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Jul 28

Jul 28

Digital Comics Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

We’ve got a huge update this week for the PlayStation Store Digital Comics. First off, you can now buy a complete digital comic series or story arcs. This is perfect for all of you comic readers who want to buy a full series rather than have to buy each issue individually. Plus when you purchase a comic bundle you’ll get it at a lower price than you would if you bought each issue individually. The full list of PlayStation Comic Store ‘Bundles’ is noted below.

New Release highlights:


We have two more free comics from DC this week. The first: Bottle of Awesome #1. Billy Butterman is a loser, a putz. High school is a total nightmare: all the cool guys pick on him, girls ignore him. That is, until the day he encounters a mysterious hobo, who urges him into drink from a bottle of awesome. However, he warns Billy not to drink too much, for a person can become too awesome. Will Billy heed his words?

The second free comic introduces us to the world of Ex Machina which Publishers Weekly described as “…half X-Files, half West Wing and 100% genius”. EX MACHINA is far from a traditional “cape and tights” adventure story. It is a sophisticated superhero story for readers who are sceptical of anyone who can jump over a building in a single bound.

IDW continues the epic tale of Dragon Age, the second issue is out now! We also see Jurassic Park #1 – It’s been 13 years since little Tim and Lex Murphy escaped from the island of Isla Sorna, and recent public opinion has reversed, with the world clamouring for authorities to re-open Jurassic Park! With the help of their controversial Granddad’s inheritance and their own sharp wits, a secret deal is struck to open a new park! This time they’ll get it right…right? Bob Schreck makes his writing debut on this all-new tale, under covers from fellow industry legends Frank Miller and Tom Yeates!

From Marvel this week we have more Daredevil and all six issues of The Infinity Gauntlet which happens to be one of the best stories Marvel has ever told.

Disney fans should be happy with Pocahontas. Or if you are after something more mature then check out Markosia’s beautifully disturbing Breathe #1.

Here’s the full list and as always head to for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing.

  • 2000AD Prog #1690
  • Army of Two #6
  • Astro Boy: Movie Adaptation BUNDLE
  • The Authority #3
  • Azure #3
  • Batman #635
  • Batman #636
  • Batman #637
  • Batman #638
  • Batman #639
  • Batman #640
  • Batman #641
  • Bottle of Awesome #1
  • Breathe #1
  • Daredevil (1998) #104
  • Daredevil (1998) #105
  • Daredevil (1998) #106
  • Daredevil (1998) #107
  • Daredevil (1998) #108
  • Daredevil (1998): Hell to Pay BUNDLE
  • DMZ #15
  • Donald Duck, Fethry Duck and the Factotum Cruise
  • Dragon Age #2
  • Ex Machina #1
  • Ex Machina #2
  • Fables #17
  • Fantastic Four: Civil War, Book 1 (2003) BUNDLE
  • Fantastic Four: Civil War, Book 2 (2003) BUNDLE
  • From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #1
  • From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #2
  • From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #3
  • From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #4
  • From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #5
  • Gen13 #3
  • G.I. Joe: Operation Hiss #5
  • G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra: Official Movie Adaptation BUNDLE
  • Green Lantern: Secret Origin – Part 6 #6
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 7 of 12 #7
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 8 of 12 #8
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 9 of 12 #9
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 10 of 12 #10
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 11 of 12 #11
  • Groom Lake BUNDLE
  • High Moon #5
  • Hope Falls #5
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie in the Library of Mysteries
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #1
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #2
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #3
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #4
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #5
  • Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #6
  • Jonah Hex #15
  • Juassic Park #1
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #6
  • Kingdom Come #3
  • Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft BUNDLE
  • Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) #4
  • Mickey Mouse and the Magnificent Doublejoke
  • Planetary #4
  • Planetary #5
  • Pocahontas
  • Powers (2000) #15
  • Powers (2000) #16
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Endless Game
  • Star Trek: Countdown BUNDLE
  • Star Trek: Nero BUNDLE
  • Tank Girl – The Gifting BUNDLE
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation BUNDLE
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Alliance BUNDLE
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance BUNDLE
  • The Unwritten #4
  • Vampire Hunter D Volume 1 BUNDLE
  • Vampire Hunter D Volume 2 #2
  • Witch & Wizard: The Battle For Shadowland #2
  • Wildcats #3
  • Wizards of Mickey #10
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer BUNDLE
  • X-Men: Blinded by the Lights (2004) BUNDLE
  • X-Mickey #16
  • Zombies vs Robots BUNDLE

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The1stMJC said:

July 28th, 1:46 pm

YES! I have been asking for bundles for awhile. Keep up the good work.
Now I will maybe hold back on some individual purchases and wait for some bundles, but will be picking up a bundle or 2 today.

