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Jul 26

Jul 26

Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, the next PlayStation 3 (PS3) system software update is coming soon. Firmware update 3.41 will add recommendations for games and videos on PlayStation Store. When you’re browsing through the details of a particular title, you’ll see a new “You May Like” section on the right-hand side. This section lists additional items based on the purchases of other PlayStation Network members who have purchased the item you’re currently looking at.

You can then click on this section to zoom in on the list and scroll the recommended titles.

system software update 3.41 recommendations

This feature is a great way to discover new games that you may not know about, and it’s another step toward making the shopping experience easier and better for you all — similar to the five-star ratings feature we added in the last firmware update. Please note that while the 3.41 update will be released shortly, the recommendations feature on PlayStation Store is slated to go live by the end of July.

In addition to this PS3 update, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v.6.31) will be coming as well. This is a minor update, and system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Update: For those users who are replacing the PS3 hard disk drive: We have been aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27, and that it will cause the update to stop in some occasions while replacing the PlayStation 3 (PS3) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) if the PS3 system is installed with version 3.41.

To resolve these symptoms, we have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change (the version number does not change) on August 2nd. If you are experiencing such symptoms when replacing the HDD of your PS3 system, we kindly ask you to use the latest data and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

For any other questions, please contact your local customer service.

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jipmg said:

July 26th, 5:53 pm

I would love if you guys could sell FULL PS3 GAMES

* Like Assassins Creed, Killzone 2, etc..*

or the greatest hits line up on the PSN STORE! I would rather buy it via download!

Also off course cross game voice chat!

Also great update, I appreciate the added updates to PSN! And the PS3!

Moonglare said:

July 26th, 5:53 pm

Oh, that’s kinda nice, but I still want a wishlist xD~

CitizenInsane27 said:

July 26th, 5:54 pm

Ok, so we’re back to the *tiny* firmware updates that don’t do anything important overall? That’s swell guys.

Listen, Eric we love getting system software updates. In fact, if you watch the blog enough you’ll notice they get more comments on average than any other posts. But your inability to put multiple useful features into ONE update is why you have such negative feedback here. I’m sure that putting a ‘recommended’ section on the store will boost your sales (since your division is now MAKING money for the first time) but as far as your current install base goes, we could care less. We want features we actually will use.

I would submit them to Blog.Share, but most of them are already in there, and they seem to just be ignored. Try this once. Go the Xbox 360 route and follow suit with your competitors. Build a FANTASTIC OS update, one that includes ALL the features people have been asking for, and throw it out 1-2 times a year. We will be much more satisfied with that.It’ll just be nice to not feel robbed everytime we boot up our PS3’s just to find out you added something to the store that we can’t even use yet.


Vegaz220 said:

July 26th, 5:54 pm

Can we get some new visulizations for the music player? PLEASE ….isn’t it about time we get something new and cool?

mrdeadhead said:

July 26th, 5:54 pm

great something else pointless.

still doesn’t help the fact that white text on blue backgrounds is a terrible eye-strain.

what the hell was the point of blogshare if you don’t even bother listening to people?

ilkhani said:

July 26th, 5:55 pm

Mr.Lempel, as I am sure no one besides me have asked you this question, would you kindly take time answering it for me:

When will we get cross game chat?

Zinacef said:

July 26th, 5:57 pm

Another, yet, unimpressive and somewhat seemingly useless update! :(

thurston8533 said:

July 26th, 5:57 pm

Well, as much as i like Updates…… i feel this one could wait…. and Sony could give us Sonic 4, or the So Called “Dreamcast Imports” instead ^_^

ZAANOS said:

July 26th, 5:59 pm

Great idea for people who aren’t enthusiastic enough to browse through the store for games. This will sell more games.

More games sold = more money to develop future games = more games for us.

Some of the sheep who commented before me just cannot think.

pbmc4life said:

July 26th, 6:00 pm

I have a headache.I know this isnt related to anything,but this seemed liked the place to complain.At least thats what it seems like.C’mon just be happy they give us something once in awhile.

mike_93hn said:

July 26th, 6:00 pm

Oh well im going to wait for 4.0.

Oh wait that’s when the PS4 will come out with cross game chat, full backwards compatibility, and other great features I guess..

