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Aug 03

Aug 03

NBA Elite 11 for PS3: New Controls and NBA Jam Confirmed

Yaw's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, NBA Electronic Arts Canada

Hey guys, I’m Yaw (pronounced as “yao” like Yao Ming) and I’m the NBA Community Manager from Electronic Arts Canada. I work alongside the EA SPORTS: NBA ELITE and NBA JAM development teams. We have exciting news to share with all of you today — three modes of NBA JAM will be included with your purchase of NBA ELITE.

This year, our team at EA SPORTS wanted to create the ultimate basketball experience for PS3 owners. If you’ve been following all the news and updates on NBA ELITE, then the first thing that you’ve seen is the game is no longer called NBA LIVE. So why the name change?

Well, we believe that NBA ELITE will revolutionize the way you think, feel and play basketball video games — forever. The dev team is driving never seen before innovation in the form of a number of features that are radically different than what you have seen in previous NBA games. The first change you will see is in the revised control scheme: Hands-On Control. This year you have full control over everything in the game; from offense to defense. Your shooting is based on skill (not on the dice roll of hitting a button and letting the AI determine your success.) Dribbling is one-to-one movement, you can link moves together seamlessly like; euro-steps, dunk adjusts, spins-moves and so much more.

The second major revolutionary innovation you’re going to see is the inclusion of real physics driving the game. We’re leveraging the physics animation technology that drove NHL, FIFA and even Fight Night into the upper echelons of sports video games and applying it in way that works specifically for basketball.

PS3 - NBA 11 Elite

People that we’ve shared the game with to date have told us that they are impressed (even amazed) at how NBA ELITE is the first game to “play and feel like real basketball.” We feel this comes down to all the little things you are able to see in this year’s game, such as unique ball deflections every time you play the game and various player collisions that make NBA basketball as exciting as it is. Look for more details to come on real physics, killer new modes, and more about our revamped in-game presentation centered around ESPN and their lead commentary team of Breen, Van Gundy, and Jackson.

With all the new additions that have gone into NBA ELITE 11 — we really feel that we’re doing everything to blaze a new path for basketball games — and we want you to play the game to see for yourself. To make NBA ELITE the ultimate basketball experience for you, we will be including three modes of NBA JAM for FREE with NBA ELITE 11. That’s right, not only will you be getting NBA ELITE 11 when you buy the game, but you will also have NBA JAM available as well — so for the price of one game, you’re getting two full NBA experiences. Another important note to share with all of you — the ONLY way you will be able to play NBA JAM for the PS3 is to buy NBA ELITE 11.

NBA ELITE for PS3 with NBA Jam

With NBA JAM on the PS3, the team is bringing you the classic two-on-two experience that you once knew from the original arcade game but this time with updated teams, and of course all in glorious HD. The controls are very easy to pick up and once you start throwing down monster dunks or begin heating up, it’s going to be hard to put down the controller. The game stays true to the original game but at the same time it offers a brand new take on the classic, with updated graphics and new game-play mechanics.

We’re very excited to be able to share the news with all of you, I know talking with a number of people in the community; everyone has wanted to see NBA JAM on the PS3. I can finally let you all know that your wish has become reality. I’m definitely curious to hear your thoughts about all of this. Be sure to comment below and let us all know what you think of the news.

Pencil mid-to-late September into your calendars for the NBA ELITE downloadable demo on PSN. We really believe that once you play the game for yourselves, you will see the revolutionary change that we’ve been talking about. For more information, join us on Facebook at EA SPORTS NBA, or you can follow me on Twitter @blackflash83.


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GreatnessRD said:

August 3rd, 3:54 pm

Way to lose money, EA. All I wanted was NBA Jam now I’m being con’d into getting NBA Elite. What about those of us (Like me) who doesn’t play NBA or 2K? I didn’t like sim basketball, but NBA Jam would have brought me back to my nostalgic values of my youth. No way am I dropping $60 just to play NBA Jam since NBA Elite would be a paperweight in my case. Good Job guys!


EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 4:15 pm

And yet Yaw ignores my post again, but responds to the comment, in all caps, directly under my previous post. Never in my life have I seen such people fold to become cowards, over some questioning. Seriously, you’re trying to sell us on your product and yet dodge all the hard questions. But you’ll take soft pitches like “is this going to be for move?”