DiscoThunder said:

July 28th, 1:50 pm

it would really cool if i could buy these on ps3. i have a psp but no memory stick so its basically useless. plus it would be nice to view them on a larger screen for those who can buy them

EatDeath said:

July 28th, 1:50 pm


And nice for the Jurassic Park!

ssjmichael said:

July 28th, 2:05 pm

Sony are you ever going to add a Digital Comics app for the PS3? It seems like a no-brainer to me. It’s like you have a money phobia or something. Talk with Marvel, DC etc.. and make it happen please.

polo155 said:

July 28th, 2:19 pm

lovin the bundles, thanks.. lets get some novels for the reader plzzzz aswell thanks ie james paterson, patricia cornwel stephen king? maybe reders digest or national geographics, wow thatll be nice. :( but this update is good as always.

WaveLightning777 said:

July 28th, 2:53 pm

Bring back Sonic comics…?

Darth-Krayt said:

July 28th, 3:33 pm

INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!!! Will be getting that. Thanos is by far my favorite character, possibly tied with Wolverine. I really hope MARVEL digitally released the prelude to Infinity Gauntlet: Thanos Quest. What an awesome story that is along with Infinity Gauntlet.

I also hope this mean MARVEL will be digitally releasing many of the Thanos epics, preferably MARVEL: THE END, Infinity Abyss and Thanos 1-12 which were incredible stories, seeing Thanos as an anti-hero instead of a villain.

Also….Wolverine: THE END please!!!

tj5678 said:

July 28th, 3:54 pm

Great update, but please allow us to view the comics on our pc’s and ps3s as well. I love my psp, but I don’t want to invest a lot of money in digital content that I may not be able to use in the future (if and when the psp becomes obsolite). Glad to see the bundles. Keep up the good work.

madtyger said:

July 28th, 4:16 pm

I love the bundles, especially the ones for Marvel’s Civil War! Keep up the great work, I love seeing how PlayStation Comics just keeps growing.

Mercerius said:

July 28th, 4:34 pm

Love the bundle packs. Thank you for the final issue of Hope Falls! And Infinity Gauntlet! Wow! I haven’t read that since it came out – And will likely be the first Marvel comics I buy. THANK YOU!

MPhW_US said:

July 28th, 4:54 pm

It’s a shame, that Comics are only released here in US. A lot of users I know from Europe would like to have them aswell, but I don’t think it will ever happen.

MadMeat001 said:

July 28th, 4:54 pm

is it avaible on canada? because i can’t see it on psp store

katsuo7171 said:

July 28th, 5:05 pm

Hello Grace!

Korlithiel said:

July 28th, 5:27 pm

Heyas, any chance in the future we could have the bundles in a separate section with each noting the price and which comics exactly are included? Thanks! This week seems pretty excellent for comics.

AceOfSpades725 said:

July 28th, 5:44 pm

Thanks Grace, Love the idea of buying comics in bundles!

And BTW any Chance about getting the Scott Pilgrim comics for download on the store?

jimmy903 said:

July 28th, 8:48 pm

Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #1
Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #2
Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #3
Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #4
Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #5
Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #6

Thank you so much. I am all over this.

It’s funny how something so small can make one so happy.

korgon117 said:

July 29th, 12:16 am

I agree with disco thunder. I want to see these on my PS3 too! But aw well thanks anyway

Wade_VC said:

July 29th, 1:17 am

You know, when I first heard about the Digital Comics when they first came out, I thought it was the dumbest, lamest thing I ever heard of…man, how I have to eat my words on that thought.

I figured “Hey, I’ll try a few of the freebies”; and that was it, I became a fan real quick.

Once again, great update and thanks for the great reads, especially Star Treks…love them!

Opazo said:

July 29th, 2:20 am

When is Digital Comics coming to Sweden and to the rest of the Scandinavian people?!?!?!?!?

I don’t get it why you this app isn’t on the Scandinavian PSP yet!

Citrean said:

July 29th, 3:54 pm

Excellent, great comics update this week

templar2007 said:

August 2nd, 2:23 am

Canadian availability when, exactly??

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