm…. how is it that the PS3’s have bluetooth capability but yet you guys havent figured out a way to have the PS3’s transfer files utilizing that function from one PS3 to the next?… i’m just saying… it would be so much easier than dragging a system from one room to the next or having cables run through your entire house to transfer data. I say this because i downloaded the old odd-world games on to my new ps3 (to find out that i cant play it on the system) and had to figure out a way to get it to my older PS3 system (which IS backwards compatible). I had to actually create a new sign in on the old system and log into the ps store using my old account to get the previous downloads. There’s gotta be an easier way…

and calling the cross talk x-chat? really?… Microsoft would have a field day with that one!

ILL_GEE said:

August 10th, 8:48 am

i’d like to hear my OWN music during gameplay if you can make that happen!

ILL_GEE said:

August 10th, 8:50 am

puntloos… you’re confused… it’s only under playstation network… like the other guy said… turn off the what’s new function and you’re golden.

GOMECK said:

August 10th, 12:06 pm

updated ps3 crashed !!!!! yellow light of death= Sony giving me back ps3 refurb no data but trophes on network!!!!! SONY SUCKS!!!

dstith76 said:

August 11th, 8:41 pm

has any one had an problem with facebook locking up the PS3 it does it on the slim and the fat if you have a hit me on facebook [DELETED]

AR_Kozz said:

August 12th, 10:47 pm

Give OtherOS back or I won’t update

Last chance before I file a small claim which you all will forfeit by not showing up

NuDrop said:

August 14th, 7:42 pm

I guess I’ve been bricked too. Won’t connect to network, wired or wireless. I have been reading a lot of comments, and noticed a lot of complainning. I too am upset, and would like this fixed. However, we the PSN do not pay a yearly fee to enjoy the online services. I think this might be their way (Sony’s) of introducing a yearly fee, for all the work they put into keeping the system “up to date”. I have a 360 Elite, but I do not use it, as I love(d) my PS3 way too much. Looks like I will be paying a yearly price now, and buying f’n games (since my wife bought me the Elite, and it only came with Left for Dead 2). Thanks Playstation, looks like I will be selling all my games, and a brick console. Good idea on a POS update. Oh, something about cross game chat.

CCB313 said:

August 15th, 11:47 am

3.41 Firmware Update Downloading Problem:

Downloading this update via internet connection yields a small percentage, 9-22%, of download and then stops. Please advise how to correct this problem, via internet connection. As you well know, one can’t perform online activities without the completion of the download. Thank you in advance for your help.

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