Aug 10

Aug 10

Scott Pilgrim vs The World vs PSN today!

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Three months ago, how many of you had heard of Scott Pilgrim? I’ve got to admit, I hadn’t. But after seeing the game at E3, I got really interested in the world created by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Now I’ve read all six of the books (highly recommended), will be seeing the movie this week (again!), and will definitely be playing Scott Pilgrim vs The World later today when it debuts exclusively on PSN.

First take a look at this brand-spanking-new trailer:

If that doesn’t convince you that this game is for you, I’m not sure what will. If you’re all about the 8-bit beat ‘em up style and chiptune music, do read on.

Recently, I (along with writers from a few other gaming sites) had the opportunity to chat with both Bryan Lee O’Malley (the creator of Scott Pilgrim) and Edgar Wright (the director of the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie). Both have serious gaming cred; the Scott Pilgrim books are laden with gaming references, and Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and Spaced both prominently featured PlayStation games.

Now I was going to spend a couple of hours carefully transcribing the half-hour conversation and placing the reams of text here. Then I noticed that Game Informer’s Ben Reeves, who was sitting about 4 feet to the right of me during the interview, already did that. You should read it.

My questions were about PSP appearing in Book #6 (O’Malley is a fan of Half-Minute Hero) and how Anamanaguchi got involved in making the game’s (awesome, chiptune) soundtrack.

If you’ve got any further questions, feel free to drop them in, and I’ll see what I can do to get them answered. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the full game (and the free demo) later this afternoon.

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xRedxViolence said:

August 21st, 4:23 pm

well no online mutliplayer i guess i won’t buy it. It looks like a good game but that is the deal breaker for me… i’ll take Top Gun. Shame tried the demo it was good. Come on we don’t live in the 90’s anymore gotta have online multiplayer.

Neil said:

August 22nd, 12:59 pm

I saw the movie yesterday and absolutely loved it. Afterward I came home, bought the movie soundtrack and finished the game. I’m in SP overload right now. Any word on a Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack coming to PSN?

TheImmortalReese said:

August 24th, 10:49 pm

the game freezes for me when i start stage 1. and if it does start i get no sound and the screen doesn’t move after i beat 2 guys. anyone else having this problem?

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