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Aug 19

Aug 19

Castle Crashers Coming to PSN August 31st

Dan Paladin's Avatar Posted by Art Director / Co-Founder of The Behemoth

Hello to the glorious PlayStation.Blog! I’m here today to present you with the gift of a release date. After many months of certification, we’ve finally secured an actual day for the USA, Canada, and Mexico release of Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network. This gift is Tuesday, August 31st!

Castle Crashers for PS3

We’ve been working on Castle Crashers for the PSN for about a year and a half. In that time I’ve had the fortune of meeting everyone at tradeshows and lots of people will ask me, “C’mon, what is taking so long?” I have to say that we’ve felt the same way — our whole team’s goal is to make you all happy so we want to share it right now!! We’re super antsy. But like all of our games, we can never rush anything as it’s necessary to make sure that every little piece is airtight. And fun!

Castle Crashers for PS3

We’ve teamed up with some other sites to give you a full list of contests for a chance to win free stuff. Be on the lookout for these dates as we inch closer to the release. Perhaps something wonderful will be obtained?

Also, we’re going to be at PAX from September 3rd to the 5th (booth #3102) so come on by and check out both Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. We are building a four-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet which you can use at the show! Look out X-Men/Alien vs. Predator/Simpsons — we’re coming after your distant memories!



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Golds said:

August 31st, 1:01 pm

countdown is over. but its not on the PSN? is there a new countdown?

reaper337_ said:

August 31st, 1:20 pm

no, the count down was the the realease date in another timezone. for us it will be like at lke 5 pm

Golds said:

August 31st, 1:49 pm

well that sucks

GRG89 said:

August 31st, 2:11 pm

Yup. The countdown ended for me 10mins ago, and still nothing on the PSN.

EliteZombie_x said:

August 31st, 2:11 pm

are u serious???

EliteZombie_x said:

August 31st, 2:34 pm

i thought this was the time countdown for everyone but guess nt?

katherto said:

August 31st, 9:39 pm

Love the game, bought it a second time (first time obviously being on the 360). Yet disappointed again to find the online not working 100% of the time. Just tried to get 3 other friends in a game and kept getting hit with a “Game is no longer available” error (when the game was in fact available and ready for us). Any word on this? Did it ever get fixed on the 360? Will it ever get fixed on the PS3 now?

Seems these days games are either broken online co-op or none at all. I was really looking forward to this too.

donvarone said:

September 2nd, 8:03 pm

custom soundtracks is not allowed :< and i miss the old mini game where you ate food really fast also is there a way to unlock the alien since on 360 you needed alien hominid also is the game shareble?

Zombie_Melvin said:

September 4th, 1:02 am

Will the necromancer be in the game??? PLEASE D:

Derwekk said:

September 4th, 12:22 pm

Hi! can someone please tell me when this comes out in europe, especially in sweden, been waiting so longfor this game, and now im going crazy because of the waiting!

RAWR_Amadeus said:

September 6th, 5:40 pm

i’ve been getting this “game is no longer available” crap for the past few days when i try to go online. the only reason i bought this was to play online with my friend and it’s not working. i heard it was the same on the xbox is there going to be a patch to this? if noone can play online whats the point of having the game?

KongWen said:

September 12th, 4:03 pm

Online is broken. If you’re having problems go to the Behemoth’s forum and report your issue. They currently appear to not be aware of the scope of the problem. If it doesn’t get patched soon, then it’s time to start taking refund.

StinkyFinger-502 said:

September 14th, 4:43 pm

Hey guys, im looking for some ppl to team with on CC’s. Send me a request if ur looking for someone to play with in the evenings.

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