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Aug 16

Aug 16

ModNation Monday: Over 1 Million Creations!

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Sr. Community Specialist & Game Designer, San Diego Studio

ModNation Mondays

In less than three months, the ModNation Racers community has created and published over 1.1 million unique creations. This means there were roughly 633 karts, mods, and tracks published per hour, which equates to roughly 15,000 creations published per day. We are filing this one under “Awesome!” Congratulations, guys. The team at United Front Games and PlayStation are extremely impressed by your creativity.

Interested in checking out some of the creations featured on our video above? Visit our Community Site where we will be listing out the creations and creators who’ve helped us reach this amazing milestone.

The “OFFICIAL” ModNation YouTube Channel

Today we officially launch ModNation Racers Channel on YouTube! The ModNation channel is the place to see the most creative tracks, mods, and karts. To make ModNation’s YouTube channel truly awesome, we need your help. We want to see your videos!

ModNation Racers for PS3: YouTube channel

Submit all your videos and pictures to ModNation@Playstation.Sony.com. Once approved, we will publish them on the site: Tutorials, a track fly-by, pictures, anything ModNation Racers with a video or picture we want to see. We have also uploaded HD versions of ModNation Racer’s tutorial videos for easy access when you’re away from the game. One last note, be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates to ModNation Racer’s YouTube Channel.

YouTube Track Creation Contest!

To properly launch the YouTube channel, we are having a “Show us your Creations” contest. Contest rules are simple submit a video or picture of your very best Track (original intellectual property only; no copycats allowed) to ModNation@Playstation.Sony.com. The winners will be announced in a ModNation Racers blog post in September. For more information, including prizes and complete rule details, visit the News and Updates section of the ModNation Racers Community Site.

YouTube ModNation Channel DLC Giveaway

Check the comments section on our YouTube Channel we will be giving away some DLC vouchers for Kratos, Nathan Drake, Nukular, and Ratchet and Clank.

MouseTrap and Kart Available Tomorrow

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- MouseTrap

Previously only available via special pre-order offers, this week’s DLC is MouseTrap and Kart. They can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PSN.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day, and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site, and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mods of the Week

Mod Name: ”Zylneth”
Creator: Stitchless

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Zylneth

Karts of the Week

Kart Name: ”Digital Remix”
Creator: StargamerX

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Digital Remix

Tracks of the Week

Track Name: “ModNation Gardens”
Created by: Devin93

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Gardens

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- GardensModNation Racers for PS3 -- Gardens

Devin93 says: “This track takes you through the beautiful Modnation Gardens. There is a ton of scenery to look at. There are also a few shortcuts.”

Track Name: “Spagonia: Rooftop Run”
Created by: IvoYaridovich

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Rooftop Run

ModNation Racers for PS3 -- Rooftop RunModNation Racers for PS3 -- Rooftop Run

IvoYaridovich says: “This track has you rushing through a European-style city. This track boasts swooping turns, tight alleyways, an uphill section with oncoming barrels, and a rooftop section to race upon.”

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago, this week’s Hot Lap roster features all-new community created tracks.
Monday: Lake Side View, by paradise132
Tuesday: Summer Beach Circuit, by dragon_Bremen
Wednesday: Mystery Track
Thursday: Downhill Mountain [OFRD], by VintageOctopus
Friday: Beware of High Tide, by ck2875
Saturday: Coastal Climb, by atheistsw
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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Trexroarr said:

August 16th, 9:17 pm

@148: Uh again what? I’ve been there the whole time. But I’m not one of those people. I don’t have a youtube account. I’ve just been watching.

the_hot_wheeler said:

August 16th, 9:20 pm

@149 do’h nevermind.

the_hot_wheeler said:

August 16th, 9:22 pm

@149 sorry I inturrpted you

Trexroarr said:

August 16th, 9:23 pm

@150: Oh ok. lol

So anyway I think the code giveaway is finished. Wasted the last four hours of my life just sitting here and refreshing that page. All for what? R&C codes that dont even work… FOR ANYONE!!!!! UFG, like all companies, dont you wanna earn money? OH! I have an idea! Put up the pre-order bonus characters for download! Even if it’s more than the usual $1.75! You know as well as I do, that people will pay for it.

