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Aug 13

Aug 13

Kung Fu Rider – PlayStation Move’s Most Unique Launch Title

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When PlayStation Move launches in North America this September, there will be no doubt about which game is the weirdest – it’s Kung Fu Rider. At our past Move Meet-ups, I’ve been describing this game as the latest in the escaping-from-the-mafia-on-office-furniture genre.

It is not a crowded genre.

When we first saw this game (as “Slider”) at Game Developers Conference 2010, we weren’t sure if this was going to be a simple downloadable title or something more. As Producer George Weising tells us in this demo, Kung Fu Rider is going to have a lot more to it than we initially anticipated.

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Destiny89 said:

August 13th, 12:04 pm

Looks good but im more excited for sorcery and Time Crysis for PSMove

xaos said:

August 13th, 12:09 pm

“It is not a crowded genre.”

You just made me schnork out loud; how embarrassing. Looks cute, and very reminiscent at a glance of cult PS1 classic Incredible Crisis

nino1911 said:

August 13th, 12:18 pm

my friends i think we just found moves killer app … lol

Gump_ said:

August 13th, 12:18 pm

Honestly when I first heard of Move I had zero interest but after seeing what it can do, it has become a must have!

jimfear said:

August 13th, 12:18 pm

the game visual looklike crazytaxi :p

mJ_mSv said:

August 13th, 12:19 pm

This will really be one of the highlight of the year for me, but kinda disappointed that there is no platinium for this title if the trophy list on net is for real! atleast when it will be a blueray release and not a psn one!

KILLZONE79 said:

August 13th, 12:20 pm

Is this made by united front games? the intro sound in the video is from modnation racers

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    August 13th, 1:34 pm

    Good catch on that – Rey used the music from ModNation, but this is not a UFG game.

mindloss said:

August 13th, 12:23 pm

Bluray release huh? erm. I hope it’s not 60 dollars.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Dais Kawaguchi said:

    August 13th, 3:15 pm

    Kung Fu Rider will be available in stores for $39.99.

UNCyrus said:

August 13th, 12:26 pm

Crazy Taxi meets Tony Hawk meets PAIN physics…

jimmyfoxhound said:

August 13th, 12:29 pm

… the heck?? o_O

PushinNshovinMe said:

August 13th, 12:35 pm

@ jimfear
thats exactly what I thought, guess its that 90’s arcade feel he was talking about. strange sized cars and weird color palette

hife said:

August 13th, 12:44 pm

Although I am looking forward to this game and the Move, I don’t really understand why this is a Move title. It looks like it would be much easier to play with the DS3.

kcasa said:

August 13th, 12:47 pm

have demo already thru houseparty .com it fun were doing the ps move party next saturday and have been playing kung fu rider and the shoot, sports champions love the disc golf,also playing tv superstars and i think the best game coming will be tumble.besides tiger woods 11 which other games have the move patch active already

fsavoie said:

August 13th, 12:48 pm

Looks more like a psn title than a retail one, but it looks fun enough.

deltakong said:

August 13th, 1:03 pm

Will it have a platinum?

mywhitenoise said:

August 13th, 1:16 pm

I was going to buy a Move..unfortunately the PSEyes USB cable is WAY too short (6 feet). My PS3 is about 25 feet away from my TV (which is wall mounted). I have absolutely no cables showing, and planned on having a USB 30′ extension wired in-wall…however that solution didn’t work because the speed of the extension isn’t fast enought and picks up movement too slow.
Sony should have made the Eye wireless, or given it a longer cable.

MadMeat001 said:

August 13th, 1:17 pm

i was kind of ignoring move but it really look now that you guy’s want to get our bucks, i love the theme song of the game!

Kchow23 said:

August 13th, 1:18 pm

Unique is right…. wont buy this game, but hopefully people interested will

LUGIEZ said:

August 13th, 1:34 pm

diddo on #8’s comment.. looks to be a fun game!

zekececil14 said:

August 13th, 1:34 pm

Meh, im looking forward for LBP 2 more. I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition! 8) Good game though.

colonel007 said:

August 13th, 1:43 pm

I feel like this game should be a PSN download instead of coming in Blu-Ray. Bluray should be saved for bigger games with more production value.

I’ll give it a try. After all, I am replacing my recently dead 60GB :( with the PS3 Move bundle!

plaidfluff said:

August 13th, 1:43 pm

@mywhitenoise: Um, how could a 30′ USB cable slow the motion responsiveness down any further than a 6′ cable? The signal propagates in the cable at roughly half the speed of light.

igorsport09 said:

August 13th, 1:57 pm

The Navigation controller has motion sensors?

trapper12 said:

August 13th, 1:59 pm

At first, I thought this was a PSN download for Move, but since it’s a Blu-Ray title, looks like I’ll have a bunch of Move games to buy in retail next month.

rjejr said:

August 13th, 1:59 pm

After watching the video this looks like a cool game, but describing the controls makes it sound like it could just as easily be played with a dualshock using the left joystick to steer like Wakeboarding HD. I think that guy in the chair in the video is distorting the controls at best and flat-out lieing at worst.