Get real, matter of fact, it’s best you stay off this blog. Spend more time putting quality into your games, and you won’t have to worry about constantly defending your position. Listening to the fans? LOL! Without mindless zombies buying the same games every year (3D rendered madden grass? DAY ONE BUY!) your quarterly figures would be in the negative.

I did respect that fact that you were still around to answer questions, but since you want to ignore quality questions others and I have brought to the table, there’s no respect anymore. Thanks for reinforcing that your company doesn’t care, since YOU DO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY HERE.

    Yaw's Avatar

    Yaw said:

    August 3rd, 5:24 pm

    Go back to where you originally asked if someone from EA (i.e. “me”) was interested in hearing why NBA LIVE is in the position where it is. I responded to that post saying I was interested in listening to your response.

Insomn1ak said:

August 3rd, 4:19 pm

I think the problem is that many people, myself included, have given up on EA basketball games. The terrible quality of the past 10 games or so would make ANYONE hesitant to spend 60 dollars on a game that really doesnt stand up to the competition. And yes Ive seen the videos, and I am simply not impressed. The phrase “Unique Basketball Experience” can be misleading. The only “unique” part of the game may be your sure to be wonky control system, that im guessing will only serve to aggravate.

OldKai said:

August 3rd, 4:23 pm

From what I have read.. it will be downloadable (ie: a code, this is nice), it lacks the remix tour mode with ‘boss battles’ (the Wii version can keep this), and it is online (which the Wii version may not be). Will it lack anything else and will it have the full planned rosters of the Wii version? Roster updates would just be a nice bonus.

With the feedback you’re being given you may have no choice but to keep it separate when Elite comes out in October whenever.

Hit_me24 said:

August 3rd, 4:54 pm

EA will give in to our demands, but NBA Jam will be priced at $20-$25 as a standalone PSN/XBLA title.

EA’s going to low-ball its customers again.

KILLA_KING_007 said:

August 3rd, 5:02 pm

I did consider getting both NBA games 2K11 and Elite but now since you guys are throwing in NBA Jams another game that I’m a huge fan of its a done deal..He’s on fiiiire Omg that was the game and on PS3 its gonna be beasting. EA Despite what others say you hooked it up this time. Getting that Madden too.

Kchow23 said:

August 3rd, 5:23 pm

did you guys cut out the ads? tired of seeing the Telus giraffe

woz3323 said:

August 3rd, 5:34 pm

Moody day on the blog today – some people comlain a lot.

Think about it this way. Are they raising the price for Elite? No. So when they tack in a game with it for the same price, how is that a bad thing? Call it a full game or a glorified demo, it is bonus. Plus, what does EA have to gain by adding in a demo for a game you cannot buy on this system? Either this is the biggest waste of money or a good thing for us gamers. Assuming they are fiscally responsible, I would have to side with the second option.

If you don’t like what they are doing, fine, don’t buy it. If you sit back and look, this cannot be further from deception. This truly is EA giving us more for our dollar. If you bought both on other systems, what would that cost you?

woz3323 said:

August 3rd, 5:37 pm


You don’t control the blog. Don’t tell guests that others would like to hear from to go away. You can stop reading if you so choose. It’s more difficult for them not post and me to conduct my own interviews for personal information gain.

Show some class.

whatisdelicious said:

August 3rd, 5:51 pm

@155 Hit_me24:

Dude, if NBA Jam HD comes out for $20-25 with the remix tour and online play and everything as a standalone, I’ll buy it.

EA, take notice.

NBA Jam fans are willing to pay a premium to get that game as a standalone, full-featured and all. I’m not saying it’s smart to gouge us (check out the response to this move) but there’s so much money being left on the table from not releasing Jam separate. NBA Jam is, no joke, a more important release than Elite. It probably cost less money to make and could probably sell more copies if you advertise it right. I know a lot of people that are just hearing about this and are FLIPPING OUT. They don’t keep up with games that much but are PUMPED about this.

Throw a lot of advertising muscle behind Jam HD, put a box copy with a download code in stores, advertisements that play up the nostalgia of “BOOMSHAKALAKA,” “HE’S ON FIRE,” etc, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the response you get.

