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Aug 03

Aug 03

NBA Elite 11 for PS3: New Controls and NBA Jam Confirmed

Yaw's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, NBA Electronic Arts Canada

Hey guys, I’m Yaw (pronounced as “yao” like Yao Ming) and I’m the NBA Community Manager from Electronic Arts Canada. I work alongside the EA SPORTS: NBA ELITE and NBA JAM development teams. We have exciting news to share with all of you today — three modes of NBA JAM will be included with your purchase of NBA ELITE.

This year, our team at EA SPORTS wanted to create the ultimate basketball experience for PS3 owners. If you’ve been following all the news and updates on NBA ELITE, then the first thing that you’ve seen is the game is no longer called NBA LIVE. So why the name change?

Well, we believe that NBA ELITE will revolutionize the way you think, feel and play basketball video games — forever. The dev team is driving never seen before innovation in the form of a number of features that are radically different than what you have seen in previous NBA games. The first change you will see is in the revised control scheme: Hands-On Control. This year you have full control over everything in the game; from offense to defense. Your shooting is based on skill (not on the dice roll of hitting a button and letting the AI determine your success.) Dribbling is one-to-one movement, you can link moves together seamlessly like; euro-steps, dunk adjusts, spins-moves and so much more.

The second major revolutionary innovation you’re going to see is the inclusion of real physics driving the game. We’re leveraging the physics animation technology that drove NHL, FIFA and even Fight Night into the upper echelons of sports video games and applying it in way that works specifically for basketball.

PS3 - NBA 11 Elite

People that we’ve shared the game with to date have told us that they are impressed (even amazed) at how NBA ELITE is the first game to “play and feel like real basketball.” We feel this comes down to all the little things you are able to see in this year’s game, such as unique ball deflections every time you play the game and various player collisions that make NBA basketball as exciting as it is. Look for more details to come on real physics, killer new modes, and more about our revamped in-game presentation centered around ESPN and their lead commentary team of Breen, Van Gundy, and Jackson.

With all the new additions that have gone into NBA ELITE 11 — we really feel that we’re doing everything to blaze a new path for basketball games — and we want you to play the game to see for yourself. To make NBA ELITE the ultimate basketball experience for you, we will be including three modes of NBA JAM for FREE with NBA ELITE 11. That’s right, not only will you be getting NBA ELITE 11 when you buy the game, but you will also have NBA JAM available as well — so for the price of one game, you’re getting two full NBA experiences. Another important note to share with all of you — the ONLY way you will be able to play NBA JAM for the PS3 is to buy NBA ELITE 11.

NBA ELITE for PS3 with NBA Jam

With NBA JAM on the PS3, the team is bringing you the classic two-on-two experience that you once knew from the original arcade game but this time with updated teams, and of course all in glorious HD. The controls are very easy to pick up and once you start throwing down monster dunks or begin heating up, it’s going to be hard to put down the controller. The game stays true to the original game but at the same time it offers a brand new take on the classic, with updated graphics and new game-play mechanics.

We’re very excited to be able to share the news with all of you, I know talking with a number of people in the community; everyone has wanted to see NBA JAM on the PS3. I can finally let you all know that your wish has become reality. I’m definitely curious to hear your thoughts about all of this. Be sure to comment below and let us all know what you think of the news.

Pencil mid-to-late September into your calendars for the NBA ELITE downloadable demo on PSN. We really believe that once you play the game for yourselves, you will see the revolutionary change that we’ve been talking about. For more information, join us on Facebook at EA SPORTS NBA, or you can follow me on Twitter @blackflash83.


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drod1226 said:

August 10th, 11:33 am

I understand what EA is doing here and I personally think it is a great idea because I am a huge fan of Jam. Unfortunately I have talked to friends and they have the same opinion as some of the posters here. They are not fans of basketball simulation and do not care enough to spend $60 on Elite for NBA Jam. No one is disagreeing with you on the fact that NBA Jam and NBA Elite are two different gaming experiences, but that’s the reason they both attract different audiences. I have been a 2k fan as far as basketball and after hearing this I am certainly going to try the demo and see how I feel about this. But I think you guys failed to realize is that Jam and Elite are two completely different games and the audience who enjoys a nice basketball simulation will have no problem with this, but those who don’t care for basketball enough to buy a game will no way in hell spend $60 on Elite so they can play NBA Jam.

BarackObama_1337 said:

August 10th, 12:35 pm

Honestly, this is the worst possible news I could have heard. I was listening to the PSnation podcast, found at when I heard the terrible news. I want a full featured, stand alone NBA Jam for the PS3. I don’t like sim basketball games. EA has lost me as a consumer.

Ed1word said:

August 13th, 2:09 pm

But what about hd cause some of ea’s games dont play in 1080i or 1080p. For instance EA’s dead space doesn’t play in 1080i or 1080p on my ps3.
It does on my xbox 360. At least for me dead space doesn’t. So what about NBA JAM will it support all formats of hd. Please confirm, and dont just give me a yes answer. Becasue there are other EAgames that run in 1080i and 1080p on my xbox 360 but not on my ps3 like Brutal legend.


August 17th, 12:46 pm

If you want nba jam get it on the wii. I dont like when games do the only way gimmick. The code for jam is there if it runs on the ps3 etc so simply make the full game. Ill get it on the wii and stick with my 2k. When ea does 2 titles for 1 its fine but when you do 1 and half and force people who want to support jam etc its $$$ This is $EA.

watitiz212 said:

August 18th, 9:39 am

Ok this is all great, they’re redoing the entire game. But nobody is talking about the fact that there was no Slam Dunk Contest, 3 Point Shootout, NBA All Star Weekend or 1 on 1 match in NBA LIve 10. I’m really hoping all these things are going to be in Elite 11. It was a really big disappointment when I found out. If I had known ealier, I would of got 2K 10. I hope EA Sports is bringing all these things back. If not, I’m going with 2K 11.


August 20th, 12:42 pm

What a dissapointment.There is no doubt 2k11 is going to blow live out the water this year.I see Nba Elite graphics still cant top 2k and 2k gameplay is going to be more realistic and whats up with the add-ons?!Nba Live 10 only had 2 add-ons i hope Elite have more add-ons than last year and yall should have put dwayne Wade on the cover.Look i love EA and i dont want to see it lose to 2k.Im just telling what erros yall have.If you really play th e game and try to see what i see you would understand

tabounemouk said:

August 26th, 12:58 pm

Stop repeating “you’re getting two unique basketball experiences in one game”

The thing is you are using NBA JAM popularity to push your new nba game.

Well guess what, the fans wants NBA JAM FULL VERSION. We dont care about your new nba game.


dwoodm said:

September 1st, 5:38 pm

Hey how about putting out a good game and cutting the price. Thats how 2k took your customers? They would have done it in football too but, you cornered the market on Licensing and put the Kiebaush on that one. Now your gonna make me buy a game I don’t want to get a game that was another companies idea but anything to get me to pay full price.

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