JakeSkate said:

August 13th, 2:05 pm

Does this game have a platinum trophy?

smokey_vols said:

August 13th, 2:17 pm

A retail release for that? No thanks guys, that’s more of a PSN release for $15.

KazukiTheHero said:

August 13th, 2:23 pm

PS move titles will retail for $40, according to Sony… yeah this one seems worth 40, I guess.

mariosmaker said:

August 13th, 2:40 pm

Any chance there will be a demo at PAX? Looks like a certain taxi game that was one of my favorites on the PS1, or was it the Dreamcast(?).
Still on the fence about the Move though….

letherclad said:

August 13th, 2:57 pm

Seems like this game will be fun, I’ll keep my eye on it

Good interview Jeff!

digitalman123 said:

August 13th, 3:14 pm

Hm. Thinking about getting Move. What about Eyepet? It looks like PS3 Kinect, or whatever Xbox changed it to.

Dracorius said:

August 13th, 3:18 pm

Thanks Sony! It’s nice to know you guys will still take risks with new IP’s and concepts. This and EyePet is a must buy for me!

MercenaryDemon said:

August 13th, 3:18 pm

Jeff you sound tired. You need to take a rest man.

TallCrowe said:

August 13th, 3:23 pm

The first playstation move game I want to play.

Geurtz said:

August 13th, 4:13 pm

This was included on the demo disc for the promotion. Of the 6 demos on the disc, this is probably the least fun. Even Beat Sketcher (think MS Paint with the Move) is more enjoyable than Kung Fu Rider

letherclad said:

August 13th, 4:23 pm

Looking into it I think I’m going to add this to my move preorder tonight, this interview sold me!

Enigma777 said:

August 13th, 4:41 pm

I don’t understand why this game is a Move-only title. Dualshock 3 controls seem a lot more logical than waiving around the Move here…

Psikorps said:

August 13th, 4:56 pm

Looks fun, though for the trophy people out there not so much, I still dont see why this only has 13 trophies, and no platinum.

For alot of people (myself included) having PSN title release trophies in disk games like this will push them down to rental status instead of purchase titles.

Jeff, I hope this is not going to be the trend for the MOVE titles, only having PSN title release style trophies.

BigRon3400 said:

August 13th, 5:09 pm

Looks interesting but no way on earth I’m paying 40 bucks for this game. I’ll pick it up from the bargain bin next summer.

amjr72 said:

August 13th, 5:21 pm

love quirky games, but i thought it would be a PSN title…

HazeBlaze said:

August 13th, 6:07 pm

Looks great! Looking forward to this and Sports Champions. Although the Move game I’m REALLY looking forward to is Sorcery… I hope the entire game delivers on the charm it showed during the E3 presentation.

ssjmichael said:

August 13th, 6:26 pm

While this looks “OK” I don’t feel this is deserving of a Blu-ray release. This should be PSN release. I also feel that, for the sake of the developers, this should not be Move-only. Make it available for regular PS3 controllers too.

I’m sorry to say this has FAIL written all over it if it’s priced at 39.99 and as a BD release. This should be no more than 29.99, but really it should be 14.99 on PSN.

This game will also make PS Move look bad as this looks like a launch day shovelware title.

kenny-1995 said:

August 13th, 6:39 pm

i love silly games.
how much will it be in the U.K?

Kenshin71 said:

August 13th, 7:41 pm

Game should be $30 tops, downloadable as well and also have the option to use DS3. I can see it bombing at retail unless it’s a pack in with a PS3.

Do Sony do any market research on these things?

klee1234 said:

August 13th, 8:21 pm

Hey Jeff, who’s the developer behind this game? All I know is that it’s from Sony Japan, but do you know what the development team has worked on before?

DiscoJer said:

August 14th, 2:15 am

It’s not really that weird. Indeed, it seems rather inspired by a bit in a Sealab 2021 episode. Logan, the guy who always sits in his chair, is also apparently an action movie star, and in a montage you see him doing all sorts of fighting and action movie stuff with his chair.

Darkpen said:

August 14th, 2:16 am

Does the secretary have a name?

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

August 14th, 3:57 am

I’m really hoping that this game is good. The streets of Hong Kong look really authentic… I live there and the street outside my front door literally looks like the streets in this game. Great artwork, guys.

I’m wondering though, is there any reason why this game DOESN’T have DS3 support? It’s Move exclusive, right? But wouldn’t it be easy enough to control with a standard controller? A few reviewers said that the preview version was a little bit hard to control

I’m really really hoping the controls are tight, because if it’s waggle-ware then it could ruin the game.

Will the game support the Navigation Controller and its analog stick?

Also, there’s two characters… any chance of unlockable costumes/skins?

Anyway, I’m going to at least have to try this one out before I buy it to see if the controls really are intuitive… will there be a PSN demo?

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

August 14th, 3:57 am


Does she need one ;)

flyness163 said:

August 14th, 4:41 am

Reminds me of Incredible Crisis

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