BCHILD said:

August 3rd, 6:04 pm

Actually the Wii version is the incomplete version of NBA JAM! No online play! Obviously no HD! I do agree with everyone about the other part, I want just NBA JAM and will not pay $60 for it because it’s force bundled with a game I don’t want.

drdre74 said:

August 3rd, 6:37 pm

I see 159 post so far and none seem to happy with EA right now. So it looks like EA just lost 159 sales of NBA Elite and lost could have been sales for NBA Jam if it was a solo DL. EA Im sorry but you screw people over time and time again. 2K was killing you in football so you went out and bought the rights so they couldnt anymore. Well karma is coming back because since then 2K is killing you in Basketball even so much you had to go change the name of your game to get new buyers. Thats just sad. You threw in the towel with that move and I’ll never respect EA for that. As far as the Demo of NBA Jam, yes its a demo if its not the full version like the Wii. You should listen to the people as i believe we have spoken, Make the game a solo product that people can buy without having to buy ELite and you’ll see alot of happy people and alot of money in your pocket.

LION313131 said:

August 3rd, 6:54 pm

Yaw keeps talking about “two unique experience”. Most of us dont want to experience Live/Elite. At least not this year, i will try the demo but i will definitely going to buy 2k11 without the demo. That game has failed to let me down. I want Jam but not at the expense of getting Elite.

EmperorLawlight said:

August 3rd, 7:03 pm

Thanks for trying to screw PS3/360 owners EA.

Tyger0 said:

August 3rd, 7:37 pm

Yaw gotta give it to you man. If nothing else you’re persistent. We fans are a tough crowd and you keep coming back for more punishment. For that I saw thanks.

At the same time I understand the backlash your getting on this topic and wonder if its the same thing your hearing from our fellow gamers on the 360 side. I think its awesome that you want to bundle both games together and give people a little something for trying this new experience in NBA ELITE, but at the same time you have a rabid fanbase who’s actually upset that it appears EA has done all this amazing work to create what appears to be an HD version of JAM (minus a few modes) and put it on PSN but segregated it from fans who just want that experience alone. Hopefully the outcry will cause EA to reconsider putting this game out independent of ELITE on PSN later down the road or doing a full disk based release.

But even if they don’t, hopefully you won’t take all the stone throwing personally and you won’t think we’re all torches and pitchforks over here at the Playstation camp.

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 8:54 pm

Yaw, I don’t know what happened to your response in my first post. I looked back and didn’t see anything, because do you really think I would have proceeded in this manner if it was there before? Anyways, since you’re taking me up on my word, I’ll show you what I’m talking about.


Too bright! Stadiums are darker in real life. Remember how Fight Night Round 3 was, darker but showed detail? That’s how an NBA court is. Darker around the court with lights on the players. So when I played Live 10, it felt like I was watching it through a tube television.

Character Models:

Too bulky! Vince Carter looks like he benches 300 pounds when he goes to shoot a free throw. Some players, like Nelson have jaggies. Look at their heads when in transition. And why is Lebron a completely different pigment lighter, then in real life?

AI playing:

None of them play defense, period. Nobody boxes out correctly, nobody crashes boards, Howard dunks on anyone without effort, literally. The defender will be right in front of him and just stand there to be posterized.

(part 2 coming)

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 8:54 pm


Ball handling was done wrong, and though EA tried to improve, should we forget how crossovers felt like you were gliding? Speed, basketball doesn’t move that fast on a professional level in real life. All the players run the same in transition in this game, as of they’re on rails. There’s no way Dwight Howard can run the same speed as Derek Fisher.

Boxing out, nobody overlaps their leg on their opponents to get an advantage. Something that happens all the time.

Players score standing straight up. When facing under the basket to score, even when an opponent is right there, the person trying to score should be leaning towards the side to use the glass. Not jump straight up without any other bodily movement, almost like a robot.

More finger rolls, less cupping the ball from 18 inches out. When driving to the basket, unless you’re dunking, your hand is always UNDER the ball in a laying up motion. Not holding it as if you’re going to shoot. Why aren’t the players hands up (not manually) but on an angle to attempt a steal when guarding? Defending against the crossover and side passes that cuts off the angle.

