Top Gun: Available Tomorrow on the PlayStation Network

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Hello again! This is Ollie Barder from doublesix. Since I spoke here last, the studio has been really busy with Top Gun – a new air combat game for the PlayStation Network based on the classic 80’s film. Needless to say it’s been a lot of fun making Top Gun and I’m happy to announce you can download Top Gun starting tomorrow (August 17th) on PSN. Screeching across a blue sky in a F-14 Tomcat will never get old.

PlayStation Network: Top Gun

For those curious as to how we’ve tackled the game we went down a more arcade focused route for air combat, more so than other games in the genre. So instead of having to micromanage finite ammunition, stalling and the vagaries of an overly complex flight model, we’ve streamlined all that down and removed as many restrictions as we possibly could. The reasoning behind this was to have the player focus on just enjoying air combat and keeping things simple while choosing either your guns or missiles. This means things like your health replenishes over time and your guns won’t ever overheat. You’ll have the freedom to fly through the blue sky and get to feel like a fighter ace.

We were also really keen on getting atmosphere and tone of the film into the game and make all of that nicely functional too. From using the same HUD elements as you see in the film (such as the missile lock), to your co-pilot spouting one liners each time you down an enemy – it’s all there to tie into the game’s functional feedback. In fact, we had Jack Epps, Jr., the original screenwriter for the Top Gun movie, write the script for the game to maintain the feel and attitude of the Top Gun property. Naturally, the game features the wonderfully nostalgic “Danger Zone” too as well the Top Gun theme.

The final element that we thought that would make all this gel was the addition of Controlled Flight Instability (or just CFI), as this acts as both a target camera and modifier to the flight model so you can pull much quicker turns mid-air. This came from that annoying habit of players in multiplayer doing loops to avoid being shot, CFI basically means the enemy has nowhere to hide now.

PlayStation Network: Top Gun - Gameplay PlayStation Network: Top Gun - Gameplay

From 11 campaign missions, a horde mode and 16 player online multiplayer (with 5 modes) there’s quite a fair amount of content for a digital download game. You may also play as any one of six different jets: the US Navy’s F-14, F-16, or F/A-18 or the enemy’s MiG-29, MiG-31, or Su-27 We even support a custom button mapping for Saitek’s Aviator flightstick too. We all hope that people enjoy the game as much as we have had making it and always remember, you can be our wingman any day.

Make sure to download Top Gun tomorrow on the PlayStation Network for $14.99.

Finally, be sure to join Top Gun screenwriter and game author Jack Epps in PlayStation Home Central Plaza tonight for the Top Gun Troop Parade, starting at 5:00 pm PDT / 8:00 EDT. Better yet, wear your new Top Gun shirt, which you can win by watching the trailer in the theater.

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  • looks good

  • wow look for it


  • Sux cus i just bought Sega’s Afterburner, ya really need to advertise sooner, i wont be getting his cus i have that!

  • This> hawx

  • almost forgot – Can we buzzz the tower in this game? If we can im definatly buying

  • dont get me wrong, i get upset because dumb how little i heard of this and if prefer this but im not rich, i dont need 2 flying games, understand my side as a consumer ?

  • $14.99 pricey, $9.99 is the better price point for PSN titles. It does look like fun though, I love capture the flag games. So how does the Home flight suit offer work? Do we get a code via email, if so how long to receive it? And is this suit an exclusive item that won’t be available again?

  • Awesome news, but if landing is hard as it was for the NES version, I will drop the game quickly.

  • MakulaTolkien

    It looks awesome.. custom soundtrack support by any chance?? if not, it’s cool. I’ll enjoy the game anyway.

  • Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    Come ON 15$…
    put this one for 10$!

  • Will this support Flight Sticks specifically the Saitek Av8r-01

  • zamboni_steve

    Not to be a stickler, but the F-16 was an Air Force aircraft. It even got its own cheesy 80s film: “Iron Eagle.”

    Anyway, how long is the single player campaign, roughly?