Oakridge said:

August 16th, 9:28 pm

love the fact that for the second time you guys give out codes when I’m not around Thanks

cameron2123 said:

August 16th, 9:42 pm

Just a quick question… Why were the Drift battles we experienced in career mode not put into multiplayer? Would have been great to have more than one game mode online… >.> even just an arena with weapons would be great…

Argetlam350 said:

August 16th, 10:01 pm

They’ll probably relese these codes in time but free stuff is free stuff. They give them out on occasion. The Nathan Drake, Kratos, and R&C mods and karts will probably be the last that get released on the PSN network after all the other preorder bonuses. After the mouse there is only one other which is the Lil Tinker unless they plan on releasing Froster as well on PSN. So be patient.

jacob-813 said:

August 16th, 10:54 pm

I need a ratchet and clank mod!!!! I’ll also be fine with drake though. Anyway, go mnr!

CSZ02 said:

August 16th, 11:21 pm

congrats! Funny, I just played this game like crazy during my road trip to Montana. Loved creating my own levels and sucking at them at the same time.

MLibbey18 said:

August 16th, 11:31 pm

Once again, every response is about creations. You have really shot yourselves in the foot with this region lock. And not giving any detail on it every and always avoiding the matter isn’t helping whatsoever.

MLibbey18 said:

August 16th, 11:33 pm


SuperSpecs said:

August 17th, 1:16 am

Nice to see my Buggy O’ Hare Kart in the video, I feel honoured!

Agate800 said:

August 17th, 1:27 am

What about all the people who now just Zombie in the XP series, talk about a cheap way to get loads of XP!

Grinchy said:

August 17th, 4:45 am

Obligatory “Sony please put this game on PSN so I can download it!” post. Like LittleBigPlanet, these creation games are so great to have on a hard drive.

BlazeKush420 said:

August 17th, 4:48 am

LBP almost has 3million levels

Xanthene said:

August 17th, 5:45 am

Ever notice how LBP gave away stuff without making you jump through hoops? That would be nice.

Anton_Xul said:

August 17th, 1:09 pm

Damn, I already have Mouse Trap. I was waiting for Lil’ Tinker! He is the only DLC I have not been able to get.

I have:
Nathan Drake
Mouse Trap
Air Raid

I need Lil’ Tinker! I hope he is next, but they should consider another original character with new parts, maybe an executioner with a guillotine cart! I want to make one, but no parts! Multiple DLC’s would be nice!

MLibbey18 said:

August 17th, 2:11 pm

Would be nice for the Europeans to get something. Americans getting everything as per usual. Good to see that everybody is catered for. =]

OveReAction said:

August 17th, 2:19 pm

What the heck! I’ve been sleeping all night and still no codes in my Personal Message list! Is there a prob?

moriarty1975 said:

August 17th, 5:08 pm


Why should they give us Europeans any of the codes? Its not as if any of us bought the game and the DLC….. ;)

Frejim said:

August 18th, 7:38 am

if they want to give you codes they should use the european blog

moriarty1975 said:

August 18th, 8:53 am


UFG dont have any E.U codes…..wonder who does then?

Elnath10 said:

August 18th, 11:37 am

eh.. Russell, There are a lot of guys starting threads on official forums about pending publishing issues, seems like this is growing up :S, better take a look, they had commented cases while publishing tracks and karts

cherryrae said:

August 18th, 11:08 pm

So cool to see my Mod in the video, thank you!

It would be great to see more Official contests that are inclusive for Mods and Karts too for those of us that like to spend a lot of time creating original characters.

Although maybe that’s just because I still can’t get the hang of track creation. Heh.

HBKO said:

August 19th, 11:50 am

I Been Playing MNR Since Day 1 Never Had A Problem Connecting. But Ever Since 1.03 It Kicks Me Out 85% Of The Time. Are You Gonna Fix This Problem?

BlizzardMX-5 said:

August 20th, 11:08 pm

Hello,are there any plans on adding offline 4 player series with score (random tracks or player’s choice) in top of of single races. Similar to the online XP series w/o the XP. That way, it’s more fun to figure out who’s the overall better racer at the end of the party, and not just one race.

kLuMb-Z said:

August 22nd, 1:39 am

I love this game thanks for all the dlc and the free codes.

pochii29 said:

August 23rd, 11:53 am

hey i new paradise132 befor he got all his tracks in hot lap and i simmited my track 2 weeks ago and sadly it diddnet go up if u want to play it its Vally of elements. And when will some free dlc come out like lbp?

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