(part 3 coming)

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 8:55 pm


Players are stiff when backing up instead of being loose, when the opponent brings up the ball.

Coaches, fans and bench need to react more to bad calls. I see bench players acting a fool when I score, but when a bad foul has been called, hardly a reaction. Just the occasional booing from the crowd.

Over-the–top circus shots! So many players do them unnecessarily. For example, Vince Carter is near the half court line, he’s my opponent. He doesn’t have the ball, but once it’s passed to him near half court, he does this turnaround jump shot AND IT GOES IN! The clock wasn’t running down, there wasn’t any urgency.

Fouls in the air are twitch animation. It goes from Step 1 to Step 3, where’s step 2? It’s not fluid.

Hitting 3-point shots and cinematic celebrations afterwards. This would be good in tight situations, heat of the moment, but when the score is only 9 to 6? Its stock/random animations that doesn’t make the game flow well.

( part 4 coming )

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 8:56 pm

Those are the things I feel, as a paying consumer, needs to be fixed in order to regain my trust in your product. Now, I’ll give you a couple of features that I feel should be in the next game.

Sponsored Shoe deals: Actually see a commercial with your character involved.

Charity Work: Your character picks what charity and puts on an NBA Cares style commercial.

Slam Magazine Cover: Players of the week ( Remember the days of NCAA 04? )

Game Face: This should be a standard by now, using the Eyetoy.

Shooting Form: Use your own shooting form for your custom character, using the eyetoy/playstation move.

Boxing Out Mini Game: If you’re not shooting the FT and trying to rebound, the camera should have an over-the-top view, looking down on you as the mini game is activated to fight for the rebound.

Rivalry Profile: The ability to pick who your character dislikes in game matchups.

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 8:57 pm

Leadership/Fan Popularity meter: As you teams wins games, the city respects you more and calls for you in big time situations, which leads me to my next suggestion.

Cinematic play: If a crucial time comes up in a game, like a game winning shot, slow mo is introduced to see if it goes in or not, as noise decimals and pressure messes with your screen.

These are just a few suggestion I have that can improve your product. This only took me an hour to type out and afterwards pasted. Could you imagine what I could do with 6 months to a year in development time? I could revamp an entire game or build a new franchise. And it doesn’t stop with NBA, I could fix the Madden franchise and NHL.

WhiteF8ng said:

August 3rd, 9:01 pm

This is [DELETED]. U guys would’ve made more just releasing it as a full PSN game. This is just a plot to market the new Elite series.

2K11’s got Jordan. NBA Jam (albeit incomplete) ain’t enough. Sorry. U lose EA…

I3rand0 said:

August 3rd, 9:12 pm

Damn EventStatus, nice set of posts.

You’ve got to give it to EA. Making an announcement that managed to piss off each of the three consoles fanbases is pretty extraordinary.

EventStatus said:

August 3rd, 9:31 pm

@ I3rand0

Thanks, I just don’t want Yaw to get the wrong idea that I’m one of these guys who complain and don’t present any options or solutions. Question is now, how will Yaw respond to my suggestions.

I didn’t think EA would pull a move like this, there are so many NBA Jam fans. If EA releases NBA Jam as a stand alone, next to Elite. I bet you any amount of money NBA Jam would trump Elite in sales.

YoungSurgeon said:

August 3rd, 9:43 pm

Dear Yaw,
Everyone that has asked you this has been ignored, please respond to me! Why can’t we get the full version of NBA JAM. I need to know. Are we supposed to pay $60 for NBA ELITE and half of NBA JAM? We work hard for that money. Do you remember when 2K made all their sports games $20 until EA bought out NFL. That was genius of 2K! EA SPORTS NBA ELITE and EA SPORTS NBA JAM bundle is definitely worth $60, only if we get the full version of NBA JAM!

BigFreezy1975 said:

August 3rd, 10:21 pm

I used to love EA back in the day… You guys have gotten somewhat cooler.. but not much cooler. I am sorry but 2k 11 will hands down be the victor once again. I saw the videos of the New NBA Elite and it does indeed look like you guys are stepping your game up… somewhat. But it is just my opinion when I say that 2K captures basketball simulation quite like no other. I will agree that both 2K Games and EA really have to get away from that “false gravity” thats killing the game. My homie Hip Hop Gamer really seems to be putting his money down on Elite. But I know better EA, you’ll always play 2nd fiddle to the one that plays 2nd fiddle to none.