    Still, I’m practically sold since this game will apparently allow me to fly a virtual plane to the tune of “Danger Zone.”

  • PaperCarrier

    Make it free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers next week!

  • Any PS Plus discounts for this tomorrow?

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    I feel the need…

  • JetSetFuture

    I had no interest in this game…until I read the words “Danger Zone.” $15 isn’t too bad for a roundtrip ticket to the ’80s.

  • “Put some G forces between us.” I didn’t know that gravity was a unit of distance

  • This looks great! I remember playing the Top Gun 2 for Nintendo…man was that game tough as nails…well i’ll definitely be picking this up tomorrow!

  • That doesn’t sound like the original version of “Danger Zone”…

  • Looks sweet. Think I’ll have to buy, just because I FREAKING LOVE Top Gun.

  • 10 bucks is wat all psn should.. 15.. is a deal brecker..

  • Yeah $10.00 is where this should be priced at, no doubt.

  • Nevermind – watched the trailer in HD, and- this game looks amazing. :D I’ll probably get it even either way.

  • This looks really awesome

  • Top Gun for PS1 was hard as hell

  • This looks like agame that took one month to make. Only 6 airplanes…. how lame Starhawk will totaly kill this.

  • i to will be getting this game the f14 is my fav plane only because i love macross/robotech for using the f14 design for the valkyries which look like f14 but can transform into a mecha or robot & have shields (as in like star trek shields), fly in space & enter an atmosphere on there own, have a warp drive system attachment & there warp drive in macross/robotech is called a fold system & the planes in there have it external & internal fold system & those planes are just awesome the vf-25s from frontier is awesome

  • 60fps ?

  • Pelt_Hunter

    Might be somewhat fun online but the graphics do look rather dated. Especially the explosions. There seems to be no volume or depth to them. Just an expanding sprite. I’m sure it will find an audience though.

  • Game looks awesome! Gonna get it ASAP =)

  • PuppetShoJustice

    $15 is an unfortunate price point since Afterburner Climax is cheaper in addition to being a remake of a beloved arcade classic.

    I’ll keep an eye on this. But I don’t anticipate picking it up unless the guys over at PS3Trophies and GameFAQs really get a kick out of it.

  • footballrule

    I look forward to buying this game. I will be in Playstation Home tonight for the event. :)

    This game is $14.99? $9.99 would have probably been a better price, but that just my thought. :p

  • Sponge-worthy

    Correction: Danger Zone ‘as made famous by’ Kenny Loggins.


  • Captcrash83

    Will there be a demo released tomorrow also?

  • jaffe twitted about this game :)

  • jimmyfoxhound

    Graphics look a bit.. hrmmm… but if it’s fun to play then I can over look that. Any chance of a demo?

  • It’ll go on sale for $7.50 or $9.99 sooner or later. I look forward to that date.

  • No Kenny Loggins Danger Zone? FOR SHAME, SONY!

  • midnightshade

    can’t wait… to buzz the tower!!

  • annihilation748

    Come ON 15$…
    put this one for 10$! [2]

  • Is there an in cockpit view for this game?

  • Warhawk > Top Gun

  • scavengers-US

    i concur, warhawk > topgun

  • After Burner Climax > Top Gun. $15 is lame, unless it had some online multiplayer aspect.

  • This looks awsome. I loved the iPod version and this is even better. I will get this at somepoint. maybe it will go on sale. They always do. Well not always, but I can hope, right?

  • SpiritThief

    Doesn’t look as intense as Warhawk dogfighting.

  • WhiteRice757

    Actually The Navy does operate the F16A in their “aggressor ” squadrons, VFC-12 (NAS Oceana), VFC-13 (NAS Fallon) and VFC-111 (NAS Key West). They were also used at Miramar until 1996 when Fighter Weapon School moved to NAS Fallon. Cheers!

  • HolmWrecker

    I’ve been wanting a jet-fighter game for a long time. Looks like fun. I’ll be snagging this one for sure!

  • This is awsome I just got it

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