Sony you haven’t give us anything since you took Other OS feature.

tb_jp said:

July 26th, 6:01 pm

Not the most exciting news but sort of cool. Like Amazon. That has lead me to some neat stuff. Though I think I’m personally up to date enough on what’s on PSN to not need it. Good for newcomers I guess. I look forward to some bigger features.

I do love browsing Facebook photos and commenting through PSN, that was a great feature. Playstation.blog should be incorporated into PSN (including video support).

retr0g0dfather said:

July 26th, 6:04 pm

These updates blow! What about something good? Like a better web browser or Flash support? Make this system really standout! Show how powerful it is instead of just talking about it.

edgarj said:

July 26th, 6:04 pm

I hope they just do this to make a major update with 4.0, SONY HEY please listen to our comments and suggestions we feel like we don’t get attention :(.

Jasko45 said:

July 26th, 6:04 pm

Why would you bother commenting saying “please no cross game chat” it’s a feature that we want.

perrandy said:

July 26th, 6:09 pm

sony please fix/improve the web browser because it stinks!
seriously, sony fix the browser cuz netfront just plain sucks :0

Edd said:

July 26th, 6:09 pm

@109 he probably was thinking that since a lot of people think they only give us updates we don’t ask for that if we say we don’t want cross game chat we’ll get it faster.


July 26th, 6:10 pm

im not happy with this update. yall should of just put this feature with the last update that gave us the 5 star rating. we really need the player feed back feature that the xbox has where you can report players based on how cool they are. like little kids who allways screem in the mics on mw2 will allways get a one star from me. an one last thing yall put that playstation share feature on the blog but yall did not add ONE THING that we asked for up there not one. an there is over 100,000 comments an votes on share.

Ghost_Shrimp said:

July 26th, 6:11 pm

Cool I guess but I would have liked something more useful. I mean this feature is 100% useless to me but I could see how it can help people who just bought a PS3 and aren’t familiar with the Store’s content.

tindawg13 said:

July 26th, 6:11 pm

I thought this was going to be recommend games as in ask sony to add things, like Ps1 classics.

Adielr said:

July 26th, 6:14 pm

Why can’t updates to the store be done on server side like the Apple app store? Should we really need to download an entire 250 MB firmware just for one small feature?

The_Leducs said:

July 26th, 6:15 pm

Awesome. I was wondering why this idea didn’t go through when I submitted it to the share blog.

CJLopez2 said:

July 26th, 6:16 pm

A minor update which does nothing, still is required to play online and weighs 160mb to download

thanks sony!!!!

The_Leducs said:

July 26th, 6:16 pm

@112 – Go play xbox then, your not wanted here. Not to mention there is a section for implemented blog idea, there are many.

NintendoTim said:

July 26th, 6:16 pm

Wait, was this on blog.Share?

It wasn’t? That’s what I thought…

RoecraticA said:

July 26th, 6:16 pm

You just have to update on my b-day,do us a favor and will this include a update for media go?

MRGamer01 said:

July 26th, 6:17 pm

I rather like this update. It might be small but it will be pretty cool to have.

pickupdoctor said:

July 26th, 6:21 pm

BlindMango | July 26th, 2010 at 5:11 pm
awesome job guys, hey I got a recommendation, since it is hard fins apps on the store like MLB.TV and the general public who may not have heard of this may never find this app on the store I think you guys should make this more apparent like adding an “Apps” button or something.

BlindMango you are a genius my man, GREAT IDEA, this would make it easier to find those apps that we don’t even know exist. I like it, let’s do it SONY.

SonsOfMonroe said:

July 26th, 6:24 pm

If We Get Cross Game Voice Chat It’s Gonna Be A Part Of PS+. So When They Announce This, Don’t Be Surprised & But Hurt. Just Start Saving That $54 For Your 1 Year Subscription. I’m Ready, Day 1 Subscription In Full Affect. So Forget Cross Game Voice Chat For Every1. This’s A Corporation, Do You Think They Want Happy Customers That DEMAND Free Upgrades Or Happy Paying Customers That DEMAND Upgrades ? Just A Thought. IF They Give Cross Game Voice Chat To Every1 Whos Gonna Buy PS+ ? If Cross Game Voice Chat Is A Part Of PS+ THEN Who’ll Buy PS+ ? Just A Thought. PS+ Has To Be Appealing & Whats The Ultimate Bait For Subscriptions ? CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT. Elevate Your Game. It’s Your Play. Lol

riko540 said:

July 26th, 6:24 pm

Wow the PSP is getting updated too. Hmmm makes me wonder.

nmccall said:

July 26th, 6:24 pm

The “ideas in action” section has a whopping 28 posts, most of which are ideas that were already going to happen (A new God of War on PSP? What a surprise! Sony NEVER would’ve thought of it otherwise!) regardless of blog share.

mrpaulryan said:

July 26th, 6:25 pm

If you’re going to do a firmware update, why not include something people actually care about? Adding more clutter and promotional material to the store is not worth my time to download.

Zezzler said:

July 26th, 6:25 pm

Personally, i like these little FW updates, its fun to get a little feature :)

mixedkidbx said:

July 26th, 6:26 pm

um shouldnt the “recommendations” be based off of your downloaded list, and not what other people have bought that looked at the same item as you.

I mean thats usually how Recommendation lists work. They go buy your shopping history

Kawaii-Seth said:

July 26th, 6:31 pm

Definitely a worthy addition to PSN. :)

ceedub2 said:

July 26th, 6:34 pm

Seems more like a way for you to profit than to help PSN users. Why not just have worthwhile updates every six months for example.

jimmyfoxhound said:

July 26th, 6:34 pm

wow.. i mean… WOW!! o_O holy crap!!!!!

*passes out*

…what happened… please… please tell me it wasn’t a dream!! Please tell me they’re adding a recommendations thingie to the PS Store!! OH IT’S TRUE!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Tjoeb123 said:

July 26th, 6:35 pm

So, um…how you guys aren’t giving us more features on the PSP side like you used to? PSN support (aside from the store, I mean like friends, messages, etc.) would be nice…

NightHawk17 said:

July 26th, 6:38 pm

I hate to sound like a jerk but when are we gonna get a bigger update instead of these little meaningless ones that don’t really add much to the system

hush404 said:

July 26th, 6:39 pm

Yeah… cuz that’s totally what everyone has been waiting for /sarcasm.

BPatches701 said:

July 26th, 6:40 pm

The Blog share has a very tiny word in it that says “this is where you suggest features you NEVER WANT” and everyone wants XGC but Sony things everything blog share is what we don’t want.

Gump_ said:

July 26th, 6:41 pm


guy209 said:

July 26th, 6:42 pm

this is a good update since its minor. Can you please add a number to how many messages yo have and for the rating system can you have a list of previous games that we downloaded so we can easily rate them. Anyways I cant wait for the 3d update in sept…plz add something other than that, that is useful like cross game chat, deleting trophies with 0 percent

guy209 said:

July 26th, 6:44 pm

Also sony ur not really that smart when it comes to bringing fw updates. You implement features in a stupid way!!!! I mean look on itunes and see how they do their store…

BPatches701 said:

July 26th, 6:45 pm

@133: You have got to be kidding me? I would rather get a stability update than this. I really hope this has something other than a half-arsed suggestion service for that POS store that’s only good for DLC which I rarely buy. If this update really only adds a feature to the store that really says that Sony is sadly only caring about the market place and throw in features when it benefits them.

Tre_Omega said:

July 26th, 6:46 pm

Cross Game Chat????

Tre_Omega said:

July 26th, 6:46 pm

Fix the streaming video issue maybe???

freki-geri said:

July 26th, 6:49 pm

Don’t make this mandatory I don’t want to waste my time with it :/

The7thLevel said:

July 26th, 6:50 pm

Cross game chat, across the board skill matching, trophy support for PS1 classics (since many of them can be bought cheaper used via Amazon) trophy support for activities in Home so I’m actually motivated to use it, trophy support for PSP so having my PSN id attached to it actually accomplishes something… realtime updated stats screens so you can see where you rank worldwide on the PSN, the same kind of trophy comparison interface that you have on the website instead of the lame one we have now…. basically stuff we can actually use instead of something dreamed up by marketing that A) only benefits you, and B) makes the assumption that your gaming community is too stupid to make its own buying decisions.

maver1ck89 said:

July 26th, 6:51 pm

I’m almost positive nobody asked for this.

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