Wild_Man_X said:

August 3rd, 10:38 pm

I’m looking forward to NBA Elite/NBA Jam.

I think it would be a smart idea to also sell NBA Jam on PSN. Since it looks like you will need to download NBA Jam from PSN anyways (via a voucher code), you might as well just add a price to it and sell it. You can do something like those who purchase NBA Elite get it a week or two before it’s made available for purchase.

Those who just aren’t interested in NBA sims can purchase NBA Jam and those who are interested can get NBA Jam for free with Elite. Everyone’s happy! (although some people will still find something to complain about)

juggulator said:

August 3rd, 10:43 pm

So its a glorified demo or a half version huh? Well would someone be so kind to enlighten us on what modes have been included in NBA Jam in the past. As far as I know it’s always been 2 on 2. There’s 3 modes in this one and if one of those other modes is online multiplayer then I consider this a full game. To all the “non basketball fans”, you obvoiusly don’t deserve to play NBA Jam. In case you didn’t notice it still has those three letters in the title. So you can either become a fan, support your team, and buy the game and enjoy NBA Jam or go play FIFA. It’s your choice. I know i’ll be rocking my hometown boy KD(Thunder Up!!!!).

bteezy4 said:

August 4th, 12:24 am

Yaw, unfortunately its YOU GUYS that don’t get. You’re argument that its “TWO GREAT BASKETBALL experiences in one is INVALID”.

People aren’t looking for both experiences. They want one or the other.

And this is a STRIPPED down version of the game. If it’s not the same as the Wii version its STRIPPED DOWN.
You’re fighting a losing battle, you may be the messenger, but EA has turned off many fans. I’m sticking to the Wii version, but if you read all these responses, instead of trying to make them understand YOUR POSITION, maybe you should understand THEIR POSITION instead.

TorgoTime said:

August 4th, 7:32 am

Day 1, I love EAs new strategy of adding additional content to an already great product. More value for my money, 2 games 1 cup

leviathan321 said:

August 4th, 10:54 am

1) I want the complete NBA Jam game.
2) I don’t have nor care to ever buy a Wii.
3) I don’t care at all for NBA Elite 11.
4) I won’t be buying NBA Elite 11.
5) I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Advice to EA: You should release NBA JAM in its entirely as its own separate PS3 disc game (I don’t like PSN downloadable games. I want to own the actual disc.)

EventStatus said:

August 4th, 11:28 am

@ woz3323

Show some class? Maybe you should take your own advice. Out of all I said, you picked one thing. I said I respected him for staying around, but we’ve seen this happen too much when they duck and run. If I’m taking the time out to address something they everyone can benefit from, they can atleast return the favor.

You want other people to show class, but you said you’re doing this for YOUR personal gain. So that tells me what you’re about, selfish. You say I don’t control the blog, which is true, but you want them to stay around to conduct “interviews.” Guess what, you’re not a reporter.

p0wd3rd said:

August 4th, 11:51 am

You see, Yaw, no matter how awesome you think it is that EA is giving the gaming community “[…]two unique basketball experiences for the price of one […]”, but there seems to be a large majority of people that want NBA JAM as a standalone title. I don’t want to spend $60 for one title that I had originally intended to purchase for much less. Nor do I want to try NBA ELITE 11 or its demo. What has happened is that EA knows that there may have been low interest the NBA ELITE IP across the market. Perhaps it is selling fine and is a fairly popular IP, but EA decided they are not happy with the number of copies they have been selling. Either way, there was some measure EA was not happy with which loosely equated to wanting more money (for dev costs, share holders whatever excuse you say), so why not bundle an arcade style console game that has been generating a lot of media buzz to sell more titles of a low interest IP? Don’t tell me or anyone else you did it out of the kindness of your hearts that you wanted to give to the community. Thats just plain silly and completely against EAs track record. You could have finagled 10 or 15 bucks out of me before, now you get nothing.


August 4th, 12:33 pm

Dear Yaw…

You insist that Jam isn’t a DEMO….because it has online and full teams etcetera…let me refer you to one of your colleagues who reveals the following about EA’s plans to monetize DEMOs

Quote: EA senior VP Nick Earl “revealed a strategy to release premium downloadable content (PDLC) as a product for sale prior to the release of a packaged product. This PDLC would range in price from $10 – $15 for release on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network and “would essentially be a very long game demo, along the lines of 2009’s Battlefield 1943.”

So you see…your teammates at EA consider Battlefield 1943 a DEMO even though it has online elements and ‘full’ play like JAM does. But it is still a DEMO as it is gimped from the full version we KNOW exists for the Wii.

Please stop being disingenuous…it does EA no favours.

Reaper_613 said:

August 4th, 4:38 pm

wtf is everyones problem? nba elite is really good just by its self, i was thinking about buying it even before they announced that nba jam was included. if ur so mad about what they did about nba jam then dont even play nba jam just play elite. in my eyes Elite looks ALOT better than 2k11. whoa! they have michael jordan, i dont wanna play with him anyway. i wanna play with people that are currently in the nba.

but anyway good job on elite it looks great.

Trailbreaker77 said:

August 4th, 5:12 pm

This SUCKS! Love the Blitz series for football and Jam for Basketball. I am not going to be paying $60 for NBA Jam, guess I will just have to wait for Elite to hit the bargain bin.

kingmagic718 said:

August 4th, 6:51 pm

So let me get this straight if i buy NBA Elite 11 which is going to be the best game ever i get 3 game modes from NBA Jam

Aphoristic92 said:

August 6th, 7:26 pm

@eventstatus Wow, what a terrible list of complaints for any game. Brightness? Seriously theres options to adjust brightness on not only most games’ options but also on your TV. You’re for the most part crying about animations, and unless they are truly that terrible you should just stop.

Dirtman11 said:

August 6th, 10:34 pm

ok EA it sounds nice i like the stuff you said about NBA elite’s controls but it still looked stiff loosen up the characters.
personally i want to see EA make the players feel like the real thing like the way somebody shoots the way you would react to a loose ball, facial expressions, sweat i understand u don’t want predetermine actions but nobody wants to play with lifeless dolls!?!? please i hate those dolls…and the NBA jam thing its a deal 4 me it as close to free as it gets….

Ma1nframe said:

August 7th, 1:21 pm

GUYS WTF…..I have read alot of the comments on here (something I don’t do often) and the arguments against what EA is doing are ridiculous.

When I first heard that JAM would be only able to be purchased if you bought ELITE, then I thought to myself “I DONT GIVE A F#*K I’M GETTING THIS REGARDLESS JUST BECAUSE OF NBA JAM” (I LOVE this game in the arcades back in the day, ad d on the nes and playstation).

So who cares, just buy the game, download NBA JAM and never play Elite..whatever…who cares..the ONLY thing that matters is that we are getting NBA JAM on the PS3…and if it comes with a second game, then right on….all the more value for the customer.

Forget the politics, just buy Elite for JAM and sell elite on ebay or back to some video game store…whatever..

Redikol said:

August 7th, 8:18 pm

So PS3 owners don’t get the all-new Remix Tour mode for NBA JAM — which includes boss battles against NBA legends such as Magic Johnson and comprises “about 20 hours of gameplay,” according to EA Sports marketing VP Jordan Edelstein — exclusive to the Wii version?…that kinda stinks!! What’s up with that? I really don’t think, I’d enjoy it knowing I don’t have the complete version..I’m disappointed that it’s not the complete version, I could care less about Online mode…by all means include it, but I could care less.

rww786432000 said:

August 8th, 8:03 am

Elite is trash. id pay for nba jam tho. 2k is so much better and their shot system is better. 2k had all the stuff that elite has and they had it years before so saying its a new feature is bad. EA hangup ur hat and stick a fork in nba elite 2k is gonna smoke u like a turkey again

nahum24 said:

August 8th, 9:50 am

Awesome news about NBA Elite and it’s nice to hear that we get full control of the game with that new physics system and it’s awesome that NBA Jam is coming back. I have one question” will players be able to shatter/break the backbroad glass in the 4th quarter in this new NBA Jam like in the past?

Deak1124 said:

August 8th, 8:13 pm

I had to comment on this. It just blows my mind how nasty some of you were to the man, who only came here to share great news. He probably thinks very poorly of this community and he has every right to.

In this trying economy, getting TWO basketball games for the price of ONE is one of the BEST deals out there for sports fans. Now, I know people tend to prefer 2K over EA, & 2K got Jordan this year, so some people are already swayed. You have to understand this is EA’s way of evening the odds, and I think it’s a great marketing ploy to make you rethink your automatic purchase of every year’s NBA 2K.

HOWEVER, they are giving everyone what they wanted, which was for NBA Jam to go multi-platform. Yes, it doesn’t have everything the Wii Version does, but think, this game started as a Wii Exclusive, so some incentive to buy it on that platform still needs to be there.

Deak1124 said:

August 8th, 8:13 pm

I was considering getting NBA Jam for the Wii myself, but why get that for $50 when I can buy NBA Elite 11 for $10 more & have TWO games? No brainer, if you ask me.

Complain all you want, but as a person who frequently reads the Playstation Blog for great game insight, I was appalled with what I read on this post in particular.

Any blog staff reading this should wipe majority of these comments from existence & lock the post completely.

I have to give Yaw credit for keeping his composure in dealing with some of you. What I’ve read here only confirms some stereotypes of video games (no matter what, nobody is ever pleased) & the internet (the internet is primarily used for arguing & belittling others) that I see all too often.

rww786432000 said:

August 9th, 4:15 am

well i guess it would be a great deal but ive never really like the ea sports games that much. yaw seems like a decent human being

FeistFan said:

August 9th, 9:23 am

I’m withholding judgment until I’ve had a chance to try the demo of NBA Elite, but I’m leaning towards the group that’s angry with bundling the games.

Why is it a problem to combine two games into one? Simple. Not everyone has the same tastes. Some will love NBA Elite and hate NBA Jam — yet they have to pay for both. Some will love NBA Jam and hate NBA Elite — yet they ALSO have to pay for both. If I love them both (and can afford them both), then it’s a great deal. If not, then it’s not.

I think most of us would be happier with two titles, sold at a lower individual prices, so we can pick and choose what we want (as opposed to being forced to buy, say, ModNation Racers AND MotorStorm together, to get the full driving experience, rather than picking and choosing which one you want to buy). Bundling two games that ought to be radically different even if they’re both NBA-licensed titles just doesn’t make sense from the standpoint of a consumer.

Deak1124 said:

August 9th, 9:31 am

I really hope someone blocks this post from being commented on entirely soon. It has gotten EXTREMELY out of control.

It is such as shame to see this announcement most of you were looking forward to received in such an awful manor.

FeistFan said:

August 9th, 10:20 am

I’m also annoyed that NBA Jam will be a download code in the box (according to the full press release) — so anyone who buys a used copy of NBA Elite a year from now will *NOT* get NBA Jam for free. Two games for the price of one…really? I think not.

EventStatus said:

August 9th, 12:02 pm

@ Aphoristic92

Terrble list of complaints? They’re suggestions, apparently you can’t tell the difference. And if they’re so bad, lets see you do better. Animations are important when you’re trying to sell a sports game, it’s why they use it as a sales tactic every year. (NHL 10 anyone?)

I’m crying? LOL! If I keep my mouth shut I’m buying into what companies sell mindlessly. But I stand up and say something, and I’m crying? You can’t have it both ways. You should take your own advice and just stop.

gluglotto said:

August 9th, 10:22 pm

Yaw, you don’t seem to get the point most people here are trying to make, that is, many gamers out there just want to get NBA Jam without Elite. I might probably be one of those (and as far as I’m concerned I’d be even happier if you’d stuck with classic rosters from the original NBA Jam! But that’s jut me..). I guess they don’t see why they should pay, say, $60 for the bundle when they could pay, say, $30 for just NBA Jam. Answer is that most likely gamers who’d buy NBA Jam would outnumber those who’d buy Elite, were they sold separately.
Anyway, on a different note, how are you considering including classic players in Elite and NBA Jam? The more the better as far as I’m concerned, be it via PSN or any other means..
Give me a chance to have classic lineups, jerseys, logos etc. from different eras and I’ll buy Elite, NBA Jam and whatever it may take!!

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